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Inspire Your Choir - 2840238393

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Inspire Your Choir

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>The arts>Music>Music: styles & genres>Western "classical" music>Choral music


Singing Sherlock - 2834691945

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Singing Sherlock Boosey & Hawkes Music Publishe

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Hi! I m Singing Sherlock. I help you solve the mystery of how to get children to sing well. With lots of clues to help you, this book contains:§- a wide variety of songs and games specially written for young voices§- two demonstration CDs that bring the music to life and help you teach the songs§- fact files and case notes which show you how to use the songs in the classroom Singing Sherlock is a practical and easy-to-use resource for the music curriculum. It gives you enjoyable and structured ways to teach music concepts and vocal skills. Singing Sherlock is a unique collection of tried and tested songs which will inspire good singing in your school For all primary class teachers... If you want to develop singing skills with your pupils but don t know where to start, this is your bible! You don t need to be able to sing or read music. Singing Sherlock helps you solve the mystery of how to get children to sing well. Packed with songs and teaching ideas to inspire good singing in your school. Use it as a complete scheme for singing or as a "dip in" source for songs and games. Singing Sherlock delivers the curriculum at KS 1 & 2 (on-going skills units) and follows the QCA's scheme of work for music. Book 1 & CD: up to age 7. Book 2 & 2 CDs: ages 7 - 11. It is an easy-to-use simple, step-by-step approach. Material is introduced in clear, progressive steps. Each book contains: a wide variety of songs and games specially written for young voices; a demonstration CD that brings the music to life and helps you teach the songs; and fact files and case notes which show you how to use the songs to their full learning potential in the classroom. Included in "Singing Sherlock" are not only songs but also warm-ups, raps and chants, singing games, echo songs and unison and part-songs in a wide variety of styles. A mixture of well-known tunes and new songs specially written for young voices by Sue Nicholls, Lin Marsh, Alan Simmons, Helen MacGregor and more. Great fun! Guaranteed to get even the most reluctant pupils singing. "Singing Sherlock" provides a tried-and-tested way to revitalise singing in your school.§Instrumentation:§children's choir


Purcell: The Fairy Queen - 2852806349

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Purcell: The Fairy Queen Universal Music / Deutsche Grammophon


1. The Fairy Queen (Original Version) 2. Henry Purcell - Prelude (Act 1) 3. Henry Purcell - Hornpipe (Act 1) 4. Henry Purcell - Air (Act 1) 5. Henry Purcell - Rondeau (Act 1) 6. Henry Purcell - Overture (Act 1) 7. Henry Purcell - Song In Two Parts: Come, Come, Co 8. Henry Purcell - Scene Of The Drunken Poet: Fill U 9. Henry Purcell - First Act Tune: Jig (Act 1) 10. Henry Purcell - Prelude...come, All Ye Songsters O 11. Henry Purcell - Prelude (Act 2) 12. Henry Purcell - Trio: May The God Of Wit Inspire 13. Henry Purcell - Echo (Act 2) 14. Henry Purcell - Chorus: Now Joyn Your Warbling Vo 15. Henry Purcell - A Dance Of Fairies (Act 2) 16. Henry Purcell - Song & Chorus: Sing While We Trip 17. Henry Purcell - No.14 See, Even Night Herself Is 18. Henry Purcell - No.15 I Am Come To Lock All Fast 19. Henry Purcell - No.16 One Charming Night (Act 2) 20. Henry Purcell - No.17 Hush, No More (Act 2) 21. Henry Purcell - No.18 Dance For The Followers Of N 22. Henry Purcell - Second Act Tune: Air (Act 2) 23. Henry Purcell - A Song In Two Parts & Chorus: If 24. Henry Purcell - Overture: Symphony While The Swans 25. Henry Purcell - Dance For The Fairies (Act 3) 26. Henry Purcell - Dance For The Green Men (Act 3) 27. Henry Purcell - Song: Ye Gentle Spirits Of The Ai 28. Henry Purcell - Dialog: Now The Maids & The Men 29. Henry Purcell - Song: When I Have Often Heard (A 30. Henry Purcell - A Dance Of Haymakers (Act 3) 31. Henry Purcell - Song & Chorus: A Thousand Thousan 32. Henry Purcell - Third Act Tune: Hornpipe (Act 3) 101. The Fairy Queen (Original Version) 102. Henry Purcell - Symphony (Act 4) 103. Henry Purcell - No.31 Solo & Chorus Now The Night 104. Henry Purcell - Duet: Let The Fifes, & The Clario 105. Henry Purcell - Entry Of Phoebus (Act 4) 106. Henry Purcell - Song: When A Cruel Long Winter- 107. Henry Purcell - Song: Thus The Ever Grateful Spri 108. Henry Purcell - Song: Here's The Summer, Sprightl 109. Henry Purcell - Song: See My Many Colour'd Fields 110. Henry Purcell - Song & Chorus: Now Winter Comes S 111. Henry Purcell - Fourth Act Tune: Air (Act 4) 112. Henry Purcell - Prelude (Act 5) 113. Henry Purcell - Epithalamium - Thrice Happy Lovers 114. Henry Purcell - The Plaint (Act 5) 115. Henry Purcell - Entry Dance (Act 5) 116. Henry Purcell - Symphony (Act 5) 117. Henry Purcell - Thus The Gloomy World (Act 5) 118. Henry Purcell - Thus Happy & Free (Act 5) 119. Henry Purcell - Song: Yes, Daphne, In Your Looks 120. Henry Purcell - Monkey's Dance (Act 5) 121. Henry Purcell - Hark! How All Things (Act 5) 122. Henry Purcell - Hark! The Ech'ing Air (Act 5) 123. Henry Purcell - Sure The Dull God (Act 5) 124. Henry Purcell - Prelude (Act 5) 125. Henry Purcell - Solo: See, See, I Obey (Act 5) 126. Henry Purcell - Duet: Turn Then Thine Eyes (Act 5 127. Henry Purcell - Solo: My Torch, Indeed (Act 5) 128. Henry Purcell - Trio: They Shall Be As Happy (Ac 129. Henry Purcell - Air (Act 5) 130. Henry Purcell - Chorus: They Shall Be As Happy ( 131. Henry Purcell - Chaconne: Dance For Chinese Man &


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