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A River of Dreams: A Journey of Life Through Poetry - 2850600199

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A River of Dreams: A Journey of Life Through Poetry



A Life's Journey In Prose, Songs And Short Stories - 2853963705

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A Life's Journey In Prose, Songs And Short Stories

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Break Journey - 2854431598

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Break Journey New Generation Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Oh, that deadly afternoon in that obscure corner of Ayodhya! When they destroyed a concrete structure, and with it broke our hearts. When M Farid boards a train (sleeper class) bound for Ayodhya in December 1992, he little knows what a hellish journey lies ahead of him. A Muslim, he finds himself in a compartment full of jingoistic Hindus, off to attend a rally that ends in the destruction of the Babri Masjid, a cherished religious site. Farid escapes to his student days in his dreams, and recalls his quirky relationship with the handsome Hindu studmuffin, Rajnish Dixit. Slyly, he uses Dixit's name to disguise his 'Mussulman' nature from his co-passengers - just as Dixit had once called himself 'Farid' in order to seduce an appealing Muslim lady, Mrs Lubna Khan. The train, with its teeming, sloganeering passengers, its hidden divisions and fatal accident, is a microcosm of India; and Rajnish's liaison with Farid, however close, echoes the uneasy coexistence of the majority of Hindus with their Muslim brothers. The author's thoughtful but humorous observations on communal aims, family life and the constraints of tradition are expressed in the delicate prose of the subcontinent. His novel palpitates with raw life, and some scenes are not for the squeamish. But entertain you he most certainly will.


Legendy śląskie - Sylwia Chmiel - 2854923753

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Legendy śląskie - Sylwia Chmiel

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Opis - Książka ta powstała z myślą o spopularyzowaniu wśród dzieci legend, gawęd i podań powtarzanych na terenie Górnego Śląska od wieków. Opowieści te odzwierciedlają ludową mądrość Ślązaków, uczą morałem, pokazują ważne w życiu wartości. Współczesne opracowane literackie i piękne ilustracje sprawiają, że Legendy śląskie zainteresują każde dziecko. Nazwa - Legendy śląskie Autor - Sylwia Chmiel Oprawa - Twarda Wydawca - Damidos Kod ISBN - 9788378554479 Kod EAN - 9788378554479 Wydanie - 1 Rok wydania - 2014 Język - polski Seria wydawnicza - Damidos bajki Format - 23.5x30.0cm Ilość stron - 64 Podatek VAT - 5% Premiera - 2014-04-29


In Conversation - 2854431106

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In Conversation New Generation Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

For the past fifteen years my work has led me into the exploration of the unconscious. Through my work as a holistic healer, with thousands of dream analysis interpretations, and altered states of consciousness achieved in meditation, I have an inner window in which to explore this hidden part of nature and discover what we truly are. The symbolic nature of our unconscious minds provides great insight into the nature of an individual's needs, helping to bring balance and understanding to the challenges of health and well-being. Working with my unconscious self I became convinced that the life within is equal to the waking state. The shift in consciousness through such techniques has enabled me to be aware of this great expanse of human nature and existences that lie beyond. Through such investigations, a series of conversations took place which I further explored through the medium of poetry. What follows is a journey, establishing an understanding to the tentative beginnings of the human race and the awareness that we are not alone within these inner states; that there is a forgotten branch of being that needs to be remembered and restored in each of our minds for the purpose of our own evolution. These conversations are presented as I heard them with very little editing, apart from the removal of personal data. As you the reader reads, the purpose of this book is taking place. The restoration of this hidden branch of being is restored into your mind. Whether you choose to understand it as fiction or reality is your choice and does not hamper in anyway the purpose of this book. If you the reader wish to join in, in your own inner journey then it is essential that you keep a diary for recording your dreams, we all dream every night but not all of us remember our inner experiences this can be rectified by either setting an alarm to wake you in the early hours helping you to lighten your sleep, or a cup of tea before bed should keep you from drifting to deeply. Do not judge of dismiss dreams that you have recalled how ever small or irreverent they may seem, record them in your diary. Dreams are an axis point for your own excursions into the collective unconscious. The collective unconscious can be used to ask questions and receive answers through the medium of dreams, they are best interpreted by seeing the recalled event in symbols, for instance a dream of a bird tapping at your window would carry with it a symbolic meaning which you the dreamer can now begin to understand, dreams are not fixed of static they have many layers of meaning it is up to the dreamer to apprehend which is most relevant, in this case first note what type of bird is tapping at the window an eagle is very different from a sparrow, note there own particular skills and talents, birds because they have the ability to fly and live off the land are symbols of gifts, symbols of your own flights of consciousness, tapping at your window indicates such gifts offer you a window of opportunity, be mindful of the room in which the window is in for it offers more understanding to the symbolic understanding being given, it would indicate you as the dreamer have gifts that need to be given the opportunity to take flight. This is the way to view all dream material, recall as much detail as you can write it down in your diary and over time with dedicated persistence they will provide you with great insight to your waking and dreaming world. When reading the conversations and poetry that follow you can use your own dreams to question and gather your own deep understanding to this quest.


Stephane Mallarme - 2854223222

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Stephane Mallarme REAKTION BOOKS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

At the age of fifty Stephane Mallarme (1842-98) spoke of his published work as very precise reference points on my mind's journey. In "Stephane Mallarme", Roger Pearson charts that journey for the first time, blending a biographical account of the poet's life with a detailed analysis of his evolving poetic theory and practice. A poet on this earth must be uniquely a poet', he declared at the age of twenty-two, and he duly lived a poet's life. But what is a poet's life? What is a poet's function? In his poems, in complex prose statements, and by the example of his life, Mallarme provided answers to these questions. To Mallarme, being a poet meant many things: a continuous, lifelong investigation of language and its expressive potential; and bringing people together, as much in life as in poetry. His Tuesday salons were famous with visitors including Yeats, Rilke and Verlaine, as well as the artists Manet, Renoir, Whistler and Gauguin; his poetry inspired music by Debussy, Ravel and Boulez; and his poem "A Throw of the Dice will Never Abolish Chance" spread over 20 pages and combining verse with varied typography inspires poets and visual artists to this day. Poetry was a way of bringing all human beings together in heightened awareness and an understanding of the magnificent act of living. "Stephane Mallarme" chronicles a fascinating and utterly unique voice in French poetry. It will not only prove an essential resource for students of English and French literature, but an engaging book for anyone interested in nineteenth-century France.


On Time - 2854353871

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On Time City Lights Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

On Time is Joanne Kyger's first full-length collection of poetry in nearly a decade. Beginning in 2005, in the throes of the endless wars of the Bush administration, and proceeding chronologically to 2014, On Time may be seen as the day book of a master poet, moving between the personal and the political, the natural and the spiritual in a restless quest for sanity. Reflecting her practice of Zen Buddhism, and her long engagement with environmentalism, On Time is a profound examination of contemporary culture from a perspective of wisdom and maturity, permeated with righteous indignation and fierce criticism. Praise for On Time: "On Time offers exquisite panoramic views of eternity. It reads like an early morning drive up the coast with sunlight showing through the branches. Joanne's words gain a perfect stillness hanging in the air. They sound in our mind then dissolve to a hairline edge. Glide with the turn. Get blown away. There is no greater voice in American poetry."----Cedar Sigo "Oh reader, you can just relax and spend hour upon hour inside Joanne Kyger's On Time, Poems 2005-2014, for oodles of pleasure and line-fun! Kyger beautifully observes her life and times. She's realistic, yet graceful and good-willed, annotating herself, her friends and acquaintances, while definitely saying no to Sartre's dictum, 'hell is other people.' What a graceful, complicated and wonderful book!"--Ed Sanders "Like the double meaning of the title, Kyger's poems speak to the phenomenological--both to the observations of the state of being and to one's own placement in the world. Her poems ' step / about entering into an agreement / with the page of the moment'. Working elegantly, tone by tone, her poems are by turns political, pointed, intimate, humorous, ordinary, and profound. Here you will find instructive or incriminating dreams, world affairs, human frailties, friends that come and go, wisdom and whimsy. Visually sculpted, rich in mood movement, provocative and pleasurable, these are poems like the moon: illuminating, in transit, stately, and enduring."----Hoa Nguyen About the Author: One of the major women poets of the SF Renaissance, Joanne Kyger was born in 1934 in Vallejo, CA. After studying at UC Santa Barbara, she moved to San Francisco in 1957, where she became a member of the circle of poets around Jack Spicer and Robert Duncan. In 1960, she and then-husband Gary Snyder traveled in Japan and India where, along with Allen Ginsberg and Peter Orlovsky, they met the Dalai Lama. She returned to California in 1964 and published her first book, The Tapestry and the Web, in 1965. In 1969, she settled in Bolinas, where she continues to reside today. She has published over 30 books of poetry and prose, including Strange Big Moon, The Japan and India Journals: 1960-1964 (2000), As Ever: Selected Poems (2002), and About Now: Collected Poems (2007), which won the 2008 Josephine Miles Award from PEN Oakland. She occasionally teaches at Naropa University.


Divine Mimesis - 2857959292

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Divine Mimesis Contra Mundum Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Written between 1963 and 1967, The Divine Mimesis, Pasolini's imitation of the early cantos of the Inferno, offers a searing critique of Italian society and the intelligentsia of the 1960s. It is also a self-critique by the author of The Ashes of Gramsci (1957) who saw the civic world evoked by that book fading absolutely from view. By the mid-1960s, Pasolini theorized, the Italian language had sacrificed its connotative expressiveness for the sake of a denuded technological language of pure communication. In this context, he projects a 'rewrite' of Dante's Commedia in which two historical embodiments of Pasolini himself occupy the roles of the pilgrim and guide in their underworld journey. Densely layered with poetic and philological allusions, and illuminated by a parallel text of photographs that juxtapose the world of the Italian literati to the simple reality of rural Italian life, this narrative was curtailed by Pasolini several years before he sent it to his publisher, a few months prior to his murder in 1975. Yet, many of Pasolini's projects took the provisional form of "Notes toward..." an eventual work, such as Sopralluoghi in Palestina (Location Scouting in Palestine), Appunti per una Oresteiade africana (Notes for an African Oresteia), and Appunti per un film sull'India (Notes for a Film on India). The Divine Mimesis has a kinship to these filmic works as Pasolini himself ruled it 'complete' though still in a partial form. Written at a turning point in his life when he was wrestling with his poetic 'demons,' the true center of gravity of Pasolini's Dantean project is the potential of poetry to teach and probe, ethically and aesthetically, in reality. "I wanted to make something seething and magmatic," Pasolini declared, "even if in prose." In this first English translation of Pasolini's La divina mimesis, Italianist Thomas E. Peterson offers historical, linguistic, and cultural analyses that aim to expand the discourse about an enigmatic author considered by many to be the greatest Italian poet after Montale. Published by Contra Mundum Press one year in advance of the 40th anniversary of Pasolini's death. * In the history of twentieth-century poetry, there is no other poet besides Pasolini who has more tenaciously interrogated his own 'I,' more persistently contemplated it, admired it, examined it, analyzed it and dissected it in order then to show its suffering entrails to the world, as they beg for understanding, affection, and pity. - Giorgio Bŕrberi Squarotti *


The City - 2826960266

56,15 zł

The City Random House US

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER - Includes Dean Koontz's short story "The Neighbor" - first time in print!§§Dean Koontz is at the peak of his acclaimed powers with this major new novel.§§A young boy, a musical prodigy, discovering life's wonders - and mortal dangers.§His best friend, also a gifted musician, who will share his journey into destiny.§His remarkable family, tested by the extremes of evil and bound by the depths of love . . . on a collision course with a band of killers about to unleash anarchy.§And two unlikely allies, an everyday hero tempered by the past and a woman of mystery who holds the key to the future.§§These are the people of The City, a place where enchantment and malice entwine, courage and honor are found in the most unexpected quarters, and the way forward lies buried deep inside the heart. Brilliantly illumined by magic dark and light, their unforgettable story is a riveting, soul-stirring saga that speaks to everyone, a major milestone in the celebrated career of No.1 New York Times bestselling author Dean Koontz and a dazzling realization of the evergreen dreams we all share.§§Praise for The City § §"Beautifully crafted and poignant . . . The City is many things: serious, lighthearted, nostalgic, courageous, scary, and mysterious. . . . [It] will have readers staying up late at night." - New York Journal of Books §§"[Koontz] can flat-out write. . . . The message of hope and depiction of how the choices you make can change your life ring true and will remain with you once the book has been closed." - Bookreporter §§Acclaim for Dean Koontz§§"Perhaps more than any other author, Koontz writes fiction perfectly suited to the mood of America: novels that acknowledge the reality and tenacity of evil but also the power of good . . . that entertain vastly as they uplift." - Publishers Weekly §§"A rarity among bestselling writers, Koontz continues to pursue new ways of telling stories, never content with repeating himself." - Chicago Sun-Times §§"Tumbling, hallucinogenic prose. 'Serious' writers . . . might do well to examine his technique." - The New York Times Book Review §§"[Koontz] has always had near-Dickensian powers of description, and an ability to yank us from one page to the next that few novelists can match." - Los Angeles Times §§"Koontz is a superb plotter and wordsmith. He chronicles the hopes and fears of our time in broad strokes and fine detail, using popular fiction to explore the human condition." - USA Today §§"Characters and the search for meaning, exquisitely crafted, are the soul of [Koontz's] work. . . . One of the master storytellers of this or any age." - The Tampa Tribune §§"A literary juggler." - The Times (London)


Complete Stories - 2847388830

53,11 zł

Complete Stories Penguin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The short stories of Kingsley Amis - the great master of post-war comic prose - are dark, playful, moving, surprising and extremely funny. This definitive collection gathers all Amis' short fiction in a single volume for the first time and encompasses five decades of storytelling. In 'The 2003 Claret', written in 1958, a time machine is invented for the weighty task of sending a man to 2010 to discover what the booze will taste like. In 'Boris and the Colonel' a Cambridge spy is unearthed in the sleepy English countryside with the help of a plucky horse, while In 'Mason's Life' two men meet inside their respective dreams. The collection spans many genres, offering ingenious alternative histories, mystery and horror, satirical reflections and a devilishly funny attacks. Amis' stories reveal the scope of his imagination and the warmth beneath his acerbic humour, and they all share the unmistakable style and wit of one of Britain's best loved writers. Kingsley Amis' (1922-1995) works take a humorous yet highly critical look at British society, especially of the period following the end of World War II. Born in London, Amis explored his disillusionment with British society in novels such as "That Uncertain Feeling" (1955). His other works include "The Green Man" (1970); "Stanley And The Women" (1984); and "The Old Devils" (1986) which won the Booker Prize. Amis also wrote poetry, criticism, and short stories. Rachel Cusk was born in 1967. She has won the Whitbread First Novel Award and the Somerset Maugham Award, and is the author of two works of non-fiction and seven novels, including "In The Fold", longlisted for the 2005 Man Booker Prize, and "Arlington Park", shortlisted for the Orange Broadband Prize 2007. Her non-fiction book, "A Life's Work", was published to huge acclaim in 2001, and her account of a summer spent in Italy with her family, "The Last Supper", was published in 2009. Her most recent novel, "The Bradshaw Variations" was published in 2009. In 2003 she was chosen as one of Granta's Best Young Novelists. She lives in Brighton.


Francis Michaels - Jean - 2854431742

75,70 zł

Francis Michaels - Jean New Generation Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

At the age of thirty-two, Harry Caley's son, Jean, was found mysteriously dead. Now, years later, Harry reflects on his son's life, loves and personal quest for the Holy Grail in an attempt to understand the tragedy, taking a journey during which he will learn more about Jean, and himself. But will he be able to handle what he discovers? Profound and emotional, this is a rewarding tale of a grieving father and the life and death of a mercurial young man obsessed with the concept of destiny. Francis Michaels comes from Essex but has lived most of his life in mainland Europe. From banking, military, school and university careers he has moved into language, communications, intercultural and finally personal coaching activities and shares the running of his own company in the Hamburg area. Writing in English and German on all aspects of interpersonal and intrapersonal communication both in prose and poetry is a major drive in his search: the music of the spheres - the harmony behind the cacophony.


Sarashina Diary - 2854317877

160,85 zł

Sarashina Diary Columbia University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A thousand years ago, a young Japanese girl embarked on a journey from the wild East Country to the capital. She began a diary that she would continue to write for the next forty years and compile later in life, bringing lasting prestige to her family. Some aspects of the author's life and text seem curiously modern. She married late and identified more as a writer than as a wife and mother. Enthralled by romantic fiction, she wrote extensively about the disillusioning blows that reality can deal to fantasy. The Sarashina Diary is a portrait of the writer as reader and a tribute to the power of reading to shape one's expectations and aspirations. As a person and an author, this writer presages the medieval era in Japan with her deep concern for Buddhist belief and practice. Her narrative's main thread follows a trajectory from youthful infatuation with romantic fantasy to the disillusionment of age and concern for the afterlife; yet, at the same time, many passages erase the dichotomy between literary illusion and spiritual truth. This translation and its introduction draw attention to the poetry in the Sarashina Diary and the juxtaposition of poetic passages and narrative prose, which brings meta-meanings into play. The translators commentary offers insight into the author's family and world, as well as the fascinating textual legacy of her work.


Sky Mesa Journal - 2859267365

202,25 zł

Sky Mesa Journal Resource Publications

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Jesus told us where he ""lives,"" and that he would prepare us a place there. Is our death the entry point? Must we struggle on, trying to be perfect? At a heavy pain-point in life, Judith was given a summer at an old, run-down ranch. And she wrote. Sky Mesa Journal is the account of a soul's unraveling and reweaving--and the simple metaphors of nature that moved her forward. The birds and beasts and ragged hills spoke up--in paradigm. They told her what she had never really known of that sacred understanding: God's Kingdom. It happens down deep or not at all. This mysterious inner ""landscape,"" she discovered, is the summation of our best intents and dreams and fairy tales, the answer to our hidden poverties, our inexplicable wanderings. The hills are alive! They have spoken! This is the gist of what happened on Sky Mesa Ranch. This journal is about life lived on a larger scale, for having seen the small signposts raised before her. The journal simply tells how it happened for one disheartened soul. It has been many years since that summer; for Judith, nothing has ever, ever been the same. ""During a sojourn at a ranch named Sky Mesa, Judith Deem Dupree sat daily to record not simply what she saw with her eyes, but felt with her soul. These observations, remarkably personal and therefore encouragingly human, are the music she created, solo pieces played before an audience who quickly discovers the harmonies in their own passions, 'not the cheap stuff. . .but something Spring-clean.' What a blessing she is."" --James Calvin Schaap, Author; Emeritus Professor of English, Dordt College, Sioux Center, IA ""In Sky Mesa Journal, Judith Deem Dupree invites us into her journey of discovering the abundant gifts of slowing down, attentiveness, curiosity, and compassion. With the heart of a mystic, Dupree gleans profound wisdom from the humblest of places and calls forth a holy/ordinary way of gently and radically befriending ourselves, one another, and our world.""  --Brianna Van Dyke, Editor-in-Chief, Ruminate Magazine Judith Deem Dupree has authored three books of poetry: Going Home, I Sing America, and living with what remains. She founded and directed Ad Lib, a former workshop/retreat for the arts, and created Mountain Empire Creative Arts Council in her home county. Judith taught creative writing at various workshops and conferences before retiring. An avid environmentalist and gardener, she is a fervent observer and blogger of the flux and flow of life.


Amsterdam Stories - 2854281461

41,25 zł

Amsterdam Stories New York Review Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

J. H. F. Gronloh was a successful Dutch businessman, executive of the Holland-Bombay Trading Company and father of four, with a secret life: under the pseudonym Nescio (Latin for "I don't know"), he wrote a series of short stories that went unrecognized at the time but that are now widely considered the best prose ever written in Dutch. Nescio's stories look back on the enthusiasms of youth with an achingly beautiful melancholy comparable to the work of Alain-Fournier and F. Scott Fitzgerald. He writes of young dreams from the perspective of adult resignation, but reinhabits youthful ambition and adventure so fully that the later perspective is the one thrown into doubt-and with language as fresh as when it was written a century ago. His last long story, written and set during World War II, is a remarkable evocation of the Netherlands in wartime and a hymn to our capacity to take refuge in memory and imagination. This is great literature-capturing the Dutch landscape and scenes of Amsterdam with a remarkable poetry, and expressing the spirit of the country of businessmen and van Gogh, merchants and visionaries.


Deep-sky Wonders - 2841670980

123,66 zł

Deep-sky Wonders FIREFLY BOOKS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Sue French's elegant, informative monthly columns in Sky & Telescope magazine have won this astronomy writer a passionate following among astronomy enthusiasts. In 2005, French published 60 of these columns in Celestial Sampler, a book that garnered rave reviews and earned bestseller sales. Deep-Sky Wonders is a welcome expansion of that winning format. A new collection of the best of French's Deep-Sky WondersA" columns, the book is organized by season and subdivided into months, offering readers a total of 100 in-depth tours of the deep sky with enduring relevance. The book includes: Full-colour photographs and detailed sketches of each tour; Descriptions of double and variable stars, star clusters, nebulae, galaxies and exotics; Historical and scientific background of particular interest; A tabular listing of the deep-sky sights; Colour charts showing the position of each target in the night sky; An index to all of the deep-sky objects covered. Deep-Sky Wonders also features a variety of challenging objects that encourage observers to test the limits of their equipment and skills. Fragments of poetry and prose enliven the text, while each tour illuminates little-known seasonal wonders that lie off the beaten path. From a January journey down the celestial river Eridanus to an autumnal visit to the den of Vulpecula, the Little Fox, French brings the wonders of the sky to life. Suitable for beginning and intermediate small-scope astronomers as well as large-scope viewers and astrophotographers, this book will be greeted enthusiastically by all Sky & Telescope readers, especially French's many fans. It is also an outstanding introduction to deep-sky viewing for novice observers.


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