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Complete Stax / Volt Soul 2 - 2839656471

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Complete Stax / Volt Soul 2 STAX

Muzyka>Rhythm & Blues / Soul

1. Jones, Booker T. - I Was Born To Love You 2. Hayes, Isaac - Precious, Precious 3. Isbell, Alvertis - Send Peace & Harmony Home 4. Jones, Booker T. - Soul Limbo 5. Floyd, Eddie - I've Never Found A Girl (To Love Me 6. Bramlett, Delaney - It's Been A Long Time Coming 7. Crawford, Dave - What A Man 8. Davis, B.b. - I Like Everything About You 9. Daye, Johnny - Stay Baby Stay 10. Jones, Booker T. - Private Number 11. Crutcher, Bettye - So Nice 12. Banks, Homer - Long Walk To D.c. 13. Hayes, Isaac - Give 'Em Love 14. Floyd, Eddie - Funky Mississippi 15. Spector, Phil - Lovin' Feeling 16. Ragni, Gerome - Where Do I Go? 17. Cropper, Steve - Bed Of Roses 18. Cooke, Sam - Bring It On Home To Me 19. Banks, Homer - It's Unbelievable (How You Control 20. Davis, Don - Who's Making Love 21. Merriwether, Arthur - Mighty Cold Winter 22. Frontiere, Dominic - Hang 'Em High 23. Floyd, Eddie - You're Leaving Me 24. Alexander, James - Copy Cat 25. Bell, William - I Forgot To Be Your Lover 26. Ashford, Nickolas - Running Out 27. Hayes, Isaac - My Baby Specializes 28. Hayes, Isaac - I'll Understand 101. Banks, Homer - The Ghetto 102. King, Albert - Blues Power 103. Elliot, Richard - The Echo 104. Arnold, Calvin - Funky Way 105. Banks, Homer - Take Care Of Your Homework 106. Banks - I Like What You're Doing (To Me) 107. Cropper, Steve - I've Got To Have Your Love 108. Hayes, Isaac - Let 'Em Down Baby 109. Jones, Booker T. - Love Is Here Today & Gone Tomor 110. Hayes, Isaac - It Ain't Long Enough 111. Hayes, Isaac - Mellow Way You Treat Your Man 112. Jones, Booker T. - Private Number 113. Dunn, Donald - Time Is Tight 114. Jones, Booker T. - Double Or Nothing 115. Redding, Otis - (Sittin On ) The Dock Of The Bay 116. Hutchinson, Sheila - So I Can Love You 117. Jones, Allen - Don't Stop Dancing (To The Music) ( 118. Turbinton, Wilson - One More Chance 119. Dotson, Jimmy - I Wanna Be Good (To You) 120. Miller, Art - Finger Lickin' Good 121. Hayes, Isaac - Tighten Up My Thang 122. Bell, William - My Whole World Is Falling Down 123. Clinton Jr., George - Testify (I Wonna) 124. Jones, Allan - Drowning On Dry Land 125. Rakes, Pal - Do The Cissy 126. Jones, Booker T. - Don't Tell Your Mama (Where You 201. Simon, Paul - Mrs. Robinson 202. Floyd, Eddie - Love's Sweet Sensation 203. Crutcher, Bettye - Just Because Your Love Is Gone 204. Barnes, J.j. - Chains Of Love 205. Jones, Booker T. - Happy 206. Banks, Homer - The Challenge 207. Banks, Homer - Soul-a-lujah 208. Floyd, Eddie - Never, Never Let You Go 209. Wilson, Clyde - Just Keep On Lovin' Me 210. Floyd, Eddie - I Need You Woman 211. Frierson, Johnnie - I've Got A Feeling 212. Banks, Homer - It's Time To Pay For The Fun (We've 213. Banks, Homer - I Could Never Be President 214. Webb, Jimmy - By The Time I Get To Phoenix 215. Hager, Joan - Long & Lonely World 216. Barry, John - Midnight Cowboy 217. Thomas, Carla - I've Fallen In Love With You 218. Jones, Booker T. - Slum Baby 219. Hayes, Isaac - The Best Part Of A Love Affair 220. By The Time I Get To Phoenix 221. Hayes, Isaac - Original Version 222. Bacharach, Burt - Walk On By 223. Hooker, John Lee - Tupelo (Part 1) 224. Cropper, Steve - Water 225. Hayes, Isaac - The Sweeter He Is (Part 1) 226. Briggs, Freddy - You're Driving Me (To The Arms Of 301. Jones, Allen - Open Up Your Heart (Let Me In) 302. Floyd, Eddie - Why Is The Wine Sweeter (On The Oth 303. Stewart, Randall - When Will We Be Paid 304. Hooker, John Lee - Grinder Man 305. Jones, Booker T. - Born Under A Bad Sign 306. Womack, Bobby - What You Gonna Do 307. Chalmers, Sandra - I'm So Glad 308. Bridges, Fred - Beautiful Feelings (Single Mix) 309. Banks, Homer - Your Love Was Strange 310. Isbell, Alvertis - Love Bones 311. Bramlett, Bonnie - Hard To Say Goodbye 312. Barnes, J.j. - Got To Get Rid Of You 313. Milner, Reggie - Habit Forming Love 314. Lewis, Robert - My Thing Is A Moving Thing 315. Hayes, Isaac - Stealing Love 316. Hayes, Isaac - When Tomorrow Comes 317. King, Albert - Wrapped Up In Love Again (Vocal) 318. Thomas, Jr., Rufus - Do The Funky Chicken 319. Jones, Booker T. - California Girl 320. Hayes, Bernie - Tribute To A Black Woman (Part 1) 321. Alexander, James - Sang & Dance 322. Hayes, Isaac - Hold On I'm Coming 323. Banks, Homer - Love's Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Do 324. Hines, Earnest - Help Me Put Out The Flame (In My 325. Banks, Homer - Black Boy 401. Banks, Homer - Bracing Myself For The Fall 402. Bryant, Boudleaux - All I Have To Do Is Dream 403. Darling, Jean - Singing About Love 404. Banks, Homer - Goodies 405. Hester, Tony - Just The Way You Are Today 406. Willis, Aaron - The Creeper Returns 407. Davis, Don - Guide Me Well (45 Version) 408. Scharf, Stuart - Give A Damn 409. Hughes, Jimmie - Steal Away 410. Briggs, Freddie - Your Sweet Lovin' 411. Butler, William - I Forget To Remember 412. Lee, Larry - Can't See You When I Want To 413. Hathaway, Donny - Never Be True 414. King, Albert - Can't You See What You're Doing To 415. Ward, William Thomas - Sixty Minute Man (Part 2) 416. Richardson, Jape - Preacher & The Bear 417. Harrison, George - Something 418. Briggs, Freddie - Seeing Is Believin' 419. Hester, Tony - You're My Only Temptation 420. Soule, George - What I Don't Know Won't Hurt Me 421. Dixon, Willie - Right, Tight & Out Of Sight 422. Anderson, John W. - (What's Under) The Natural Do 501. White, Ronald - My Girl 502. Jordan, David - I Have Learned To Do Without You 503. Harper - Play The Music Tornados 504. Carter, Calvin - Lonely Soldier 505. Willis, Vince - Heart Association 506. Butler, Jerry - I Stand Accused 507. Kooper, Al - Brand New Day 508. Briggs, Freddie - Sweeter Tomorrow 509. Anderson, Gene - Cool Strut 510. Rice, Bonny - You Put The Sunshine Back In My Worl 511. Bloom, Bobby - Montego Bay 512. Robinson, Rudy - Got It Together (Parts 1 & 2) 513. Lewis, Ramsey - Wade In The Water 514. Tate, Tommy - You're Movin' Much Too Fast 515. Cropper, Steve - The Best Years Of My Life 516. Snyder, Arthur - I Am Somebody (Part 2) 517. Levine - I Loved You Like I Love My Very Life 518. Pashkot, Jim - Soul Machine 519. Nixon, Tom - (Follow Her) Rules & Regulations 520. Thomas, Jr., Rufus - (Do The) Push & Pull (Part 1) 521. Lumbus, Carl - Love Changes 522. Porter, David - Put Your World In My World (Best O 523. Crutcher - Love Is Plentiful 601. Barry - Heavy Makes You Happy (Sha-na-boom Boom) 602. Parker, Deanie - Who Took The Merry Out Of Christm 603. Banks, Homer - Too Many Lovers 604. Staples, Pervis - Black Christmas 605. Hayes, Isaac - The Mistletoe & Me 606. Hunter, Ivy - Ask The Lonely 607. Davis, Don - Jody's Got Your Girl & Gone 608. Lebeau, Roni - Finish Me Off 609. Floyd, Eddie - Oh, How It Rained 610. Bacharach, Burt - The Look Of Love 611. Triplett - Electrified Love 612. Cropper, Steve - Melting Pot 613. Drapkin, Christina - That's The Way I Like It (I L 614. Washington, Carrol - Mr. Big Stuff 615. Crutcher, Bettye - You Make Me Want To Love You 616. Dozier, Lamont - Stop! In The Name Of Love 617. Davis, Melvin - I Don't Wanna Lose You 618. Bridges, Jo - (Girl) I Love You 619. Thomas, Jr., Rufus - The World Is Round 620. Crutcher, Bettye - A Penny For Your Thoughts 621. Davis, Clifton - Never Can Say Goodbye 622. Rice, Mack - I Don't Want To Be Like My Daddy 701. Robinson, Jr., William - You've Got To Earn It 702. Barnes, J.j. - Hold On To It 703. Hester, Tony - Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get 704. Dixon, Willie - Born Too Late 705. Hughes, Jimmy - Just Ain't Strong As I Used To Be 706. Briggs, Dorothy - That Other Woman Got My Man & Go 707. Porter, David - If You Think It (You May As Well D 708. Arnold, Calvin - Shame On The Family Name 709. Cropper, Steve - Blood Is Thicker Than Water 710. Hester, Tony - Hijackin' Love 711. Van Peebles, Melvin - Sweetback's Theme 712. Floyd, Eddie - The Breakdown (Part 1) 713. Crutcher, Bettye - Pin The Tail On The Donkey 714. Moore, Leon - Them Hot Pants 715. Smith - If That Ain't A Reason (For You Woman To L 716. Banks, Homer - It's Good To Be Careful (But It's B 717. Cobb, Joe - Where Would You Be Today 718. Nix, Don - Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven 719. Reese, William Lloyd - Got To Get Away From It All 720. Terry, A. - Love's Creeping Up On Me 721. Hayes, Isaac - Show Me How 722. Lebeau, Roni - If I Give It Up, I Want It Back 723. Crutcher, Bettye - A Woman Named Trouble 801. Giles, Elbert W. - Losing Boy 802. Ingram, Luther - Respect Yourself (Single Edit) 803. Jewel, S. - I'll Kick A Brick (About My Man) 804. Broussard, Joseph - You Think You're Hot Stuff 805. Bell, William - All For The Love Of A Woman 806. Hayes, Isaac - Theme From Shaft 807. Dunn, Donald Duck - Jamaica, This Morning 808. Arnold, Calvin - Gone! The Promises Of Yesterday 809. Lance, Major - Girl, Come On Home 810. Clinton, George - (Let Hurt Put You In The) Loser' 811. Brown, W. - My Baby Love 812. March, Myrna - How Do You Move A Mountain 813. Ellis, T. - Black Nasty Boogie (Part 6) 814. Rice, Bonny - Do The Funky Penguin (Part 1) 815. Banks, Homer - You've Got A Cushion To Fall On 816. Hester, Tony - Get Up & Get Down 817. Banks, Homer - Son Of Shaft 818. Mitchell, Phillip - Don't Cha Mess With My Money, 819. Cropper, Steve - I Can Smell That Funky Music 820. Kaye - A Sadness For Things 821. Campbell, Milton - That's What Love Will Make You 822. Barker, Kent - Standing In For Jody


Opus Dei - 2212825700

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Opus Dei Penguin

Literatura faktu

Opus Dei is the most controversial - and unknown - force in the Catholic Church.  Here, John L. Allen uncovers its real nature.  Accused of promoting a right-wing political agenda, of cult-like practices, and immortalized forever in the pages of Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code, Opus Dei is the most notorious, most talked about - but least known - religious organization of our time.  Granted unlimited access to those within its ranks, and with an investigative eye intent on uncovering closely guarded secrets, John L. Allen finally separates the myths from the facts:  the actual use of the cilice; the reason men and women remain separate; the true extent of Opus Dei's funds.  Built around a wealth of interviews with the heads of Opus Dei in the Vatican and in centres around the world, comparing the attitudes of current members with those of highly critical members and outsiders, Opus Dei is a portrait of a remarkably powerful organization, both inside and outside the Church. One of the most mysterious and controversial religious forces today, and immortalized in Dan Brown


Lord I Believe - 2851001506

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Lord I Believe Aspect

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Lord I Believe is an inspiring in-depth reflection of one man's search to live by faith alone in God. Through a fascinating blend of Scripture and personal experiences, Brian Byrne takes readers on a spiritual journey to not only learn what faith is but to learn what it means to live by faith every day. As a young man, Brian struggled to find true joy in his relationship with God. He attended church, led out in worship, and even served as a missionary in India, but the real joy that comes from loving God fully continued to elude him. Brian continued to struggle with his search to find joy until one night, while kneeling in prayer with his wife and a friend, God sent him the four words that would shape the rest of his life, "It is by faith." Those four small words sent Brian on an intense spiritual search to learn how to live every aspect of his life by faith in God. His search took him from examining what it meant for Jesus' twelve disciples to live by faith, to what it means to live by faith now, in the twenty-firstcentury. Through intense biblical and real-life application, Lord I Believe proves to be an inspirational guide to those trying to live by faith in today's world.


Collected Sermons of Smith Wigglesworth, Volume I - 2826930689

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Collected Sermons of Smith Wigglesworth, Volume I Bottom of the Hill Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Collected Sermons of Smith Wigglesworth Volume I is comprised of 15 sermons given during the early half of the 20th century. Covering subjects from Our Calling and The Power of Christ's Resurrection to Preparation for the Second Coming and Great Grace Upon the Church the impact of Wigglesworth is felt as much today as the day he delivered these words. He brought many thousands to Christ in his lifetime and more still are coming on his teachings. Smith Wigglesworth was a British evangelist instrumental in the early history of Pentecostalism. Wigglesworth believed that healing came through faith and practiced anointing with oil. Wigglesworth said he had made a commitment to God that he would not sleep at night before he had won a soul for Christ every day. He claimed that on one occasion he could not sleep because he had not met this commitment, and that he went out into the night and met an alcoholic to whom he spoke and persuaded to become a believer.


Blood Doctor - 2212839586

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Blood Doctor Penguin

Powieści i opowiadania

Blood. That


Hare's Vision - 2847577061

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Hare's Vision Temair Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"Father Cormac is a good and a brave monk, honed by the desert. He is not so simple. Aba James speaks well of him. I would trust him. Yet he's whimsical like many Celts. He is known to converse with a hare who claims to be the soul of the prophet Zachariah." So it was that the Patriarch of Alexandria chose Father Cormac mac Fliande for the task that would bring light to the Dark Ages. It is a bewitching story of the odyssey in the sixth century of a devout Irish monk, Cormac, his muse Zachariah the hare and their strange band of companions who struggle from Egypt to Ireland to protect The Word, from those who would suppress its inspiring and radical message In 36AD radical Jewish teacher and zealot, Yeshua ben Pandira lies dying of his wounds in Judaea. Disturbed by a vision that his teachings will be misused by the Roman Empire, Yeshua lives long enough to dictate his final testament, later known as The Word, to Joseph of Arimithaea. However because of its radical teachings, The Word is suppressed by the early church and completely disappears in the third century. Then in 2015 The Word is re-discovered buried under the ruins of an ancient church in Ireland. How did it get there from biblical Judaea and what are the implications for the modern world of its radical message? An Irish desert father, Cormac mac Fliande, is called upon by the Coptic Patriarch in Alexandria to deliver these scrolls to Ireland; far enough away from the established church which fears the radical challenge to its authority contained in The Word. Cormac is forced to return to the land of his birth: a land he fled after the death of his wife and children during the Justinian Plague in 540AD. Cormac's companion on the journey and muse is a mystical golden hare who claims to be the reincarnated soul of the biblical prophet, Zachariah. They are accompanied to Ireland by a Greek philosopher, pagan priestess and close friend, Melania, who is escaping persecution in Egypt; along with a young Judaean scholar, Brother Simon of Bethaza. In Ireland they are joined on their odyssey by a young Irish poet, Bretha and helped the eminent Celtic abbot and High Druid, Colum Cille. Sixth century Ireland is a mystical land where the old pagan beliefs peacefully coexist beside the new Christian religion. In Ireland Cormac and his companions are helped by Iucharba of the Tuatha De, a magical subterranean fairy folk who once ruled Ireland and Feth Fio the ferryman, a changeling who is part otter, part man. This is a world before scientific thought, where the membranes between worlds are very thin. Imagination and superstition are as real as everyday experience and the interactions between humans and the natural world are very different from today. In this time Rome wishes to suppress all potential challenge to its growing religious power and sends its fearsome emissary, Augustine of Nubea to Ireland to find and secure The Word for the Holy See. On his way through France to Ireland Augustine enlists the support of the legendary British military leader, Artur of the Gododdin and plans are laid to invade Ireland to capture The Word. Cormac's mentor as a young monk was Colum Cille, an eminent abbot and High Druid within the Celtic Christian church. He has a troubled past for which he seeks redemption. Guardianship of The Word offers Colum Cille an opportunity to build a church that would become the salvation of western Christendom.ż Then in modern times The Word is discovered o


20 rubli, Rodzinne tradycje Słowian: Chrzciny, 2009 - 1373090979

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20 rubli, Rodzinne tradycje Słowian: Chrzciny, 2009 Mennica Polska: Numizmatyka

Kategorie > Srebrne i złote monety świata

Seria: "Rodzinne tradycje Słowian" "Slavs' Family Traditions Series" "


Consolations of Philosophy - 2212839584

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Consolations of Philosophy Penguin

Nauki humanistyczne

Alain de Botton, best-selling author of How Proust can Change Your Life, has set six of the finest minds in the history of philosophy to work on the problems of everyday life. Here then are Socrates, Epicurus, Seneca, Montaigne, Schopenhauer and Nietzsche on some of the things that bother us all; lack of money, the pain of love, inadequacy, anxiety, the fear of failure and the pressure to conform.


Natasha's Dance - 2212836413

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Natasha's Dance Penguin

Powieści i opowiadania

Orlando Figes


Vision in Progress - 2841667606

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Vision in Progress Wipf & Stock Publishers

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Description: The work of American Baptist missionaries among the Telugu people in India in the nineteenth century came to fruition in 1897, when Telugus established their own indigenous missionary organization, the Telugu Home Missionary Society. Six years later, in 1903, the society took the highly ambitious step of sending one of its own, John Rangiah, to South Africa as a missionary to work among Telugus who'd gone to that country as indentured laborers. Vision in Progress tells the story of Indian Baptists' work in South Africa, work mitigated by the negatives influences of colonialism and racism, manifested by the openly racist South African doctrine of apartheid. It examines the values, missions philosophy, and struggles of John Rangiah and of others--men and women--who have shaped the history of Indian Baptists in South Africa up to this day. In telling this story, the author provides a thorough history of the organization Indian Baptists formed--the Baptist Association of South Africa--and its friction-filled efforts to work alongside other Baptist groups. Informational and inspirational, Vision in Progress serves ultimately as a testimony of people of great faith who were up against tremendous odds. Endorsements: ""Vision in Progress: Framing the Portrait of Indian Baptists in South Africa fills a gap in Asian and African Church History and Missions studies. While selected indigenous African and Asian Baptist individuals have often been celebrated in biographies, their social and political impact have not been adequately studied or shared. We are indebted to Rodney Ragwan for this informative, inspirational resource which does this for both scholars and pastors."" - Horace O. Russell Emeritus Professor of HistoricalTheology and Dean of Chapel, Palmer Theological Seminary ""In this important text Rodney Ragwan offers a biographical portrait of the first Indian-born missionary to South Africa, Reverend John Rangiah, who was also one of the few Asian representatives at the 1910 Edinburgh World Missionary Conference. Ragwan's research brings to light an early example of what missiologists today call 'South to South' mission. Utilizing insights from post-colonial theory, this book also tells the larger story of Indian Baptist work in South Africa of the contemporary period. This work fills gaps in our knowledge of the history of Christianity in South Africa for which historians of Christian mission and church leaders in South Africa and elsewhere will be most grateful."" -Ben Hartley Associate Professor of Christian Mission, Palmer Theological Seminary ""Rodney Ragwan's Vision in Progress delves into the important, but too often little known history of the American Baptist missionary movement among the Telugu people of India. It is a story of resolve and determination among the indigenous missionaries and the subsequent formation of the Baptist Association of South Africa. Dr. Ragwan is to be commended for a thoughtfully researched, scholarly, but thoroughly readable work."" -Wallace Charles Smith Dean, Smith School of Christian Ministries, Palmer Theological Seminary of Eastern University, and Senior Pastor, Shiloh Baptist Church, Washington, DC ""Rodney Ragwan's Vision in Progress retells the history of American Baptist and Telegu Indian Baptist missionary endeavors in South Africa, bringing to the fore the 'unsung voices' ignored thus far. The book reminds us that 'history' is never neutral, nor its task ever complete. Ragwan's narrative challenges us to ask: whose voices have yet to be unearthed? Whose stories must be heard? This book is an important addition to the study of global missions. -Loida I. Martell-Otero Professor of Constructiv


Abide With Me - 50 Favourite Hymns - 2839187750

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Abide With Me - 50 Favourite Hymns Universal Music / Decca


3. Farnes, Richard - All Glory, Laud & Honour 4. Bowen, John - When I Survey The Wondrous Cross 5. Farnes, Richard - The Day Of Resurrection 6. Farnes, Richard - O God, Our Help In Ages Past 7. Farnes, Richard - Dear Lord & Father Of Mankind 8. Farnes, Richard - Praise To The Holiest In The Hei 9. Farnes, Richard - Praise To The Lord 10. Farnes, Richard - The Church's One Foundation 11. Farnes, Richard - Crown Him With Many Crowns 12. Farnes, Richard - Love Divine, All Love Excelling 13. Farnes, Richard - Holy, Holy, Holy! Lord God Almig 14. Farnes, Richard - Now Thank We All Our God 15. Farnes, Richard - Abide With Me 16. Farnes, Richard - O Praise Ye The Lord 17. Preston, Simon - Drop, Drop, Slow Tears 18. Preston, Simon - Glory Be To Jesus 19. Preston, Simon - There Is A Green Hill Far Away 20. Preston, Simon - According To Thy Gracious Word 21. Preston, Simon - Holy Father, Cheer Our Way 22. Preston, Simon - Glory To Thee, My God, This Night 23. Preston, Simon - The Day Thou Gavest, Lord, Is End 24. Preston, Simon - Hark! A Thrilling Voice Is Soundi 25. Preston, Simon - On Jordan's Bank The Baptist's Cr 101. Choral Society, Huddersfield - Onward, Christian S 102. Choral Society, Huddersfield - The Lord's My Sheph 103. Choral Society, Huddersfield - Guide Me, O Thou Gr 104. Brown, Wilfred - All People That On Earth Do Dwell 105. Brown, Wilfred - O Come, O Come, Emmanuel 106. Brown, Wilfred - Forty Days & Forty Nights 107. Brown, Wilfred - O Sacred Head, Now Wounded 108. Brown, Wilfred - Christ The Lord Is Risen Today 109. Brown, Wilfred - The Head That Once Was Crown'd Wi 110. St Mark's Church, North Audley Street, London, - R 111. St Mark's Church, North Audley Street, London, - E 112. Anderson, Alexander - Be Thou My Vision 113. Anderson, Alexander - Be Thou My Vision 114. Mackie, Neil - Be Still, My Soul 115. Mackie, Neil - The King Of Love My Shepherd Is 116. Anderson, Alexander - Let Us With A Gladsome Mind 117. Anderson, Alexander - For All The Saints 118. Anderson, Alexander - O Worship The King 119. Runnett, Brian - Lead Us, Heavenly Father, Lead Us 120. Runnett, Brian - Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence 121. Runnett, Brian - Spirit Of Mercy, Truth, & Love 122. Runnett, Brian - Lead Us, Heavenly Father, Lead Us 123. Runnett, Brian - Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wis 124. Runnett, Brian - Jesu, Lover Of My Soul 125. Byram-wigfield, Timothy - Jerusalem


The Beat 6 / Shows 22 - 26 - 2839411719

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The Beat 6 / Shows 22 - 26 Bear Family Records

Muzyka>Rhythm & Blues / Soul

1. Show Nr. 22 (1966) 2. Intro By Hoss Allen - Incl. The Beat Theme 3. Johnny Lorand (Lorand) - The Eel 4. Frank Howard & The Commanders - I Feel So Sorry 5. Tammy Mcknight - Take Away These Chains 6. Johnny Jones - Cleo's Back 7. Eva Larse - You Took My Heart 8. Bobby Hebb - I Got Rhythm 9. Rodge Martin - That's How Strong My Love Is 10. The Beat Boys - Satoria 11. Earl Gaines & Jimmy Church - Hold On I'm Coming 12. Advertisement For The Beat Nr. 23 13. Show Nr.23 (1966) 14. Intro By Hoss Allen - Incl. The Beat Theme 15. The Four Ms - Monkey Time 16. Joe Simon - A Teenager's Prayer 17. Joe Simon - Long Hot Summer 18. Johnny Jones - Soul Drag 19. Eva Larse - All I Could Do Was Cry 20. Freddie King - She Put The Whammy On Me 21. Freddie King - San-ho-zay 22. The Beat Boys - Good Good Lovin' 23. Earl Gaines - It's Love Baby (24 Hours A Day) 24. The Beat Boys - Ram-bunk-shush 25. Advertisement For The Beat Nr.24 26. Show Nr.24 (1966) 27. Intro By Hoss Allen - Incl. The Beat Theme 28. Mabon 'Teenie' Hodges & Fred Ford - Night Train 29. Willie Mitchell - Sticks & Stones 30. Big Amos Patton - He Won't Bit Me Twice 31. Willie Mitchell - Instrumental 32. Veniece Stark - I Got Everything He Needs 33. Little Milton - When A Man Loves Two 34. Willie Mitchell - 20-75 35. Willie Mitchell - Hitch Hike 36. Don Bryant - Sweet Baby Talk 37. Willie Mitchell - Instrumental 38. Advertisement For The Beat Nr.25 39. Show Nr.25 (1966) 40. Intro By Hoss Allen - Incl. The Beat Theme 41. Freddie King - See See Rider 42. Little Milton - I'd Rather Drink Muddy Water 43. Little Milton - Believe In Me 44. The Beat Boys - Apple Dumpling 45. Veniece Stark - Get You Out Of My Mind 46. Joe Simon - Woke Up This Morning 47. Joe Simon - Crying In The Chapel 48. The Beat Boys - Philly Dog 49. Freddie King - Funny Bone 50. Freddie King - Hide Away 51. Show Nr.26 (1966) 52. Intro - Incl. The Beat Theme 53. Otis Redding - Mr.pitiful 54. The Ovations - Twisting The Night Away 55. Percy Sledge - When A Man Loves A Woman 56. The Bar-kays - Philly Dog 57. Mitty Collier - I'm Having A Party 58. Garnett Mimms - I'll Take Good Care Of You 59. Patti Labelle & The Bluebelles - Over The Rainbo 60. The Sam & Dave Band - Secret Agent Man 61. Sam & Dave - I Take What I Want


Ślady, czyli tajemnice krak. kościołów wer. ang. - 2844703797

27,88 zł

Ślady, czyli tajemnice krak. kościołów wer. ang. Collegium Columbinum

Literatura / Historia

Napisano już setki historycznych opracowań na temat krakowskich kościołów. Nie chcemy z nimi konkurować. Pragniemy, byście po przeczytaniu lub tylko przejrzeniu tej książeczki, spojrzeli na mijane codziennie i zazwyczaj dobrze znane Wam obiekty, trochę innym wzrokiem. Najpierw z perspektywy XIXwiecznego publicysty i wydawcy - Waleriana Wielogłowskiego, który w 1855 roku opublikował miniaturowy albumik zatytułowany Kościoły krakowskie wydane w stalorytach z treściwym onych opisaniem. Składał się on z czterdziestu ośmiu nieco naiwnych, ale urokliwych i dość wiernych ilustracji istniejących w owym czasie kościołów. Jak te miejsca, te budynki, czasami tylko ślady po nich, wyglądają dzisiaj?Możemy to sprawdzić oglądając współczesne zdjęcia wykonane z tych samych miejsc w których stał (lub siedział) przed laty Johann Wenzel Zinke robiąc wstępne rysunki do jego stalorytów. Część tekstowa odsłania niektóre z tajemnic, anegdot i ciekawostek związanych z każdym z kościołów. Bawcie się dobrze, a wchodząc do poszczególnych kościołów wspomnijcie ludzi, którzy byli z nimi związani, i zdarzenia, jakie miały w nich miejsce.Michał SzymanowskiDear Reader, tens if not hundreds of historical studies have been written about churches in Cracow but our intention is not to compete. Nor is it to dishearten you with a deluge of dates, facts and footnotes. We just want you - after reading or just leafing through the pages of this booklet - to see the structures you go past daily and usually know well in a slightly different way. First, from the perspective of Cracow


Say it Loud! - 2850433243

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Say it Loud! The Lyons Press

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When Don Rhodes took his seat not far behind Michael Jackson at the funeral of the "Godfather of Soul" on December 30, 2006, it marked the close of a forty-year friendship. In Say It Loud! Rhodes pays tribute to James Brown and his storied career, with a close and comprehensive look at the life of the legendary singer at his home in Augusta, Georgia, and the family he left behind. From the evolution of Brown's fiery, uniquely rhythmic musical style to his social activism, world travels, run-ins with the law, and four marriages (and uncertain number of affairs), Rhodes provides a sensitive but candid look at the life of the man behind such hits as "I Feel Good," "Please, Please, Please," "Sex Machine," and "Say It Loud-I'm Black and I'm Proud." He takes us back to the 1960s, when James Brown and other American soul and rock artists were relieved to find that they had nothing to fear from the Beatles and other British artists taking America by storm-indeed, as some of the Brits acknowledged, the Americans had inspired them. Mick Jagger, whose dance steps were influenced by Brown, once said of him, "His show didn't just have to do with the artist but had to do with the audience...Their reaction was always . being in a church." Unlike his friend Elvis Presley, James Brown went on to be a frequent global traveler, adored by fans throughout the world. Say It Loud! bears out the reputation of the man with the famous cape as "the hardest-working man in show business," bringing us the full story of a conscientious performer and consummate professional with a fascinating and controversial personal life. Never-before-published photos, as well as anecdotes from an enduring friendship and details of Brown's life at home, will further ensure that music fans of all ages will cherish this tribute to an American icon by a longtime friend.


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