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People from County Westmeath Books LLC, Reference Series

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 45. Chapters: George Wade, Edmond Malone, Donnchad Midi, Christopher Nugent, Domnall Midi, Michael O'Leary, Féchín of Fore, Michael Joseph Curley, Laurence Ginnell, Paul Walsh, Paul Gogarty, Roche MacGeoghegan, Ada English, Edward Pakenham, T. P. O'Connor, Fallomon mac Con Congalt, Murchad Midi, Nuala Holloway, Anne de Mortimer, Robert Nugent, 1st Earl Nugent, Gormflaith ingen Flann Sinna, Turgesius Island, Christy Moylan, Francis Nugent, Christy Martin, Colmán of Lann, Henry Kelly, Maurice Dease, Thomas William Drumm, Dermot Farrell, Mark Walker, Lorcan Robbins, Éamonn Lawlor, Aileen Lawlor, Conchobar mac Donnchada, Sir Samuel Walker, 1st Baronet, Larry Timmons, Richard Pakenham, Thekla Beere, Benjamin Chapman, Ernest Alton, Gormlaith ingen Flann mac Conaing, Charles Fagan, Anne Rigney, Camillus Glynn, John McGrath, Theobald Dillon, 1st Viscount Dillon, John Browne, George Boyd-Rochfort, Alo Kelly, Timothy McAuliffe, Sir Walter Nugent, 4th Baronet, Denis ApIvor, Kenneth Edgeworth, Brinsley MacNamara, John Joe Joyce, Dermot Healy, Francis Longworth, Sr., Donal Sullivan, Sir Percy Nugent, 1st Baronet, Máel Íosa Ua Dálaigh, Barry Kelly, David Kilcoyne, Cú Connacht Ua Dálaigh, John Ennis, Muircheartach Ó Cobhthaigh, Liam Forde, Tadhg Ua Dálaigh, Aonghus Ruadh Ó Dálaigh. Excerpt: Edmond Malone (4 October 1741 - 25 April 1812) was an Irish Shakespearean scholar and editor of the works of William Shakespeare. Assured of an income after the death of his father in 1774, Malone was able to give up his law practice for at first political and then more congenial literary pursuits. He went to London, where he frequented literary and artistic circles. He regularly visited Samuel Johnson and was of great assistance to James Boswell in revising and proofreading his Life, four of the later editions of which he annotated. He was friendly with Sir Joshua Reynolds, and sat for a portrait now in the National Portrait Gallery. He was one of Reynolds' executors, and published a posthumous collection of his works (1798) with a memoir. Horace Walpole, Edmund Burke, George Canning, Oliver Goldsmith, Lord Charlemont, and, at first, George Steevens, were among Malone's friends. Encouraged by Charlemont and Steevens, he devoted himself to the study of Shakespearean chronology, and the results of his "An Attempt to Ascertain the Order in Which the Plays Attributed to Shakspeare Were Written" (1778), which finally made it conceivable to try to patch together a biography of Shakespeare through the plays themselves, are still largely accepted. This was followed in 1780 by two supplementary volumes to Steevens's version of Dr Johnson's Shakespeare, partly consisting of observations on the history of the Elizabethan stage, and of the text of doubtful plays; and this again, in 1783, by an appendix volume. His refusal to alter some of his notes to Isaac Reed's edition of 1785, which disagreed with Steevens's, resulted in a quarrel with the latter. Edmond Malone was born 4 October 1741 in Dublin to Edmond Malone Sr.-MP of the Irish House of Commons and judge of the Court of Common Pleas in Ireland-and Catherine Collier, the niece of Robert Knight, 1st Earl of Catherlough. He had two sisters, Henrietta and Catherine, and an older brother, Richard (later Lord Sunderlin). Edmo


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