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Fuck Off, Cancer - 2853396951

93,71 zł

Fuck Off, Cancer Linda M. Murphy

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

THE BEST BOOK TO HELP YOU GET FROM HERE TO THERE (it is not as long or scary as you think) FOR LITE TO MEDIUM BREAST CANCER!!! A gem for the patient or their support system! Will tell you what happens behind closed doors! A breast cancer bestseller!! Must read for all, because let's face it, the reason we say Fuck Off, Cancer is because it is everywhere and touches every life! Rated Number one on Amazon! Honest! Raw! Warning: This book contains gross pictures and scary middle aged pornography (Don't say you haven't been warned!) You will laugh and cry as you learn what happens behind closed doors to your friends or family member with breast cancer. You may think that you are in the know about breast cancer but the truth will shock you! This is not just a book about breast cancer it is a book about life and how breast cancer treatments affect every aspect of it. A quick read with candid, straightforward insight to the real deal of breast cancer! A definite tool for any person wanting to support someone battling breast cancer or for the newly diagnosed patient to see "behind the curtain" In Fuck Off, Cancer: Cancer Shaken Not Stirred on the Rocks, you will learn that fear can be worse than reality when dealing with breast cancer... Read this book and you will realize that early stage (Lite or medium) breast cancer isn't as bad as you imagine it to be and that you can actually turn this scary diagnosis into a positive! Follow the author's journey In Fuck Off, Cancer: Cancer Shaken Not Stirred through HER2+ cancer treatments as she turns this deadly disease into a party at every turn. Watch as Linda makes the most of the situation as she weaves her way through various breast cancer treatments. The book covers the topics that are related to the journey of cancer including the occasionally tumultuous marital relations, questioning religion and why breast cancer happened to "me", how the loss of hair from cancer treatments affected her life, and how relationships with friends and family are altered by this potentially life threatening disease. This book, Fuck Off, Cancer: Cancer Shaken Not Stirred on the Rocks with a Twist, is a very raw, "nothing held back" memoir which lays the facts on the table and contains the pictures to prove it. So grab your libation of choice and sit down for a quick read about making cancer a party!! Book clubs have found this to be a great source for discussion for a myriad of hot topics. Whether you have breast cancer, had breast cancer, know someone with breast cancer or not this book is a great read! The last two pages of the book have discussion questions to get the conversation started! Reading this book will help you, your loved ones and friends realize that breast cancer caught early is usually very treatable and is just a diagnosis not a death sentence! So let's all say what we want to Fuck Off, Cancer and live life to the fullest! Don't let breast cancer slow you down! It is just a lump in the road. Warning: This book contains gross pictures and scary middle aged pornography (Don't say you haven't been warned!) Linda's diagnosis was HER2+ Stage 1, Grade 2, ER/PR+ Breast Cancer (according to my husband because I never cared to actually follow along with the gory details) Treatment was 2 lumpectomies, AC, Taxol, Herceptin and a Pertuzumab study, 30 radiation, 3 wigs, lots of fun with family and friends This book, Fuck Off, Cancer: Cancer Shaken Not Stirred on the Rocks with a Twist has very little (actually no) medical jargon and may actually be inaccurate with regards to the medical information it provides... It is about the process of getting through breast cancer with blonde, brunette and redheaded wigs, chemo parties, and much, much more!


Extreme Programming Explained - 2826648140

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Extreme Programming Explained PEARSON

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"In this second edition of Extreme Programming Explained, Kent Beck organizes and presents five years' worth of experiences, growth, and change revolving around XP. If you are seriously interested in understanding how you and your team can start down the path of improvement with XP, you must read this book." -Francesco Cirillo, Chief Executive Officer, XPLabs S.R.L. "The first edition of this book told us what XP was-it changed the way many of us think about software development. This second edition takes it farther and gives us a lot more of the 'why' of XP, the motivations and the principles behind the practices. This is great stuff. Armed with the 'what' and the 'why,' we can now all set out to confidently work on the 'how': how to run our projects better, and how to get agile techniques adopted in our organizations." -Dave Thomas, The Pragmatic Programmers LLC "This book is dynamite! It was revolutionary when it first appeared a few years ago, and this new edition is equally profound. For those who insist on cookbook checklists, there's an excellent chapter on 'primary practices,' but I urge you to begin by truly contemplating the meaning of the opening sentence in the first chapter of Kent Beck's book: 'XP is about social change.' You should do whatever it takes to ensure that every IT professional and every IT manager-all the way up to the CIO-has a copy of Extreme Programming Explained on his or her desk." -Ed Yourdon, author and consultant "XP is a powerful set of concepts for simplifying the process of software design, development, and testing. It is about minimalism and incrementalism, which are especially useful principles when tackling complex problems that require a balance of creativity and discipline." -Michael A. Cusumano, Professor, MIT Sloan School of Management, and author of The Business of Software"Extreme Programming Explained is the work of a talented and passionate craftsman. Kent Beck has brought together a compelling collection of ideas about programming and management that deserves your full attention. My only beef is that our profession has gotten to a point where such common-sense ideas are labeled 'extreme.'..." -Lou Mazzucchelli, Fellow, Cutter Business Technology Council"If your organization is ready for a change in the way it develops software, there's the slow incremental approach, fixing things one by one, or the fast track, jumping feet first into Extreme Programming. Do not be frightened by the name, it is not that extreme at all. It is mostly good old recipes and common sense, nicely integrated together, getting rid of all the fat that has accumulated over the years." -Philippe Kruchten, UBC, Vancouver, British Columbia"Sometimes revolutionaries get left behind as the movement they started takes on a life of its own. In this book, Kent Beck shows that he remains ahead of the curve, leading XP to its next level. Incorporating five years of feedback, this book takes a fresh look at what it takes to develop better software in less time and for less money. There are no silver bullets here, just a set of practical principles that, when used wisely, can lead to dramatic improvements in software development productivity." -Mary Poppendieck, author of Lean Software Development: An Agile Toolkit "Kent Beck has revised his classic book based on five more years of applying and teaching XP. He shows how the path to XP is both easy and hard: It can be started with fewer practices, and yet it challenges teams to go farther than ever." -William Wake, independent consultant "With new insights, wisdom from experience, and clearer explanations of the art of Extreme Programming, this edition of Beck's classic will help many realize the dream of outstanding software development." -Joshua Kerievsky, author of Refactoring to Patterns and Founder, Industrial Logic, Inc."XP has changed the way our industry thinks about software development. Its brilliant simplicity, focused execution, and insistence on fact-based planning over speculation have set a new standard for software delivery." -David Trowbridge, Architect, Microsoft Corporation Accountability. Transparency. Responsibility. These are not words that are often applied to software development. In this completely revised introduction to Extreme Programming (XP), Kent Beck describes how to improve your software development by integrating these highly desirable concepts into your daily development process. The first edition of Extreme Programming Explained is a classic. It won awards for its then-radical ideas for improving small-team development, such as having developers write automated tests for their own code and having the whole team plan weekly. Much has changed in five years. This completely rewritten second edition expands the scope of XP to teams of any size by suggesting a program of continuous improvement based on: * Five core values consistent with excellence in software development * Eleven principles for putting those values into action * Thirteen primary and eleven corollary practices to help you push development past its current business and technical limitations Whether you have a small team that is already closely aligned with your customers or a large team in a gigantic or multinational organization, you will find in these pages a wealth of ideas to challenge, inspire, and encourage you and your team members to substantially improve your software development. You will discover how to: * Involve the whole team-XP style * Increase technical collaboration through pair programming and continuous integration * Reduce defects through developer testing * Align business and technical decisions through weekly and quarterly planning * Improve teamwork by setting up an informative, shared workspace You will also find many other concrete ideas for improvement, all based on a philosophy that emphasizes simultaneously increasing the humanity and effectiveness of software development. Every team can improve. Every team can begin improving today. Improvement is possible-beyond what we can currently imagine. Extreme Programming Explained, Second Edition, offers ideas to fuel your improvement for years to come.


Letter from America - 2212824618

40,80 zł

Letter from America Penguin

Powieści i opowiadania

When Alistair Cooke retired in March 2004 and then died a few weeks later, he was acclaimed by many as one of the greatest broadcasters of all time. His Letters from America, which began in 1946 and continued uninterrupted every week until early 2004, kept the world in touch with what was happening in Cooke's wry, liberal and humane style. This selection, made largely by Cooke himself and supplemented by his literary executor, gives us the very best of these legendary broadcasts. Over half have never appeared in print before. It is a remarkable portrait of a continent - and a man. Fred Astaire 26 June 1987 Movie stars don't make it. Nor statesmen. Not Prime Ministers, or dictators unless they die in office. Not even a world-famous rock star, unless he's assassinated. But last Monday, none of the three national television networks hesitated about the story that would lead the evening news. On millions of little screens in this country and I don't doubt in many other countries around the world, the first shots were of an imp, a graceful wraith, a firefly in impeccable white tie and tails. And for much longer than the lead story usually runs, for a full five minutes on NBC, we were given a loving retrospective of the dead man, ending with the firm declaration by Nureyev that 'He was not just the best ballroom dancer, or tap dancer, he was simply the greatest, most imaginative, dancer of our time.' And the newsmen were right to remind us of the immortal comment of the Hollywood mogul, who, with the no-nonsense directness of an expert, reported on Fred Astaire's first film test: 'Has enormous ears, can't act, can't sing, dances a little.' That Hollywood mogul, long gone, spent his life ducking round corners, to avoid being identified as the oaf who looked in the sky and never saw the brightest star. However, that expert opinion was, as the lawyers say, controlling at the time and in Astaire's first movies, there was no thought of allowing him to act or sing. But not for long. And thanks to the invention of television, and the need to fill vast stretches of the afternoon and night with old movies, it has been possible for my daughter, for instance, to claim Fred Astaire as her favourite film star from the evidence of all the movies he made fifteen, ten, five, three years before she was born. When I got the news on Monday evening here, and realized with immediate professional satisfaction that the BBC had smartly on hand a musical obituary tribute to him I put together eight years ago, I couldn't help recalling the casual, comic way this and similar radio obituaries came about. I was in London at the end of 1979, and Richard Rodgers - one of the two or three greatest of American songwriters - had just died, I believe on New Year's Eve or the night before. Britons, by then, were getting accustomed, without pain, to making what used to be a two-day Christmas holiday into a ten-day much-needed rest. For all laborious research purposes, the BBC was shut up. And there was no retrospective programme on the life and music of Richard Rodgers in the BBC's archives. Of course, in a gramophone library that looks like an annex to the Pentagon, there were hundreds, perhaps thousands, of recordings of his songs. The SOS went out to a writer, a producer, and - I presume - a man who had the key to the gramophone library. The silent place was unlocked, and the three of them laboured through the day to put together an hour's tribute to Richard Rodgers. It was done. It was competent enough, but rushed to an impossible deadline. This hasty improvisation happened just when my own music producer and I, who had enjoyed working together for six years or so on American popular music, were wondering what we could offer next. We'd done a sketch history of jazz, through individuals. We'd gone through all the popular music of the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s, and were stumped for a new series, at which point I asked if we mightn't go and talk to the head of the channel, network or whatever. We went in, and the genial boss asked me what we had in mind. 'A morgue,' I said. A what? 'Where', I asked, 'is your morgue?' He was not familiar with the word, a newspaper term. 'Well,' I said, 'all newspapers have them.' 'How d'you mean?' 'If, I explained, 'Mrs Thatcher died tonight and you woke up and read a two-sentence obituary, you'd be rightly outraged. But if you saw a two-page obituary, you'd take it for granted. When d'you suppose it was written?' 'That's right,' he said thoughtfully. What I was proposing was a morgue of the Americans eminent in popular music and jazz, so they'd not get caught short again. A splendid idea, the man said; pick your stars. We made a list and were commissioned to return to America and finish all of them. Naturally, we looked at a calendar, and birthdates of Hoagy Carmichael, Earl Hines, Harold Arlen, Ethel Merman, Stephane Grappelli, Ella Fitzgerald. But then, in a spasm of panic, we thought of two giants - if the word can be used about two comparative midgets: Irving Berlin and Fred Astaire. Berlin was then 91. And Fred Astaire was just crowding 80. The boss man, to whom the idea of a morgue had been, only a few minutes before, quaint if not morbid, wondered what we were waiting for. Better get busy, at once, on Berlin and then on Astaire. I remember doing the Astaire obit, then and there, while I was still in London. Meanwhile, we'd simply pray every night that the Lord would keep Irving Berlin breathing till I could get home and get busy. I remember being picked up in a car by a charming young girl to get to the BBC and record my Astaire narration - there wasn't a moment to lose. She asked me, in the car, what the script was that I was clutching. 'It's an obituary', I said, 'of Fred Astaire.' 'Fred Astaire,' she shrieked, 'dead?' and almost swerved into a bus. 'Of course, he's not dead,' I said, 'but he's going to be one day.' She, too, was new to the institution of a morgue. I recalled that when I was a correspondent for a British paper in the United States, and when for example. Dean Acheson was appointed Secretary of State, the first cable I had from my editor said, 'Welcome Acheson obituary soonest.' How ghoulish, she said. I imagine that to two generations at least, it's assumed that Fred Astaire, this slim, pop-eyed newcomer to Hollywood who couldn't act, couldn't sing, danced a little, only made a fool of the mogul through the movies he made, with Ginger Rogers, in the mid- and late 1930s. But long before then, from the mid-1920s on, he was already an incomparable star - as a dancer - to theatre audiences both in New York and in London. Perhaps more in London than anywhere, certainly in the 1920s, with the early Gershwin hits, Funny Face and Lady Be Good, and lastly, in 1933, in Cole Porter's Gay Divorce (which was the title of the theatre show; Hollywood would not then allow so shocking a title and called the movie version, The Gay Divorcee). Of all the thousands of words that have been written this week, and will be written, there is a passage I went back to on Tuesday night which, I think, as well as anything I know, sums up Astaire's overall appeal - the appeal that takes in but transcends one's admiration for his dancing and for his inimitably intimate singing style. This was written in November 1933, by a theatre critic who had so little feel for dancing that he marvelled why London should go on about 'Mr Astaire's doing well enough what the Tiller Girls at Blackpool do superbly'. The critic, the writer, was James Agate, the irascible, dogmatic, opinionated but brilliant journalist, and I believe the best critic of acting we have had this century. He is writing his review of Gay Divorce, after declaring yet again his contempt for musical comedy as an entertainment for idiots, deploring the play's plot and the acting and hoping 'Micawberishly, for something to turn up'. 'Presently,' he wrote, 'Mr Fred Astaire obliged, and there is really no more to be said.' Except


Naked and Marooned - 2826860650

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Naked and Marooned Virgin Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

'I stood on the beach truly alone for the first time. I would not see another person for sixty days. I was on an uninhabited tropical island and I had nothing with me to help me survive. No food, no equipment, no knife and not even any clothes. All I had was my camera kit so that I could intimately record my self-inflicted sentence.' What if you were abandoned on a tropical island with no food or water, no basic equipment, not even a knife, and no clothes - could you survive? Extreme adventurer Ed Stafford isn't sure, but he's about to find out as he pushes himself to the limit in this gripping and inspirational test of human survival. For sixty days, with only his explorer's instinct and a video camera to record his experiences, Ed faces the ultimate feat of physical and mental endurance. He confronts blazing heat and brutal loneliness; eats snails to escape starvation and battles illness, dehydration and fatigue in what is his most dangerous, and at times life-threatening, challenge to date. This epic story of survival, full of exhilarating highs and devastating lows, is told with raw emotion and captivating honesty. This book will leave you amazed and exhausted.


Pride and Prejudice + CD audio - 2827701863

29,90 zł

Pride and Prejudice + CD audio ELI PUBLISHING (ELI European Language Institute)

Język angielski>Lektury i lekturki>Young Adult Eli Readers A1-C2

Pride and Prejudice + CD audio - książka z kolekcji Young Adult ELI Readers Seria Young Adult ELI Readers : Young Adult ELI Readers to sześciopoziomowa seria książek proponująca oryginalne i ciekawe historie do czytania przeznaczone dla uczących się języka angielskiego na następujących poziomach: Stage 1 Elementary (600 headwords) A1 Stage 2 Pre-Intermediate (800 headwords) A2 KET Stage 3 Intermediate (1000 headwords) B1 PET Stage 4 Upper intermediate (1800 headwords) B2 FCE Stage 5 Advanced (2500 headwords) C1 CAE Stage 6 Profi ciency Unabridged Texts C2 CPE Książka Pride and Prejudice + CD audio : Poziom zaawansowania 3 : Intermediate (1000 headwords) B1 PET Treść: Powieść "Duma i uprzedzenie" autorstwa Jane Austen w skróconej i uproszczonej wersji. Zakres gramatyczny: Verb tenses - Present Continuous: future plans and activities, present actions, Past Perfect Simple: in reported speech and narrative Modal verbs - can


The Picture of Dorian Gray + CD audio - 2827702377

29,90 zł

The Picture of Dorian Gray + CD audio ELI PUBLISHING (ELI European Language Institute)

Język angielski>Lektury i lekturki>Young Adult Eli Readers A1-C2

The Picture of Dorian Gray + CD audio - książka z kolekcji Young Adult ELI Readers >Seria Young Adult ELI Readers : Young Adult ELI Readers to sześciopoziomowa seria książek proponująca oryginalne i ciekawe historie do czytania przeznaczone dla uczących się języka angielskiego na następujących poziomach: Stage 1 Elementary (600 headwords) A1 Stage 2 Pre-Intermediate (800 headwords) A2 KET Stage 3 Intermediate (1000 headwords) B1 PET Stage 4 Upper intermediate (1800 headwords) B2 FCE Stage 5 Advanced (2500 headwords) C1 CAE Stage 6 Profi ciency Unabridged Texts C2 CPE Książka The Picture of Dorian Gray + CD audio : Poziom zaawansowania 3 : Intermediate (1000 headwords) B1 PET Treść: Powieść "Portret Doriana Graya" autorstwa Oscara Wilde'a w skróconej i nieco uproszczonej wersji. Zakres gramatyczny: Verb tenses - Present Continuous: future plans and activities, present actions, Past Perfect Simple: in reported speech and narrative Modal verbs - can


Developing Writing Skills. A Manual for EFL Students (2 edition updated) - 2829802514

48,30 zł

Developing Writing Skills. A Manual for EFL Students (2 edition updated) Wyd. Uniwersytetu Opolskiego

Anglia / Podręczniki językowe

Podręcznik do nauki pisania w języku angielskim zawiera: - usystematyzowany materiał, - dużą liczbę ćwiczeń praktycznych, - autentyczne prace studentów jako ilustracje do zadań, - elementy pisania tekstów akademickich technicznych oraz biznesowych, - wskazówki jak pisać pracę dyplomową w języku angielskim na różnych kierunkach oraz jak dokumentować źródła. W podręczniku cytowana jest najnowsza literatura. Podręcznik adresowany jest do studentów i nauczycieli studiów anglistycznych i amerykanistycznych oraz dla wszystkich zainteresowanych poprawnym pisaniem tekstów różnego typu w języku angielskim. The manual for teaching writing in English contains not only a systematic presentation of the material but also a large number of practical activities, together with a selection of authentic texts of Polish students of English as illustrations to tasks. Moreover, the manual may be of help to those students who want to study the basic elements of academic, technical and business writing. Additionally, the manual gives suggestions how to write a diploma paper in English in various fields of study as well as how to document sources. The manual refers to the updated academic writing literature. The book is directed primarily to students who need support in writing academic and other texts in English; it may be also successfully used by academic writing teachers or general, business or technical English teachers who teach writing different types of texts in English. CONTENS Acknowledgements Preface Introduction: process vs. product approaches 1. Writing process 1. 1.1. Purpose 1. 1.2. Audience 1. 1.3. Prewriting 1. 1.4. Introduction 1. 1.5. Body 1. 1.6. Conclusion 1. 1.7. Rewriting 1. 1.8. Peer feedback 1. 1.9. Style 2. Writing product 2. 2.1. Descriptive essay 2. 2.2. Narrative essay 2. 2.3. Process essay 2. 2.4. Illustration essay 2. 2.5. Definition essay 2. 2.6. Comparison/contrast essay 2. 2.7. Persuasive/argumentative essay 2. 2.8. Elements of business writing 2. 2.9. Elements of technical writing 3. Academic writing 3. 3.1. Bibliography 3. 3.2. Summary 3. 3.3. Paraphrase 3. 3.4. Quotation 3. 3.5. Synthesis 3. 3.6. Critique 3. 3.7. Research paper Appendices Appendix 1 - Suggestions for tasks within the product approach Appendix 2 - Suggestions for tasks within the process approach Appendix 3 - Peer feedback Appendix 4 - Sentence variety Appendix 5 - Transition check Appendix 6 - Punctuation in narration Appendix 7 - European Curriculum Vitae Format Appendix 8 - Exemplary CV, cover letter and thank you letter Appendix 9 - Exemplary research report Appendix 10 -Verbs and expressions (technical report) Appendix 11 - Verbs and expressions Appendix 12 - Abbreviations for US states and territories Appendix 13 - Przykładowa strona tytułowa prac licencjackich/ magisterskich/ inżynierskich Politechniki Opolskiej Appendix 14 - Przykładowa strona tytułowa prac licencjackich/magisterskich Uniwersytetu Opolskiego Keys Key to Introduction Key to Chapter 1 Key to Chapter 2 Key to Chapter 3 References

Sklep: Księ

Metal Survival Kit - 2839351479

82,49 zł

Metal Survival Kit EARACHE


1. At The Gates - Slaughter Of The Soul (Live) 2. Carcass - Buried Dreams 3. Napalm Death - Scum 4. Morbid Angel - Brainstorm 5. Entombed - Morbid Devourment 6. Decapitated - Day 69 7. Bolt Thrower - When Glory Beckons 8. Deicide - The Stench Of Redemption 9. Terrorizer - Fear Of Napalm 10. Cathedral - Grim Luxuria 11. Clutch - Pile Driver 12. Sleep - The Druid 13. Akercocke - Son Of The Morning 14. Haunted, The - Trespass 15. Brutal Truth - Anti-homophobe 16. Hate Eternal - Powers That Be 17. Godflesh - Mothra 18. Massacre - Cryptic Remains 19. Severe Torture - Decree Of Darkness 20. Blood Red Throne - The Light, The Hate 101. White Wizzard - Over The Top 102. Annhilator - The Trend 103. Evile - Time No More 104. Enforcer - Midnight Vice 105. Bonded By Blood - Prototype: Death Machine 106. Oceano - Quarantine 107. And Hell Followed With - Venomspitter 108. Ignominious Incarceration - Dees Of Days Long Gone 109. Gama Bomb - New Eliminators Of Atlantis B.c. 110. Municipal Waste - Acid Sentence 111. Order Of Ennead - The Scriptures Of Purification 112. Caildron - Chained Up In Chains 113. Violator - Destined To Die 114. Sss - Thrash With A Small Moustache 115. Insect Warfare - Manipulator 116. Wormrot - Born Stupid 117. Boy Will Drown, The - Suis La Luna 118. Cult Of Luna - Eternal Kingdom 201. Ursurper - Return Of The Werewolf 202. Amata - Complete Demise 203. Corporation 187 - Ghosts Of Confusion 204. Gandalf - Dark Memories 205. Chasm, The - Conjuring The Apocalypse 206. Cadaver Imc. - Killtech 207. Lost Soul - Death Crowns All 208. Insision - The Imminent Vision 209. Deathwitch - Blood Sucking Fuck 210. Nox - Blind Mad God 211. December Wolves - Completely Dehumanized 212. Rabies Caste - Prove Me 213. Fudge Tunnel - Gut Rot 214. Ephel Duath - The Passage 215. Wolverine - Sarah 216. Misery Loves Co - Prove Me Wrong 217. Lawnmower Deth - Seventh Chuch Of The Apocalyptic 218. Pulkas - Loaded 219. Beecher - I Won't Miss Or Be Missed 220. Narcosis - One Way Ticket To The Cape Of Get Fucke 221. Narcosis - An Accident Waiting To Happen 222. Iron Monkey - 2 Golden Rules 301. Evile - Infected Nation 302. Municipal Waste - Sadistic Magician 303. White Wizzard - Over The Top 304. Oceano - District Of Misery 305. Bonded By Blood - Prototype: Death Machine 306. Decapitated - Day 69 307. At The Gates - Slaughter Of The Soul (Live) 308. Akercocke - Axiom 309. Cult Of Luna - Back To Chapel Town 310. Calildron - Chained Up In Chains 311. Hate Eternal - Victorious Reign 312. Evile - Thrasher 313. Municipal Waste - Wrong Answer 314. Oceano - A Mandatory Sacrifice 315. White Wizzard - High Speed Gto 316. Ignominious Incarceration - Dees Of Days Long Gone 317. Sss - The Beast 318. Order Of Ennead - The Concept Of Our Extinction 319. Municipal Waste - Headbanger Face Rip 320. Deicide - Desecration 321. Napalm Death - You Suffer 322. Napalm Death - The Kill


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