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Introducing Interpreting Studies - 2847451369

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Introducing Interpreting Studies

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Trading the China Market with American Depository Receipts - 2826739407

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Trading the China Market with American Depository Receipts Wiley

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Discover the secrets of trading the Chinese markets with American Depository Receipts§Introducing a new way to make virtually risk-free profits, Trading the China Market with American Depository Receipts teaches readers how to successfully trade U.S. listed American Depository Receipts (ADRs) of Chinese stocks . . . by using information that comes to light outside of Asian trading hours, but while the U.S. markets are still open. Filled with successful strategies for profitable trading made possible by interpreting business news to buy or short China ADRs before the information impacts those markets the next day, the book walks readers through this incredible opportunity step-by-step.§Filled with case studies that show the success of the strategies outlined, the book explains where to look for price-moving information. Aimed at investors of all types who have access to a brokerage account that can trade U.S. securities--including online brokers--Trading the China Market with American Depository Receipts is the ultimate guide to making money from China in your own backyard.§Explains incredible new strategies for trading U.S. listed ADRs of Chinese stocks using information released after the Asian markets have closed for the day§Includes case studies that clearly show how this strategy has worked and continues to work§Features lists of relevant underlying shares and their corresponding ADRs§A low-risk strategy for profiting from foreign markets, Trading the China Market with American Depository Receipts shows how to use the U.S.-China time difference for profit.


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