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Coloring Book for Kids - 2842360472

50,36 zł

Coloring Book for Kids Speedy Kids

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Children can expand their acceptance of ideas and their imagination through using coloring books that display images and ideas. One good choice for those trying to get kids to better understand the cycle of life, Heaven and angels is a coloring activity book that shows various angels and depicts them in a multitude of ways. This helps to open up the child's mind and at the same time the child leans cognitive skills that are associated with coloring. The end result of such a book is one that is engaging and intriguing to children and thus keeps their attention for longer periods of time.


Creative Haven WinterScapes Coloring Book - 2826622381

23,02 zł

Creative Haven WinterScapes Coloring Book Dover Publications

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Thirty-one chilly scenes of winter offer more mature colorists the chance to express their creativity all year long. Exquisite combinations of snowflakes, snowmen, hot chocolate and cookies, chickadees nestled in pine branches, and more create intriguing geometric patterns. Illustrations are printed on one side of perforated pages for easy removal and display. Specially designed for experienced colorists, WinterScapes and other Creative Haven


Dreams of a More Perfect Union - 2859253043

168,30 zł

Dreams of a More Perfect Union Cornell University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In a brilliantly conceived and elegantly written book, Rogan Kersh investigates the idea of national union in the United States. For much of the period between the colonial era and the late nineteenth century, he shows, "union" was the principal rhetorical means by which Americans expressed shared ideals and a common identity without invoking strong nationalism or centralized governance. Through his exploration of how Americans once succeeded in uniting a diverse and fragmented citizenry, Kersh revives a long-forgotten source of U.S. national identity.Why and how did Americans perceive themselves as one people from the early history of the republic? How did African Americans and others at the margins of U.S. civic culture apply this concept of union? Why did the term disappear from vernacular after the 1880s? In his search for answers, Kersh employs a wide range of methods, including political-theory analysis of writings by James Madison, Frederick Douglass, and Abraham Lincoln and empirical analysis drawing on his own extensive database of American newspapers. The author's findings are persuasive -- and often surprising. One intriguing development, for instance, was a strong resurgence of union feelings among Southerners -- including prominent former secessionists -- after the Civil War.With its fascinating and novel approach, Dreams of a More Perfect Union offers valuable insights about American political history, especially the rise of nationalism and federalism. Equally important, the author's close retracing of the religious, institutional, and other themes coloring the development of unionist thought unveils new knowledge about the origination and transmittal of ideas in apolity.


Spirit Women - 2845522419

65,26 zł

Spirit Women Gypsy Mystery Arts

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Enter a mystical world of fantastic characters, meditative designs and imaginative beauty. Explore the many moods and aspects of the feminine spirit; nurturing, wise, fierce, playful, alluring, vulnerable, powerful, and more. In this volume, Cristina McAllister presents 30 original coloring pages featuring a variety of intriguing and magical characters, decorative designs and meditative mandalas. The intricate artwork, captivating details and lush compositions offer rich opportunities for creative color work. The one-sided art pages are accompanied by descriptions of the artwork, inspiration ideas and coloring suggestions from the artist. "The artwork in this book combines many of my favorite things to draw: fantasy art, beautiful women, decorative design, mandalas and Art Nouveau motifs, animal and floral forms, characters and costume design and symbolic elements. I let my imagination run wild, striving to create expressive characters, empowering themes, intriguing details and plenty of opportunity for creative color choices. Help bring this enchanted world to life with your own colorful creativity!"


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