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Introduction to Industrial Organizational Psychology - 2212824544

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Introduction to Industrial Organizational Psychology Prentice Hall

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For courses in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and Psychology of Work Behaviour. This inviting, comprehensive, student-oriented introduction to industrial/organizational psychology emphasizes the connections between theory and practice across the full spectrum of personnel issues, worker issues, work group and organizational issues, and work environment issues. Its focus on career information, employee-centered issues, and cutting-edge research ensures that students get and stay motivated - right from the beginning. NEW - Extensively updated material throughout Includes the latest research on each key topic, and features over 300 new references - Reflects the most current information available in the field, and provides students with an excellent resource for term papers and future coursework. NEW - Expanded emphasis on leadership Discusses leadership theories, provides information on transformational leadership and the “full range of leadership” model. NEW - Coverage of cutting-edge issues Includes working in virtual organizations; action learning; the changing nature of work; work-family balance; and on-line employee screening and evaluation - Gives students an awareness and understanding of the fields “hot topics.” NEW - In-the-margin websites - Provides students with Internet addresses for career exploration and additional information relevant to text topics. Updated information on job analysis - Discusses use of the U.S. Department of Labors O*NET for job analysis and career exploration. Employee-centered approach  Focuses on “employee” issues and concerns rather than the traditional emphasis on “personnel” issues, and on teams and the value of the organizations human resources - Offers a point of view that students can relate to personally, drawing on their own experiences as “employees” rather than the often impersonal concept of “personnel.” “Inside Tips” Begins each chapter - Helps students develop study strategies, deal with common confusions, and understand how the various chapters and topic areas fit together. “Stop and Review” questions - Maximizes students learning, and allows them to “self-test” their reading retention. “Up Close” sections In every chapter - Provides students with practical information concerning how I/O psychology can increase understanding of everyday work situations, and allows them to apply theories to the real world and information on careers in the field. “On the Cutting Edge” boxes In every chapter - Excites students with information about what is currently going on in the field. Presents instructors with a current topic for deeper exploration. “Applying I/O Psychology” boxes In every chapter - Serves to bridge theory and practice, and shows students how I/O psychologists apply their knowledge of theory to make positive changes in actual work settings. Chapter-end summaries of central concepts - Encourages students to think about the topics presented and to review and apply what they have learned. Annotated suggested readings At the end of each chapter - Provides students and instructors with convenient resources for more in-depth study of selected topics. Statistical Appendix - At the end of Chapter 2 Enables instructors who put greater emphasis on methods to easily include it; but it also serves as good later reference material for students who are not assigned it as part of the course.


Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms - 2212831729

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Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms APA Publications

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APA's Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms [registered] helps researchers search the PsycINFO[registered] and PsycARTICLES[registered] databases with maximum precision. The Tenth Edition updates users on cutting-edge terminology and compensates for changes in scientific vocabulary. Its publication marks the 30th anniversary of the Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms (1974 - 2004). Among the dozens of new descriptors or cross-referenced terms are Acute Stress Disorder; Bullying; Cognitive Science; Distance Education; Grounded Theory; Online Therapy; Polymorphism; Procedural Justice; Religious Fundamentalism; Social Loafing; Telemedicine;... and many more! The Thesaurus now contains more than 7,800 standard or cross-referenced terms. Sections and Features; All of the features that have made the Thesaurus a benchmark in the database industry have been updated. Relationship Section. Hundreds of hierarchies, which show relationships between a descriptor and broader, narrower, and related terms, have been redesigned to make the vocabulary easier to understand and navigate. A new "Historical Note" field is included in the Tenth Edition. This field provides information about changes to a term, the range of years a term was in use, and instructions for searching. This information was previously captured in the "Scope Note" field, but with the addition of the "Historical Note," the "Scope Note" will be used primarily for definitions of terms. Permuted List. The new and revised descriptors and cross-referenced terms also appear in the "Rotated Alphabetical Terms Section," which alphabetizes every term by each of its component words. This section makes it easy to find all descriptors containing a particular word or phrase. Conceptual Clusters. The Term Clusters section of the Thesaurus groups terms into comprehensive lists for high-interest topics including: Computers, Disorders, Education, Legal Processes and Issues, Neuropsychology, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Statistics, Testing, and Treatment. Other Refinements; Historical Note Field: This field contains information on the historical usage of terms in the PsycINFO database since their introduction including changes to a term, the range of years a term was in use, and instructions for searching. Retrospective Indexing (Re-indexing): PsycINFO records from the past ten years will be retrospectively indexed with new terms from the Tenth Edition. This will provide users with more comprehensive results when searching with terms recently introduced to the Thesaurus.


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