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I Sat Down And Wrote You A Song - 2839766371

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I Sat Down And Wrote You A Song self released



A Tribute Johnny Thunders - I Only Wrote This Song For You - 2840113373

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A Tribute Johnny Thunders - I Only Wrote This Song For You



I Wrote A Simple Song / - 2839316871

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I Wrote A Simple Song / BGO - Beat Goes On


1. Should've Known Better 2. I Wrote A Simple Song 3. John Henry 4. Without A Song 5. The Bus 6. Outa-space 7. The Looner Tune 8. You Done Got Older 9. Swing Down Chariot 10. God Is Great 11. My Country 'Tis Of Thee 101. We're Gonna Make It 102. One Time Or Another 103. Blackbird 104. I Wonder Why 105. Will It Go Round In Circles 106. Ain't That Nothin' 107. God Loves You 108. Make The Devil Mad (Turn On To Jesus) 109. Nigger Charlie 110. Heart Full Of Sorrow 111. Music's My Life


I Wrote A Song - 2839586100

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I Wrote A Song BIG BEAT


1. To Say Goodbye To Anne 2. Cowboys And Daddies 3. Tell The Singer I'm Sorry 4. Oh Country 5. The Indiana Girl 6. I Wrote A Song 7. The First Band I Played With 8. Another Day, Another Year 9. Mama Was A Cowgirl 10. The View From Ward Three (A Minute Of Your Time) 11. The Mississippi Blind Boy 12. Like A Gypsy 13. Ten Dollar Room 14. A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock'n'roll (1979) 15. Wine, Wine, Wine (1979) 16. Stephen 17. A Second Hand Song 18. Calhoun) 19. Sometimes Cowgirls Get The Blues 20. If You Were A Singer 21. The Biplane Evermore Previously Unissued (2012)


Wrote A Song For Everyone - 2839319894

27,99 zł

Wrote A Song For Everyone Sony Music Entertainment / Columbia


1. Fortunate Son (With Foo Fighters) 2. Almost Saturday Night (With Keith Urban) 3. Lodi (With Shane & Tyler Fogerty) 4. Mystic Highway 5. Wrote A Song For Everyone(with Miranda Lambert, Fe 6. Bad Moon Rising (With Zac Brown Band) 7. Long As I Can See The Light (With My Morning Jacke 8. Born On The Bayou (With Kid Rock) 9. Train Of Fools 10. Someday Never Comes (With Dawes) 11. Who'll Stop The Rain (With Bob Seger) 12. Hot Rod Heart (With Brad Paisley) 13. Have You Ever Seen The Rain (With Alan Jackson) 14. Proud Mary (With Jennifer Hudson, Feat. Allen Tous


7 - I Wrote A Song - 2839599325

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7 - I Wrote A Song morr music



And Then I Wrote - 2839407507

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And Then I Wrote JASMINE


1. (If I Knew You Were Coming) I'd've Baked A Cake 2. Toys - Bob Merrill 3. Candy And Cake - Bob Merrill 4. My Truly Truly Fair - Bob Merrill 5. Pittsburgh Pennsylvania - Bob Merrill 6. Sparrow In The Treetop - Bob Merrill 7. Walkin' To Missouri - Bob Merrill 8. So Beautiful Is The Glow - Bob Merrill 9. Feet Up - Bob Merrill 10. Belle Belle My Liberty Belle - Bob Merrill 11. Lovers' Gold - Bob Merrill 12. (How Much Is) That Doggie In The Window - Bob Me 13. I'm Nothin' But A Dreamer - Bob Merrill 14. Mambo Italiano - Bob Merrill 15. Our First Kiss - Bob Merrill 16. Make Yourself Comfortable - Bob Merrill 17. Chow Mein - Bob Merrill 18. When I Was Young - Bob Merrill 19. All The Time And Everywhere - Mindy Carson 20. Beggar In Love - Guy Mitchell 21. Belle Belle My Liberty Belle - Don Cherry 22. Bubbles - Frankie Laine 23. Butterflies - Patti Page 24. Butterscotch Mop - Vaughn Monroe 25. Candy And Cake - Arthur Godfrey 26. Chicken Song - Ernest Tubb & Red Foley 27. Chow Mein - The Gaylords 28. Cleo And Me-o - Jill Corey & The Four Lads 29. Donut Song - Burl Ives 30. Edward - Jill Corey 31. Fools Paradise - Billy Eckstine 101. Honeycomb - Jimmie Rodgers 102. I Wancha Around - Eartha Kitt 103. I Want You For A Sunbeam - Guy Mitchell & Mindy 104. I Wish I Wish - Mindy Carson 105. (If I Knew You Were Coming) I'd've Baked A Cake 106. Key To My Heart - Rosemary Clooney 107. Kid's Last Fight - Frankie Laine 108. Let Me In - Texas Jim Robertson & Fontane Sister 109. Look At Er - Tony Martin 110. Lovers Gold - Ella Fitzgerald 111. Madonna Madonna - Tony Bennett 112. Make Yourself Comfortable - Sarah Vaughan 113. Mambo Italiano - Dean Martin 114. Miracle Of Love - Eileen Rodgers 115. Nairobi - Bob Merrill 116. Ooh Bang Jiggily Jang - Doris Day 117. Parade Of Broken Hearts - Johnnie Ray 118. Punch And Judy Love - Tony Bennett 119. Rusty Old Halo - Bonnie Lou 120. St. Lawrence River - Mitch Miller 121. She Wears Red Feathers - Guy Mitchell 122. Sparrow In The Treetop - Bing Crosby & The Andre 123. Sweet Old Fashioned Girl - Teresa Brewer 124. Tell Me Tell Me - June Valli 125. (How Much Is) That Doggie In The Window - Patti 126. Tina Marie - Perry Como 127. Two Castanets - Bunny Paul 128. When The Boys Talk About The Girls - Valerie Car 129. Where Will The Dimple Be - Rosemary Clooney 130. You Don't Have To Be A Baby To Cry - Tennessee


Words I Wish I Wrote: A Collection of Writing That Inspired My Ideas - 2837309634

73,32 zł

Words I Wish I Wrote: A Collection of Writing That Inspired My Ideas Harper Collins

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In Words I Wish I Wrote, Robert Fulghum reveals the works of writers who have inspired him. During the past four decades he's reviewed and revised the basic principles of his philosophy many times, sometimes as an exercise in personal growth, but more often in response to individual crisis. Then at fifty, seeking a simplicity to counter the complex thinking of his college years, Fulghum wrote a summary essay professing that all he really needed to know he learned in kindergarten. As he approached his sixtieth year, Fulghum became curious about what in his outlook had changed and what had endured.On review, Fulghum explains, everything he has ever said and thought and written is transparent to him now. As hard as he has tried to speak in his own voice, much of what he's said is neither original nor unique. The best ideas are often old and are continually being revived, recycled, renewed. Wherever his search took him, Fulghum found that someone else has been there before. And more often than not, that person has chosen words Fulghum wishes he had written, using language he can't improve upon. To Fulghum, however, this isn't a discouraging realization. It's a recognition of companionship, which is an affirming consolation.The confirming statements, quotes, and credos that Fulghum recorded in his journals for years are collected here, representing the most important ideas underlying his living and thinking. They are organized thematically into such chapters as Companions, God, Bene-Dictions, Contra-Dictions, Simplify, and Believe. Each begins with Fulghum's own insightful, introductory words, followed by inspiring passages drawn from a diverse group of sources, from Jerry Garcia toAlbert Camus, Dylan Thomas to Franz Kafka. At the end of each chapter, Fulghum offers readers his own personal commentary on the sources -- where he was introduced to their words, why he returns to them again and again, and how they may change you.


Songs I Wrote - - 2839398602

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Songs I Wrote - Westpark Music


1. Preacher 2. Lonely Nights 3. Smoke 4. Lay You Down 5. Take Me Away 6. A Very Special Christmas 7. As The Desperation Comes 8. Don't You Miss Me 9. Dream On 10. The Mess You've Made 11. For The Old Folks 12. This Road 13. Family Feeling-intro 14. Into The Twilight 15. Ct-scan 16. Good Times 17. Today & Every Day 18. Nothing To Say 101. The Passenger 102. Highwayman 103. (She's So)untouchable 104. I Said Yes 105. Ruby Tuesday 106. Into The Twilight(alternate Version) 107. Don't You Miss Me(alternate Version) 108. I'm Coming Home 109. Dream On(acoustic Version) 110. I Want You 111. The Rope(givin' Enough Rope Remix) 112. Every Single Word 113. V.i.p. 114. I Love Girls 115. The End Of The Line 116. Poor Girl 117. Carry Me Through 118. A Thousand Yesterdays


And Then I Wrote Songs Fo - 2839419918

72,49 zł

And Then I Wrote Songs Fo Bear Family Records


1. Stand In 2. They Remind Me Too Much Of You 3. Anything That's Part Of You 4. Humming Bird 5. You Don't Need Me Anymore 6. The Image Of Your Face 7. Here Comes Heartache Again 8. Starting Today 9. There's Always Me 10. Your Happiness Means Everything To Me 11. Love Me Tonight 12. Love Finds A Way 13. My Side Of The Story 14. Faithful Forever 15. Hi Lee Hi Lo 16. I Met Her Today 17. What Now, What Next, Where To 18. Not One Minute More 19. Road To Heartbreak 20. I Hurt 21. Darling, Let's Go Home 22. Does He Mean That Much To You 23. I've Come To Say Goodbye 24. Feather In The Wind 25. Road To Heartbreak-short Version 26. I'm Counting On You-vocal By Lou Dinning


And Then I Wrote - 2840866545

48,99 zł

And Then I Wrote


1. Touch Me 2. Wake Me When It S Over 3. Hello Walls 4. Funny How Time Slips Away 5. Crazy 6. The Part Where I Cry 7. Mr. Record Man 8. Three Days 9. One Step Beyond 10. Undo The Right 11. Darkness On The Face Of The Earth 12. Where My House Lives 13. Lumberjack 14. No Place For Me 15. The Storm Has Just Begun 16. Man With The Blues 17. What A Way To Live 18. Misery Mansion 19. There S Gonna Be Love In My House 20. The Last Letter 21. Half A Man 22. Rainy Day Blues 23. Night Life 24. Our Chain Of Love 25. You Dream About Me 26. Is This My Destiny 27. Willingly


You'll Sing A Song & I'll - 2839363858

74,99 zł


Muzyka>Muzyka świata>Folk / Ludowa / Etno


Write You A Song - 2839574647

94,99 zł



1. What I Can't Put Down 2. Up All Night 3. Write You A Song 4. That Man 5. Missin' You Crazy 6. Happens All The Time 7. Trash A Hotel Room 8. Chasin' Them Better Days 9. Love You From Here 10. Empty Beer Cans 11. When I've Been Drunkin'


If A Song Could Get Me You - 2839615779

31,99 zł

If A Song Could Get Me You Sony Music


1. If A Song Could Get Me You 2. Don't Save Me 3. This Is Me, This Is You 4. Under The Surface 5. Only A Fool 6. Solid Ground 7. Out Of My Hands 8. Ten Steps 9. This Time Tomorrow 10. I've Heard Your Love Songs 11. The Chase 12. Is It Love 13. Steal My Heart 14. Poison Passion


A Song For You Live - 2839358530

34,99 zł

A Song For You Live Immortal


1. I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me) 2. How Will I Know 3. Medley: Didn't We Almost Have It All: A House Is N 4. All The Man That I Need 5. My Name Is Not Susan 6. Anymore 7. A Song For You 8. Revelation 9. Who Do You Love 10. Greatest Love Of All


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