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Reality of Life New Generation Publishing

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Religion, materialism, and false beliefs have led to living and thinking wrongly. It is through this that man has brought war and suffering into the world. He also unknowingly self-creates depressive symptoms, to which medical intervention is not the answer. Depression partly stems from feeling pressured into conforming to that which is not in accord with man's spiritual nature. Attuning to the Spirit is deliverance from the effects of materialism and conventional thinking. None other than spirituality can illuminate the path to inner peace or harmonise the mind. All visible emptiness throughout the cosmos and between celestial bodies is neither unfilled nor deprived of life. Physical senses or systematic observations may suggest otherwise, but these form the basis of the illusions that obscure truth. The whole of creation spawned from a singular consciousness of a divine nature, to which when attuned, exposes all that which now seems unreal. True spiritual consciousness awakens the mind to greater realisations, greater self-awareness, and an inner knowing that life is eternal. By realising why the human experience of life is but one aspect of a perpetual existence, one can truly embrace the inevitable transition from this world to the next. Fear not the coming of death, for beyond it awaits the reuniting of souls and the love they once shared. Calling upon his profound spiritual awareness that came about in consequence to suffering from depression since childhood, the author reveals the relationship between materialism and psychological complications. In addition, through a powerfully written discourse innovative in its approach, unprecedented in views, and based on true spiritual principles, the author aspires to impress upon the mind a mental picture of a greater realisation of life and death.


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