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Aircraft Gas Turbine Engines - Operation, Components & Systems (Jet Propulsion) - 2847388470

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Aircraft Gas Turbine Engines - Operation, Components & Systems (Jet Propulsion) WEXFORD COLLEGE PR

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This volume provides the reader with a working understanding of modern aircraft gas turbine engines, with the applicability (or lack of applicability) to military use such as Army jets and helicopters interwoven into the text. (Technology & Industrial Arts)


Jet Propulsion - 2845286994

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Jet Propulsion Cambridge University Press

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Now in its third edition, Jet Propulsion offers a self-contained introduction to the aerodynamic and thermodynamic design of modern civil and military jet engine design. Through two-engine design projects for a large passenger and a new fighter aircraft, the text explains modern engine design. Individual sections cover aircraft requirements, aerodynamics, principles of gas turbines and jet engines, elementary compressible fluid mechanics, bypass ratio selection, scaling and dimensional analysis, turbine and compressor design and characteristics, design optimization, and off-design performance. The civil aircraft, which formed the core of Part I in the previous editions, has now been in service for several years as the Airbus A380. Attention in the aircraft industry has now shifted to two-engine aircraft with a greater emphasis on reduction of fuel burn, so the model created for Part I in this edition is the new efficient aircraft, a twin aimed at high efficiency.


A Foray into Advanced Nuclear Turbine Propulsion System for Aircrafts - 2834694947

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A Foray into Advanced Nuclear Turbine Propulsion System for Aircrafts LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book has been written within the framework of the IAEA s innovative reactor and fuel cycle technology development activities. It elucidates the role that peaceful air & space related nuclear power research and development could play in terrestrial innovative reactor and fuel cycle technology development initiatives. This book gives an introduction to Direct Cycle Nuclear engines which would resemble a conventional jet engine, except that there would be no combustion chambers. The air gained from the compressor section would be sent to a plenum that directs the air into the nuclear reactor core. An exchange takes place where the reactor is cooled, but it then heats up the same air and sends it to another plenum. The second plenum directs the air into a turbine, which sends it out the exhaust. The end result is that instead of using jet fuel, an aircraft could rely on nuclear reactions for power. Dr.Ugur Guven and Rohan M Ganapathy, both specialists in the field of Nuclear Propulsion discuss and explain how nuclear power plants and nuclear propulsion devices work by describing the fundamental physics of these devices and their conceptual application on UAV's.


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