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This Is More Than I Can Stand - 2845338535

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This Is More Than I Can Stand

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>The arts>Film, TV & radio>Individual actors & performersKsiążki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Biography & ...

Charlie Hall Was Born Into A Working Class Family In 1899. In 1920 He Left England To Start A New Life In New York. Incredibly, Within A Few Years He Had Moved To Hollywood, And Was Appearing In Films With Some Of The Greatest Silent Comedy Stars Of All T


Here I Stand - 2839309441

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Here I Stand Westpark Music


1. On The Edge 2. This Is The Voice 3. In Your Eyes 4. Street Of Dreams 5. Ways Of Holding On 6. A Time Of Her Own 7. After Rain 8. I Know It's Mine 9. Someone You Might Have Been 10. Kantele 11. She's Moved On 12. And As For You 13. Cello Drop 14. Jump Through The Fire 15. This Town 16. A Last Glass


Where We Live - Stand For W - 2839581415

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Where We Live - Stand For W DELABEL


1. Norah Jones - Peace 2. Pops Staples & Ry Cooder - I Shall Not Be Moved 3. Los Lobos - What's Going On 4. Bob Dylan - Watching The River Flow 5. Maria Maldaur & Bonnie Riatt - It's A Blessing 6. Ruben Blades - Estampa 7. Dan Zanes With Lou Reed - What A Wonderful World 8. Michael Franti & Spearhead - Yes I Will 9. Willie Nelson - Living In The Promised Land 10. Neville Brothers - Sister Rosa 11. Sweet Honey In The Rock - More Than A Payback 12. Karen Savoca - Two Little Feet 13. Mose Allison - Getting There 14. Tina Turner & Robert Cray - A Change Is Gonna Co 15. John Hammond & Tom Waits - I Know I've Been Chan 16. Captain Beefheart - Happy Earthday


This House Will Stand-the - 2840369256

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This House Will Stand-the


1. The Soul's Electric 2. Where The World Divides 3. Spirit Of Dust 4. Uncommercial Song 5. Blackwaterside 6. Street Of Dreams 7. Walking Down The Road With You 8. Love Will Tear Us Apart 9. Dancing At Fast As I Can(single Edit) 10. Here Comes The Flood 11. A Clown's Heart 12. Rise Above 13. A River Runs 14. On The Edge 15. Bright Morning Star 101. I Built This House 102. Ways Of Holding On(single Edit) 103. Jail Song Two(live) 104. Never Left(alt. Version) 105. Hangman Cry 106. And As For You(alt. Version) 107. The Sailor's Bonnet 108. Mississippi Summer(alt. Version) 109. Scattergun 110. Bold Riley(alt. Version) 111. I Once Loved A Lass 112. She's Moved On(demo) 113. Long Dark Street 114. The Cornish Farewell Shanty(demo)


When I Reach That.. - 2840186014

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When I Reach That..


1. On Jordan's Stormy Bank We Stand 2. Glory! Glory! Hallelujah 3. Fight On Your Time Ain't Long 4. Let Jesus Lead You 5. Preaching With Singing 6. I'll Be Rested (When The Roll Is Called) 7. Hiding Behind The Stuff 8. Let That Lie Alone 9. The Devil Is A Fisherman 10. Oh Lord, I'm Your Child 11. Abraham Have Mercy On Me 12. Father I Stretch My Hand To Thee 13. I Wish My Mother Was On That Train 14. Dead Cat On The Line 101. You Gotta Live Your Religion Every Day 102. Rejoicing On The Way 103. Canaan's Land 104. Everybody Will Be Happy Over There 105. Jesus Will Make It Alright 106. Heaven Belongs To You 107. Lord I'm The True Vine 108. Jonah In The Wilderness 109. Angels Rolled The Stone Away 110. Pure Religion 111. I Love Thy Church O Lord 112. Stations Will Be Changed 113. When I Take My Vacation In Heaven 114. What The Men Wanted The Women Was Sitting On 201. Train Your Child 202. He Shall Speak For Himself 203. I Heard The Angels Singing 204. The Day Is Past And Gone 205. I Know The Lord Laid His Hands On Me 206. Jesus Of Nazareth, King Of The Jews 207. I Won't Have To Cross Jordan Alone 208. I'll Be Satisfied 209. Blessed Be The Tie That Binds 210. I Shall Not Be Moved 211. Don't Know When Old Death Will Call For Me 212. Great Day Of His Wrath Has Come 213. I Want To See Him 214. Going To Hell & Who Cares


Live From Metropolis Studios (Wbr) (Wlp) (Dlx) - 2843700335

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Live From Metropolis Studios (Wbr) (Wlp) (Dlx)

Muzyka>Hip-hop / Rap

1. Intro (Live At Metropolis, London / 2014) 2. Lost At Birth (Live At Metropolis, London / 2014) 3. Miuzi Weighs A Ton (Live At Metropolis, London / 2 4. Get Up Stand Up (Live At Metropolis, London / 2014 5. Rebel Without A Pause (Live At Metropolis, London 6. 911 Is A Joke (Live At Metropolis, London / 2014) 7. Welcome To The Terrordome (Live At Metropolis, Lon 8. Hoovermusic (Live At Metropolis, London / 2014) 9. Black Steel In The Hour / Do You Wanna Go Our Way 10. Show 'Em Whatcha Got (Live At Metropolis, London / 11. Bring The Noise (Live At Metropolis, London / 2014 101. Don't Believe The Hype (Live At Metropolis, London 102. Can't Truss It (Live At Metropolis, London / 2014) 103. He Got Game (Live At Metropolis, London / 2014) 104. Night Of The Living Baseheads (Live At Metropolis 105. I Shall Not Be Moved (Live At Metropolis, London / 106. Fight The Power (Soul Power - Who Stole This Soul) 107. Can't Do Nuttin' For Ya Man (Live At Metropolis, L 108. 31 Flavors (Live At Metropolis, London / 2014) 109. Shut 'Em Down (Live At Metropolis, London / 2014) 110. Harder Than You Think (Live At Metropolis, London 201. Intro (Live At Metropolis, London / 2014) 202. Lost At Birth (Live At Metropolis, London / 2014) 203. Miuzi Weighs A Ton (Live At Metropolis, London / 2 204. Get Up Stand Up (Live At Metropolis, London / 2014 205. Rebel Without A Pause (Live At Metropolis, London 206. 911 Is A Joke (Live At Metropolis, London / 2014) 207. Welcome To The Terrordome (Live At Metropolis, Lon 208. Hoovermusic (Live At Metropolis, London / 2014) 209. Black Steel In The Hour / Do You Wanna Go Our Way 210. Show 'Em Whatcha Got (Live At Metropolis, London / 211. Bring The Noise (Live At Metropolis, London / 2014 301. Don't Believe The Hype (Live At Metropolis, London 302. Can't Truss It (Live At Metropolis, London / 2014) 303. He Got Game (Live At Metropolis, London / 2014) 304. Night Of The Living Baseheads (Live At Metropolis 305. I Shall Not Be Moved (Live At Metropolis, London / 306. Fight The Power (Soul Power - Who Stole This Soul) 307. Can't Do Nuttin' For Ya Man (Live At Metropolis, L 308. 31 Flavors (Live At Metropolis, London / 2014) 309. Shut 'Em Down (Live At Metropolis, London / 2014) 310. Harder Than You Think (Live At Metropolis, London 401. Opening Credits (Live At Metropolis, London / 2014 402. Intro (Live At Metropolis, London / 2014) 403. Lost At Birth (Live At Metropolis, London / 2014) 404. Miuzi Weights A Ton (Live At Metropolis, London / 405. Get Up Stand Up (Live At Metropolis, London / 2014 406. Rebel Without A Pause (Live At Metropolis, London 407. 911 Is A Joke (Live At Metropolis, London / 2014) 408. Welcome To The Terrordome (Live At Metropolis, Lon 409. Hoovermusic (Live At Metropolis, London / 2014) 410. Black Steel In The Hour (Live At Metropolis, Londo 411. Show Em Whatcha Got (Live At Metropolis, London / 412. Bring The Noise (Live At Metropolis, London / 2014 413. Don't Believe The Hype (Live At Metropolis, London 414. Can't Truss It (Live At Metropolis, London / 2014) 415. He Got Game (Live At Metropolis, London / 2014) 416. Night Of The Living Baseheads (Live At Metropolis 417. I Shall Not Be Moved (Live At Metropolis, London / 418. Fight The Power (Live At Metropolis, London / 2014 419. Can't Do Nuttin' For Ya Man (Live At Metropolis, L 420. 31 Flavors (Live At Metropolis, London / 2014) 421. Shut Em Down (Live At Metropolis, London / 2014) 422. Harder Than You Think (Live At Metropolis, London 423. Credits (Live At Metropolis, London / 2014) 424. Menu / Public Enemy / Public Enemy: Live At Metrop 425. Flavor Flav On The Drums 426. Flavor Flav & The Girls 427. Flavor Flav On The Bass 428. Chuck D & Flavor Flav Interview 429. Def Jam (Chuck D) 430. S1w Interview


DOSTAWA GRATIS! 99724839 Wózek hydrauliczny do transportu maszyn, mebli GermanTech (udźwig: 1800 kg) - 2827335834

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DOSTAWA GRATIS! 99724839 Wózek hydrauliczny do transportu maszyn, mebli GermanTech (udźwig: 1800 kg) GermanTech 997 dostawy co 14 dni

Transport maszyn>Rolki transportowe

Promocja tego produktu! "Dostawa gratis na terenie całego kraju" Czyli dostarczamy bezpłatnie ten towar w dowolne miejsce w Polsce.  "Większość towarów wysyłamy w ciągu 24h, po sprawdzeniu stanu magazynowego!" Po zamówieniu magazynierzy sprawdzają czy zamówiony towar jest w magazynie i przesyłamy informację emailem.     GermanTech jest wiodącym dostawcą produktów na bazie niemieckiej techniki i usług. W oparciu o ścisłą współpracę z niemieckimi producentami oraz o dokładną i kompleksową wiedzę na temat rynku chińskiego, GermanTech jest w stanie zaoferować szeroką gamę niezawodnych produktów i rozwiązań biznesowych.   WÓZEK HYDRAULICZNY DO TRANSPORTU. Do przemieszczania ciężkich maszyn i mebli takich jak szafki narzędziowe , sejfy lub innych ciężkich towarów kłopotliwe. Jakość przekładni w uchwycie pompy sprawia, że


Close Harmony - 2839413284

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Close Harmony Bear Family Records


1. Alabama, Alabama 2. Seven Year Blues 3. (I'm Changing The Words To) My Love Song... 4. The Get Acquainted' Waltz 5. Weapon Of Prayer 6. They've Got The Church Outnumbered 7. Do You Live What You Preach 8. You'll Be Rewarded Over There 9. I'll Live With God (To Die No More) 10. Robe Of White 11. The Great Atomic Power 12. Insured Beyond The Grave 13. The Gospel Way 14. The Sons & Daughters Of God 15. Broad Minded 16. The Family Who Prays (Never Shall Part) 17. I Know What You're Talking About 18. Let Us Travel, Travel On 19. I Love God's Way Of Living 20. Born Again 21. Preach The Gospel 22. From Mother's Arms To Korea 23. If We Forget God 24. Satan & The Saint 25. Satan Lied To Me 26. God Bless Her ('cause She's My Mother) 27. Last Chance To Pray 101. No One To Sing For Me 102. Swing Low Sweet Chariot 103. Nearer My God To Thee 104. Make Him A Soldier 105. I Can't Say No 106. Just Rehearsing 107. Love Thy Neighbor As Thy Self 108. Where Will You Build 109. Pray For Me 110. When I Stop Dreaming 111. Pitfall 112. Alabama 113. Memories & Tears 114. Don't Laugh 115. I Don't Believe You've Met My Baby 116. Childish Love 117. In The Middle Of Nowhere 118. Hoping That You're Hoping 119. The First One To Love You 120. I Cried After You Left 121. That's All He's Asking Of Me 122. I'll Be All Smiles Tonight 123. In The Pines 124. What Is Home Without Love 125. Mary Of The Wild Moor 126. Knoxville Girl 127. Kentucky 128. Katie Dear 201. My Brother's Will 202. Take The News To Mother 203. Let Her Go, God Bless Her 204. A Tiny Broken Heart 205. Plenty Of Everything But You 206. Cash On The Barrelhead 207. You're Running Wild 208. The New Partner Waltz 209. I Won't Have To Cross Jordan Alone 210. Praying 211. Wait A Little Longer Please Jesus 212. This Little Light Of Mine 213. I Steal Away & Pray 214. There's No Excuse 215. Are You Washed In The Blood 216. Lord, I'm Coming Home 217. Thankful 218. Take Me Back Into Your Heart 219. Here Today & Gone Tomorrow 220. We Could 221. Tennessee Waltz 222. Too Late 223. Are You Teasing Me 224. Nobody's Darling But Mine 225. Don't Let Your Sweet Love Die 226. I Wonder Where You Are Tonight 227. Why Not Confess 228. Making Believe 301. Have I Stayed Away Too Long 302. Call Me 303. I Wish You Knew 304. Dog Sled 305. When I Loved You 306. My Baby's Gone 307. She Didn't Even Know I Was Gone 308. My Baby Came Back 309. Are You Wasting My Time 310. My Curly Headed Baby 311. Lorene 312. I Wish It Had Been A Dream 313. While You're Cheating On Me 314. If I Could Only Win Your Love 315. You're Learning 316. Blue From Now On 317. Today 318. My Heart Was Trampled On The Street 319. Send Me The Pillow That You Dream On 320. On My Way To The Show 321. Read What's In My Heart/red Hen Hop 322. She Will Get Lonesome 323. I Wonder If You Know 324. Blue 325. The Angels Rejoiced Last Night 326. Dying From Home & Lost 327. Satan's Jeweled Crown 328. The River Of Jordan 401. I'm Ready To Go Home 402. The Kneeling Drunkard's Plea 403. Satan Is Real 404. The Christian Life 405. Are You Afraid To Die 406. He Can Be Found 407. There's A Higher Power 408. The Drunkard's Doom 409. I See A Bridge 410. Just Suppose 411. The Stagger 412. Nellie Moved To Town 413. What A Change One Day Can Make 414. Ruby's Song 415. The Last Old Shovel 416. Midnight Special 417. Brown's Ferry Blues 418. Southern Moon 419. Sand Mountain Blues 420. Nashville Blues 421. Blues Stay Away From Me 422. When It's Time For The Whippoorwill To Sing 423. Put Me On The Train To Carolina 424. Freight Train Blues 425. Weary Lonesome Blues 426. Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar 427. It's Christmas Time 428. Santa's Big Parade 501. Love Is A Lonely Street 502. If You Love Me Stay Away 503. I Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow 504. I Love You Best Of All 505. I Can't Keep You In Love With Me 506. Scared Of The Blues 507. I Have Found The Way 508. He Set Me Free 509. Kneel At The Cross 510. Leaning On The Everlasting Arms 511. O Why Not Tonight 512. You Can't Find The Lord Too Soon 513. Keep Your Eyes On Jesus 514. Almost Persuaded 515. I Feel Better Now 516. O Who Shall Be Able To Stand 517. If Today Was The Day 518. You'll Meet Him In The Clouds 519. You'll Meet Him In The Clouds 520. Away In A Manger 521. The Friendly Beasts 522. Hark The Herald Angels Sing 523. Good Christian Men Rejoice 524. While The Shepherds Watched Their Flocks 525. The First Noel 526. It Came Upon A Midnight Clear 601. O Come All Ye Faithful 602. O Little Town Of Bethlehem 603. Silent Night 604. Deck The Halls 605. Joy To The World 606. It Hurts Me More (The Second Time Around) 607. How's The World Treating You 608. Every Time You Leave 609. Time Goes So Slow 610. I Died For The Red White & Blue 611. From Mother's Arms To Korea 612. Searching For A Soldier's Grave 613. At Mail Call Today 614. A Soldier's Last Letter 615. There's A Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhe 616. There's A Grave In The Wave Of The Ocean 617. Mother I Thank For The Bible You Gave 618. The Great Atomic Power 619. A Seaman's Girl 620. Robe Of White 621. The Weapon Of Prayer 622. Broken Engagement 623. The First Time In Life 624. There Is No Easy Way 625. Love Turned To Hate 626. Must You Throw Dirt In My Face 701. The Great Speckled Bird 702. Wabash Cannonball 703. Lonely Mound Of Clay 704. Wreck On The Highway 705. Wait For The Light To Shine 706. Low & Lonely 707. We Live In Two Different Worlds 708. The Precious Jewel 709. The Great Judgement Morning 710. Branded Wherever I Go 711. Not A Word From Home 712. Stuck Up Blues 713. Don't Let Them Take The Bible Out Of Our... 714. I'm Glad That I'm Not Him 715. A Message To Your Heart 716. Thank God For My Christian Home 717. I'll Never Die 718. The Price On The Bottle 719. I've Known A Lady 720. He Included Me 721. Keep Watching The Sky 722. Now Lord, What Can I Do For You 723. Way Upon A Mountain 724. Gonna Shake Hands With Mother Over There 725. He Was Waiting At The Altar 726. Oh Lord, My God 727. What Would You Give In Exchange For My Soul


Dirty Baby - 2839528156

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Dirty Baby Cryptogramophone


1. Dirty Baby: Part I 2. Dirty Baby: Part II 3. Dirtybaby: Part III 4. Dirty Baby: Part IV 5. Dirty Baby: Part V 6. Dirty Baby: Part VI 101. In God We Trust 102. Hi There, My Old Friend 103. If I Was You I'd Do Just Like I Tell You To Do 104. Do As I Say Or... 105. No Mercy 106. Do As Told Or Suffer 107. Agree To Our Terms Or Prepare Yourself For A Blast Furnace 108. Your A Dead Man 109. Hey You Want To Sleep With The Fishes? 110. A Columbian Necklace For You 111. Note We Have Already Got Rid Of Several Like You - One Was Found In River Just Recently 112. Be Cautious Else We Be Bangin On You 113. You Wont Know When You Wont Know Where You Wont Know Who And You Wont Know Why 114. It's Payback Time 115. I'm Going To Leave More Notes And I'm Going To Kick More Ass 116. You Cross Me I Wanna See Blood 117. I Heard You Moved To Pahrump, Nevada - You Cannot Escape 118. Little Snitches Like You End Up In Dumpsters All Across Town 119. I'll Be Getting Out Soon And I Haven't Forgotten Your Testimony Put Me In Here 120. You Talk You Get Killed 121. Do Not Let The Information Be Known To Any Person Or You Die 122. Don't Threaten Me With Your Threats 123. I Just Might Act Ugly If You Talk 124. When I'm Released I'm Smoking A Straight Line To You. Got Me? 125. Want To Get To Know My Boiling Point? 126. You Dirty Rotten Bitch 127. You Will Eat Hot Lead 128. I Can't Take It No More 129. I Might Just Act Ugly If You Get Up On That Stand And Say Something Unpleasant To My Ears 130. I Thought I Told You That We Wont Stop 131. I Will Wipe You Off The Face Of This Earth 132. Give Up The Gold Or Give Up Your Life 133. You And I Are In Disagreement


The 'D' Singles 2 - 2839413713

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The 'D' Singles 2 Bear Family Records


1. Utah Carl/because I Trusted You-i Still Miss You 2. Counterfeit Heart 3. Merl Lindsay/meanwhile-i'm Tired Of Writing Lett 4. Ted Doyle/we've Got A Lot To Be Thankful For- 5. I'll Be Thinking Of You Dear 6. Doug Bragg/don't Do That Again Take 2-one More 7. Mistake - You'll Have To Give (Just A Little) 8. Billy Martin/if You Don't Love Me-tears I 9. Couldn't Hide - Angel 10. Eddie Burke/too Many Tears-rock Mop 11. Rufus Thibodeaux/sauce Piquant-louisiana Festiva 12. Ward Allen/frisco Waltz-two Step Polka 13. Dee Mullin/i've Really Got A Right To Cry-the 14. World's A Lie 15. Homer Lee Sewell/whisper Your Name-she's Mad At 16. Gaston Ponce Castellanos/falso-querer-paloma Menti 17. Glenn Barber/most Beautiful-your Heart Don't Lov 18. Jim Alexander/ramble-who Knows 19. Jack Rivers/if You Were Mine-should Have Known 20. The Velvetones/worried Over You-space Men-hey 21. Girl - Time Gives Me Pleasure 22. Tommy Hudson/swanee River Gal-band Stand Stomp 23. Johnny Forrer/my Blues-the Real Thing 24. Tony Douglas/geronimo-end Of The Evening 25. Tommy Durden/deep In The Heart Of A Fool-the Bee 26. Travelin'texans/song Of Blue Love-beating On The 27. Bars 28. Country Johnny Mathis/i Don't Know How I Can Liv 29. Run Please Run 30. Patsy Timmons/answer To Life To Go-i've Got It 31. William Tell Taylor/i Can't Ever Free My Mind- 32. Uh Huh 33. Tibby Edwards/memory Of A Lie-one More Night 34. Jean & Glenn Smith/calendar In Blue-real Thing 35. Joe Carson/time Lock-careless Words 36. Willie Nelson/man With The Blues-storm Has Just Be 37. Cecil Bowman/cotton-curse Of Wine 38. Gloria Henson/don't Tell Me, Show Me-sad Girl 39. Doug Bragg/when The Blues Comes Walking In- 40. Unfinished Castle 41. Billy Jack Hale/out Of Town Joe-danger Moved 42. West-good Luck Billy-i Take My Hat 43. Jimmy & Johnny/my Little Baby-all I Need Is Time 44. Margie Words/takes A Lot Of Heartaches-i Shot Sa 45. Charles Drake/there Goes My Baby-having Fun With 46. Another 47. Bill Morgan/your Wicked Love-at Home With Mom 48. Claude Gray/loneliness-best Part Of Me 49. Eddie Noack/man On The Wall-relief Is Just A Swa 50. Ted Doyle/one Step Ahead Of Sorrow-just One More 51. Danny Ross/the Last Town I Painted-you Finally 52. Walked Out 53. Dave Edge/wham Bam-night Of Lonliness 54. Glenn Barber/new Girl In School-go Home Letter 55. Shirley Rucker/you Take More Than I Can-i Hear 56. Your Footsteps 57. Durwood Daily/what Difference Does It Make-east 58. Dallas Dagger 59. Ernie Kucera/when When Polka-ernies Polka 60. Red Fowler/that's All I Need-you'll Have To Pay 61. Tony Douglas/old Man Love-too Much To Lose 62. Johnny Conoly/your Wedding Day-i'm Gonna Hang 63. Around You Baby 64. William Tell Taylor/angel Of Love-love Is Everyw 65. Merl Lindsay/stolen Kisses-is It Too Late 66. Vern Pullen & B.j.johnson/country Boys Dream- 67. What Am I To Do 68. Leon Payne/brothers Of A Bottle-mitzie Mcgraw 69. Patsy Timmons/branded Your Life-my Philosophy 70. Cecil Bowman/sweet Cake And Kisses-tea Leaves 71. Don't Lie


Peace In The Valley - 2843672330

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Peace In The Valley Sony Music Entertainment / RCA

Muzyka>Rock>Rock & RollMuzyka>Pop

1. His Hand In Mine 2. I'm Gonna Walk Dem Golden Stairs 3. In My Father's House 4. Milky White Way 5. Known Only To Him 6. I Believe In The Man In The Sky 7. Joshua Fit The Battle 8. He Knows Just What I Need 9. Swing Down Sweet Chariot 10. Mansion Over The Hilltop 11. If We Never Meet Again 12. Working On The Building 13. Crying In The Chapel 14. How Great Thou Art 15. In The Garden 16. Somebody Bigger Than You And I 17. Farther Along 18. Stand By Me 19. Without Him 20. So High 21. Where Could I Go But To The Lord 22. By And By 23. If The Lord Wasn't Walking By My Side 24. Run On 25. Where No One Stands Alone 26. We Call On Him 27. You'll Never Walk Alone 28. Who Am I? 29. Life 101. Only Believe 102. He Touched Me 103. I've Got Confidence 104. Amazing Grace 105. Seeing Is Believing 106. He Is My Everything 107. Bosom Of Abraham 108. Evening Party 109. Lead Me, Guide Me 110. There Is No God But God 111. Thing Called Love 112. I, John 113. Reach Out To Jesus 114. Miracle Of The Rosary 115. Put Your Hand In The Hand 116. I Got A Feelin' In My Body 117. Help Me 118. If That Isn't Love 119. Help Me [Live Version] 120. Why Me Lord? [Live] 121. How Great Thou Art [Live] 122. Farther Along 123. Oh Happy Day 124. I, John 125. Bosom Of Abraham 126. You Better Run 127. Lead Me, Guide Me 128. Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus/nearer My God To Thee 201. When The Saints Go Marching In 202. Just A Little Talk With Jesus 203. Jesus Walked That Lonesome Valley 204. I Shall Not Be Moved 205. Peace In The Valley 206. Down By The Riverside 207. Farther Along 208. Blessed Jesus (Hold My Hand) 209. On The Jericho Road 210. I Just Can't Make It By Myself 211. I Hear A Sweet Voice Calling 212. When The Saints Go Marching In 213. Softly And Tenderly 214. Peace In The Valley 215. It Is No Secret (What God Can Do) 216. I Believe 217. Take My Hand, Precious Lord 218. I Asked The Lord 219. He 220. Oh, How I Love Jesus 221. Show Me Thy Ways, O Lord 222. Hide Thou Me 223. Down By The Riverside/when The Saints Go Marchin' In 224. Sing You Children 225. Swing Down Sweet Chariot 226. Let Us Pray 227. Gospel Medley 228. Lord's Prayer 229. How Great Thou Art [Live] 230. Peace In The Valley


Suite Scarlett - 2212842116

54,10 zł

Suite Scarlett Scholastic

Dla dzieci

Scarlett Martin has grown up in a most unusual way. Her family owns the Hopewell, a small hotel in the heart of New York City. Her nineteen-year-old brother, Spencer, is an out of work actor facing a family deadline to get his career in order. Eighteen-year-old Lola has the delicate looks of a model, the practical nature of a nurse, and a wealthy society boyfriend. Eleven-year-old Marlene is the family terror with a tragic past. When the Martins turn fifteen, they are each expected to take over the care of a suite in the once elegant, now shabby Art Deco hotel. For Scarlett's fifteenth birthday, she gets both a room called the Empire Suite, and a permanent guest named Mrs. Amberson. Scarlett doesn't quite know what to make of this C-list starlet, world traveler, and aspiring autobiographer who wants to take over her life. And when she meets Eric, an astonishingly gorgeous actor who has just moved to the city, her summer takes a second unexpected turn. With Mrs. Amberson calling the shots, Spencer's career to save, Lola's love life to navigate around, and Marlene's prying eyes everywhere, things won't be easy. Before the summer is over, Scarlett will have to survive a whirlwind of thievery, Broadway glamour, romantic missteps, and theatrical deception. The show, as they say, must always go on . . . . Scarlett, Are you still asleep? I can hear you in there, snoring away. I need the following: White plum tea (whole leaf, loose, organic) Yerba mate lotion Dance tights Laptop computer (I'll leave it to you to pick one out) A book on how to write a book A spicy tuna roll (brown rice) A list of all plays currently on Broadway Matches $4000 should be enough. I've shoved the money under yourdoor (see it?). I need these things by noon. I'm meditating now. I want my change, but feel free to take cabs if the purchases are too heavy. Get the sushi last, obviously. And wake up! We have work to do!


Wanna Cook? - 2826798276

70,58 zł

Wanna Cook? Myrmidon Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"I am not in danger ...I am the danger." With those words, Breaking Bad's Walter White solidified himself as TV's greatest antihero. Wanna Cook? explores the most critically lauded series on television with analyses of the individual episodes and ongoing storylines. From details like stark settings, intricate camerawork, and jarring music to the larger themes, including the roles of violence, place, self-change, legal ethics, and fan reactions, this companion book is perfect for those diehards who have watched the Emmy Award - winning series multiple times as well as for new viewers. Wanna Cook? elucidates without spoiling, and illuminates without nit-picking. A must have for any fan's collection. Excerpt. (c) Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. From Wanna Cook's Episode Guide 1.01 Pilot/Breaking Bad Original air date: January 20, 2008 Written and directed by: Vince Gilligan "I prefer to see [chemistry] as the study of change ...that's all of life, right? It's the constant, it's the cycle. It's solution - dissolution, just over and over and over. It is growth, then decay, then - transformation! It is fascinating, really." - Walter White We meet Walter White, Jesse Pinkman, and Walt's family. Walt is poleaxed by some tragic news. With nothing to lose, Walt decides to try to make one big score, and damn the consequences. For that, however, he needs the help of Jesse Pinkman, a former student of Walt's turned loser meth cook and drug dealer. From the moment you see those khakis float down out of a perfectly blue desert sky, you know that you're watching a show like nothing else on television. The hard beauty and stillness of the American Southwest is shattered by a wildly careening RV driven by a pasty white guy with a developing paunch wearing only a gas mask and tighty-whities. What the hell? Like all pilots, this one is primarily exposition, but unlike most, the exposition is beautifully handled as the simple background of Walter's life. The use of a long flashback as the body of the episode works well, in no small part due to Bryan Cranston's brilliant performance in the opening, which gives us a Walter White so obviously, desperately out of his element that we immediately wonder how this guy wound up pantsless in the desert and apparently determined to commit suicide-by-cop. After the opening credits, the audience is taken on an intimate tour of Walt's life. Again, Cranston sells it perfectly. The viewer is presented with a middle-aged man facing the back half of his life from the perspective of an early brilliance and promise that has somehow imploded into a barely-making-ends-meet existence as a high school chemistry teacher. He has to work a lousy second job to support his pregnant wife and disabled teenage son and still can't afford to buy a hot water heater. Executive producer and series creator Vince Gilligan, along with the cast and crew (Gilligan & Co.), take the audience through this day in the life of Walt, and it's just one little humiliation after another. The only time Walt's eyes sparkle in the first half of the episode is when he is giving his introductory lecture to his chemistry class. Here Walt transcends his lower-middle-class life in an almost poetic outpouring of passion for this incredible science. Of course, even that brief joy is crushed by the arrogant insolence of the archetypal high school jackass who stays just far enough inside the line that Walt can't do a damn thing about him. So this is Walt and his life, as sad sack as you can get, with no real prospects of improvement, a brother-in-law who thinks he's a wuss, and a wife who doesn't even pay attention during birthday sex. Until everything changes. The sociologist and criminologist Lonnie Athens would likely classify Walt's cancer diagnosis as the beginning of a "dramatic self change," brought on by something so traumatic that a person's self - the very thoughts, ideas, and ways of understanding and interacting with the world - is shattered, or "fragmented," and in order to survive, the person must begin to replace that old self, those old ideas, with an entirely new worldview. (Athens and his theories are discussed much more fully in the previous essay, but since we warned you not to read that if you don't want to risk spoilage, the basic - and spoiler-free - parts are mentioned here.) Breaking Bad gives us this fragmentation beautifully. Note how from the viewer's perspective Walt is upside down as he is moved into the MRI machine, a motif smoothly repeated in the next scene with Walt's reflection in the top of the doctor's desk. Most discombobulating of all, however, is the consultation with the doctor. At first totally voiceless behind the tinnitus-like ambient soundtrack and faceless except for his chin and lips, the doctor and the news he is imparting are made unreal, out of place, and alien. As for Walt, in an exquisite touch of emotional realism, all he can focus on is the mustard stain on the doctor's lab coat. How many of us, confronted with such tragic news, have likewise found our attention focused, randomly, illogically, on some similar mundanity of life? It is from this shattered self that Walt begins to operate and things that would have been completely out of the question for pre-cancer Walt are now actual possibilities - things like finding a big score before he dies by making and selling pure crystal meth. Remember that Walt is a truly brilliant chemist, and knows full well what crystal meth is and what it does to people who use it. He may not know exactly what he's getting into, but he knows what he is doing. Enter Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul, best known previously for his role on Big Love), a skinny white-boy gangster wannabe, who under the name "Cap'n Cook" makes a living cooking and selling meth. He's also an ex-student of Walt's, and after being recognized by his former teacher during a drug bust, Walt has all the leverage he needs to coerce Jesse into helping him. Why does he need him? Because, as Walt says, "you know the business, and I know the chemistry." Symbolizing just how far beyond his old life Walt is moving, he and Jesse park their battered RV/meth lab in the desert outside of Albuquerque, far from the city and any signs of human life. All that is there is a rough dirt road and a "cow house" in the distance. The desert is a place without memory, a place outside of things, where secrets can be kept, and meth can be cooked. This is where Walt lives now. It is in this desert space that Walt becomes a killer, albeit in self defense. Ironically, the one thing that Walt views as holding the keys to the secret of life - chemistry - becomes the means to end lives. Walt, a father, teacher, and an integral part of an extended family - in other words, an agent of life and growth - has now become a meth cook, using chemical weapons to kill his enemies. Walter White has become an agent of death. The transformation is just beginning, but already Skyler (Anna Gunn, previously known for her roles on The Practice and Deadwood) is having some trouble recognizing her husband: "Walt? Is that you?" LAB NOTES Highlight: Jesse to Walt: "Man, some straight like you - giant stick up his ass all of a sudden at age what? Sixty? He's just going to break bad?" Did You Notice: This episode has the first (but not the last!) appearance of Walt's excuse that he's doing everything for his family. There's an award on the wall in Walt's house commemorating his contributions to work that was awarded the Nobel Prize back in 1985. The man's not a slouch when it comes to chemistry, so what's happened since then? At Walt's surprise birthday party, Walt is very awkward when he handles Hank's gun. Speaking of Hank (Dean Norris, whose other roles were in the TV series Medium, and the movies Total Recall, and Little Miss Sunshine), he waits until the school bus has left the neighborhood before ordering his team into the meth lab, showing what a good and careful cop he is. Maybe it's just us, but J.P. Wynne High School (where Walt teaches chemistry) seems to have the most well-equipped high school chemistry lab in the country. As Walt receives his diagnosis, the doctor's voice and all other sounds are drowned out by a kind of numbing ringing, signifying a kind of psychic overload that prevents Walt from being fully engaged with the external world. This effect will be used again several times throughout the series. Walt literally launders his money to dry it out, foreshadowing what's to come. Shooting Up: Thanks to John Toll, who served as cinematographer for the first season of Breaking Bad, the show has one of the most distinctive opening shots ever. Just watch those empty khaki pants flutter across a clear sky. Breaking Bad loves certain camera angles and this section is where we'll point out some of the shots that make the show stand out. Look at that taped non-confession Walt makes for his family when he thinks the cops are coming for him. We're used to watching recordings of characters - shows are filmed (or taped), but here, we're watching him recording himself on tape. Who's the real Walt? Title: Many pilot episodes share the name with the title of the show and Breaking Bad's pilot is no exception. Vince Gilligan, who grew up in Farmville, Virginia, has stated that "breaking bad" is a Southernism for going off the straight and narrow. When you bend a stick until it breaks, the stick usually breaks cleanly. But sometimes, sticks (and men) break bad. You can wind up in the hospital with a splinter in your eye, or you can wind up in Walter White's world. Either way, it's no kind of good. Interesting Facts: Show creator Vince Gilligan's early educational experience was at J. P. Wynne Campus School in Farmville, Virginia. He recycled the name for the high school in Breaking Bad. SPECIAL INGREDIENTS What Is Crystal Meth, Anyway? While there is some evidence that methamphetamine can be found naturally in several species of acacia plants, commercial meth making involves chemistry, not agriculture. The history of the drug dates back to 1893 when Japanese chemist Nagai Nagayoshi first synthesized the substance from ephedrine. The name "methamphetamine...


100 Hits Presents - Rock Classics Karaoke / RÓŻni Wykonawcy - 2840050893

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100 Hits Presents - Rock Classics Karaoke / RÓŻni Wykonawcy


1. When The Sun Goes Down - Arctic Monkeys 2. Last Nite - The Strokes 3. Can't Stand Me Now - The Libertines 4. Sex On Fire - Kings Of Leon 5. Champagne Supernova - Oasis 6. Love Spreads - Stone Roses 7. Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes 8. Oh Stacey (Look What You've Done!) - The Zutons 9. Mr Brightside - The Killers 10. Baby Fratelli - The Fratellis 11. The Fallen - Franz Ferdinand 12. Everyday I Love You Less And Less - Kaiser Chief 13. She Moves In Her Own Way - The Kooks 14. One Horse Town - The Thrills 15. Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol 16. Before I Fall To Pieces - Razorlight 17. Crystal Ball - Keane 18. Breakeven - The Script 19. Just For Tonight - One Night Only 20. Love It When You Call - The Feeling 101. Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen 102. Eye Of The Tiger - Survivor 103. Bed Of Roses - Bon Jovi 104. Alone - Heart 105. More Than A Feeling - Boston 106. Dead Ringer For Love - Meat Loaf & Cher 107. Black Betty - Ram Jam 108. By The Way - Red Hot Chili Peppers 109. Supermassive Black Hole - Muse 110. Move Along - All American Rejects 111. Bring Me To Life - Evanescence 112. My Happy Ending - Avril Lavigne 113. Girlfriend - The Darkness 114. Far Away - Nickelback 115. Human - The Killers 116. Jesus Of Suburbia - Green Day 117. Little By Little - Oasis 118. Devil - Stereophonics 119. Have A Nice Day - Bon Jovi 120. I'd Lie For You ( And That's The Truth ) - Meat 201. One Way Or Another - Blondie 202. I Love Rock 'N' Roll - Joan Jett & The Blackhear 203. Holding Out For A Hero - Bonnie Tyler 204. Black Velvet - Alannah Myles 205. Going Under - Evanescence 206. Footloose - Kenny Loggins 207. If You Leave Me Now - Chicago 208. Wild Thing - The Troggs 209. It's All Coming Back To Me Now - Meat Loaf 210. Don't Stop Me Now - Queen 211. Desire - U 2 212. One Wild Night - Bon Jovi 213. Block Buster! - The Sweet 214. Don't Go - Hothouse Flowers 215. Keep On Running - The Spencer Davis Group 216. Love Is A Battlefield - Pat Benetar 217. It's My Life - Bon Jovi 218. Stop Crying Your Heart Out - Oasis 219. Heaven Can Wait - Meat Loaf 220. Photograph - Nickelback 301. Lyla - Oasis 302. Mardy Bum - Arctic Monkeys 303. Everything Is Average Nowadays - Kaiser Chiefs 304. Bones - The Killers 305. Love Is Only A Feeling - The Darkness 306. Handbags And Gladrags - Stereophonics 307. Standing In The Way Of Control - Gossip 308. Over My Head (Cable Car) - The Fray 309. This Ain't A Love Song - Scouting For Girls 310. The Man Who Can't Be Moved - The Script 311. Ready To Go - Republica 312. Roll With It - Oasis 313. Modern Way - Kaiser Chiefs 314. Pumping On Your Stereo - Supergrass 315. Read My Mind - The Killers 316. Someday - Nickelback 317. Tell Me Baby - Red Hot Chili Peppers 318. Stop And Stare - One Republic 319. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For - U 2 320. Thank You For Loving Me - Bon Jovi 401. Pinball Wizard - The Who 402. Livin' On A Prayer - Bon Jovi 403. Summer Of ' - Bryan Adams 404. Sweet Child O' Mine - Guns N Roses 405. Dancing In The Dark - Bruce Springsteen 406. Whiskey In The Jar - Thin Lizzy 407. Radio Ga Ga - Queen 408. Rat Trap - Boomtown Rats 409. Baker Street - Gerry Rafferty 410. The Power Of Love - Huey Lewis And The News 411. The Spirit Of Radio - Rush 412. Waiting For A Girl Like You - Foreigner 413. Whatever You Want - Status Quo 414. Where The Streets Have No Name - U 2 415. Since You've Been Gone - Rainbow 416. The Party Ain't Over Yet - Status Quo 417. Who Says You Can't Go Home - Bon Jovi 418. Radar Love - Golden Earring 419. Whole Lotta Rosie - Ac/dc 420. The Final Countdown - Europe


60 Songs Of Inspiration - 2845996100

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60 Songs Of Inspiration FAST FORWARD

Muzyka>Muzyka świata

1. Various - Standing In The Need Of Prayer 2. Various - He Is Got The Whole World In His Hands 3. Various - We Shall Not Be Moved 4. Various - We Are Climbing Jacobs Ladder 5. Various - Amazing Grace 6. Various - Down By The Riverside 7. Various - Lord Of The Dance 8. Various - Were You There 9. Various - We Are The World 10. Various - Swing Low Sweet Chariot 11. Various - When The Saints Go Marching In 12. Various - Amen 13. Various - Shall We Gather At The River 14. Various - Bringing In The Sheaves 15. Various - Kum By Yah 16. Various - We Plough The Fields & Scatter 17. Various - One More Angel In Heaven 18. Various - Jesus Wants Me For A Sun Beam 19. Various - Who Put The Colours In The Rainbow 20. Various - Go Tell It On The Mountain 101. Various - How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You 102. Various - Lean On Me 103. Various - Get Here 104. Various - Many Rivers To Cross 105. Various - Reach Out & Touch (Somebodys Hand) 106. Various - Stand By Me 107. Various - The Greatest Love Of All 108. Various - I Will Be There 109. Various - Day By Day 110. Various - (Something Inside) So Strong 111. Various - Oh Happy Day 112. Various - Have I Told You Lately 113. Various - One Love 114. Various - Think Of A World Without Any Lovers 115. Various - My Sweet Lord 116. Various - Higher & Higher 117. Various - Put Your Hand In The Hand 118. Various - You Are Not Alone 119. Various - Rivers Of Babylon 120. Various - Everything Is Beautiful 201. Various - This Little Light Of Mine 202. Various - People Get Ready 203. Various - Will The Circle Be Unbroken 204. Various - Love Has No Colour 205. Various - I Could Nothear Nobody Pray 206. Various - Jesus Loves Me This I Know 207. Various - To God Be The Sparrow 208. Various - Somebody Told Me 209. Various - His Eye Is On The Sparrrow 210. Various - Joshua Fought The Battle Of Jericho 211. Various - Force Behind The Power 212. Various - I Saw The Light 213. Various - Why Me Lord 214. Various - Jerusalem 215. Various - Every Time I Feel The Spirit 216. Various - My Faith Looks Up To Thee 217. Various - A Change Is Gonna Come 218. Various - Will Your Anchor Hold 219. Various - Our Father 220. Various - Rock My Soul


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