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Inspire Maths Pupil Book 5 Ab Mix - 2840155178

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Inspire Maths Pupil Book 5 Ab Mix

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Inspire Maths Builds Firm Foundations And A Deep Understanding Of Mathematical Concepts Through A Concrete-pictorial-abstract Approach. These Pupil Textbooks Provide A Scaffolded Introduction To Each New Learning Objective, Guided Practice Activities, Opportunities For Further Practice, And Suggestions For How Parents Can Support Learning At Home.


New Heinemann Maths Year 5, Answer Book - 2826996370

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New Heinemann Maths Year 5, Answer Book Heinemann

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New Heinemann Maths has a flexible short-term, long-term and continuous assessment strategy. The Year 5 Answer Book provides the answers to activities in: * NHM Year 5 Textbook * NHM Year 5 Extension Textbook * NHM Year 5 Assessment Workbook * Pupil Sheets * Home Activities.


Scottish Heinemann Maths: 4 - Activity Book Single - 2827100674

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Scottish Heinemann Maths: 4 - Activity Book Single PEARSON

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This maths scheme is written specifically for Scotland to help implement the recommendations from "Improving Mathematics Education 5-14". It provides an increasing pace of progression; end of level assessment; oral and mental calculation; integral homework; and support for planning. For staff planning maths lessons there are "Organising and Planning Guides, which provide matching charts to "Mathematics Education 5-14" block planners. In the medium and short term the "Teaching File" provides a schematic showing the structure and sequence of teaching, with pages and components needed, and a summary for each mathematical topic. Level A and Level B planning guides show a detailed match between 5-14 attainment targets and the Units in SHM 1, 2 and 3. On introducing maths lessons, "Tune-in" introduces a new section of work, reinforces previous learning, and can be used as pre-teaching assessment "Starters" and other mental activities offer specific activities linked to particular sections of maths, and generic activities for use with a range of different operations. Within the "Teaching File" a broad range of interactive teaching activities give structured progression through each topic. The pupil activities follow the teaching and provide consolidation, practice and extension work. The "Teaching File" also offers suggestions for a clear follow-up to the main points covered in each lesson: games and activities following on from the pupil materials; extension material; int roduction to a Home Activity; and discussion points. "Scottish Heinemann Maths" provides assessment opportunities linked to the 5 to 14 Guidelines through a range of components: "Tune-ins", "Check-ups", "Round-ups" and "Activity books". The pupil resources comprise activity books, text books and extension books. The activity books reinforce fluency of number facts and mental calculation strategies, using appropriate language to support children's learning. The textbooks offer a structured development of each topic, pr ovide problem solving activities and encourage independent recording. Extension textbooks challenge the more able children.


Scottish Heinemann Maths 1: Number to 20 Activity Book 8 Pac - 2826950728

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Scottish Heinemann Maths 1: Number to 20 Activity Book 8 Pac PEARSON

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"Scottish Heinemann Maths" offers flexible and easy-to-manage ways to plan lessons and a programme of work that reflects the key recommendations of the HMI report "Improving Mathematics Education 5-14". The "Organising and Planning Guide" gives the rationale and ethos of SHM, linking the component parts and advising on planning. A customisable CD at each stage gives 5-14 levelled planning and a weekly planning template. The "Teaching File" provides easy to follow instructions for each lesson. Lessons begin with lively mental activities, followed by a broad range of interactive teaching activities. Structured pupil activities consolidate, reinforce and extend topics, and there are clear suggestions for follow-ups to the main points of the lesson. The progression through each topic is carefully structured to provide a balance of oral and practical work. SHM has pupil resources that are clear, fun and easy to use. Activity books are used for SHM1-4, textbooks and extension textbooks for SHM3-7. A flexible strategy helps teachers monitor pupil progress and inform lesson planning. It offers a three-strand approach to assessment - ongoing (at the end of small blocks of work), assessment for specific topics and longer-term, end-of-level assessment. SHM has been purposefully written to help children achieve a higher standard of attainment. It provides a fast pace of learning and uses a direct, interactive method of teaching, placing considerable emphasis on oral and mental mathematics.


Cambridge English Prepare! 5 Class Audio 2CD - 2836920288

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Cambridge English Prepare! 5 Class Audio 2CD

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Opis - Prepare! is a lively general English course with comprehensive Cambridge English for Schools exam preparation integrated throughout. This flexible course brings together all the tools and technology you expect to get the results you need. Prepare! is the only schools course jointly produced with and endorsed by Cambridge English Language Assessment. Its unique approach is driven by cutting edge language research from the English Vocabulary Profile and the Cambridge Learner Corpus. Whether teaching general English or focusing on exams, Prepare! leaves you and your students genuinely ready for what comes next: real Cambridge English exams, or real life. Nazwa - Cambridge English Prepare! 5 Class Audio 2CD Autor - Capel Annette, Joseph Niki Wydawca - Cambridge University Press Kod EAN - 9781107497863 Język - angielski Nośnik - Płyta CD Podatek VAT - 23%


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