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How to Succeed in Any Interview - 2854352369

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How to Succeed in Any Interview Pearson Education Limited

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You've got the interview - now how will you get the job? How to Succeed in any Interview will show you how to present yourself as the best candidate for the job, using proven tips, advice and techniques from the experts to guide you through exactly what interviewers want to see and what impresses them most. * Present yourself in the best possible light - every time * Understand what impresses interviewers the most * Win the job before, during and after the interview Learn how to show yourself in the best possible light and maximise your chances of making a brilliant impression and getting that job.


Interview Coach: Teach Yourself - 2854249149

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Interview Coach: Teach Yourself Teach Yourself Books

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By the end of this book you will be fully prepared to give an outstanding interview . - Identify your strengths and weaknesses - Understand what interviewers are looking for - Practice your answers to typical questions - Build your confidence to tackle any situation - Get the job you want Other books help you talk the talk. The Teach Yourself Coach books helps you walk the walk. Who are you? * Anyone with an interview coming up Where this book take you? * You will be fully prepared to give an outstanding interview How does it work? * A combination of practical tried-and-tested advice, and unique interactive exercises When can you do it? * In your own time, at your own pace What else do you get? * Access to free online videos and printable resources Why Teach Yourself(R)? * Teach Yourself books are trusted around the world and have helped sixty million people achieve their goals


How to Get a Good Job After 50 - 2854349929

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How to Get a Good Job After 50 Exisle Publishing (Australia)

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Many baby boomers are seeking to stay in the workforce longer and are looking for satisfying, fulfilling jobs. This book is a step-by-step guide to finding and winning the sort of job most likely to give job satisfaction and success. It sets out how older workers are often valued in the workplace because of their experience, skills, reliability and sense of responsibility before going on to show how to demonstrate these qualities to prospective employers. It encourages people to adopt a pro-active, 'self-employed' approach, building self-esteem and promoting a time-efficient, self-managed job search program, and explains the importance of: concentrating on no more than two or three job leads at any one time; using proven marketing techniques to win good jobs; writing resumes that grab the employer's interest in the first few sentences; finding jobs before they are advertised; building an effective job search network; using social media to support the job search; maintaining a positive self-image; effective preparation for the job interview. Specimen resumes are included in the book and are available for download as templates from the linked website. Job seekers can almost guarantee getting a good job quickly if they follow the author's recipe for success!


Building Your I.T. Career - 2854280159

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Building Your I.T. Career CISCO

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Building Your I.T. Career A Complete Toolkit for a Dynamic Career in Any Economy Second Edition Break in. Move up. Earn more. Stay on top. Get the I.T. career edge you need right now! "They" say it's tougher now to build a great career in I.T. "They" complain about outsourcing, cutbacks, and the tough economy. Don't complain: act! Right this minute, outstanding I.T. jobs and careers are out there: You just have to know how to get them! This 100% I.T.-focused, up-to-the-minute toolkit delivers all the insider skills and insights you need to get your next great tech job now-and build lifelong success in the industry. It will help you plan your career, set achievable goals, organize them into practical action items, and make it happen! Totally updated for today's newest hiring trends, Building Your I.T. Career, Second Edition is packed with examples from real I.T. pros and hiring decision-makers, it will help you get in, get promoted, get raises, and stay in demand-one easy step at a time! -- Focus on the I.T. careers you'll be happiest and most successful in -- Discover what opportunity looks like today-and how to take advantage of it -- Adopt the proactive attitudes associated with I. T. career success -- Master the personal communication skills you need to get a job-and succeed when you have it -- Develop more effective cover letters and resumes, and interview brilliantly -- Break in to I.T. for the first time -- Build your social media and offline networks, and use them to supercharge your job search -- Negotiate salary and employment agreements that get you what you deserve -- Learn (and do) what it takes to get promoted -- Take advantage of telecommuting and consulting options -- Move into management (if that's what you want) -- Use mentors and career coaches effectively -- Become a high-priced hourly consultant -- Gain the personal financial discipline that liberates you to choose your best career options -- Make yourself nearly indispensable


Recruitment - 2854432429

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Recruitment New Generation Publishing

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All managers face the same problems: When is the right time to recruit? How do you look for a suitable employee? How should an interview be conducted to draw out the best from a candidate? How can you ensure you find the right person for the job? All too often, managers abdicate responsibility for the recruitment process or fail to invest the necessary time in it. Finding the right employee is of vital importance to any company's continued success. In Recruitment: for Managers, RPJ Archer uses his extensive experience in this field to create this simple, easy-to-follow guide to the recruitment process. For stressed managers everywhere, help is at hand!


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