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Comparing Welfare States - 2854255519

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Comparing Welfare States Sage Publications

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Praise for the First Edition: 'A clear and concise introduction to comparative social policy. It provides students with a framework in which to analyze the British welfare regime and to compare it with those developed and developing elsewhere' - Hilary Graham, Professor of Applied Social Studies, University of Warwick This extensively revised Second Edition, provides a critical introduction to British and comparative social policy. Drawing on the comparative analysis of welfare regimes, the book show how the welfare systems of individual countries can only be understood thorugh exploring the wider global context. The chapters highlight the richness, complexity and dynamics of welfare regimes in different countries, while ar the same time considering shared features and trends. Comparing Welfare States provides a unique way into analysis of the British welfare state through its wider international focus. In this extensively revised second edition, the British case is related to the experiences of the United States of America, Sweden, Germany and Ireland, and set in the context of policy issues within the European Union.Througout the authors problematize traditional notions of welfare, emphasizing variations in levels and forms of provision and in the ways in which different social groups experience welfare. Particular attention is paid to the interactions between family policies and issues of race and gender, and to the processes by which indivduals or groups are given or denied access to full welfare citizenship. This book is an invaluable text for students of British and comparative social and public policy, and to all of those interested in the study of European welfare states. Comparing Welfare States is a course book for the Open University course, Family Life and Social Policy (D311).


Welfare Theory - 2854274009

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What are the concepts and principles that underpin the design and delivery of social policies? This thoroughly revised edition of a trusted text provides an authoritative introduction to the theoretical framework of social policy. Drawing upon the fields of politics, sociology and philosophy, the book offers analysis of the history and relevance of a range of core concepts such as equality, liberty, citizenship and power. It explores key ideologies of welfare, including Marxism, Feminism and the Radical Right, and presents critical perspectives on the nature of society and class. A stimulating combination of classic debates and recent developments in the field, this edition: * Features an entirely new chapter on the growing influences of global justice and environmentalism * Includes thought-provoking new 'Questions for Further Discussion' at the end of each chapter * Addresses fundamental issues in contemporary society such as social exclusion, social division and the nature of happiness. Written in a down-to-earth and engaging style, this major text is essential introductory reading for all students of Social Policy, as well as for any student of Sociology, Politics or Public Policy seeking to understand what is at stake in welfare policies of the 21st century.


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