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Living In The Shadow Of The Ghosts Of Your Grief - 2839927163

68,99 zł

Living In The Shadow Of The Ghosts Of Your Grief

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Health & personal development>Family & health>Coping with personal problems>Death & bereavementKsiążki ...


Religion, Spirituality And The Near - Death Experience - 2839965406

179,99 zł

Religion, Spirituality And The Near - Death Experience

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Humanities>Religion & beliefs>Aspects of religion (non-Christian)>Spirituality & religious experienceKs...

Through The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death Is A Dramatic And Sustained Response To Decades Of Research Into Near-death Experiences (NDEs) - The First To Credibly Bridge The Gap Between The Competing Factions Of Science And Spirituality.


Charmed - 2826705228

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Charmed Books on Demand

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 65. Chapters: List of Charmed characters, Major villains in Charmed, List of magical beings in Charmed, Book of Shadows, List of locations in Charmed, Halliwell Manor, List of Charmed books, Charmed board games, Charmed academia, Charmed multimedia, The Hollow, List of Charmed episodes, Charmed: The Book of Shadows, Charmed awards and nominations, Nexus, Charmed: The Soundtrack, Charmed: The Final Chapter, Power of Three, Charmed Magazine, Imara. Excerpt: The following is a list of characters from the Charmed universe, including the Warner Bros. television series Charmed and its spin-off material. The characters were created chiefly by Constance M. Burge and showrunner Brad Kern, as well as by other producers and writers affiliated with the Charmed franchise. The characters can be divided into several categories: Prudence "Prue" Halliwell is the eldest Halliwell sister and was part of the original Charmed Ones. Her powers were telekinesis and later astral projection. She was often considered the most powerful of the Charmed Ones; after Prue's death, Paige felt insecure about her own ability, believing she wasn't measuring up to Prue's legacy. After their mother died when they were young, Prue helped Penny (Grams) raise Piper and Phoebe, in the process becoming responsible and protective of her sisters, a trait that caused Phoebe and Prue to clash in earlier seasons. At the conclusion of Season 3, Prue was killed by a demon known as Shax who was sent by the Source of All Evil to assassinate a doctor the Charmed Ones were protecting. During the show, Prue held four jobs, the most notable being working at Buckland's Auction House, which she had for the majority of the seasons she was on the show. Prue's most notable romantic relationship is perhaps Inspector Andy Trudeau , childhood friend of the Halliwell sisters and first of many law-enforcement assistants of the Charmed Ones . He was killed at the end of Season 1, causing Prue intense grief and guilt. And Prue's last job was protecting the innocent from evil - . Presumably, Prue reunited with Andy after her own death. It is occasionally implied that, like Grams, Prue helps her sisters from the afterlife by turning pages in the Book of Shadows. She is most likely the namesake of Piper and Phoebe's daughters. And she was the big sister of Piper and Phoebe that was always hunting for demons.(Prudence Halliwell also Died in the 3rd Season Finale after fighting the Sorrce


Purcell: Theatre Music - 2844895656

112,29 zł

Purcell: Theatre Music Universal Music / Decca


1. Purcell, Henry - Abdelazer 2. Purcell, Henry - Overture 3. Purcell, Henry - Rondeau - Air - Air - Minuet 4. Purcell, Henry - Air - Jig - Hornpipe - Air 5. Purcell, Henry - Lucinda Is Bewitching Fair Joy Ro 6. Purcell, Henry - Distressed Innocence Or The Princ 7. Purcell, Henry - Overture 8. Purcell, Henry - Air - Slow - Air - Air - Hornpipe 9. Purcell, Henry - Rondeau - Air - Minuet 10. Purcell, Henry - The Married Beau Or The Curious I 11. Purcell, Henry - Overture 12. Purcell, Henry - Slow Air - Hornpipe 13. Purcell, Henry - Air - Hornpipe - Jig 14. Purcell, Henry - Trumpet Air - March - Hornpipe On 15. Purcell, Henry - See! Where Repending Celia Lyes 16. The Gordian Knot Untied 17. Purcell, Henry - Overture 18. Purcell, Henry - Air - Rondeau Minuet - Air - Jig 19. Purcell, Henry - Chaconne - Air - Minuet 20. Sir Anthony Love Or The Rambling Lady 21. Purcell, Henry - Overture 22. Purcell, Henry - Pursuing Beauty 23. Purcell, Henry - No More, Sir, No More 24. Purcell, Henry - In Vain Clemene 25. Purcell, Henry - Ground 101. Bonduca 102. Purcell, Henry - Overture 103. Purcell, Henry - Air - Hornpipe - Air 104. Purcell, Henry - Hornpipe - Air - Minuet 105. Purcell, Henry - Jack, Thou'rt A Toper 106. Purcell, Henry - Hear Us Great Rugwith 107. Purcell, Henry - Hear, Ye Gods Of Britain 108. Purcell, Henry - Sing, Sing, Ye Druids 109. Purcell, Henry - Divine Andate, President Of War 110. Purcell, Henry - To Arms 111. Purcell, Henry - Britons Strike Home! 112. Purcell, Henry - O Lead Me To Some Peaceful Gloom 113. Circe 114. Purcell, Henry - We Must Assemble By A Sacrifice 115. Purcell, Henry - Their Necessary Aid You Use 116. Purcell, Henry - Come Every Demon 117. Purcell, Henry - Lovers, Who To Their First Embrac 118. Purcell, Henry - Magicians' Dance - Pluto, Arise! 119. The Virtuous Wife Or Good Luck At Last 120. Purcell, Henry - Overture 121. Purcell, Henry - Song Tune - Slow Air - Air 122. Purcell, Henry - Preludio - Hornpipe - Minuet - Mi 123. The Old Bachelor 124. Purcell, Henry - Overture 125. Purcell, Henry - Hornpipe 126. Purcell, Henry - Thus To A Ripe, Consenting Maid 127. Purcell, Henry - Slow Air - Hornpipe 128. Purcell, Henry - As Amoret & Thyrsis Lay 129. Purcell, Henry - Rondeau - Menuet - Boree - March 201. Purcell, Henry - Overture In G Minor 202. Don Quixote 203. Purcell, Henry - Sing All Ye Muses 204. Purcell, Henry - When The World First Knew Creatio 205. Purcell, Henry - Let The Dreadful Engines 206. Purcell, Henry - With This Sacred Charming Wand 207. Purcell, Henry - Since Times Are So Bad 208. Purcell, Henry - Genius Of England 209. Purcell, Henry - Lads & Lasses, Blithe & Gay 210. Purcell, Henry - From Rosie Bow'rs 211. Amphitryon 212. Purcell, Henry - Overture 213. Purcell, Henry - Saraband 214. Purcell, Henry - Celia, That I Once Was Blest 215. Purcell, Henry - Hornpipe - Scotch Tune 216. Purcell, Henry - For Iris I Sigh 217. Purcell, Henry - Air - Minuet - Hornpipe 218. Purcell, Henry - Fair Iris & Her Swain 219. Purcell, Henry - Bouree 301. The Double Dealer 302. Purcell, Henry - Overture 303. Purcell, Henry - Hornpipe - Minuet - Air - Hornpip 304. Purcell, Henry - Cynthia Frowns 305. Purcell, Henry - Minuet - Minuet - Air - Air 306. The Richmond Heiress 307. Purcell, Henry - Behold The Man 308. The Rival Sisters Or The Violence Of Love 309. Purcell, Henry - Overture 310. Purcell, Henry - Celia Has A Thousand Charms 311. Purcell, Henry - Take Not A Woman's Anger Ill 312. Purcell, Henry - How Happy, How Happy Is She 313. Purcell, Henry - Henry Ii. 314. Purcell, Henry - In Vain, Gainst Love, In Vain I S 315. Tyrannic Love 316. Purcell, Henry - Hark! My Damicar! 317. Purcell, Henry - Ah! How Sweet It Is To Love 318. Purcell, Henry - Overture In G Minor 319. Theodosius 320. Purcell, Henry - Prepare, Prepare, The Rites Begin 321. Purcell, Henry - Can'st Thou, Marina 322. Purcell, Henry - The Gate To Bliss 323. Purcell, Henry - Hark! Hark! Behold The Heav'nly C 324. Purcell, Henry - Now The Fight's Done 325. Purcell, Henry - Sad As Death At Dead Of Night 326. Purcell, Henry - Dream No More Of Pleasures Past 327. Purcell, Henry - Hail To The Myrtle Shade 328. Purcell, Henry - Ah Cruel, Bloody Fate 401. Purcell, Henry - The Libertine 402. Purcell, Henry - Nymphs & Shepherds 403. Purcell, Henry - We Come 404. Purcell, Henry - Prelude 405. Purcell, Henry - Prepare, Prepare, New Guests Draw 406. Purcell, Henry - To Arms, Heroic Prince 407. The Massacre Of Paris 408. Purcell, Henry - Thy Genius, Lo 2 Settings 409. Oedipus 410. Purcell, Henry - Hear, Ye Sullen Powers Below 411. Purcell, Henry - Music For A While 412. Purcell, Henry - Come Away, Do Not Stay - Laius! H 413. Purcell, Henry - Overture In D Minor 414. King Richard Ii. 415. Purcell, Henry - Retir'd From Any Mortal's Sight 416. Sir Barnaby Whigg 417. Purcell, Henry - Blow, Blow, Boreas, Blow 418. Sophonisba 419. Purcell, Henry - Beneath The Poplar' Shadow 420. The English Lawyer 421. Purcell, Henry - My Wife Has A Tongue 422. Fool's Preferment 423. Purcell, Henry - I Sigh'd, & I Pin'd - There's Not 424. Purcell, Henry - Fled Is My Love - 'This Death Alo 425. Purcell, Henry - I'll Sail Upon The Dog-star 426. Purcell, Henry - Jenny, 'Gin You Can Love 427. Purcell, Henry - If Thou Wilt Give Me Back My Love 428. The Indian Emperor 429. Purcell, Henry - I Look'd & Saw Within 430. The Knight Of Malta 431. Purcell, Henry - At The Close Of The Ev'ning 432. A Dialogue Between Thirsis & Daphne 433. Purcell, Henry - Why, My Daphne, Why Complaining 434. The Wife's Excuse 435. Purcell, Henry - Ingrateful Love! 436. Purcell, Henry - Hang This Whining Way Of Wooing 437. Purcell, Henry - Say, Cruel Amoret ... Corinna, I 438. Cleomenes The Spartan Hero 439. Purcell, Henry - No, No, Poor Suff'ring Heart 440. Regulus 441. Purcell, Henry - Ah Me! To Many Death 442. The Marriage-hater Match'd 443. Purcell, Henry - As Soon As The Chaos ... How Vile 501. Love Triumphant 502. Purcell, Henry - How Happy's The Husband 503. Rule A Wife & Have A Wife 504. Purcell, Henry - There's Not A Swain 505. The Female Virtuosos 506. Purcell, Henry - Love, Thou Art Best 507. Epsom Wells 508. Purcell, Henry - Leave These Useless Arts 509. Purcell, Henry - The Maid's Last Prayer 510. Purcell, Henry - Though You Make No Return 511. Purcell, Henry - No, Resistance Is But Vain 512. Purcell, Henry - Tell Me No More 513. Purcell, Henry - Aureng-zebe 514. Purcell, Henry - I See, She Flies Me 515. The Canterbury Guests 516. Purcell, Henry - Good Neighbour Why? 517. The Fatal Marriage 518. Purcell, Henry - The Danger Is Over 519. Purcell, Henry - I Sigh'd & Owned My Love 520. The Spanish Friar 521. Purcell, Henry - Whilst I With Grief 522. Pausanias 523. Purcell, Henry - Sweeter Than Roses 524. Purcell, Henry - My Dearest, My Fairest 525. The Mock Marriage 526. Purcell, Henry - Oh! How You Protest - 'Twas With 527. Oroonoko 528. Purcell, Henry - Celemene, Pray Tell Me 529. Purcell, Henry - Pavan No.1 In A Major 530. Purcell, Henry - Pavan No.2 In A Minor 531. Purcell, Henry - Pavan No.3 In B Flat Major 532. Purcell, Henry - Pavan No.4 In G Minor 533. Purcell, Henry - Pavan No.5 In G Minor 534. Purcell, Henry - Trio Sonata For Violin, Bass Viol 535. Purcell, Henry - Chacony Abdelazer Distressed Innocence The Married Beau The Gordian Knot Unty D Sir Anthony Love Bonduca Circe The Virtuous Wife The Old Bachelor Don Quixote Amphitryon Overture In G Minor The Double Dealer The Richmond Heiress The Rival Sisters Henry The Second Tyrannic Love Theodosius Overture In G Minor The Libertine The Massacre Of Paris Oedipus King Richard The Second Sir Barnaby Whigg Sophonisba The English Lawyer A Fool S Preferment The Indian Emperor The Knight Of Malta A Dialogue Between Thirsis And Daphne The Wives Excuse Cleomenes The Spartan Hero Regulus The Marriage-Hater Matched Overture In D Minor Love Triumphant Rule A Wife And Have A Wife The Female Virtuosos Epsom Wells The Maid S Last Prayer Aureng-Zebe The Canterbury Guests The Fatal Marriage The Spanish Friar Pausanius The Mock Marriage Oroonoko Pavans 1-5 Trio Sonata Chacony.


Painted Drum - 2826852949

52,99 zł

Painted Drum Harper Collins

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

From the winner of the National Book Award for Fiction, 2012 comes this elegantly crafted novel that explores the strange power that lost children exert on the memories of those they leave behind When Faye Travers is sent to appraise a family estate in a small New Hampshire town and comes across a forgotten set of valuable Native American artefacts, she is not surprised by the discovery. However, she is shocked when she finds a rare drum - particularly because without even touching the instrument she hears its deep resonant sound. Following the discovery, we trace the drum's passage both backwards and forwards in time. We hear the voice of Bernard Shaawano, an Ojibwe, who tells of how his grandfather created the drum after years of mourning his younger daughter's death and how it changes the paths of those who cross it. Through Faye, we experience her anguished relationship with a local sculptor who also mourns the loss of a daughter, and witness the life Faye has made alone with her mother, in the shadow of her sister's death. Erdich poetically captures the intricate, transformative rhythms of human grief that these losses create within her characters with grace, wit, captivating prose and surprising beauty.


Epic of Gilgamesh - 2826834549

64,10 zł

Epic of Gilgamesh Garnet Publishing Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This ancient Mesopotamian epic is thought to be 4000 years old and may rightly be called the Odyssey of ancient Iraq. It has been placed by literary experts in the ranks of the world's greatest literature. Tablets of the text, some of which date back to the Seventh Century BC, were found among the remains of the library of Ashurbanipal, the Assyrian king. This important new translation is presented in verse form so as to remain faithful to the original. Despite the fact that some parts of the Epic are still incomplete or obscured, the text contains an account of a great flood, probably the precursor of the Flood story in the Bible, while the stories of Gilgamesh and his fighting partner Enkidu deal with the eternal themes of life, death, the afterlife and immortality, and the more immediate concerns of friendship, love, loss, grief and hope.


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