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Basic Concepts in Physics - 2849426494

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Basic Concepts in Physics Springer

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

From Cosmos to Quarks is a novel combination of historical, conceptual and formal introduction to the main ideas in physics. Its first five chapters are devoted to classical physics, keeping in mind its relevance to modern physics. Topics such as planetary motion, statistical mechanics, information and entropy, ferromagnetism, superconductivity, electromagnetic waves and special relativity, are discussed here. The next seven chapters describe the basics of quantum mechanics and its paradoxes, quantum electrodynamics, Casimir and Aharonov-Bohm effects, CPT invariance, general relativity and cosmology, the death of stars, CP violation, spontaneous symmetry breaking and the Standard Model, inflation and more besides. The final part is a short excursion into some topics pertaining to physics and life, for example homochirality. Readers of this book will not only learn much about physics, they will also learn to enjoy it.


Principles of Modern Physics - 2826782808

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Principles of Modern Physics Alpha Science International Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Principles of Modern Physics, divided into twenty one chapters, begins with quantum ideas followed by discussions on special relativity, atomic structure, basic quantum mechanics, hydrogen atom (and Schrodinger equation) and periodic table, the three statistical distributions, X-rays, physics of solids, imperfections in crystals, magnetic properties of materials, superconductivity, Zeeman-, Stark- and Paschen Back- effects, Lasers, Nuclear physics (Yukawa's meson theory and various nuclear models), radioactivity and nuclear reactions, nuclear fission, fusion and plasma, particle accelerators and detectors, the universe, Elementary particles (classification, eight fold way and quark model, standard model and fundamental interactions), cosmic rays, deuteron problem in nuclear physics, and cathode ray oscilloscope. NEW TO THE FOURTH EDITION: The CO2 Laser Theory of magnetic moments on the basis of shell model Geological dating Laser Induced fusion and laser fusion reactor. Hawking radiation The cosmological red shift Non-inertial frames and Einstein's general relativity Einstein field equation (an introduction) Schwarzschild metric Classical and Quantum gravity (an introduction) Cathode Ray Oscilloscope (a new chapter) Deuteron problem (a new chapter)


Modern Classical Physics - 2826760092

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Modern Classical Physics University Press Group Ltd

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This first-year, graduate-level text and reference book covers the fundamental concepts and twenty-first-century applications of six major areas of classical physics that every masters- or PhD-level physicist should be exposed to, but often isn't: statistical physics, optics (waves of all sorts), elastodynamics, fluid mechanics, plasma physics, and special and general relativity and cosmology. Growing out of a full-year course that the eminent researchers Kip Thorne and Roger Blandford taught at Caltech for almost three decades, this book is designed to broaden the training of physicists. Its six main topical sections are also designed so they can be used in separate courses, and the book provides an invaluable reference for researchers. It presents all the major fields of classical physics except three prerequisites: classical mechanics, electromagnetism, and elementary thermodynamics. It elucidates the interconnections between diverse fields, and explains their shared concepts and tools. It focuses on fundamental concepts and modern, real-world applications. It takes applications from fundamental, experimental, and applied physics; astrophysics and cosmology; geophysics, oceanography, and meteorology; biophysics and chemical physics; engineering and optical science and technology; and information science and technology. It emphasizes the quantum roots of classical physics, and how to use quantum techniques to elucidate classical concepts or simplify classical calculations Features hundreds of color figures, some five hundred exercises, extensive cross-references, and a detailed index. It is an online illustration package that is available to professors.


Modern Physics - 2826651929

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Modern Physics BROOKS/COLE

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This text presents an introduction to relativity, quantum mechanics, and statistical physics as well as applications of these theories to molecular physics, condensed matter physics, nuclear physics, particle physics, and cosmology. Writing in a student-friendly and accessible manner, the authors strike the perfect balance, mixing relevant applications (many new to this edition) with the appropriate level of theory. A new Web-based simulation software package, QMTools, complements the text and provides modeling tools to help students visualize abstract concepts. Icons are provided throughout the text to highlight areas in which this software can enhance understanding.


Course in Modern Mathematical Physics - 2826622500

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Course in Modern Mathematical Physics Cambridge University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book, first published in 2004, provides an introduction to the major mathematical structures used in physics today. It covers the concepts and techniques needed for topics such as group theory, Lie algebras, topology, Hilbert space and differential geometry. Important theories of physics such as classical and quantum mechanics, thermodynamics, and special and general relativity are also developed in detail, and presented in the appropriate mathematical language. The book is suitable for advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate students in mathematical and theoretical physics, as well as applied mathematics. It includes numerous exercises and worked examples, to test the reader's understanding of the various concepts, as well as extending the themes covered in the main text. The only prerequisites are elementary calculus and linear algebra. No prior knowledge of group theory, abstract vector spaces or topology is required.


Philosophy of Physics - 2826638103

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Philosophy of Physics John Wiley and Sons Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Does the future exist already? What is space? Are time machines physically possible? What is quantum mechanical reality like? Are there many universes? Is there a 'true' geometry of the universe? Why does there appear to be an arrow of time? Do humans play a special role in the world?§§In this unique introductory book, Dean Rickles guides the reader through these and other core questions that keep philosophers of physics up at night. He discusses the three pillars of modern physics (quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics, and the theories of relativity), in addition to more cutting-edge themes such as econophysics, quantum gravity, quantum computers, and gauge theories. The book's approach is based on the idea that philosophy of physics is a kind of 'interpretation game' in which we try to map physical theories onto our world. But the rules of this game often lead to a multiplicity of possible victors: rarely do we encounter a simple answer.§§The Philosophy of Physics offers a highly accessible introduction to the latest developments in this exciting field. Written in a lively style, with many visual examples, it will appeal to beginner-level students in both physics and philosophy.


Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Field Theory - 2834150601

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Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Field Theory Cambridge University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Explaining the concepts of quantum mechanics and quantum field theory in a precise mathematical language, this textbook is an ideal introduction for graduate students in mathematics, helping to prepare them for further studies in quantum physics. The textbook covers topics that are central to quantum physics: non-relativistic quantum mechanics, quantum statistical mechanics, relativistic quantum mechanics and quantum field theory. There is also background material on analysis, classical mechanics, relativity and probability. Each topic is explored through a statement of basic principles followed by simple examples. Around 100 problems throughout the textbook help readers develop their understanding.


Statistical Field Theory - 2848131194

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Statistical Field Theory Oxford University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book provides a thorough introduction to the fascinating world of phase transitions as well as many related topics, including random walks, combinatorial problems, quantum field theory and S-matrix. Fundamental concepts of phase transitions, such as order parameters, spontaneous symmetry breaking, scaling transformations, conformal symmetry, and anomalous dimensions, have deeply changed the modern vision of many areas of physics, leading to remarkable developments in statistical mechanics, elementary particle theory, condensed matter physics and string theory. This self-contained book provides an excellent introduction to frontier topics of exactly solved models in statistical mechanics and quantum field theory, renormalization group, conformal models, quantum integrable systems, duality, elastic S-matrix, thermodynamics Bethe ansatz and form factor theory. The clear discussion of physical principles is accompanied by a detailed analysis of several branches of mathematics, distinguished for their elegance and beauty, such as infinite dimensional algebras, conformal mappings, integral equations or modular functions. Besides advanced research themes, the book also covers many basic topics in statistical mechanics, quantum field theory and theoretical physics. Each argument is discussed in great detail, paying attention to an overall coherent understanding of physical phenomena. Mathematical background is provided in supplements at the end of each chapter, when appropriate. The chapters are also followed by problems of different levels of difficulty. Advanced undergraduate and graduate students will find a rich and challenging source for improving their skills and for accomplishing a comprehensive learning of the many facets of the subject.


Basic Optics - 2836099146

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Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Basic Optics: Principles and Concepts addresses in thorough detail the science of optics and its related concepts. The book provides a lucid and coherent presentation of an extensive range of concepts from the field of optics, which is central to several allied areas of science including physics, chemistry, materials science, and biology. With its multi-disciplinary range, the bookâ


Introduction to the Theory of Critical Phenomena - 2840796731

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Introduction to the Theory of Critical Phenomena World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book provides a comprehensive introduction to the theory of phase transitions and critical phenomena. The content covers a period of more than 100 years of theoretical research of condensed matter phases and phase transitions providing a clear interrelationship with experimental problems. It starts from certain basic University knowledge of thermodynamics, statistical physics and quantum mechanics. The text is illustrated with classic examples of phase transitions. Various types of phase transition and (multi) critical points are introduced and explained. The classic aspects of the theory are naturally related with the modern developments. This interrelationship and the field-theoretical renormalization group method are presented in details. The main applications of the renormalization group methods are presented. Special attention is paid to the description of quantum phase transitions. This edition contains a more detailed presentation of the renormalization group method and its applications to particular systems.


Elementary Particles and Their Interactions - 2826889817

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Elementary Particles and Their Interactions Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Elementary Particles and Their Interactions. Concepts and Phenomena presents a well-written and thorough introduction to this field at the advanced undergraduate and graduate level. Students familiar with quantum mechanics, special relativity and classical electrodynamics will find easy access to modern particle physics and a rich source of illustrative examples, figures, tables, and problems with selected solutions. Further references guide the reader through the literature. This text should become a standard reference to particle physics and will be useful to students and lecturers alike.


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