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Introduction To Geographic Information Systems - 2860215379

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Introduction To Geographic Information Systems

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Introduction to Geographic Information Systems - 2855438381

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Introduction to Geographic Information Systems



Introducing Geographic Information Systems with ArcGIS - 2862068047

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Introducing Geographic Information Systems with ArcGIS Wiley & Sons

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A unique approach to learning and teaching GIS, updated for ArcGIS 9.3§Introducing Geographic Information Systems with ArcGIS, Second Edition serves as both an easy-to-understand introduction to GIS and a hands-on manual for the ArcGIS 9.3 software. This combination theory-workbook approach is designed to quickly bring the reader from GIS neophyte to well-informed GIS user from both a general knowledge and practical viewpoint.§Replacing the traditional separate texts on theory and application, the book integrates a broad introduction to GIS with a software-specific workbook for ESRIs ArcGIS in a single comprehensive volume.


Getting Started with Geographic Information Systems - 2212824541

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Getting Started with Geographic Information Systems Prentice Hall

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For introductory courses in Geographic Information Systems.  Designed to make the complexity of this rapidly growing high tech field accessible to beginning students, this best-selling text provides a basic, non-technical and student-friendly introduction to GIS. The book clearly links theory and practice, and helps link the material to the real world by providing interviews with practicing GIS professionals. It features clear, simple explanations, an abundance of illustrations and photos, extensive chapter-end study aids, and generic laboratory assignments for use with any GIS software. NEW - ArcVIEW 3.1 - Included free with every copy of the text. Each copy of the book comes with a free, 120 day version of ArcVIEW 3.1  NEW - Eight completely new on-line Laboratory Exercises - Each chapter is complemented by an on-line lab exercise presented on the book's upgraded WWW site and  NEW - Significantly upgraded graphics program - Better portrays the concepts presented in the book A "learn-by-seeing" approach - Uses basic, simple language augmented with many examples, diagrams, and photographs Comprehensive, integrated coverage.  Covers the basic GIS material that is traditionally scattered throughout the Geography curriculum Features screen shots from actual software applications - Better illustrates discussion of specific pieces of software Chapter-end Study Guides - Feature point-by-point summaries and topic-by-topic discussion questions, and a glossary of key terms and definitions


Geographic Information Systems - 2212825800

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Geographic Information Systems Thomas Telford Service Ltd

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Computer-based geographic information systems (GIS) have become a powerful new tool in the civil engineering industry for the organisation and analysis of spatial data. They are patricularly important now that survey data can be collected so quickly and accurately using the global positioning system (GPS). This special colour issue of ICE Proceedings contains a suite of seven refereed papers written by leading experts in the field. It provides a comprehensive introduction to GIS and GPS and reviews their practical applications in civil engineering, including major projects such as the Channel Tunnel Rail Link.


GIS for public participation: Better decisions for smarter cities? - 2862084981

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GIS for public participation: Better decisions for smarter cities? LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

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In recent years society has undergone a process of modernization and with it, there has been increased citizen participation in decision-making and public policy development. This is due to, in part, the use of Information and Communication Technology together with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in the development of channels of participation. This rapprochement between citizens and institutions through technology, has encouraged the development and evolution of the smart city concept in a broad sense, applied to the university context, as test area. The goal of this work is study the relation between the three components of a smart city (human, institution, technology) through the introduction of an improvement in the technology component that allows interrelate the human and institutional component in a closer way, and analyze its potential impact on them.


Computational Geometry - 2826844054

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Computational Geometry Springer

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This introduction to computational geometry focuses on algorithms. Motivation is provided from the application areas as all techniques are related to particular applications in robotics, graphics, CAD/CAM, and geographic information systems. Modern insights in computational geometry are used to provide solutions that are both efficient and easy to understand and implement.


Oracle Solaris Cluster Essentials - 2854188188

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Oracle Solaris Cluster Essentials PEARSON

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Thousands of IT organizations have adopted clustering to improve the availability of mission-critical software services. Today, with the rapid growth of cloud computing environments, clustering is even more crucial. Oracle(R) Solaris Cluster Essentials is a comprehensive, authoritative guide to the industry's most stable, robust clustering platform: Oracle Solaris Cluster. This book covers both Oracle Solaris Cluster 3.2 and Oracle Solaris Cluster Geographic Edition in thorough detail, offering start-to-finish lifecycle guidance for planning, implementation, management, and troubleshooting. Written by Oracle Solaris Cluster expert Tim Read, this book covers both high availability and disaster recovery features, and offers in-depth guidance for both Oracle and non-Oracle database environments. It also presents several example implementations that can be used to quickly construct effective proofs-of-concept. Whether you're new to clustering or upgrading from older solutions, this book brings together all the information you'll need to maximize the value, reliability, and performance of any Oracle Solaris Cluster environment. You'll learn how to * Understand Oracle Solaris Cluster's product features and architecture, and their implications for design and performance * Establish requirements and design clustered systems that meet them * Master best practices for integrating clustering with virtualization technologies * Implement proven disaster recovery planning techniques * Efficiently maintain Oracle Solaris Cluster environments Part of the Oracle Solaris System Administration Series, Oracle(R) Solaris Cluster Essentials combines a complete technology introduction and hands-on guide for every architect, administrator, and IT manager responsible for high availability and business continuity.


Foundations of Multidimensional and Metric Data Structures - 2854191147

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Foundations of Multidimensional and Metric Data Structures Elsevier Science & Technology

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The field of multidimensional data structures is large and growing very quickly. Here, for the first time, is a thorough treatment of multidimensional point data, object and image-based representations, intervals and small rectangles, and high-dimensional datasets. The book includes a thorough introduction; a comprehensive survey to spatial and multidimensional data structures and algorithms; and implementation details for the most useful data structures. Along with the hundreds of worked exercises and hundreds of illustrations, the result is an excellent and valuable reference tool for professionals in many areas, including computer graphics, databases, geographic information systems (GIS), game programming, image processing, pattern recognition, solid modeling, similarity retrieval, and VLSI design. Award Winner in 2006 "Best Book competition in Professional and Scholarly Publishing from the Association of American Publishers. Morgan Kaufmann would like to congratulate Hanan Samet on receiving the UCGIS 2009 Research Award! Read the announcement here: * First comprehensive work on multidimensional data structures available, a thorough and authoritative treatment. * An algorithmic rather than mathematical approach, with a liberal use of examples that allows the readers to easily see the possible implementation and use. * Each section includes a large number of exercises and solutions to self-test and confirm the reader's understanding and suggest future directions. * Written by a well-known authority in the area of spatial data structures who has made many significant contributions to the field. The author's website includes: Spatial Index Demos


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