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International Political Economy: International Political Economy - 2854315286

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International Political Economy: International Political Economy Oxford University Press, Canada

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This reader is a collection of primary readings that introduces students to international political economy (ipe), an area of study concerned with the relationship between the two dominant forms of social organization in the modern world: 'the state' and 'the market'. Divided into five parts ranging from Adam Smith's theory of the invisible hand to recent discussions of hemispheric integration, it contains thirty-five unabridged selections that highlight the historical development, major theoretical debates, and practical issues within ipe. Each section opens with a concise introduction that presents key concepts and concludes with study questions and annotated suggestions for further reading.


Introduction to International Political Economy - 2854325377

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Introduction to International Political Economy Pearson Education Limited

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A complete and accessible overview of how politics and economics collide in a global context This text surveys the theories, institutions, and relationships that characterize IPE and highlights them in a diverse range of regional and transnational issues. The bestseller in the field, Introduction to International Political Economy positions students to critically evaluate the global economy and to appreciate the personal impact of political, economic, and social forces. Learning Goals Upon completing this book, readers will be able to: * Understand the theories, institutions, and relationships that characterize international political economy * Evaluate the global economy


Introduction to International Political Economy - 2854424364

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Introduction to International Political Economy BERTRAMS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna


Studyguide for Introduction to International Political Economy by Balaam, David N., ISBN 9780205965151 - 2848696362

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Studyguide for Introduction to International Political Economy by Balaam, David N., ISBN 9780205965151



Theoretical Evolution of International Political Economy, Th - 2854251525

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Theoretical Evolution of International Political Economy, Th Oxford University Press

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This collection of seminal readings in international political economy charts the historical and theoretical evolution of the field from the seventeenth century to the present day. Bringing together classic works and leading contemporary arguments, this book outlines the development of three schools of IPE thought - Economic Nationalism, Liberalism and Marxism - while also including theoretical perspectives beyond the dominant traditions. The third edition not only retains but increases the number of classic works from the previous editions while also updating the reader with contemporary writings reflecting the most important recent theoretical developments in the field. It also incorporates new theoretical terrains with sections on feminist and Green IPE, as well as a wholly new introduction. Readings include works by Thomas Mun, Adam Smith, David Ricardo, John Stuart Mill, Alexander Hamilton, Friedrich List, Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, V. I. Lenin, Karl Kautsky, Robert Keohane, Andrew Moravcsik, Robert Wade, Benjamin Cohen, Robert W. Cox, Giovanni Arrighi, Roland Vaubel, Ronald Rogowski, Michael Hardt, Antonio Negri, Marieke de Goede, Ann Tickner, Spike Peterson, Eric Helleiner and Alf Hornborg. Providing many of the most frequently cited IPE references in a single volume, the third edition of The Theoretical Evolution of International Political Economy continues to be an essential resource for students of both international relations and international economics.


International Political Economy - 2854297950

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International Political Economy ROUTLEDGE

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Offers an introduction to the fundamental theories and issues of international political economy (IPE). This book introduces students to the three main theoretical approaches in IPE: free market, institutionalist, and, historical materialist.


Global Political Economy - 2826625107

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Global Political Economy Oxford University Press

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The fourth edition of this popular text is a sophisticated and authoritative introduction to the field of international political economy that combines history and theoretical approaches with contemporary issues and debates.


China's New Political Economy - 2854332875

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China's New Political Economy Westview Press Inc

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In the completely revised second edition of this highly praised book, Susumu Yabuki, one of Japans leading China experts, and Stephen M. Harner, A Shanghai-based investment banker, present a comprehensive and accessible analysis of Chinas political economy. The authors provide dozens of easy-to-grasp and up-to-date graphs, charts, tables, and maps to illustrate the reality of China, as they explain and comment on political, economic, financial and trade trends. Placing issues in historical perspective, and with a view to trends into the twenty-first century, the authors survey the realities of Chinas area and population, agriculture, energy needs, pollution, industrial structure, township and village enterprises, state-owned enterprise reform, unemployment, economic regions, foreign investment, state finances, fiscal and monetary policy, Chinas financial institutions, foreign financial institutions in China, stock markets, international finance, balance of payments and exchange rate policy, corporate finance, the role of Shanghai, government institution reform, foreign trade, the roles of Hong Kong and Taiwan, U. S. -China relations, and Japan-China relations. Useful as an introduction to Chinas economics, finance, and politics for students, and as a desktop reference volume for corporations, organizations, and individuals considering doing business in China, this unique study fills a genuine gap in the literature.


Introduction to Capitalism - 2854283737

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Introduction to Capitalism ROUTLEDGE

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Embedded in an historical account of the development of U.S. capitalism up to the present day, this book gives the reader a thorough description of the major aspects of the U.S. economy, as well as a theoretical understanding of the overall economy. A particular focus of this book is how free markets work in capitalism and the interrelationship between markets and the government. Of particular interest in the current economic situation is the question of what can the government do to get the economy going again. Underlying the standard economics text today is the fundamental belief that leaving markets as free as possible will lead to the ideal economy. Directly opposing this approach, this book takes a critical stance toward free markets. Rather than viewing markets as the ideal solution to almost all economic problems, this book argues that markets are not always the answer. On the contrary, they are often the problem, and must be corrected by government action. Related to this critical stance, and in a further departure from current economics texts, this book takes an explicitly Keynesian approach to the macro-economy. Rejecting the free market approach which dominates both micro- and macro-economics today, this book offers a fresh perspective on economics and the economy today.As we enter the second decade of the twenty first century, a new set of pressures are being brought to bear on the American economy and these are spreading in influence to affect the entire international economy itself. An Introduction to Capitalism will be the ideal textbook for a number of courses, including introduction to the US Economy, political economy and United States Economic History. In addition, it provides a superb overview for the intelligent layman of an ever changing topic.


Principles of International Politics - 2826756383

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Principles of International Politics CQ Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Renowned scholar Bruce Bueno de Mesquita, who set the standard for the scientific approach to international relations and transformed the field, has returned with a reformulated fifth edition based on extensive reviewer feedback and guided by an emphasis on questions about the causes and consequences of war, peace, and world order. More than ever before, the strategic perspective in international relations is examined with complete clarity, precision, and accessibility.aWhat hasnEt changed is Bueno de MesquitaEs commitment to covering the fundamentals of IR. The foundational topics and examination are all there: the major theories of war, the domestic sources of international politics, an exploration of the democratic peace, the problems of terrorism, the role of foreign aid, democratization, international political economy, globalization, international organizations, international law, and the global environment. The first part of the book, oFoundationsooffers highly accessible coverage of key concepts, introducing students to different ways to think about the national interest and showing them how to use game theory and the strategic perspective/selectorate theory to better understand what happens in all aspects of international affairs. This section uses debate over North KoreaEs nuclear weapons development as an ongoing example to build concepts and build confidence in the studentEs how of basic modeling ideas. Also covered is a basic, intuitive introduction to game theory and other evidence and logic based tools for analyzing international relations. Part II, oWar,o next provides a more thorough evaluation of how domestic political incentives and the domestic institutions of governance shape choices about conflict initiation, escalation, and termination. It also surveys major theories of war and conflict, working through hypotheses derived from constructivism, neo-realism, liberalism and selectorate theory and evaluating them against the evidence to see what actually works and what doesnEt.Chapters in Part III, oPeace,o build on the logic of collective action to help students see why it is so difficult to get national governments to do owhat is righto even when they can agree on what is right, with chapters covering the effectiveness of international organizations and international law, as well as a thorough evaluation of environmental issues, human rights enforcement and the domestic and the international political economy of trade. aPart IV, oWorld Ordero emphasizes efforts to promote the spread of democracy and economic prosperity. It also addresses how to understand and deal with terrorism. Whether examining terrorism, the spread of democracy or the alleviation of poverty, chapters in this section carefully examine which strategies work, which do not, and why. The Arab Spring provides a useful ongoing example of the strengths and weaknesses of foreign aid policy and military intervention policies. No other introductory text delivers such an easily-understood contemporary explanation of international politics, while truly enabling students to learn how to mobilize the key concepts and models themselvesA'thus develop a new method for thinking about world affairs. More than ever before, Principles provides a comprehensive evaluation of all aspects of international affairs, systematically compares the accuracy of competing approaches to international relations, and walks students through the simple, intuitive models and games that capture the essence of the strategic, selectorate viewpoint.


Introduction to Comparative Politics - 2212834806

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Introduction to Comparative Politics Houghton Mifflin Company

Inne 1

Written by a distinguished group of comparativists, this innovative and accessible introductory text surveys 12 key countries organized according to their level of political development: established democracies, transitional democracies, and non-democracies. The country studies illuminate four comparative themes in a global context: the world of states, examining the interaction of states within the international order; governing the economy, covering the role of the state in economic management; the democratic idea, discussing the pressure for more democracy and the challenges of democratization; and the politics of collective identities, studying the political impact of diverse attachments and sources of group identity. The theoretical framework developed in an expanded introduction provides a rich context for each country study, and clear prose makes the book accessible to students with little or no background in political science. Students will also benefit from the data sheet at the beginning of each chapter that includes basic demographic, socioeconomic, and political information, to aid in country comparisons. In addition, they can use the Geographic Setting sections in each chapter, as well as maps, tables, charts, photographs, and political cartoons to further their understanding of each country studied. New! All 12 country studies, as well as two additional studies, are available in an online database. Instructors may choose from among these chapters (a minimum of 7) to create a customized text. East-Central Europe and South Africa will be available for Fall 2003 classes, and two new countries will be added every year. New! The chapter on the United States has been broadened in response to reviewer comments. New! Expanded coverage throughout includes a focus on the political and military aspects of globalization in the post-September 11 world. New! Recently added information includes the effects of ethnic, nationalist, and religious divisions. Complete updates include discussion of political events, elections, and other circumstances that influence change. Key terms appear as bold in the text and a glossary at the end defines key concepts in comparative politics. In addition, an appendix explains the Human Development Index


A Short Introduction to Micro-and Macroeconomics - 2619308261

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A Short Introduction to Micro-and Macroeconomics Uniwersytet Opolski


The part about microeconomics focuses on the problem of choice, the working of the market, the theory of the firm, the role of the government in case the market does not a proper job and the problem of reduced competition e.g. in case of monopoly. Much space is devoted to institutions and transaction costs. This topic is relevant for analysing the the working of markets, organisations and other types of systems used for production and trade or for analysing the influence of e.g. laws and regulations on economic activity. This part integrates economics with sociology, political and legal sciences. The part about macroeconomics focuses on issues related to national income and the banking system. What is national income? What causes national income to increase? What is the function of the central bank and the government in the development of the economy? What is the effect of ?printing money?? Does economic growth mean that everyone has a ?better life?? The book may be of interest for students of economics, history, political science, sociology, law, geography, etc. in order to obtain a quick introduction to micro- and macroeconomics in English. Na podręcznik pt. Krótki wstęp do mikro i makroekonomii składają się dwie części. Część dotycząca mikroekonomii koncentruje się na problemie wyboru, mechanizmie działania rynku, teorii przedsiębiorstwa, roli rządu w przypadku, gdy rynek nie funkcjonuje w sposób właściwy, oraz na kwestii ograniczonej konkurencyjności, np. w przypadku monopolu. Sporo miejsca poświęcone zostało instytucjom i kosztom dokonywania transakcji. Temat ten jest istotny dla dokonania analiz sposobu działania rynku, organizacji oraz innych typów systemów wykorzystywanych w produkcji i handlu, lub do analizy wpływu, np. prawa i regulacji prawnych na działalność gospodarczą. Część ta łączy ekonomię z socjologią, naukami politycznymi i prawniczymi. Część odnosząca się do makroekonomii skupia się na sprawach związanych z dochodem i systemem bankowości. Co to jest dochód narodowy? Co wpływa na jego wzrost? Jaką funkcję pełni bank centralny oraz rząd w rozwoju gospodarki? Jaki jest efekt ?drukowania pieniędzy?? Czy wzrost gospodarczy oznacza, że wszystkim ?żyje się lepiej?? Książka jest adresowana do studentów ekonomii, historii, nauk politycznych, socjologii, prawa, geografii, itp. (i nauk pokrewnych?), którzy otrzymują krótkie wprowadzenie do tematyki mikro- i makroekonomii w języku angielskim. Spis treści: Introduction MICROECONOMICS Chapter 1 - What is economics about? 1.1. Introduction 1.2. Economic methodology and tools of economic analysis 1.3. The production possibility curve 1.3.1. Opportunity Costs 1.3.2. How to increase the production possibilities? 1.4. Economic systems 1.5. A deeper analysis of governance structures and decision making 1.5.1. The collapse of real existing socialism 1.5.2. Main elements of the transition 1.6. The inefficiencies of a soft-budget constraint 1.6.1. What is efficiency? 1.6.2. Institutions and efficiency 1.6.3. The economics of shortage 1.6.4. Sowiet-Type Economies 1.6.5. Western economies Chapter 2 - The market mechanism 2.1. The market - supply and demand 2.2. The demand curve and the supply curve 2.3. Maximum prices and shortages 2.4. Shifts of and movements along the demand curve 2.5. Shifts of and movements along the supply curve 2.6. Case study - the effect of a disease on the price of meat 2.7. Price elasticity of demand 2.8. Income elasticity of demand and cross-price elasticity of demand Chapter 3 - The theory of the firm 3.1. Introduction 3.2. Profit maximisation 3.2.1. Profit maximisation by comparing total revenue and total costs 3.2.2. The production decision in the short run 3.2.3. Profit maximisation by comparing marginal revenue and marginal costs 3.3. Economies of stale . 3.4 Economic and accounting profits Chapter 4 - Institutions, transaction costs and economic activity 4.1. Introduction 4.2. What are institutions? 4.3. Incentives 4.4. The institution of property rights 4.5. The notion of transaction costs 4.5.1. Search costs 4.5.2. Negotiation costs 4.5.3. Control costs 4.6. Valuable attributes in the public domain 4.6.1. Maximum prices and the public domain 4.7. An example of changing property rights 4.8. Some examples of changing property rights in Poland and Russia 4.9. Factors that may lower transaction costs 4.9.1. Market competition and law of contract 4.9.2. Social capital Chapter 5 - Market failure and the role of the government 5.1. Introduction 5.2. The role of the government in the mixed economy 5.3. Reasons for market failure 5.4. External effects 5.4.1. What are external effects? 5.4.2. The importance of property rights 5.4.3. Poland's environmental problems 5.4.4. Case study - economic growth, car use and environmental problems Chapter 6 - Imperfect competition 6.1. Introduction 6.2. Perfect competition 6.3. Monopoly 6.3.1. Profit maximisation under monopoly 6.3.2. Is a monopoly good or bad for society? 6.4. Monopolistic competition and oligopoly 6.4.1. Monopolistic competition 6.4.2. Oligopoly 6.4.3. Price discrimination MACROECONOMICS Chapter 7 - National income accounting 7.1. Introduction 7.2. Factors of economic growth 7.3. Gross domestic product 7.3.1 National income 7.3.2 Government expenditure 7.3.3 International trade 7.4. Problems with national income accounting Chapter 8 - Determinants of national income in the short run 8.1. Introduction 8.2. Determinants of national income 8.2.1. Consumption 8.2.2. Determinants of consumption 8.2.3. Investment 8.2.4. Government expenditure and net export 8.2.5. The macroeconomic equilibrium 8.3. The multiplier 8.3.1. How to calculate the multiplier 8.4. Aggregate demand and fiscal policy 8.4.1. Tax and national income 8.4.2. Automatic stabilisers and active fiscal policy 8.4.3. The multiplier and international trade Chapter 9 - Money and banking 9.1. Introduction 9.2. Functions of money 9.3. Banking and the creation of money 9.4. The central bank and the money supply 9.5. Money Demand 9.6. Equilibrium on the money market Chapter 10 - Aggregate demand, aggregate supply and the price level 10.1. Introduction 10.2. Keynesian versus neo-classical economics 10.3. Aggregate demand and aggregate supply 10.4. Supply-side policies Chapter 11 - Economic growth and economic development 11.1. Introduction 11.2. Some figures on economic growth 11.3. Potential and real output 11.4. Factors of economic growth 11.5. Economic development Bibliography List of figures List of tables


International Law - 2854258906

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International Law Oxford University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

International Law is both an introduction to the subject and a critical consideration of its central themes and debates. The opening chapters of the book explain how international law underpins the international political and economic system by establishing the basic principle of the independence of States, and their right to choose their own political, economic, and cultural systems. Subsequent chapters then focus on considerations that limit national freedom of choice (e.g. human rights, the interconnected global economy, the environment). Through the organizing concepts of territory, sovereignty, and jurisdiction the book shows how international law seeks to achieve an established set of principles according to which the power to make and enforce policies is distributed among States.


International Conflict Resolution - 2854580008

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International Conflict Resolution CONTINUUM

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Conflict is at the heart of international relations and as we begin the new millennium it is occurring in new and vexing forms. This new edition looks at conflict both as an important subject in its own right and as a powerful lens through which to view international relations more generally. Charles Hauss provides a lively introduction to both theory and practice. He begins by tracing the three stages in most typologies of international conflict: origins, ending the fighting and reconciliation. A broad selection of case studies, covering many of the major conflicts the world has faced in the last ten years, provides the reader with material they can use to form their own judgements about the theories. Ranging from international political economy to security, migration, human rights and the environment, this series is designed to explore the issues that make international relations such an exciting, controversial and, at times, confusing field in a world undergoing unprecedented change. The books are designed as core texts for advanced undergraduate and specialized graduate courses, and each volume follows a standard format. The first section is devoted to general theories and concepts. The second includes carefully selected case studies which students can use to deepen their understanding of the theoretical issues. The books include, as an integral part of the text, addresses of particularly helpful websites.


American Women's History: A Very Short Introduction - 2854316181

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American Women's History: A Very Short Introduction Oxford University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

What does U.S. history look like with women at the center of the story? From Pocahantas to military women serving in the Iraqi war, this survey chronicles the contributions, recognized and unrecognized, that women have made to the American experience. Committed to a multicultural approach to women's history, the narrative opens not with the European settlers who came to America but with the Native American peoples who were already there. Women who seized opportunities for political and cultural influence during and after the American Revolution were mainly white women. Women's domestic and waged labor shaped the Northern economy, and slavery affected the lives of Southern women, both free and enslaved. Women took the lead in 19th century movements such as temperance, moral reform, and abolitionism, as well as women's rights. The demand for the vote first enunciated at Seneca Falls in 1848 culminated in the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment in 1920. New patterns of work, leisure, and education shaped modern women's lives after 1920, as did international events such as the Great Depression, World War II, and the Cold War. Women played especially large roles in the civil rights movement and the revival of feminism, as well as in the backlash these movements provoked. Moving beyond the well-documented lives of white middle-class women, this survey recognizes the diversity of American women's experiences defined by race, ethnicity, and class, but also geography, sexual orientation, age, and religion. At the core of the narrative is the recognition that gender-the changing historical and cultural constructions of roles assigned to the biological differences of the sexes-is central to understanding the history of American women's lives, and the history of the United States.


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