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Dynamic General Equilibrium Modeling - 2826683144

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Dynamic General Equilibrium Modeling Springer, Berlin

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Modern business cycle theory and growth theory uses stochastic dynamic general equilibrium models. In order to solve these models, economists need to use many mathematical tools. This book presents various methods in order to compute the dynamics of general equilibrium models. In part I, the representative-agent stochastic growth model is solved with the help of value function iteration, linear and linear quadratic approximation methods, parameterised expectations and projection methods. In order to apply these methods, fundamentals from numerical analysis are reviewed in detail. In particular, the book discusses issues that are often neglected in existing work on computational methods, e.g. how to find a good initial value.§In part II, the authors discuss methods in order to solve heterogeneous-agent economies. In such economies, the distribution of the individual state variables is endogenous. This part of the book also serves as an introduction to the modern theory of distribution economics. Applications include the dynamics of the income distribution over the business cycle or the overlapping-generations model.§In an accompanying home page to this book, computer codes to all applications can be downloaded.


Mainstream Mathematical Economics in the 20th Century - 2826702168

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Mainstream Mathematical Economics in the 20th Century Springer, Berlin

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This book presents the contributions of the 20th century to economic theory in a mathematical language and in historical sequence. General equilibrium is the focal point of the book; but also a number of macroeconomic models, especially with respect to the first half of the century, are considered. Dynamic models are extensively studied per se, and not merely as extensions of their static counterparts. The book with its extensive bibliography gives a broad view over the developments in mathematical economics and is therefore an invaluable source of information for researchers and students working in this field.


Term Structure of Interest Rates - 2834694725

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Term Structure of Interest Rates LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

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Macro-finance modelling is an increasingly popular topic. Various approaches have been developing rapidly, usually using econometric techniques. This book focuses on structural approach to an analysis of average yield curve and its dynamics using macroeconomic factors. An underlying model is based on basic Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium (DSGE) approach. Log-linearized solution of the model is the key for derivation of yield curve and its main determinants pricing kernel, price of risk and affine term structure of interest rates based on no-arbitrage assumption. The book presents a consistent derivation of a structural macro-finance model, with a reasonable computational burden that allows for time varying term premia. A simple VAR model, widely used in macro-finance literature, serves as a benchmark. The two models are briefly compared and analysis shows their ability to fit an average yield curve observed from the data. It also presents a possible importance of this issue for monetary and fiscal institutions. The book should help shed some light on the use of DSGE framework within macro-finance modelling and should be useful for students and researchers in this field.


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