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Choosing Your Clematis - 2826691306

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Choosing Your Clematis Garden Art Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In this volume, John Howells attempts to bring clarity to a confusing subject. Gardeners are bewildered with the choice of over 1000 clematis in the "Plantfinder". How can the gardener know the characteristics, growing requirements, attractions, faults and flowering time of so many? Some years ago the author devised a straighforward classification of clematis by dividing them into 12 groups, a system which is now universally followed. The main part of the book considers all 12 groups in order of flowering . Each group has an unmistakable description and unambiguous illustrations. A number of easy to grow clematis in each group are described and illustrated. Understandable but brief descriptions are given for the cultivation of each group. A knowledge of just 12 clematis, one from each group, gives the key to knowing all 1000. With this key the gardener can quickly choose what appeals and what suits the chosen planting area. There is also guidance on how to buy clematis and how to develop a clematis collection. Lists of the best clematis are provided.


Being You, Changing the World - 2834150440

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Being You, Changing the World BERTRAMS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Being You, Changing the Worldby Dr. Dain HeerThis is a very different book. It is written for the dreamers of this world- the people who KNOW that something different is possible-but who have never had the tools before.... This is a Handbook for Generating Infinite Possibilities and Dynamic Change. For you. And the world. Ten years ago, Dr. Dain Heer started as a chiropractor in California, USA. Seemingly successful and happy, Dain Heer was on the verge of suicide when he came across Access Consciousness. With this modality, based on question and choice, Dr. Heer's life began to expand and grow with more ease and speed than even he could have imagined possible. This book is his way of paying it forward.'Being You, Changing the World', provides you with a set of PRACTICAL tools and processes which can change everything and give you YOU, as you truly be. It provides you with a totally different perspective of BEING. What if being you isn't about doing something differently or being better? What if it is about BEING the energy you be, in totality? And what if that can change EVERYTHING? Your life, your relationships, your money situation . . . And the world!Access Consciousness is a system for opening the doors to anything that is possible in this world. By giving you access to your knowing. By dynamically increasing you awareness. By including everything and judging nothing.Today, Dr. Dain Heer travels all over the world inviting and inspiring people to more consciousness from total allowance, caring, humor and a phenomenal knowing. His unique points of view on of embodiment, earth, sexualness and healing transcend most things currently being taught. 'Being You, Changing the World' is his eighth book.From the back cover: 'I am not a guru. I have no answers for you. Just questions. Only you know what is true for you. What I am inviting you to, is exploring WITH me. My own path to consciousness is on going, as is yours. I use these tools every day and I keep discovering what else is possible, every day. If you're willing, this book can guide you to Being You. And Changing the World. Is now the time?' You can download an audio of the first chapter, read by Dain Heer, at:


Sun Blues Box - 2839330810

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Sun Blues Box Bear Family Records


1. Hunter, Lost John & His Blind Bats - Cool Down Mam 2. Hunter, Lost John & His Blind Bats - Schoolboy 3. Hunter, Lost John & His Blind Bats - Y-m & V Blues 4. Hunter, Lost John & His Blind Bats - Boogie For Me 5. Burse, Charlie - Shorty The Barber 6. Louis, Joe Hill - Boogie In The Park 7. Louis, Joe Hill - Gotta Let You Go 8. Estes, 'Sleepy' John - Registration Day Blues 9. Estes, 'Sleepy' John - Policy Man 10. Estes, 'Sleepy' John - Rats In My Kitchen 11. Estes, 'Sleepy' John - Runnin' Around 12. Doctor Ross & His Jump & Jive Boys - Doctor Ross B 13. Doctor Ross & His Jump & Jive Boys - Country Clown 14. Doctor Ross & His Jump & Jive Boys - Cat Squirrel 15. Doctor Ross & His Jump & Jive Boys - Little Soldie 16. Doctor Ross & His Jump & Jive Boys - Shake 'Em On 17. Doctor Ross & His Jump & Jive Boys - Down South Bl 18. Doctor Ross & His Jump & Jive Boys - Texas Hop 19. Lawson, L B & James Scott's Blues Rockers - Can't 20. Lawson, L B & James Scott's Blues Rockers - Flypap 21. Lawson, L B & James Scott's Blues Rockers - Got My 22. Lawson, L B & James Scott's Blues Rockers - Scott' 23. Stewart, William 'Talking Boy' - They Call Me Talk 24. Stewart, William 'Talking Boy' - County Farm Blues 25. Stewart, William 'Talking Boy' - Forty-four Blues 26. Stewart, William 'Talking Boy' - Rattlesnakin' Mam 27. Adams, Woodrow & Three Bs - Pretty Baby Blues 28. Adams, Woodrow & Three Bs - She's Done Come & Gone 29. Adams, Woodrow & Three Bs - If You Don't Want Me 30. Adams, Woodrow & Three Bs - Last Time 31. Adams, Woodrow & Three Bs - Train Time 32. Adams, Woodrow & Three Bs - Train Is Comin' 101. Howlin' Wolf, The - Moanin' At Midnight 102. Howlin' Wolf, The - How Many More Years 103. Howlin' Wolf, The - Mr. Highway Man 104. Howlin' Wolf, The - My Troubles & Me 105. Howlin' Wolf, The - Getting Old & Grey 106. Howlin' Wolf, The - My Baby Walked Off 107. Howlin' Wolf, The - Everybody's In The Mood 108. Howlin' Wolf, The - Decoration Day Blues 109. Howlin' Wolf, The - Bluebird Blues 110. Howlin' Wolf, The - Well That's Alright 111. Howlin' Wolf, The - Come Back Home 112. Horton, Walter - Little Walter's Instrumental 113. Horton, Walter - In The Mood 114. Horton, Walter - We All Gotta Go Sometime 115. Horton, Walter - West Winds Are Blowing 116. Horton, Walter - Little Walter's Boogie 117. 'Little Walker' - Off The Wall 118. Deberry, Jimmy - Party Line Blues 119. Nix, Willie - Midnight Showers Of Rain 120. Nix, Willie - Prison Bound Blues 121. Nix, Willie - Ridin' In The Moonlight 122. Nix, Willie - Take A Little Walk With Me 123. Hill, Henry / Doctor Ross - That Ain't Right 124. Doctor Ross - Deep Down In The Ground 125. Banister, James - Ain't Gonna Tell You No Lie 126. Binder, Dennis - Love You, Love You Baby 127. Parr, Elven & His In The Groove Boys - Baby Child 128. Parr, Elven & His In The Groove Boys - I'm A Good 129. Parr, Elven & His In The Groove Boys - In The Groo 130. Parr, Elven & His In The Groove Boys - Skin & Bone 201. Brenston, Jackie & His Delta Cats - Rocket 88 202. Turner, Ike & His Kings Of Rhythm - I'm Lonesome B 203. Turner, Ike & His Kings Of Rhythm - Heartbroken & 204. King, B B - B. B. Blues 205. King, B B - She's Dynamite 206. Brenston, Jackie & His Delta Cats - Independent Wo 207. Sargent, Lou - Ridin' The Boogie 208. Brenston, Jackie & His Delta Cats - My Real Gone R 209. Brenston, Jackie & His Delta Cats - Tuckered Out 210. Love, Billy - Juiced 211. Gordon, Rosco - Booted 212. Thomas, L J & His Louisiana Playboys - Sam's Drag 213. Thomas, L J & His Louisiana Playboys - Baby Take A 214. Love, Billy 'Red' - Drop Top 215. Love, Billy 'Red' - It Ain't No More 216. Gordon, Rosco - T Model Boogie 217. Gordon, Rosco - I Wade Through Muddy Water 218. Gordon, Rosco - Decorate The Counter 219. Thomas, Rufus - Decorate The Counter 220. Thomas, Rufus - Married Woman 221. Stokes, Houston - You'll Be Sorry Someday 222. Stokes, Houston - We're All Gonna Do Some Wrong 223. Smith, Walter 'Tang' - Hi-tone Mama 224. Smith, Walter 'Tang' - Every Monday Morning Blues 225. Love, Billy - Early In The Morning 226. Kennedy, 'Tiny' & Elmer The Disc Jockey Rooster - 227. Kennedy, 'Tiny' - Strange Kind Of Feeling 228. Kennedy, 'Tiny' - Blues Disease 229. Kennedy, 'Tiny' - Don't Lay This Job On Me 230. Johnson, Sherman 'Blues' & His Clouds Of Joy - Hot 231. Johnson, Sherman 'Blues' & His Clouds Of Joy - Pre 301. Jackie Boy & Little Walter - Selling My Whiskey (I 302. London, Johnny / Alto Wizard - Drivin Slow 303. London, Johnny / Alto Wizard - Flat Tire 304. Bradford, Walter & The Big City Four - Untitled Bl 305. Jackson, Handy - Got My Application Baby 306. Jackson, Handy - Trouble (Will Bring You Down) 307. Louis, Joe Hill - We All Gotta Go Sometime 308. Louis, Joe Hill - She May Be Yours (But She Comes 309. Nix , Willie / The Memphis Blues Boy - Seems Like 310. Nix , Willie / The Memphis Blues Boy - Baker Shop 311. Deberry, Jimmy & Walter Horton (Jimmy & Walter) - 312. Deberry, Jimmy - Before Long 313. Thomas Jr, Rufus 'Hound Dog' - Bear Cat (The Answe 314. Thomas Jr, Rufus 'Hound Dog' - Walkin' In The Rain 315. Hunt, D A - Greyhound Blues 316. Hunt, D A - Lonesome Old Jail 317. Rainey, Big Memphis Ma / Onzie Horne Combo - Call 318. Rainey, Big Memphis Ma / Onzie Horne Combo - Baby, 319. Deberry, Jimmy - Take A Little Chance 320. Deberry, Jimmy - Time Has Made A Change 321. Prisonaires - Baby Please 322. Prisonaires - Just Walkin' In The Rain 323. Little Junior's Blue Flames - Feelin' Good 324. Little Junior's Blue Flames - Fussin' & Fightin' B 325. Thomas Jr, Rufus - Save That Money 326. Thomas Jr, Rufus - Tiger Man (King Of The Jungle) 327. Little Junior's Blue Flames - Mystery Train 328. Little Junior's Blue Flames - Love My Baby 329. Doctor Ross - Come Back Baby 330. Doctor Ross - Chicago Breakdown 331. Hot Shot Love - Wolf Call Boogie 332. Hot Shot Love - Harmonica Jam 401. Bradford, Walter & The Big City Four - Reward For 402. Bradford, Walter & The Big City Four - Love For My 403. Bradford, Walter & The Big City Four - Too Blue To 404. Hubert, L C & The Big City Four - Lucy Done Moved 405. Edwards, Honeyboy - Sweet Home Chicago 406. Williams, Albert - Rumble Chillen 407. Williams, Albert - Hoo Doo Man (Memphis Al) 408. Louis, Joe Hill - When I Am Gone (She Treats Me Me 409. Louis, Joe Hill - Dorothy Mae 410. Louis, Joe Hill - Keep Your Arms Around Me 411. Louis, Joe Hill - I'm A Poor Boy 412. Louis, Joe Hill - She May Be Yours (Sweetest Gal I 413. Louis, Joe Hill - Hydramatic Woman 414. Louis, Joe Hill - Tiger Man 415. Louis, Joe Hill / Williams, Albert - Shine Boy 416. Vinson, Mose - Mistreatin' Boogie 417. Vinson, Mose - Worry You Off My Mind 418. Vinson, Mose - Reap What You Sow 419. Vinson, Mose - 44 Blues 420. Vinson, Mose - Come See Me (Aka My Love Has Gone) 421. Little Junior's Blue Flames - Feelin' Bad 422. Cotton, James - My Baby 423. Cotton, James - Straighten Up Baby 424. Cotton, James - Cotton Crop Blues 425. Cotton, James - Hold Me In Your Arms 426. Hare, Pat - Cheating & Lying Blues (Aka I'm Gonna 427. Hare, Pat - Bonus Pay 428. Hot Shot Love - Harpin' On It 429. Stokes, Houston - Blue & Lonesome 430. Stokes, Houston - Baby's Gone & Left Me 431. Banks, Kenneth - High 432. Banks, Kenneth - Blue Man 501. Hill, Raymond - Long Gone Raymond 502. Hill, Raymond - My Baby Left Me 503. Hill, Raymond - I'm Back Pretty Baby 504. Hill, Raymond - Somebody's Been Carryin' Your Roll 505. Turner, Bonnie - Love Is A Gamble 506. Turner, Bonnie - Old Brother Jack 507. Randolph,tot - Blues Train 508. O'neal, Johnny - Ugly Woman (Peg Leg Baby) 509. O'neal, Johnny - Dead Letter Blues 510. O'neal, Johnny - Johnny's Dream 511. Little Milton - Beggin' My Baby 512. Little Milton - Somebody Told Me 513. Little Milton - I Love My Baby 514. Boines, Houston Or Huston - Carry My Business On 515. Boines, Houston Or Huston - Standing In The Courth 516. Little Milton - If You Love Me 517. Little Milton - Alone & Blue 518. Little Milton - She's My Queen 519. Little Milton - Re-beep (Previously Issued As Re-b 520. Little Milton - Lookin' For My Baby 521. Little Milton - Rode That Train (Lookin' For My Ba 522. Little Milton - Homesick For My Baby 523. Hooker, Earl - Steel Guitar Rag 524. Hooker, Earl - Blue Guitar 525. Hooker, Earl - The Drive 526. Hooker, Earl - Move On Down The Line 527. Hooker, Earl - The Hucklebuck 528. Gilmore, Boyd - Believe I'll Settle Down 529. Perkins, Pinetop - Pinetop's Boogie Woogie 530. Lewis, Sammy / Willie Johnson Combo - Gonna Leave 531. Lewis, Sammy / Willie Johnson Combo - I Feel So Wo 532. Lewis, Sammy / Willie Johnson Combo - I Feel So Wo 533. Lewis, Sammy / Willie Johnson Combo - So Long Baby 601. Love, Billy - Gee I Wish 602. Love, Billy - The News Is All Around Town 603. Love, Billy - Hey Now 604. Love, Billy - Way After Midnight 605. Love, Billy - Hart's Bread Boogie 606. Little Junior's Blue Flames - Sittin' At The Bar 607. Little Junior's Blue Flames - Sittin' At The Windo 608. Little Junior's Blue Flames - Sittin' Drinkin' & T 609. Hill, Raymond - The Snuggle 610. Hill, Raymond - Bourbon Street Jump 611. Emerson, Billy 'The Kid' - Shim Sham Shimmy 612. Emerson, Billy 'The Kid' - When It Rains It Pours 613. Emerson, Billy 'The Kid' - Move Baby Move 614. Emerson, Billy 'The Kid' - Red Hot 615. Emerson, Billy 'The Kid' - Satisfied 616. Emerson, Billy 'The Kid' - Something For Nothing 617. Emerson, Billy 'The Kid' - Little Fine Healthy Thi 618. Booker, Charley - Baby I'm Coming Home 619. Booker, Charley - Walked All Night 620. Snow, Eddie - Don't Dog Me Around 621. Snow, Eddie - Mean Mean Woman 622. Snow, Eddie - Stay With Me Baby 623. Snow, Eddie - Who's Been Drinking My Wine? 624. Snow, Eddie - Sorry Little Baby 625. Snow, Eddie - Got To Put You Down 626. Snow, Eddie - Bring Your Love Back Home 627. Snow, Eddie - Ain't That Right 628. Gordon, Rosco - That's What You Do To Me 629. Gordon, Rosco - I Found A New Love 630. Gordon, Rosco - I'm Gonna Shake It 631. Gordon, Rosco - Let's Get High 632. Guitar Red - Go Ahead On 633. Guitar Red - Baby Please Don't Go 701. Prisonaires - Just Walking In The Rain 702. Prisonaires - A Prisoner's Prayer 703. Prisonaires - Don't Say Tomorrow 704. Prisonaires - There Is Love In You 705. Five Tinos, The - Gonna Have To Let You Be 706. Five Tinos, The - Don't Do That 707. Five Tinos, The - Sitting By My Window 708. Gordon, Rosco - New Orleans 709. Gordon, Rosco - Shoobie Oobie 710. Kirby, Ed - Mean Old Gin 711. Kirby, Ed - Blue Nights 712. Carter, Big Lucky - Gonna Break That Lock 713. Hunky Dory - I Want My Baby Back 714. Hunky Dory - Baby Don't Leave Me 715. Hunky Dory - I Wonder Why 716. Hunky Dory - This Misery 717. Brewsteraires, The - Where Shall I Be (When That F 718. Brewsteraires, The - (The Lord Gave Me) Wings For 719. Southern Jubilees, The - There's A Man In Jerusale 720. Southern Jubilees, The - Forgive Me Lord 721. Southern Jubilees, The - He Never Left Me Alone 722. Southern Jubilees, The - Blessed Be The Name 723. Prisonaires - Softly & Tenderly 724. Prisonaires - My God Is Real 725. Jones Brothers, The - Amazing Grace 726. Jones Brothers, The - Gospel Train 727. Jones Brothers, The - Look To Jesus 728. Jones Brothers, The - Every Night 729. Russell, Brother R & The Jones Brothers Qt - I'm S 730. Jones Brothers Quartet - Every Night 731. Hunky Dory - A Lady Called Mother (Previously Issu 732. Hunky Dory - Workin' On A Building 801. Jackson, Handy - (Have You Ever Had) Trouble? -2 802. Love, Billy - You're Gonna Cry 803. Estes, Sleepy John - Runnin' Around -2 804. Elven Parr's In The Groove Boys - Skin & Bones Wom 805. Horton, Walter - Little Walter's Boogie -2 806. Hill, Henry / Doctor Ross - That Ain't Right -2 807. Louis, Joe Hill - She May Be Yours (But She Comes 808. Edwards, Honeyboy - Sweet Home Chicago -2 809. 'Little Walker' - Off The Wall -2 810. Gilmore, Boyd - Believe I'll Settle Down -2 811. O'neal, Johnny - Ugly Woman -2 812. O'neal, Johnny - Dead Letter Blues -2 813. O'neal, Johnny - Johnny's Dream -2 814. Hot Shot Love - Wolf Call Boogie -2 815. Love, Billy - Way After Midnight -2 816. Love, Billy - Gee I Wish -2 817. Love, Billy - The News Is All Around Town -2 818. Little Milton - Rode That Train/lookin' For My Bab 819. Lewis, Sammy / Willie Johnson Combo - I Feel So Wo 820. Lewis, Sammy / Willie Johnson Combo - So Long Baby 821. Doctor Ross - Left Job Boogie 822. Booker, Charlie - Walked All Night -2 823. Booker, Charlie - Baby I'm Coming Home -2 824. Turner, Ike / Tommy Hodge - (I Know) You Don't Lov 825. Turner, Ike / Tommy Hodge - Down & Out (Aka How Lo 826. Hare, Pat - Cheating & Lying Blues (Aka I'm Gonna 827. Turner, Ike / Tommy Hodge - Matchbox (Aka I'm Gonn 901. John The Revelator 902. Phillips, Sam - Tree Of Life (Advertising Spot) 903. I Am Bound For Canaan 904. Hunter, Lost John & The Blind Bats - Play The Game 905. Cole, J C - Ida Mae 906. Cole, J C - South Side Blues 907. Cole, J C - Move Me No More 908. Cole, J C - No Right Blues (Deep Blue Sea Blues) 909. Carr, Willie - Outside Friend 910. Four Cruisers, The - Beale St. Shuffle 911. Dobbin, Joseph & The Four Cruisers - On Account Of 912. Juicehead 913. V O Baby 914. Douglas, Shy Guy - Detroit Arrow Blues 915. Douglas, Shy Guy - Work With Her Boy 916. Douglas, Shy Guy - Hip Shakin' Mama (Shy Guy's Bac 917. Oh Baby 918. Evangelist Gospel Singers Of Alabama - Lord Stop T 919. Evangelist Gospel Singers Of Alabama - Leaning On 920. Evangelist Gospel Singers Of Alabama - Walk In The 921. Evangelist Gospel Singers Of Alabama - Never Grow 922. Spiritual Stars - I'll Search Heaven 923. Spiritual Stars - Good Religion


Phase Four Stereo.. -ltd- - 2843982851

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Phase Four Stereo.. -ltd-


1. Gordon, Irving - Unforgettable 2. Fain, Sammy - Secret Love 3. Livingston, Jay - To Each His Own 4. Roemheld, Heinz - Ruby 5. Ferrao, Raul - April In Portugal 6. Mellin, Robert - My One & Only Love 7. Kosma, Joseph - Autumn Leaves 8. Garner, Erroll - Misty 9. Young, Victor - Golden Earrings 10. Richards, John W. - Young At Heart 11. Fain, Sammy - April Love 12. Reid, Billy - The Gipsy 101. Maxwell, Robert - Ebb Tide 102. Noble, Ray - The Very Thought Of You 103. Fain, Sammy - I'll Be Seeing You 104. Young, Victor - Love Letters 105. Kern, Jerome - Long Ago (And Far Away) 106. Berlin, Irving - How Deep Is The Ocean 107. Kern, Jerome - Smoke Gets In Your Eyes 108. Young, Victor - Stella By Starlight 109. Nicholls, Horatio - Among My Souvenirs 110. Heusen, Jimmy - Darn That Dream 111. Aldrich, Ronnie - Evening Star 112. Rodgers, Richard - Where Or When 201. Rose, Peter - Deep Purple 202. Youmans, Vincent - More Than You Know 203. Lowe, Ruth - I'll Never Smile Again 204. Gershwin, George - Embraceable You 205. Mchugh, Jimmy - Don't Blame Me 206. Rodgers, Richard - I Have Dreamed 207. Weill, Kurt - September Song 208. Mchugh, Jimmy - I'm In The Mood For Love 209. Rodgers, Richard - If I Loved You 210. Aldrich, Ronnie - Lonely Lover 211. Suessdorf, Karl - Moonlight In Vermont 212. Loesser, Frank - Spring Will Be A Little Late This 301. Mancini, Henry - Charade 302. Jobim, Antonio Carlos - A Felicidade 303. Loewe, Frederick - I've Grown Accustomed To Her Fa 304. Aldrich, Ronnie - Ship Of Dreams 305. Cross, Douglass - (I Left My Heart) In San Francis 306. Vita, Alfredo De - Softly As I Leave You 307. Mancini, Henry - How Soon 308. Beach, Albert A. - I Wish You Love 309. Gimbel, Norman - The Girl From Ipanema 310. Rodgers, Richard - The Sound Of Music 311. Aldrich, Ronnie - Gardens In Ibiza 312. Merrill, Bob - People 401. Rodgers, Richard - My Favourite Things 402. Delange, Eddie - Theme From Picnic Introducing 403. Melodie D'amour 404. Salvador, Henri - Original Version 405. Livingston, Jay - Mona Lisa 406. Bacharach, Burt - Magic Moments 407. Young, Victor - When I Fall In Love 408. Dehr, Richard - Memories Are Made Of This 409. Leiber, Jerry - Spanish Harlem 410. Rodgers, Richard - The Sweetest Sounds 411. Farres, Osvaldo - Come Closer To Me 412. Heneker, David William - If The Rain's Got To Fall 413. Lerner, Alan Jay - If Ever I Would Leave You 501. Bacharach, Burt - This Guy's In Love With You 502. Webb, Jimmy - Macarthur Park 503. Dylan, Bob - Blowin' In The Wind 504. Wilson, Brian - Do It Again 505. Russell, Bobby - Honey 506. Aldrich, Ronnie - Time 507. Simon, Paul - Mrs. Robinson 508. Webb, Jimmy - By The Time I Get To Phoenix 509. Ben, Jorge - Mas Que Nada 510. Schifrin, Lalo - Theme From The Fox 511. Mason, Barry - A Man Without Love 512. Macleod, John - Something Here In My Heart 601. White, Barry - Love's Theme 602. Bergman, Alan - The Way We Were 603. Laurie, Linda - Leave Me Alone 604. Croce, Jim - I'll Have To Say I Love You In A Song 605. Bettis, John - Top Of The World 606. Pinder, Michael - Have You Heard 607. Masser, Michael - Last Time I Saw Him 608. Bergman, Alan - What Are You Doing The Rest Of You 609. Albertelli, Luigi - Vado Via 610. Jobim, Antonio Carlos - Wave 611. O'sullivan, Gilbert - Happiness Is Me & You 612. Durrill, John - Dark Lady 701. Mandel, Johnny - The Shadow Of Your Smile (From T 702. Jarre, Maurice - Somewhere My Love (From Doctor Z 703. Kaempfert, Bert - Strangers In The Night (From A 704. Sherman, Richard M. - Chim Chim Cher-ee (From Mar 705. Chaplin, Charlie - Limelight (From Limelight) 706. Mayuzumi, Toshiro - The Bible (From The Bible) 707. North, Alex - Who's Afraid? (From Who's Afraid Of 708. Auric, Georges - The Moulin Rouge Theme (From Mou 709. Ciorciolini, Marcello - More (From Mondo Cane) 710. Williams, Charles - The Apartment (From The Apart 711. Goldsmith, Jerry - A Patch Of Blue (From A Patch 712. Jarre, Maurice - Lawrence Of Arabia (From Lawrenc 713. Barry, John - You Only Live Twice (From You Only 714. Brooker, Gary - A Whiter Shade Of Pale 715. Springfield, Tom - Georgy Girl 716. Parks, Carson C. - Somethin' Stupid 717. Lai, Francis Albert - A Man & A Woman 718. Schmidt, Harvey - My Cup Runneth Over (From I Do, 719. Hatch, Tony - Don't Sleep In The Subway 720. Miller, Eddie - Release Me 721. Hefti, Neal - Barefoot In The Park 722. Bacharach, Burt - Alfie (From Alfie) 723. Ramin, Sid - Music To Watch Girls By 724. Chaplin, Charlie - This Is My Song (From A Counte 801. Barbieri, Gato - Last Tango In Paris 802. Simon, Carly - You're So Vain 803. Gates, David - Aubrey 804. Brown, Lawrence - Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Ol 805. O'sullivan, Gilbert - Clair 806. Green, Al - Call Me (Come Back Home) 807. O'keefe, Danny - Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues 808. Smith, Eileen - Oh Babe, What Would You Say 809. Fox, Charles - Killing Me Softly With His Song 810. Evoy, Larry - Last Song 811. Ortolani, Riz - Love Theme From The Valachi Paper 812. Hazlewood, Michael Edward - It Never Rains In Sout 813. Rota, Nino - Love Theme From The Godfather 814. O'sullivan, Gilbert - Alone Again (Naturally) 815. Diamond, Neil - Song Sung Blue 816. Darion, Joseph - The Impossible Dream 817. Kingsley, Gershon - Popcorn 818. Mcdonald, Ralph - Where Is The Love 819. Bacharach, Burt - Theme From Lost Horizon 820. Bricusse, Leslie - Candy Man 821. Ham, Peter William - Without You 822. Marc, Ronald - Come To Where The Love Is 823. Sedaka, Neil - Breaking Up Is Hard To Do 824. Ralston, Alfred - Jenny's Theme 901. Brown, Nacio Herb - Temptation 902. Lieurance, Thurlow - By The Waters Of Minnetonka 903. Jobim, Antonio Carlos - Adieu Tristesse 904. Lecuona, Casado Ernesto - Jungle Drums 905. Rimsky-korsakov, Nicolai - Hymn To The Sun 906. Lecuona, Margarita - Babalu 907. Lane, Burton - Old Devil Moon 908. Barroso, Ary - Baia 909. Newman, Alfred - The Moon Of Manakoora 910. Leeds, Milton - Misirlou 911. Grouya, Ted - Flamingo 912. Ellington, Duke - Caravan 1001. Anonymous - Shema - Hava Nagila 1002. Anonymous - Raisins & Almonds 1003. Lawrence, Jack - Yes, My Darling Daughter 1004. Anonymous - Eili Eili 1005. Miron-michrovsky, Issachar - Tzena, Tzena, Tzena 1006. Elman, Ziggy - & The Angels Sing 1007. Gilbert, Joe (Joseph George) - A Letter To My Moth 1008. Casman, Nellie - Joseph! Joseph! 1009. Achron, Joseph - Hebrew Melody 1010. Anonymous - Hativkah 1101. Gold, Ernest - Exodus Main Theme 1102. Pollack, Lew - My Yiddische Momme 1103. Anonymous - Freilich 1104. Anonymous - Sunrise, Sunset / Hava Netze B'machol 1105. Lebedeff, Aaron - Second Avenue Symphonette 1106. Lavry, Marc - Kinneret 1107. Anonymous - Kol Nidre 1108. Anonymous - Finale 1201. Rodgers, Richard - Oklahoma! Medley 1202. Rodgers, Richard - Bali Ha'i 1203. Herman, Jerry - Hello Dolly! 1204. Styne, Jule - People 1205. Carousel 1206. Rodgers, Richard - Carousel Waltz (Original Versio 1207. Bock, Jerry - Fiddler On The Roof 1208. Kern, Jerome - Ol' Man River 1209. Willson, Meredith - Seventy-six Trombones 1210. Wright, Robert Craig Bob - Baubles, Bangles & Bead 1211. Rodgers, Richard - Slaughter On Tenth Avenue 1212. Loewe, Frederick - My Fair Lady - Medley 1213. Rozsa, Miklos - Theme From Spellbound 1214. North, Alex - Antony & Cleopatra's Theme 1215. A Summer Place 1216. Steiner, Max - A Summer Place (Original Version) 1217. Bernstein, Leonard - On The Waterfront 1218. Steiner, Max - Tara's Theme 1219. Jarre, Maurice - Lawrence Of Arabia: Theme 1220. Bernstein, Elmer - The Magnificent Seven: Theme 1301. Cash, Johnny - I Walk The Line 1302. Gibson, Don - I Can't Stop Loving You 1303. Travis, Merle - Sixteen Tons 1304. Lawson, Herbert Happy - Any Time 1305. Friend, Clifford - Lovesick Blues 1306. Willet, Slim - Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eye 1307. Robbins, Marty - El Paso 1308. Williams, Hank - Cold, Cold Heart 1309. Williams, Hank - Jambalaya 1310. Williams, Hank - Your Cheatin' Heart 1311. Williams, Curley - Half As Much 1312. Tubb, Ernest - Walking The Floor Over You 1401. Waxman, Franz - Peyton Place 1402. Hagen, Earle - The Dick Van Dyke Show 1403. Tiomkin, Dimitri - Rawhide 1404. Riddle, Nelson - Route 66 1405. Murray, Lyn - The Alfred Hitchcock Theme 1406. Schumann, Walter - Dragnet 1407. Goldsmith, Jerry - Theme From Doctor Kildare 1408. Livingston, Jay - Bonanza 1409. Wilson, Dennis - Marriage Lines 1410. Mancini, Henry - Peter Gunn 1411. Maxwell, Robert - The Jackie Gleason Show - Theme 1412. Goldsmith, Jerry - The Man From U.n.c.l.e. 1501. Morricone, Ennio - The Good The Bad & The Ugly - T 1502. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Theme From Elvira Madi 1503. Jarre, Maurice - Lara's Theme 1504. Loussier, Jacques - Theme From The Mercenaries 1505. Chaplin, Charlie - This Is My Song 1506. Theodorakis, Mikis - Zorba's Dance 1507. Bacharach, Burt - Alfie 1508. Legrand, Michel - I Will Wait For You 1509. Farnon, Robert - Irina 1510. Norman, Monty - The James Bond Theme 1511. Mitchell, Adrian - Rose Of Saigon 1512. Lai, Francis - A Man & A Woman 1601. Lennon, John - Get Back 1602. Lennon, John - Michelle 1603. Lennon, John - Got To Get You Into My Life 1604. Lennon, John - Yesterday 1605. Harrison, George - Something 1606. Lennon, John - Hey Jude 1607. Lennon, John - A Hard Day's Night 1608. Lennon, John - Norwegian Wood 1609. Lennon, John - Ticket To Ride 1610. Lennon, John - Fool On The Hill 1611. Lennon, John - Come Together 1612. Lennon, John - Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da 1701. Bacharach, Burt - Raindrops Keep Falling On My Hea 1702. Bacharach, Burt - Alfie 1703. Bacharach, Burt - I'll Never Fall In Love Again 1704. Bacharach, Burt - This Guy's In Love With You 1705. Bacharach, Burt - Paper Mache 1706. Bacharach, Burt - Trains & Boats & Planes 1707. Bacharach, Burt - They Long To Be Close To You 1708. Bacharach, Burt - You'll Never Get To Heaven 1709. Bacharach, Burt - The Look Of Love 1710. Bacharach, Burt - To Wait For Love Is To Waste You 1711. Bacharach, Burt - The Green Grass Starts To Grow 1712. Bacharach, Burt - Wives & Lovers 1801. Kern, Jerome - The Last Time I Saw Paris 1802. Kern, Jerome - All The Things You Are 1803. Kern, Jerome - The Folks Who Live On The Hill 1804. Desylva, Buddy - Look For The Silver Lining 1805. Harbach, Otto - She Didn't Say Yes 1806. Kern, Jerome - Smoke Gets In Your Eyes 1807. Kern, Jerome - I Won't Dance 1808. Kern, Jerome - Long Ago (And Far Away) 1809. Kern, Jerome - Who? 1810. Kern, Jerome - Yesterdays 1811. Kern, Jerome - Showboat - Medley 1901. Webb, Jimmy - Up, Up & Away 1902. Simon, Paul - Homeward Bound 1903. Webb, Jimmy - By The Time I Get To Phoenix 1904. Simon, Paul - Mrs. Robinson 1905. Webb, Jimmy - Galveston 1906. Simon, Paul - Bridge Over Troubled Water 1907. Traditional - Scarborough Fair Canticle 1908. Webb, Jimmy - Wichita Lineman 1909. Simon, Paul - Cecilia 1910. Simon, Paul - The Sound Of Silence 1911. Webb, Jimmy - Macarthur Park 2001. Maxwell, Robert - Ebb Tide 2002. Berlin, Irving - How Deep Is The Ocean 2003. Traditional - Deep River 2004. Bilk, Acker - Stranger On The Shore 2005. Myers, Sherman - Moonlight On The Ganges 2006. Senicourt, Roger - Sea Mist 2007. Traditional - Shenandoah 2008. Trenet, Charles - La Mer 2009. Mancini, Henry - Moon River 2010. Coates, Eric - Sleepy Lagoon 2011. Rodgers, Richard - Victory At Sea 2012. Chaplin, Charlie - Limelight 2013. Arlen, Harold - The Man That Got Away 2014. Porter, Cole - In The Still Of The Night 2015. Danzig, Evelyn - Scarlet Ribbons 2016. Chaplin, Charles - Smile 2017. Bernstein, Leonard - Tonight 2018. Hudson, Will - Theme From Picnic Introducing Mo 2019. Arlen, Harold - Come Rain Or Come Shine 2020. Porter, Cole - Night & Day 2021. Bacharach, Burt - Here I Am 2022. Addinsell, Richard - Warsaw Concerto 2101. Brown, Nacio Herb - You Stepped Out Of A Dream 2102. Gordon, Mack - I Had The Craziest Dream 2103. Brown, Les - Sentimental Journey 2104. Miller, Glenn - Moonlight Serenade 2105. Keating, Johhny - Mirage 2106. Ellington, Duke - I Got It Bad 2107. Nolan, Bob - Tumbling Tumbleweeds 2108. Petkere, Bernice - Close Your Eyes 2109. Warren, Harry - At Last 2110. Keating, Johhny - Egyptian Night 2111. Kern, Jerome - They Didn't Believe Me 2112. Maxwell, Robert - Ebb Tide 2201. Handy, William Christopher - St. Louis Blues 2202. Johnson, James P. - Charleston 2203. Cross, Douglass - I Left My Heart In San Francisco 2204. Fisher, Fred - Chicago 2205. Alter, Paul - Manhattan Serenade 2206. Henderson, Ray - Alabamy Bound 2207. Warren, Harry - I've Got A Gal In Kalamazoo 2208. Traditional - Oh Susannah 2209. Suessdorf, Karl - Moonlight In Vermont 2210. Dubin, Al - Lullaby Of Broadway 2211. Gordon, Irving - Allentown Jail 2212. Jersey Bounce 2213. Plater, Bobby - Original Version 2301. Rodgers, Richard - Do-re-mi 2302. Rodgers, Richard - Finale 2303. Rodgers, Richard - Sixteen Going On Seventeen 2304. Hammerstein Ii, Oscar - Preludium 2305. Rodgers, Richard - How Can Love Survive? 2306. Rodgers, Richard - The Lonely Goatherd 2307. Rodgers, Richard - My Favourite Things 2308. Ted Heath & His Music - Climb Ev'ry Mountain 2309. Hammerstein Ii, Oscar - An Ordinary Couple 2310. Rodgers, Richard - Something Good 2311. Rodgers, Richard - Finale 2401. Strayhorn, Billy - Take The A Train 2402. Ellington, Duke - Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me 2403. Delange, Eddie - Solitude 2404. Ellington, Duke - I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Goo 2405. Ellington, Edward Kennedy - Caravan 2406. Tizol, Juan - Perdido 2407. Ellington, Duke - Mood Indigo 2408. Ellington, Duke - Sophisticated Lady 2409. Ellington, Duke - Don't Get Around Much Anynore 2410. Ellington, Duke - Cotton Tail 2501. Berlin, Irving - Marie 2502. Kahn, Gus - Chloe 2503. Foster, Stephen - Swanee River 2504. Porter, Cole - I Get A Kick Out Of You 2505. Oliver, Sy - Well, Git It 2506. Rimsky-korsakov, Nicolai - Song Of India 2507. Dorsey, Tommy - Trombonology 2508. Jones, Isham - On The Alamo 2509. Mchugh, Jimmy - On The Sunny Side Of The Street 2510. Oliver, Sy - Opus One 2601. Cooley, Eddie - Fever 2602. Ciorciolini, Marcello - More 2603. Herman, Jerry - Hello Dolly! 2604. Steiner, Max - A Summer Place - Theme 2605. Hadjidakis, Manos - Never On Sunday 2606. Bacharach, Burt - Wives & Lovers 2607. Weill, Kurt - Mack The Knife 2608. Mancini, Henry - Moon River 2609. Garner, Erroll - Misty 2610. Gimbel, Norman - The Girl From Ipanema 2611. Styne, Jule - People 2612. Howard, Bart - Fly Me To The Moon 2613. Forrest, George Chet - Baubles, Bangles & Beads 2614. Ledbetter, Huddie 'Ledbelly' - Cotton Fields 2615. Adler, Richard - Rags To Riches 2616. Adderley, Nat - Work Song 2617. Arlen, Harold - The Man That Got Away 2618. Mills, Gordon - It's Not Unusual 2619. Traditional - Michael Row The Boat Ashore 2620. Mayfield, Percy - Hit The Road Jack 2621. Loesser, Frank - Poppa, Don't Preach To Me 2622. Oliver, Sy - Yes Indeed! 2623. Porter, Cole - Night & Day 2624. Mann, Barry - Blame It On The Bossa Nova 2701. Goodman, Benny - Flying Home 2702. Noble, Ray - Cherokee 2703. Porter, Cole - Begin The Beguine 2704. Basie, Count - One O'clock Jump 2705. Rimsky-korsakov, Nicolai - Song Of India 2706. Bishop, Joe - At The Woodchoppers' Ball 2707. Sherwood, Bobby - Elks' Parade 2708. Garland, Joseph C. - In The Mood 2709. James, Harry - Two O'clock Jump 2710. Dorsey, Tommy - Contrasts 2711. Strayhorn, Billy - Take The 'A' Train 2712. Prima, Louis - Sing, Sing, Sing 2713. Oliver, Sy - Opus 1 2714. Barnet, Charlie - Skyliner 2715. Delange, Eddie - A String Of Pearls 2716. Bauduc, Ray - South Rampart Street Parade 2717. Dorsey, Jimmy - Long John Silver 2718. Wetzel, Ray - Intermission Riff 2719. Basie, Count - Jumpin' At The Woodside 2720. Gershwin, George - Oh! Lady Be Good 2721. Ellington, Duke - Don't Get Around Much Anymore 2722. Plater, Robert - Jersey Bounce 2723. Hagen, Earle - Harlem Nocturne 2724. Berry, Chuck - Apple Honey 2801. Rome, Harold J. - South America Take It Away 2802. Richard Miles - The Coffee Song 2803. Porter, Cole - In The Still Of The Night 2804. Arlen, Harold - Come Rain Or Come Shine 2805. Mendonca, Newton Ferreira - Desafinado 2806. Roubanis, Nicholas - Misirlou 2807. Keating, Johnny - Ted Meets Ed 2808. Berlin, Irving - Heat Wave 2809. Banks, Marion - Malaguena 2810. Weill, Kurt - Speak Low 2811. Berlin, Irving - Anything You Can Do 2812. Bernstein, Leonard - America 2813. Adler, Richard - There Once Was A Man 2814. Loesser, Frank - Baby It's Cold Outside 2815. Hamm, Fred - Bye Bye Blues 2816. Costa, Harry - Tiger Rag 2817. Musel, Bob - Granada 2818. Bulhoes, Max - Come To The Mardi Gras 2819. Porter, Cole - Begin The Beguine 2820. Troup, Bobby - Daddy 2821. Ros, Edmundo - Solamente Bob Efford 2822. Porter, Cole - Friendship 2901. Kismet 2902. Wright, Robert - Overture (Original Version) 2903. Kismet (Original Version) 2904. Wright, Robert - Sands Of Time (Act 1) 2905. Kismet 2906. Wright, Robert - Rhymes Have I (Original Version) 2907. Kismet (Original Version) 2908. Wright, Robert - Fate (Act 1) 2909. Kismet 2910. Wright, Robert - Baubles, Bangles & Beads (Origina 2911. Wright, Robert - Not Since Ninevah (Original Versi 2912. Kismet (Original Version) 2913. Wright, Robert - Stranger In Paradise (Act 2) 2914. Wright, Robert - He's In Love (Act 1) 2915. Wright, Robert - Gesticulate (Act 1) 2916. Wright, Robert - Night Of My Nights (Act 2) 2917. Wright, Robert - Was I Wasir? (Act 2) 2918. Kismet 2919. Wright, Robert - Rhahadlakum (Original Version) 2920. Kismet (Original Version) 2921. Wright, Robert - & This Is My Beloved (Act 2) 2922. Wright, Robert - The Olive Tree (Act 2) 2923. Wright, Robert - Zubbediya (Act 2) 2924. Wright, Robert - Samaris Dance (Act 2) 2925. Wright, Robert - Night Of My Nights (Act 2) 3001. Porter, Cole - You're The Top 3002. Gershwin, George - I Got Rhythm 3003. Berlin, Irving - You're Just In Love 3004. Berlin, Irving - Alexander's Ragtime Band 3005. Berlin, Irving - I Got Lost In His Arms 3006. Whiting, Richard A. - Eadie Was A Lady 3007. Berlin, Irving - There's No Business Like Show Bus 3008. Berlin, Irving - They Say It's Wonderful 3009. Porter, Cole - It's D'lovely 3010. Porter, Cole - I Get A Kick Out Of You 3011. Sondheim, Stephen - Everything's Coming Up Roses 3012. Porter, Cole - Blow, Gabriel Blow 3013. Karr, Harold - Gee, But It's Good To Be Here 3014. Schonberger, John - Whispering 3015. Merrill, Bob - Some People Intro People 3016. Bock, Jerry - Sunrise, Sunset 3017. Bricusse, Leslie - What Kind Of Fool Am I? 3018. Porter, Cole - Ridin' High 3019. Gershwin, George - Someone To Watch Over Me 3020. Darion, Joseph - The Impossible Dream 3021. Lane, Burton - On A Clear Day 3022. Bricusse, Leslie - Nothing Can Stop Me Now 3101. Traditional - Dixie 3102. Steffe, John William - The Battle Hymn Of The Repu 3103. Rogers, Eric - America (My Country 'Tis Of Thee) 3104. Cohan, George M. - Over There 3105. Traditional - We're Tenting Tonight 3106. Berlin, Irving - God Bless America 3107. Traditional - Yankee Doodle 3108. Traditional - Columbia, The Gem Of The Ocean 3109. Traditional - Maryland, My Maryland 3110. Traditional - America, The Beautiful 3111. Sanderson, James - Hail To The Chief 3112. The Star-spangled Banner 3113. Smith, John Stafford - Arr. Eric Rogers 3201. Costa, Harry - Tiger Rag 3202. Schonberger, John - Whispering 3203. Desylva, Buddy - The Black Bottom 3204. Youmans, Vincent - Tea For Two 3205. Ager, Milton - Ain't She Sweet 3206. Gershwin, George - Fascinating Rhythm 3207. Fisher, Fred - Chicago 3208. Dreyer, Dave - Me & My Shadow 3209. Kern, Jerome - Who? 3210. Henderson, Ray - Birth Of The Blues 3211. Johnson, James P. - Charleston 3212. Whiting, Richard A. - She's Funny That Way 3301. Anonymous - La Bamba 3302. Bandeira, Manuel - Azulao 3303. Mccartney, Paul - El Tonto En La Colina 3304. Luna, Felix Cesar - La Peregrinacion 3305. Carillo, Alvaro - Sabor A Mi 3306. Andre, Fabian - Sueno Que Estoy Junto A Ti 3307. Macdermot, Galt - Be In 3308. Valle, Paolo Sergio Kostenbader - Samba De Verao 3309. Trovaioli, Armando - O Meu Violao 3310. Barcelata Castro, Lorenzo - Maria Elena 3311. Dupont, Paul - La Rosita 3312. Moraes, Vinicius De - Canto De Ossanha 3401. Grever, Maria - What A Difference A Day Made 3402. Simons, Moises - The Peanut Vendor 3403. Ramos, Silvano - Alla En El Rancho Grande 3404. Lacalle, Joseph Maria - Amapola 3405. Serradell, Narciso - La Golondrina 3406. Banks, Marion - Malaguena 3407. Roig, Ganzalo - Yours 3408. Lecuona, Ernesto - The Breeze & I 3409. Lecuona, Ernesto - Say Si, Si 3410. Traditional - Latin Shalom 3411. Lecuona, Ernesto - Maria My Own 3412. Lecuona, Ernesto - Jungle Drums 3501. Wayne, Mabel - In A Little Spanish Town 3502. Lecuona, Ernesto - Siboney 3503. Rizzo, Vincent - The Laughing Samba 3504. Loewe, Frederick - Get Me To The Church On Time 3505. Herman, Jerry - Hello Dolly! 3506. Morales, Noro - Oye Negra 3507. Rose, David - Holiday For Strings 3508. Rixner, Joe - Corcovado 3509. Hoffman, Al - Heartaches 3510. Bart, Lionel - From Russia With Love 3511. Donida, Carlo - Al Di La 3512. Monnot, Marguerite - If You Love Me 3601. Bonfa, Luiz - Carnival 3602. Salinas, Alfredo Omar - Ole Mambo 3603. Stellman, Marcel - Spanish Flea 3604. Simons, Moises - The Peanut Vendor 3605. Fields, Dorothy - Cuban Love Song 3606. Abreu, Zequinha - Tico, Tico 3607. Sanders, Julio Cesar - Pablo The Dreamer 3608. Neville, Naomi - Whipped Cream 3609. Lara, Agustin - Solamente Una Vez 3610. Rose, Billy - It Happened In Monterey 3611. Barosso, Ary - Baia 3612. Traditional - La Bamba 3613. Allen, Barclay - Cumana 3614. Jobim, Antonio Carlos - A Felicidade 3615. Ben, Jorge - Mas Que Nada 3616. Lai, Francis - A Man & A Woman 3617. Menendez, Nilo - Green Eyes 3618. Banks, Marion - Malaguena 3619. Dodd, Dorothy - Granada 3620. Matos Rodriguez, Gerardo Hernando - La Cumparsita 3621. Calero, Ortiz Antonio - La Macarena 3622. Mcgear, Mike - Thank U Very Much 3623. Azevedo, Waldir - Delicado 3624. Audinot, Rafael - Rumba Rhapsody 3701. Macdermot, Galt - Good Morning Starshine 3702. Macdermot, Galt - Ain't Got No 3703. Macdermot, Galt - I Got Life 3704. Macdermot, Galt - Where Do I Go? 3705. Macdermot, Galt - Hare Krishna 3706. Macdermot, Galt - Aquarius 3707. Macdermot, Galt - Hair 3708. Macdermot, Galt - Easy To Be Hard 3709. Macdermot, Galt - Manchester, England 3710. Macdermot, Galt - Frank Mills 3711. Macdermot, Galt - Let The Sunshine In 3712. Macdermot, Galt - Donna 3713. Duran, Marcelo - Do You Like The Samba 3714. Brown, Lawrence - Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Ol 3715. Yradier, Sebastian - La Paloma 3716. Russell, Bob - The Night The Lights Went Out In Ge 3717. Traditional - This Train 3718. Wonder, Stevie - You Are The Sunshine Of My Life 3719. Marc, Ronald - Grab The Bull By The Horns 3720. Rio, Chuck - Tequila 3721. Lauret, Mediato Benito - Words We Now Regret 3722. Sotto, Titi - Mama Loves Pompa 3801. Goldsmith, Jerrald K - Theme From The Man From U. 3802. Barry, John - Mr. Kiss-kiss, Bang-bang 3803. Kaplan, Sol - Theme From The Spy Who Came In From 3804. Barry, John - Goldfinger 3805. Barry, John - The Ipcress File 3806. Astley, Edwin - The Saint 3807. Barry, John - Thunderball 3808. Johnson, Laurie - The Avengers 3809. Bart, Lionel - From Russia With Love 3810. Hagen, Earle - I Spy 3811. Goldsmith, Jerry - Our Man Flint 3812. Norman, Monty - The James Bond Theme 3901. Barry, John - You Only Live Twice 3902. Barry, John - Capsule In Space 3903. Barry, John - Gypsy Camp 3904. Barry, John - Teasing The Korean 3905. Barry, John - The Wedding 3906. Bacharach, Burt - Casino Royale 3907. Bacharach, Burt - The Look Of Love 3908. Barry, John - Bond Below Disco Volante 3909. Barry, John - Thunderball 3910. Norman, Monty - Jump Up 3911. Barry, John - Chateau Fight 3912. Bacharach, Burt - Let The Love Come Through


Memphis Recordings Vol. 2 - 2839739208

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Memphis Recordings Vol. 2 Documents

Muzyka>Rock>Rock & Roll

1. Whole Lot Of Shakin' Going On 2. It'll Be Me 3. Miss Froggie 4. So Long I'm Gone 5. Bop Bop Baby 6. Don't Need Your Lovin' Baby 7. Please Don't Cry Over Me 8. That Depends On You 9. Fool's Hall Of Fame 10. Why Should I Cry? 11. Foolish Heart 12. Greenback Dollar (Watch And Chain) 13. Easy To Love 14. Everyday 15. That's Right 16. Forever Yours 17. I'm Lonesome 18. Laghin' And Jokin' 101. More Than Yesterday 102. Rock Boppin' Baby 103. Red Hot 104. Pearly Lee 105. Lordy Hoody 106. Flat Foot Sam 107. Give My Love To Rose 108. Home Of The Blues 109. Good Lovin' 110. Memories Never Grow Old 111. Great Balls Of Fire 112. You Win Again 113. Cindy Lou 114. Your Honey Love 115. Ballad Of A Teenage Queen 116. Big River 117. Chicken-hearted 118. I Like Love 201. My Bucket's Got A Hole In It 202. Sweet Misery 203. I've Got Love If You Want It 204. I Fell In Love 205. Lend Me Your Comb 206. Glad All Over 207. Breathless 208. Down The Line 209. Baby Please Don't Go 210. Wouldn't You Know 211. Judy 212. I Think Of You 213. Ten Years 214. Your Lover Boy 215. Sweet Woman 216. Part Of My Life 217. Love Is A Stranger 218. The Lonely Hours 301. I Feel So Blue 302. Memories Of You 303. Guess Things Happen That Way 304. Come In Stranger 305. High School Confidential 306. Fools Like Me 307. Dreamy Nights 308. Fool, Fool, Fool 309. Right Behind You Baby 310. So Young 311. Drinkin' Wine 312. I Done Told You 313. I Dig You Baby 314. Sweetie Pie 315. The Return Of Jerry Lee 316. Lewis Boogie 317. The Ways Of A Woman In Love 318. You're The Nearest Thing To Heaven 401. Break-up 402. I'll Make It All Up To You 403. Thunderbird 404. Itchy 405. Torro 406. Sally Jo 407. Diamond Ring 408. I've Been Waitin' 409. Born To Lose 410. My Love For You 411. You Made A Hit 412. Why, Why, Why 413. It's Just About Time 414. I Just Thought You'd Like To Know 415. Breeze 416. Today Is A Blue Day 417. The Black Haired Man 418. Wrong 501. I'll Sail My Ship Alone 502. It Hurt Me So 503. Down By The Riverside 504. No Name Girl 505. Sweet, Sweet Girl 506. Goodbye Mr. Love 507. Jump Right Out Of This Jukebox 508. Tell 'Em Off 509. Thanks A Lot 510. Luther Played The Boogie 511. Lovin' Up A Storm 512. Big Blon' Baby 513. Without A Love 514. Time Will Tell 515. Rockin' Bandit 516. Sail Away 517. Don't Ever Leave Me 518. Miracle Of You 601. Katy Too 602. I Forgot To Remember To Forget 603. Got The Water Boiling 604. One More Time 605. No More Crying The Blues 606. Have Faith In My Love 607. Let's Talk About Us 608. The Ballad Of Billy Joe 609. Mystery Train 610. Sweet And Easy To Love 611. Lovestruck 612. I Wanna Make Sweet Love 613. With Your Love, With Your Kiss 614. Be Mine, All Mine 615. Winnie The Parakeet 616. Willie Willie 701. You're Just My Kind 702. Ballad Of St. Marks 703. Little Queenie 704. I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You 705. You Tell Me 706. Goodbye Little Darlin' 707. What A Life 708. Together 709. Alice Blue Gown 710. St. Louis Blues 711. Straight A's In Love 712. I Love You Because 713. A Thousand Guitars 714. It's Too Late 715. Walkin' And Talkin' 716. Somebody Just Like You 717. Old Black Joe 718. Baby Baby Bye Bye 801. The Legend Of The Big Steeple 802. Broken Hearted Willie 803. Whose Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Feet 804. There's No Tomorrow 805. Bobaloo 806. Bad Times Ahead 807. The Great Pretender 808. I'm Gonna Take A Walk 809. You Burned The Bridges 810. Cheaters Never Win 811. The Story Of A Broken Heart 812. Down The Street To 301 813. John Henry 814. Hang Up My Rock And Roll Shoes 815. South Bound Line 816. Is It Me 817. Senorita 818. Guess I'd Better Go 901. Port Of Lonely Hearts 902. Mean Eyed Cat 903. The Good Guy Always Wins 904. The Time Is Right 905. I Gotta Know (Where I Stand) 906. Is It Too Late (To Say I'm Sorry) 907. Yuleville U S A 908. Rockin' - Lang - Syne 909. You Don't Love Me Anymore 910. More Than Anything (In The World) 911. When I Get Paid 912. Love Made A Fool Of Me 913. Sweet And Easy To Love 914. Devil Doll 915. Red Man 916. Sad News 917. Oh Lonesome Me 918. Life Goes On


Gardening for Geeks - 2826651723

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Gardening for Geeks Adams Media Corporation

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"A well thought out book that covers a lot of territory. The chapter of the book that details different vegetables is the most helpful I have seen." - Knit and Nosh "What I like about Gardening for Geeks is that it deciphers all the math, biology and ecology of gardening using Wilhelmi's easy, breezy writing style. That's the kind of science that could make a big difference in my garden. How about yours?" - Vegetable Gardener blog "Gardening for Geeks [has] all the tips and 'tricks' to help me out. What's different about this book then other gardening books, is that she also provides you with steps on what to do with your vegetables and fruits now that you've picked them." - Front Porch Reviews "Organic garden designer Christy Wilhelmi keeps the mood light as she digs into the science of growing a successful garden.... The book is surprisingly easy to digest even as she launches into tips on how to run germination tests and worm farms and how to gear up for active batch thermal composting." - The Daily News "Gardening for Geeks is written in easy to understand language that will be useful for both the beginner and advanced gardener. There are loads of photographs, drawings and charts to help you see exactly what the author is covering in each chapter. If you pick up one gardening book this season, this needs to be it." - Confessions of an Overworked Mom "Gardening for Geeks is full of invaluable instructions, tips and tricks to get your garden up and running! From how to prepare your garden beds to what to plant to how to keep the pests away to what to do with the food you harvest. This book has it all." - Stephanie O'Dea blog "I am both a science geek and an avid gardener. Until now, I had not really though about putting those two things together in the way that Gardening for Geeks does. If you are interested in gardening, whether you are new to the idea or have been gardening for years I think you will find this to be an incredibly useful resource!" - Turning the Clock Back blog "The book teaches just about everything you need to know to grow your own organic food" - Los Angeles Times "Gardening for Geeks by Christy Wilhelmi gives readers options. Homeowners learn about growing methods, including bio-intensive well as other biological and ecological ideas. Or, homeowners can simply read about ways to make gardening easier, including how to tell if seeds bought two years ago are still good." - The Plain Dealer "It is a book I will turn to time and time again. In the future, it will be a book that I will use to draw interest from my grandchildren to the wonders of gardening. For now, it is fascinating me to learn all the wondrous aspects of gardening that produces beauty and bounty: the soil, garden beds, garden seasons, irrigation, trellises, pest control, composting, and more." - A Delightsome Life "A great way to get ideas, tips and prep for the growing season. I think this is a really nice book for the garden enthusiast to add to their reference material. It is an enjoyable read with tons of useful and helpful info!" - A Hen's Nest "Want that same straight-forward vegetable talk in an easy to handle book, all in one place? That's as simple as it gets even for us garden geeks. I especially recommend it for those with lots of basic vegetable garden questions. Your search is over; this is a good place to start." - Annie's Gardening Corner "Gardening for Geeks helps you to see your garden more as an ecosystem and work to keep it in balance. It is basic enough to be understandable to newbie gardeners (in fact, I would highly recommend it to new gardeners) but seasoned gardeners will also find new (or old) techniques to try. This is a book that any gardener can grasp and utilize. Check it out." - An Alameda Garden "Lives up to its impressively long title, and is full of fantastically geeky how-tos for all types of gardens that I someday hope to be able to use." - Ames Tribune "All-around good read." - The Oregonian "Christy Wilhelmi's home gardening book Gardening for Geeks is a well-rounded introduction to backyard growing, in a format at which your grandmother will not look twice. It is written in an easily understood, plain language and the concepts are kept on the simple-yet-useful side." - "This year for new and experienced vegetable gardener's gift bags I recommend...Gardening for Geeks. To be a better and geekier gardener, try this book." - Triangle Gardener


Modern C++ Programming with Test-Driven Development - 2848540151

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Modern C++ Programming with Test-Driven Development O´REILLY

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

f you program in C++ you've been neglected. Test-driven development (TDD) is a modern software development practice that can dramatically reduce the number of defects in systems, produce more maintainable code, and give you the confidence to change your software to meet changing needs. But C++ programmers have been ignored by those promoting TDD--until now. In this book, Jeff Langr gives you hands-on lessons in the challenges and rewards of doing TDD in C++. Modern C++ Programming With Test-Driven Development, the only comprehensive treatment on TDD in C++ provides you with everything you need to know about TDD, and the challenges and benefits of implementing it in your C++ systems. Its many detailed code examples take you step-by-step from TDD basics to advanced concepts. As a veteran C++ programmer, you're already writing high-quality code, and you work hard to maintain code quality. It doesn't have to be that hard. In this book, you'll learn: * how to use TDD to improve legacy C++ systems * how to identify and deal with troublesome system dependencies * how to do dependency injection, which is particularly tricky in C++ * how to use testing tools for C++ that aid TDD * new C++11 features that facilitate TDD As you grow in TDD mastery, you'll discover how to keep a massive C++ system from becoming a design mess over time, as well as particular C++ trouble spots to avoid. You'll find out how to prevent your tests from being a maintenance burden and how to think in TDD without giving up your hard-won C++ skills. Finally, you'll see how to grow and sustain TDD in your team. Whether you're a complete unit-testing novice or an experienced tester, this book will lead you to mastery of test-driven development in C++. What You Need * A C++ compiler running under Windows or Linux, preferably one that supports C++11. Examples presented in the book were built under gcc 4.7.2. * Google Mock 1.6 (downloadable for free; it contains Google Test as well) or an alternate C++ unit testing tool. Most examples in the book are written for Google Mock, but it isn't difficult to translate them to your tool of choice. * A good programmer's editor or IDE. * cmake, preferably. Of course, you can use your own preferred make too. CMakeLists.txt files are provided for each project. Examples provided were built using cmake version 2.8.9. * Various freely-available third-party libraries are used as the basis for examples in the book. These include: - cURL - JsonCpp - Boost (filesystem, date_time/gregorian, algorithm, assign) Several examples use the boost headers/libraries. Only one example uses cURL and JsonCpp.


1970 singles (Music Guide) - 2844163284

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1970 singles (Music Guide) Books LLC, Reference Series

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Source: Wikipedia. Commentary (music and lyrics not included). Pages: 169. Chapters: Amazing Grace, Carolina in My Mind, My Way, Let It Be, The House of the Rising Sun, Immigrant Song, My Sweet Lord, The Long and Winding Road, Superstar, Layla, I'll Be There, I'm Your Captain, A Change Is Gonna Come, Your Song, Paranoid, Lola, River Deep - Mountain High, Suicide Is Painless, Bridge over Troubled Water, Band of Gold, War, A Song for You, Spirit in the Sky, Someday We'll Be Together, Only Love Can Break Your Heart, (They Long to Be) Close to You, Ain't No Mountain High Enough, The Tears of a Clown, Bring It On Home to Me, Get Ready, It's Just a Matter of Time, Rocky Top, Rose Garden, Ball of Confusion, Solitary Man, (There's) Always Something There to Remind Me, Voodoo Child, Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours, Make It Easy on Yourself, American Woman, It's All in the Game, We've Only Just Begun, The Letter, Fire and Rain, Domino, All Right Now, Summertime Blues, Thank You, (I Know) I'm Losing You, Lady D'Arbanville, Chestnut Mare, In the Summertime, Iron Man, Give Me Just a Little More Time, Worried Life Blues, Bron-Y-Aur Stomp, He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother, As the Years Go By, I Can't Get Next to You, Wild World, Who'll Stop the Rain, Let's Stick Together, Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing, Handbags and Gladrags, Crazy Love, Ohio (Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young song), Black Magic Woman, Get Up Sex Machine, Instant Karma!, Up Around the Bend, The Green Manalishi, The Prettiest Star, Up on the Roof, Coal Miner's Daughter, Stoned Love, Neanderthal Man, El Cóndor Pasa, The Seeker, Mama Told Me Not to Come, I Hear You Knocking, If You Could Read My Mind, Isn't It a Pity, I Think I Love You, O-o-h Child, Memo from Turner, Mother, Uncle John's Band, Truckin', Memory of a Free Festival, Indian Reservation, Woodstock, Darla dirladada, Hello Darlin', No Matter What, Black Night, Hey Hey What Can I Do, Love the One You're With, ABC, My Elusive Dreams, Snowbird, Love on a Two-Way Street, Tell the Truth, You Don't Have to Say You Love Me, Cecilia, The Love You Save, Up the Ladder to the Roof, Tobacco Road, 25 or 6 to 4, Stepping Stone, Take Me to the Pilot, Ride a White Swan, Everything Is Beautiful, Come Running, People Got to Be Free, Yellow River, Blue Money, For You Blue, Somos Novios, Super Bad, Love Grows, Countryfied, Lookin' out My Back Door, The Wonder of You, The Fightin' Side of Me, After Midnight, Apeman, Watching Scotty Grow, Everybody Is a Star, Seven Bridges Road, Gimme Dat Ding, Didn't I, Knock Three Times, It's Only Make Believe, I Never Picked Cotton, If Not for You, If I Were Your Woman, Rainy Night in Georgia, Reach Out and Touch, For the Good Times, Fairies Wear Boots, It's a Shame, The Grunt, Heaven and Hell, Shilo, Travelin' Band, Big Joe Mufferaw, Hurry on Sundown, Knock, Knock Who's There?, How Can I Be Sure, I'm Eighteen, Cracklin' Rosie, The Thrill Is Gone, Together We Can Make Such Sweet Music, Teach Your Children, Ripple, Endlessly, One Less Bell to Answer, Moon Shadow, Border Song, Psychedelic Shack, Is Anybody Goin' to San Antone, Question, Kentucky Rain, Lonely Days, Grandad, United We Stand, Call Me, Thank God and Greyhound, I.O.I.O., A Song of Joy, All for the Love of Sunshine, Everybody's Got the Right to Love, El Triste, The Bells, A Little Bit of Soap, The Ghetto, Rats, Spill the Wine, Groove Me, Make It with You, Down the Dustpipe, Colour My World, Now Be Thankful, Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?, (D...


Progressive Patterns - A Man's World - 2853792732

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Progressive Patterns - A Man's World Westminster Designs

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Progressive Patterns - A Man's World - Adult Colouring Book is a compilation of 30 adult colouring designs from the nikk nakk designs team especially for men. The talented creative team at nikk nakk designs make it so easy to release your artistic spirit - as you progress through the book, the designs become more challenging - with more detailed patterns and smaller colouring spaces. Experiment with different mediums and techniques as your confidence grows. Adults worldwide are discovering for themselves that relaxation can be found when they take the time to disconnect from technology and retreat into a simpler world where paper and pencils rule - and there aren't any restrictions. You have the freedom to just let your mind wander as your masterpiece takes shape. Don't worry if you haven't had any experience with art since you left school. There are no rules- forget your kindergarten teacher - you don't even have to stay inside the lines - just let your creative juices flow. Progressive Patterns are specifically designed to encourage you to take those first steps - simply choose a design which appeals to you, choose your pens or pencils - then JUST ADD COLOUR. Progressive Patterns - A Man's World - Adult Colouring Book Choose one of the 30 designs which become more challenging as your skills develop. Each design is printed on only one page to avoid 'bleed through'. Each design is printed on 11.5 x 8 inch with sufficient space to let your imagination run wild. The pages are suitable for colouring with pens, pencils, gel pens, metallic pens, water colour pencils - the choice is yours. You will quickly discover 'your inner artist'as you personalize each design with your own color style. Find your inner peace as you release the stress of the day.


100hits - Dean Martin - 2844418238

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100hits - Dean Martin 100 Hits


1. Memories Are Made Of This 2. Everybody Loves Somebody 3. That's Amore 4. Basin Street Blues 5. Relax-ay-voo 6. Standing On The Corner 7. Just One More Chance 8. Just For Fun 9. Luna Mezzo Mare 10. Ma Come Bali (Bella Bimba) 11. Three Wishes 12. Until 13. I Ran All The Way Home 14. I Passed Your House Last Night 15. Rain 16. I'm Yours 17. All I Have To Give You 18. My Heart Has Found A Home Now 19. Walking My Baby Back Home 20. Be Honest With Me 101. Powder Your Face With Sunshine (Smile! Smile! Sm 102. That Lucky Old Sun 103. How D'ya Like Your Eggs In The Morning? 104. Kiss 105. Money Burns A Hole In My Pocket 106. The Man Who Plays The Mandolino 107. Two Sleepy People 108. Under The Bridges Of Paris 109. Hangin' Around With You 110. As You Are 111. Johnny Get Your Girl 112. Have A Little Sympathy 113. You And Your Beautiful Eyes 114. Vieni Su 115. As Pretty As A Picture 116. Wham Bam, Thank You Mam 117. That Certain Party 118. You Was 119. Tonda Wanda Hoy 120. Tarra, Ta-larra Ta-lar 201. Sway 202. Mambo Italiano 203. There's My Lover 204. Young And Foolish (Plain And Fancy) 205. Long, Long Ago 206. Blue Smoke (Kohu-auwah) 207. Night Train To Memphis 208. Dreamy Old New England Moon 209. Baby, Obey Me 210. Don't Rock The Boat Dear 211. The Money Song 212. Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder (For Somebod 213. I Still Get A Thrill (Thinking Of You) 214. I Love The Way You Say Goodnight 215. I'll Always Love You (Day After Day) 216. If 217. Choo 'N' Gum 218. I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine 219. When It's Sleepy Time Down South 220. Bye, Bye, Blackbird 301. Volare 302. Let Me Go Lover 303. Innamorata 304. Return To Me (Ritorna A Me) 305. How Do You Speak To An Angel? 306. Bet-i-cha 307. Again 308. I'm In Love With You 309. I'm Gonna Paper All My Walls With Your Love Lett 310. The Peddler's Serenade 311. Happy Feet 312. Muskrat Ramble 313. In Napoli 314. Bonne Nuit (Goodnight) 315. I've Got The Sun In The Morning 316. Because You're Mine 317. Which Way Did My Heart Go? 318. Oh Marie! 319. The Darktown Strutters Ball 320. Who's Your Little Who-zis? 401. I Feel A Song Comin' On 402. In The Cool, Cool, Cool Of The Evening 403. Never Before 404. The Sailor's Polka 405. Moments Like This 406. You Belong To Me 407. Hey Brother, Pour The Wine 408. Open Up The Doghouse (Two Cats Are Comin' In) 409. Ridin' Into Love 410. Simpatico 411. Come Back To Sorrento 412. I Feel Like A Feather In A Breeze 413. Georgia On My Mind 414. Solitaire 415. Louise 416. With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreamin' 417. Just A Little Bit South Of North Carolina 418. Carolina Moon 419. Aw C'mon 420. Change Of Heart


100 Hits - 70's Chartbust - 2845321576

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100 Hits - 70's Chartbust 100 Hits


1. T. Rex - Metal Guru 2. Baccara - Yes Sir I Can Boogie 3. Emotions - Best Of My Love 4. Isley Brothers - Harvest For The World 5. Bay City Rollers - Bye Bye Baby 6. Mott The Hoople - Roll Away The Stone 7. Odyssey - Native New Yorker 8. Tammy Wynette - Stand By Your Man 9. Heatwave - Boogie Nights 10. Boney M. - Rivers Of Babylon 11. Edison Lighthouse - Love Grows 12. Linda Lewis - Baby I'm Yours 13. Earth, Wind & Fire - September 14. Knight & Pips - Midnight Train To Georgia 15. The Trammps - Hold Back The Night 16. David Essex - Gonna Make You A Star 17. Leo Sayer - Moonlighting 18. Sweet - Blockbuster 19. Labelle - Lady Marmalade 20. Billy Ocean - Love Really Hurts Without You 101. David Essex - Hold Me Close 102. Earth, Wind & Fire - Let's Groove 103. Mott The Hoople - All The Young Dudes 104. The Jacksons - Shake Your Body 105. Baccara - Sorry I'm A Lady 106. Hues Corporation - Rock The Boat 107. Dead End Kids - Have I The Right 108. Knight & Pips - Baby Don't Change Your Mind 109. Andrea True Connection - More More More 110. The Dooleys - Love Of My Life 111. Tina Charles - I Love To Love 112. Dr Hook - Sylvia's Mother 113. Billy Ocean - Red Light Spells Danger 114. Esther Philips - What A Difference A Day Makes 115. Johnny Nash - Tears On My Pillow 116. Delfonics - La-la Means I Love You 117. Eruption - One Way Ticket 118. New Seekers - I Get A Little Sentimental Over Yo 119. First Choice - Armed And Extremely Dangerous 120. Melvin & Blue Notes - The Love I Lost 201. Drifters - Kissin' In The Back Row Of The Movies 202. Evelyn Champagne King - Shame 203. The Isley Brothers - That Lady 204. Eruption - I Can't Stand The Rain 205. Bay City Rollers - Give A Little Love 206. The Dooleys - Wanted 207. New Seekers - You Won't Find Another Fool Like M 208. Dan Hartman - Instant Replay 209. Heatwave - Mind Blowing Decisions 210. Johnny Nash - There Are More Questions Than Answ 211. Dawn - Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Ole Oak Tre 212. Billy Swan - I Can Help 213. Boney M. - Rasputin 214. O'jays - Love Train 215. Colin Blunstone - Say You Don't Mind 216. Middle Of The Road - Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep 217. Showaddywaddy - I Wonder Why 218. Pointer Sisters - Fire 219. Christie - Yellow River 220. Sailor - Girls Girls Girls 301. Drifters - There Goes My First Love 302. Bill Withers - Lovely Day 303. Sailor - Glass Of Champagne 304. Tina Charles - Dance Little Lady Dance 305. Chas & Dave - Gertcha 306. Tammy Wynette - D.i.v.o.r.c.e 307. Delfonics - Ready Or Not Here I Come 308. Barry Blue - Do You Wanna Dance 309. Sutherland Brothers & Quiver - Arms Of Mary 310. Trammps - Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart 311. Three Degrees - When Will I See You Again 312. Perry Como - And I Love You So 313. Sweet - Co-co 314. Jim Croce - Time In A Bottle 315. Middle Of The Road - Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum 316. Showaddywaddy - Hey Rock And Roll 317. Average White Band - Pick Up The Pieces 318. Wild Cherry - Play That Funky Music 319. Mathis & Williams - Too Much, Too Little, Too La 320. T. Rex - Telegram Sam 401. Deniece Williams - Free 402. Three Degrees - The Runner 403. Sutherland Brothers & Quiver - Secrets 404. Christie - San Bernardino 405. Billy Paul - Me & Mrs Jones 406. Redbone - Witch Queen Of New Orleans 407. Barry Blue - Dancin' (On A Saturday Night) 408. Hello - New York Groove 409. The Glitter Band - Goodbye My Love 410. Kursaal Flyers - Little Does She Know 411. Chas & Dave - The Sideboard Song 412. Lynn Anderson - Rose Garden 413. Melba Moore - This Is It 414. Raydio - Jack And Jill 415. Leo Sayer - One Man Band 416. Perry Como - For The Good Times 417. First Choice - Smarty Pants 418. Boz Scaggs - What Can I Say 419. Linda Lewis - It's In His Kiss 420. Dawn - Knock Three Times


Good Leaders Ask Great Questions - 2826788632

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Good Leaders Ask Great Questions Hachette US

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

John Maxwell, America's no.1 leadership authority, has mastered the art of asking questions, using them to learn and grow, connect with people, challenge himself, improve his team, and develop better ideas. Questions have literally changed Maxwell's life. In GOOD LEADERS ASK GREAT QUESTIONS, he shows how they can change yours, teaching why questions are so important, what questions you should ask yourself as a leader, and what questions you should be asking your team.§§Maxwell also opened the floodgates and invited people from around the world to ask him any leadership question. He answers seventy of them - the best of the best-including ...§§What are the top skills required to lead people through difficult times?§§How do I get started in leadership?§How do I motivate an unmotivated person?§How can I succeed working under poor leadership?§When is the right time for a successful leader to move on to a new position?§How do you move people into your inner circle? No matter whether you are a seasoned leader at the top of your game or a newcomer wanting to take the first steps into leadership, this book will change the way you look at questions and improve your leadership life.


Yoga for Children - 2826796790

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Yoga for Children Adams Media Corporation

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"I hadn't expected to become immersed in the world of yoga for children, but Lisa Flynn's book made it impossible to not become fully engaged. This is as much a credit to Flynn's depth of experience as a teacher and trainer in the field as it is to the book's flawless presentation. Yoga for Children is a great family book in a high-quality format that provides exceptional value for parents. In my opinion, it's already a classic." - Alive Magazine "I loved this book.... This book literally combines several of my favorite children's yoga books in one place, but does so in a new and refreshing way. Truly this a well thought out, well written book aimed at parents but definitely invaluable to teachers looking to utilize yoga in the classroom or studio." - Sky Yoga Studio blog "Yoga for Children is holistic: encouraging the skills of focus, mindful reflection, and mind/body awareness, inspiring confidence, self-regulation, and self-efficacy while teaching gratitude and optimism." - Sat Bir S. Khalsa, PhD, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School; Yoga Researcher "Lisa Flynn has mastered the art of bringing yoga to children.... [This book] is absolutely packed with clear and practical guidance for any of us who want to bring the healing grace of yoga to the kids in our lives." - Stephen Cope, Director of the Kripalu Institute for Extraordinary Living; Author of Yoga and the Quest for the True Self "In this practical how-to guide, Lisa Flynn shares the secrets of empowering kids and families to connect with one another while learning positive, productive skills for managing the stresses of everyday life." - Amy McCready, Founder of Positive Parenting Solutions; Author of If I Have to Tell You One More Time... "I highly recommend Yoga for Children - Flynn presents the information in an easy-to-read and easy-to-follow format. Both of my children have enjoyed reading through the book and practicing the poses and meditations." - "Easy to follow, this beautifully illustrated book guides parents into the realm of yoga for kids. You'll learn how to teach your children simple poses that can help their minds and bodies grow." - "My favorite part of the book is the sections on partner poses and family Yoga games. I'm sure we'll also enjoy the relaxation exercises before bedtime." - Eco Chic blog "If you have a child in your care and you want to do some intelligent yoga together, this book is a real find. Songs, chants, visualization, even tips for sequencing and some innovative sequences for diverse situations - it's all here. If you interact with kids and are inspired to introduce them to yoga and guide them with wit, fun and wisdom, this book will be an invaluable resource for you." - Yoga Teacher Magazine "I have fallen in love with the book, Yoga for Children, by Lisa Flynn. The children's yoga world has needed [this] - an encyclopedia of essential kids yoga poses, games, breathing, and mindfulness techniques, that is brimming with new ideas and techniques to try. I'm going to pull this book out anytime I need some new inspiration." - "Yoga for Children...offers a vast choice of yoga explorations, including poses, breathing, meditation and creative play that can be guided by and used for practitioners of all levels. Complete with full-color photographs, instructional scripts, and modifications, Yoga for Children will help build your child's confidence, self-awareness, and focus while strengthening your connection--one yoga session at a time." - Yoga Living Magazine "I love practical, inspiring, research-based, and user-friendly books that are written by experienced, passionate authors. This will be my go-to reference book for kids yoga." - Kids' Yoga Stories "Yoga for Children has much to offer: succinct instruction on a variety of poses, songs, visualizations and games. Lisa Flynn's book will be a welcome addition to the reading library of every adult interested in sharing the joy of yoga with children. And, thanks to the book's friendly tone and colorful layout, it is sure to be a favorite on kids' bookshelves as well!" - Yoga for Depression "Yoga for Children is a valuable resource for parents of children from toddler to preteen who want to introduce their children not only to asanas, but to a whole healthy lifestyle based on yoga's principles." - Yoga Journal


Creation Artifact: The.. - 2840232601

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Creation Artifact: The..


1. '73 In '83 2. You (Chunka Chunka) We're Glamorous 3. Melt The Guns 4. Flowers In The Sky 5. In The Afternoon 6. Fifty Years Of Fun 7. Then When I Scream 8. Think! 9. Work For Nothing 10. Something Going On 11. Stay With Me Till Morning 12. Do The Ghost 13. Talk 14. There Must Be A Better Life 15. The Chocolate Elephant Man 16. Where The Traffic Goes 17. Mr Magic 18. Why Does The Rain 19. Like 20. Winter 21. The Legend! Destroys The Blues 22. Arrogant Bastards 23. Bad Girl 24. Million Tears 25. Surprise Me 26. Baby Honey 101. Upside Down 102. Vegetable Man 103. Up The Hill And Down The Slope 104. Your Door Shines Like Gold 105. Lonely Street 106. Time 107. God Bless 108. Paradise 109. All Fall Down 110. It Happens 111. What's Happening 112. Black & Blue 113. Don't Slip Up 114. Here It Comes 115. Singing In Braille 116. Aunt Nelly 117. Silk Brain Worm Women 118. Justice And Money Too 119. You've Got Your Story 120. Take Us All Home 121. I'm Alright With You 122. Couldn't Care Less 123. What's It Worth 124. Love And Hate 125. Worm In My Brain 201. Participate! 202. Wouldn't You 203. In The Afternoon (Early Version) 204. The Thirty Second Set Up 205. Somers Town 206. Fifty Years Of Fun 207. Waterbomb! 208. Someone Stole My Wheels 209. Sunny Days 210. Upside Down 211. Just Like Honey (Demo Oct. '84) 212. God Bless 213. I Am Fish Eye 214. Gift Of Life 215. Seven And Seven Is 216. I Fall 217. Arrogant Bastards 218. A.w.o.l. 219. Your Door Shines Like Gold 220. Rock 'N' Roll Shoes 221. Sweet Soul Music 222. Green Fuz 223. Lonely Lenny 224. A Picture Of Dorian Gray 225. The Dream Inspires 226. Family Affair 301. All Fall Down 302. Work 303. Second Post 304. Boredom (Is) 305. Losing Your Grip 306. Always Sunday 307. Walk Away 308. Victorian Values 309. Home 310. Planet Of The X 311. The Train From Kansas City 312. The Day They All Wake Up 313. I Guess I'm Dumb 314. Social Protest (By Numbers) 315. Mr Magic 316. Friends 317. Do You Remember 318. Lost Your Dreams 319. I'm Okay Me 320. Picture The Scene 321. A Tryst For Liszt 322. Stone Cold One Note Mind 323. Choice 324. Everybody's Got To Grow Up Sometime 401. The Witch 402. Little Girl 403. Xtramental 404. On A Tuesday 405. Skeleton Staircase 406. The Canal And The Big Red Town 407. Lonely Street 408. Other Man 409. Bullet Train 410. Take The Red Carpet Out Of Town 411. Justice And Money Too 412. Loss 413. Walk Away 414. Eat Me To The Core 415. She Comes Tomorrow 416. Scar Tissue 417. Therese 418. William Shatner 419. The Back Door 420. Beware 421. Wide Open Arms 422. Worm In My Brain 423. Up The Hill And Down The Slope


Sexy Seductions Mini Book - 2826767856

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Sexy Seductions Mini Book Quiver

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This mini Sexy Seductions bookcontains 50 exciting sexual adventures for you and your partner. Are you in the mood for something sweet, daring, or romantic? How about naughty? Do you want to be in charge or do you want your partner to take control? The choice is yours. With a petite and travel-sized format, you and your partner get a tantalizing seduction complete with titillating sexual techniques, playful prop and toy suggestions, and provocative scene and clothing concepts. Each scene has keys to cost, season, and time of day. Let your mood and level of commitment guide you to new levels of passion and pleasure.


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