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Intercultural Marketing and Communication - 2834694629

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Intercultural Marketing and Communication Scholars Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

We live in the world of mixed cultures, customs and values. New waves of different cultures change a balance of host population and often cause misunderstanding, phobia and anger. Culture evolved parallel to human brain development has its roots deep inside of our brain unconsciously influencing all our behaviors. In the light of the recent immigrant crisis affected almost all EU countries, literature focused on the nature of culture will contribute to better understanding of the cultural differences and decreasing of the phobias. Residential space is one of the most vulnerable to cultural changes aspects of the human life. This book will be interesting either for business or academic professionals working in marketing generally and in construction marketing particularly or for everybody willing to understand unconscious cultural influences in everyday life.


Intercultural Management Issues - 2840757206

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Intercultural Management Issues difin

Nauki społeczne, ekonomiczne, prawne >Ekonomia. Marketing. Biznes.

The reviewed book contains a discussion on the sources of barriers in management in a cross-cultural environment. It also includes a presentation of chosen aspects of organisational behaviours that are of vital importance from the angle of a possible occurrence of cultural differences. These issues are undoubtedly practical and reflect evidence of cultural differences existing in the business reality. Choosing the right and proper problems for the discussion in the book must have been a very serious matter, particularly that the subject is of such a complex nature and there is a great spectrum of available issues to portray. I think that the authors solved this dilemma in a perfect manner and their proposition of the discussed topics is adequate. There one can find such fundamental issues in the context of organisational behaviour in the table of contents like communication and leadership as well as references to the contemporary management concepts such as knowledge management, project management or corporate social responsibility. There is no doubt that each of these areas is of tremendous significance for business and at the same time is affected by culturally contingent attitudes and behaviours of organisational members....


Communication of Innovations - 2212826010

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Communication of Innovations SAGE Publications Ltd

Inne 1

This volume, a collection of 10 original essays, is in honour of the contributions of Everett Rogers to the field of communication and social change. Written by former students, colleagues and well known contemporaries, the essays present an intellectual landscape about social change. "Communication of Innovations" illustrates how Rogers' students and colleagues have applied their scholarship to communication, management, social marketing, development studies, health promotion and intercultural communication, to name a few. Containing personal narratives and memories, and illustrated with pictures and boxed vignettes, the volume is a starting point and a guide for future scholarship and practice.


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