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Integration Of Technology Into Language Teaching - 2857258853

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Integration Of Technology Into Language Teaching

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Digital Stories Their Integration in Early Childhood Primary Education - 2854564091

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Digital Stories Their Integration in Early Childhood Primary Education Nova Science Publishers Inc

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This book is an edited collection of chapters regarding the integration of digital stories in the classroom, focusing on early childhood and primary education. Storytelling has always been an effective way of teaching all ranges of subjects at all educational levels, especially in early childhood and primary education. Digital storytelling combines the advantages of storytelling and digital tools. Digital stories attract the interest of students and provide them with motives to take part in learning activities in collaboration with their classmates and teachers. They have become a popular resource of Information and Communications Technology (ICT). Digital stories can be a valuable tool to educators. However, as is the case with many ICT resources, teachers need practical ideas about how to integrate them in teaching and learning. This book covers a gap in the international bibliography regarding digital storytelling. It discusses teaching scenarios that exploit digital stories in a wide range of subjects in early childhood and primary education. Subjects covered in teaching scenarios discussed in this book include language, time concepts, music, poetry, social tolerance in multicultural societies, mathematics, environmental issues, foreign language learning, healthy nutrition, mythology and geography. Such a diversity of issues concerning integration of digital stories in early childhood and primary education has not been dealt with in other published books until now. The discussed teaching scenarios involve two- and three-dimensional digital stories implemented with the visual programming tools Scratch and Alice. Scratch is implemented by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and enables the creation of two-dimensional multimedia applications. Alice is implemented by Carnegie Mellon and enables the creation of three-dimensional multimedia applications. Both of these tools are available at no charge and are popular in education throughout the world. The created digital stories have been combined with self-assessment e-activities created with JClic to provide further advantages to students. JClic is a free software tool implemented in Spain that enables the creation of interactive assessment activities addressed to early childhood and elementary education. The book is organised into three main parts and consists of ten chapters. The first part consists of two chapters discussing general background issues concerning storytelling, ICT and digital storytelling in education. The second part consists of four chapters discussing teaching scenarios involving early childhood education. The third part consists of four chapters discussing teaching scenarios regarding primary education.


Learning and Teaching Primary Science - 2854297689

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Learning and Teaching Primary Science Cambridge University Press

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Learning and Teaching Primary Science brings primary science to life through the stories and experiences of pre-service and practising teachers. It explores the roles of the teacher and the learner of science and examines major issues and challenges, including: engaging diverse learners, utilising technology, assessment and reporting, language and representation, and integration in the 'crowded curriculum'. Each chapter contains examples, activities and reflective questions to help readers create relevant and meaningful lesson plans. Dedicated chapters for the areas of chemistry, physics, biology and earth and environmental science will give confidence to those without a science background. Practical strategies and skills are underpinned by relevant theories and evidence-based research. Written by experts from Australia and New Zealand, Learning and Teaching Primary Science is an essential resource for those beginning their journey of teaching science in the primary school classroom.


MATLAB by Example - 2826658141

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MATLAB by Example Elsevier Science & Technology

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MATLAB By Example guides the reader through each step of writing MATLAB programs. The book assumes no previous programming experience on the part of the reader, and uses multiple examples in clear language to introduce concepts and practical tools. Straightforward and detailed instructions allow beginners to learn and develop their MATLAB skills quickly. The book consists of ten chapters, discussing in detail the integrated development environment (IDE), scalars, vectors, arrays, adopting structured programming style using functions and recursive functions, control flow, debugging, profiling, and structures. A chapter also describes Symbolic Math Toolbox, teaching readers how to solve algebraic equations, differentiation, integration, differential equations, and Laplace and Fourier transforms. Containing hundreds of examples illustrated using screen shots, hundreds of exercises, and three projects, this book can be used to complement coursework or as a self-study book, and can be used as a textbook in universities, colleges and high schools. Features: no programming experience necessary to learn MATLAB; examples with screenshots and plentiful exercises throughout help make MATLAB easy to understand; and projects that enable readers to write long MATLAB programs, and take the first step toward being a professional MATLAB programmer.


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