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Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments - 2826742641

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Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments Maker Media

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

For students, DIY hobbyists, and science buffs, who can no longer get real chemistry sets, this one-of-a-kind guide explains how to set up and use a home chemistry lab, with step-by-step instructions for conducting experiments in basic chemistry - not just to make pretty colors and stinky smells, but to learn how to do real lab work: purify alcohol by distillation; produce hydrogen and oxygen gas by electrolysis; smelt metallic copper from copper ore you make yourself; analyze the makeup of seawater, bone, and other common substances; synthesize oil of wintergreen from aspirin and rayon fiber from paper; perform forensics tests for fingerprints, blood, drugs, and poisons; and much more.From the 1930s through the 1970s, chemistry sets were among the most popular Christmas gifts, selling in the millions. But two decades ago, real chemistry sets began to disappear as manufacturers and retailers became concerned about liability. "The Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments" steps up to the plate with lessons on how to equip your home chemistry lab, master laboratory skills, and work safely in your lab.The bulk of this book consists of 17 hands-on chapters that include multiple laboratory sessions on the following topics: Separating Mixtures; Solubility and Solutions; Colligative Properties of Solutions; Introduction to Chemical Reactions and Stoichiometry; Reduction-Oxidation (Redox) Reactions; Acid-Base Chemistry; Chemical Kinetics; Chemical Equilibrium and Le Chatelier's Principle; Gas Chemistry; Thermochemistry and Calorimetry; Electrochemistry; Photochemistry; Colloids and Suspensions; Qualitative Analysis; Quantitative Analysis; Synthesis of Useful Compounds; and Forensic Chemistry. With plenty of full-color illustrations and photos, Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments offers introductory level sessions suitable for a middle school or first-year high school chemistry laboratory course, and more advanced sessions suitable for students who intend to take the College Board Advanced Placement (AP) Chemistry exam. A student who completes all of the laboratories in this book will have done the equivalent of two full years of high school chemistry lab work or a first-year college general chemistry laboratory course. This hands-on introduction to real chemistry - using real equipment, real chemicals, and real quantitative experiments - is ideal for the many thousands of young people and adults who want to experience the magic of chemistry.


Chemical Process Technology - 2826886594

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Chemical Process Technology Wiley

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This text provides a comprehensive introduction to chemical process technology, linking the fundamental theory and concepts to the applied nature of the subject. It provides an essential bridge between the chemical sciences and the chemical industry. The book enables the reader to integrate fundamental knowledge of the basic disciplines, to understand the most important chemical processes, and to apply this knowledge and understanding to industrial processes.§Starting with a general look at the chemical industry, subsequent chapters examine different processes in greater detail, for example, oil refinery, steam cracking, synthesis gas, power, bulk chemicals, biorefinery, biotechnology, gas treatment, catalysis, fine chemicals, process intensification, and chip technology. In all chapters the processes treated are represented by simplified flow schemes, to help the reader think in terms of conceptual process designs. Problems and "feature boxes" giving examples and real-life industrial case studies are scattered throughout the text.§Key features:§New edition of a best-selling established text from highly-regarded authors§Offers a comprehensive and balanced introduction, providing an essential link between chemistry and the chemical industry§New coverage of energy and fuels from biomass, and biorefineries, to reflect growth areas in industry§Includes problems and some solutions to encourage a fuller understanding of the subject§Contains richly-illustrated chapters with clearly developed flow diagrams and figures§"Feature Boxes" appear throughout the text, providing examples and case studies from a variety of different industries§Website provides PowerPoint slides of figures for lecturers§New to this edition:§A complete update of chapters in the existing book§More questions and worked solutions§2 new chapters: Processes for the Conversion of Biomass (chapter 7), Process Intensification (chapter 14)


Organic Solar Cells - 2854206919

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Organic Solar Cells Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Written in textbook-like fashion, this book covers the basics or organic solar cells, addressing the limits of photovoltaic energy conversion and giving a well-illustrated introduction to molecular electronics with focus on the working principle and characterization of organic solar cells. Further chapters based on the author s dissertation focus on the electrical processes in organic solar cells by presenting a detailed drift-diffusion approach to describe exciton separation and charge-carrier transport and extraction. The results, although elaborated on small-molecule solar cells and with focus on the zinc phthalocyanine: C60 material system, are of general nature. They propose and demonstrate experimental approaches for getting a deeper understanding of the dominating processes in amorphous thin-film based solar cells in general. The main focus is on the interpretation of the current-voltage characteristics (J-V curve). This very standard measurement technique for a solar cell reflects the electrical processes in the device. Comparing experimental to simulation data, the author discusses the reasons for S-Shaped J-V curves, the role of charge carrier mobilities and energy barriers at interfaces, the dominating recombination mechanisms, the charge carrier generation profile, and other efficiency-limiting processes in organic solar cells. The book concludes with an illustrative guideline on how to identify reasons for changes in the J-V curve. The work is a suitable introduction for students in engineering, physics, material science, and chemistry starting in the field of organic or hybrid thin-film photovoltaics. It is just as valuable for professionals and experimentalists who analyze solar cell devices.§


Portable X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry - 2854266183

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Portable X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry Royal Society Of Chemistry

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Portable X-ray fluorescence (PXRF) instrumentation has some unique analytical capabilities for the in situ analysis of samples in the field. These capabilities have been extended in recent years by the continuing development of solid state detectors, surface mounted electronics, digital signal processing technology, Li-ion batteries combined with a choice of rugged sealed radioisotope sources or miniature X-ray tubes that provide lightweight hand-held devices. As well as opening up new applications, in situ measurements by PXRF, where the instrument is placed in direct contact with the object to be analysed, involve the complete integration of sampling and analysis. Careful interpretation of results is therefore required, particularly when the analysis is used to estimate the bulk composition of a sample. In this monograph, an overview is given of instrumentation, analytical capabilities, and limitations in the interpretation of results, sampling considerations and applications where PXRF offers substantial advantages over conventional analytical techniques. The aim is to give the reader an insight into the capabilities of the technique and to demonstrate the contribution it can make to a range of areas of contemporary scientific interest. Chapters are written by internationally recognised scientists with practical experience of in situ analysis using portable X-ray fluorescence and demonstrates the wide range of applications for the technique. The topics covered are illustrated with diagrams and photographs where appropriate and each chapter includes supporting references to enable the reader to gain a greater understanding of a particular application. Topics include: -analytical capabilities -instrumentation -quantification -correction procedures -sampling considerations -future developments Applications include: -the assessment of contaminated land -surfaces -coatings and paints -workplace monitoring -metal & alloy sorting -geochemical prospecting -archaeological investigations -museum samples & works of art -extraterrestrial analysis The work is aimed at scientists who have some knowledge of analytical techniques and/or the applications covered, but are not fully familiar with the capabilities of PXRF. It offers a general introduction to the technique and its applications rather than a research monograph. As such, it is aimed at analytical scientists, environmental and geological scientists, industrial hygienists, industrial and plant scientists, archaeometrists and museum researchers, research scientists and research students with projects in the applications covered. Undergraduate students studying associated degree courses will also benefit from the work.


Microbiology for Health Sciences - 2212826101

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Microbiology for Health Sciences Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

Zdrowie, medycyna

This is the fifth edition of a general introduction for students of medical sciences. The previous edition was published in 1992. The 10-chapter book describes various concepts in microbiology and includes many study problems and questions. The textbook provides content for an introductory course on microbiology. The book includes chapters on chemistry, pathogenicity, and epidemiology. The questions provide a self-evaluation mechanism for the student. The author has achieved these worthwhile objectives. The book is written as an introductory text for the healthcare student. I agree with this as the audience. The reading level and content seem appropriate for these students. The authors have many years of experience teaching this type of course at the community college level. The list of academic accomplishments of the authors is impressive. Illustrations are very important in a book on microbiology; and this book is well illustrated. This book includes a short list of current suggested readings as opposed to specific references. The table of contents and index are comprehensive. The thought-provoking problems and questions found at the end of each chapter are the best features of the book. This comprehensive textbook could serve as a useful guide to the beginning healthcare student taking a microbiology class. Bookstores on college campuses offering introductory courses on microbiology should have this available. The book would make a useful reference for any medical library.


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