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Just Across The Sound - 2852914122

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Just Across The Sound

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Doo Wop - R & B Vocal Group Sound 1950-1960 - 2845455015

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Doo Wop - R & B Vocal Group Sound 1950-1960

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Lista utworów - Płyta 1 1. Double Crossing Blues 2. I Will Wait 3. Sixty-minute Man 4. Don't You Know I Love You 5. The Glory of Love 6. Fool, Fool, Fool 7. Have Mercy Baby 8. One Mint Julep 9. Baby Don't Do It 10. Ting-a-ling 11. I Wanna Know 12. Help Me Somebody 13. Good Lovin' 14. Crying in the Chapel 15. Nadine 16. Money Honey 17. Rags to Riches 18. I Didn't Want to Do It 19. Such a Night 20. Lovey Dovey 21. Gee 22. Work With Me Annie 23. Middle of the Night 24. Goodnite Sweetheart Goodnite 25. Honey Love (Feat. Clyde McPhatter) 26. Sh-boom 27. Sexy Ways 28. Heart of Stone 29. Sincerely Płyta 2 1. Earth Angel 2. Ling Ting Tong 3. The Door Is Open 4. Story Untold 5. Soldier Boy 6. Only You (And You Alone) 7. Why Don't You Write Me? 8. At My Front Door 9. Adorable 10. When You Dance 11. The Great Pretender 12. Speedoo 13. Devil Or Angel 14. Why Do Fools Fall in Love? 15. Eddie My Love 16. (You've Got) the Magic Touch 17. Ivory Tower 18. Please, Please, Please 19. I Want You to Be My Girl 20. My Prayer 21. Stranded in the Jungle 22. In the Still of the Nite 23. Heaven On Earth 24. Oh What a Night 25. A Thousand Miles Away 26. Come Go With Me 27. I'm Sorry 28. Over the Mountain, Across the Sea 29. Searchin' Płyta 3 1. Young Blood 2. Star Dust 3. Mr Lee 4. Happy, Happy Birthday Baby 5. Silhouettes 6. Little Bitty Pretty One 7. Buzz-buzz-buzz 8. Get a Job 9. Maybe 10. Don't You Just Know It 11. Book of Love 12. Twilight Time 13. Yakety Yak 14. For Your Precious Love 15. One Summer Night 16. Western Movies 17. Rockin' Robin 18. Tears On My Pillow 19. Try Me 20. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes 21. Charlie Brown 22. So Fine 23. You're So Fine 24. There Goes My Baby 25. I Only Have Eyes for You 26. Sea of Love 27. Poison Ivy 28. Dance With Me 29. Stay 30. Save the Last Dance for Me 31. Shop Around Nazwa - R & B Vocal Group Sound 1950-1960 Autor - Doo Wop Wydawca - Fantastic Voyage Kod EAN - 5055311001166 Rok wydania - 2011 Nośnik - Płyta CD Podatek VAT - 23%


Unknown Pleasures - 2826812776

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Unknown Pleasures Simon & Schuster

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Joy Division changed the face of music. The sound of music. The meaning of music. Godfathers of the current alternative scene, they reinvented rock in the post-punk era, creating a new sound -- dark, hypnotic, intense - that would influence U2, Morrissey, R.E.M., Radiohead and many others. The band's image, once subversive and alienating, has become an internationally renowned 'look' well documented by photographers Anton Corbijn, Kevin Cummins and graphic designer Peter Saville. Inspired by the attitude, energy and sound of Punk, particularly the Sex Pistols, Peter Hook and his old school friend Bernard Sumner started a band which continues to influence popular music 35 years later, uniting with a gifted lead-singer and lyricist, Ian Curtis, and a brilliant drummer, Stephen Morris. With some cobbled together instruments and a clapped out old van, four young lads from Manchester and Salford shared the same vision and created their own unique sound in pubs and clubs first across the north-west, then across the whole of Britain, until in 1980 they had released two albums and were on the cusp of touring America. Then Ian Curtis committed suicide leaving everyone around him bereft. Best known for the propulsive bass guitar melodies of 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' Hooky was at the heart of the sound that came to define an era and inspire a generation. In the frank, no-holds-barred style that has seen his previous book The Hacienda: How Not to Run a Club hailed as one of the best music books of 2009, Peter 'Hooky' Hook gives us the inside story of life with Joy Division. He talks with eye-opening candour and reflection about the suicide of Ian Curtis: often seen as the "intellectual one", to Peter and the band he was just "one of the lads" and the burden of balancing his epilepsy and the demands of his domestic life only really emerged when it was too late. He covers the band's friendships and fall-outs; their rehearsals and recording sessions; and the larger-than-life characters who formed a vital part of the Joy Division legend: Tony Wilson, Rob Gretton, Martin Hannett, and more.


One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest - 2212824640

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One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Penguin

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Boisterous, ribald, and ultimately shattering, Ken Kesey's One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest is the seminal novel of the 1960s that has left an indelible mark on the literature of our time. Here is the unforgettable story of a mental ward and its inhabitants, especially the tyrannical Big Nurse Ratched and Randle Patrick McMurphy, the brawling, fun-loving new inmate who resolves to oppose her. We see the struggle through the eyes of Chief Bromden, the seemingly mute half-Indian patient who witnesses and understands McMurphy's heroic attempt to do battle with the awesome powers that keep them all imprisoned. This morning the lockworks rattle strange; it's not a regular visitor at the door. An Escort Man's voice calls down, edgy and impatient, 'Admission, come sign for him,' and the black boys go. Admission. Everybody stops playing cards and Monopoly, turns towards the day-room door. Most days I'd be out sweeping the hall and see who they're signing in, but this morning, like I explain to you, the Big Nurse put a thousand pounds down me and I can't budge out of the chair. Most days I'm the first one to see the Admission, watch him creep in the door and slide along the wall and stand scared till the black boys come sign for him and take him into the shower room, where they strip him and leave him shivering with the door open while they all three run grinning up and down the halls looking for the Vaseline. 'We need that Vaseline,' they'll tell the Big Nurse, 'for the thermometer.' She looks from one to the other: 'I'm sure you do,' and hands them a jar holds at least a gallon, 'but mind you boys don't group up in there.' Then I see two, maybe all three of them in there, in that shower room with the Admission, running that thermometer around in the grease till it's coated the size of your finger, crooning,


Long-Term Secrets to Short-Term Trading - 2829728387

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Long-Term Secrets to Short-Term Trading Wiley

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Podana cena książki jest orientacyjna, zależy od kilku czynników. Po zakupie obsługa sklepu skontaktuje się, jeśli konieczna będzie dopłata. Review "Larry is the only person I know who can mix systems and rules with confessions of his soul. This book should have universal appeal to not only the trading world but to all who apply themselves to the laws of the universe. This is a study of the self, the markets, and the interfacing of the two." -Linda Raschke, President, LBR Group, Inc., CTA "Larry Williams' contributions to the study of technical analysis are well documented and indisputable. I have learned more from Larry than all other traders combined. His techniques are original, clever, and fresh. The depth and breadth of his knowledge is mind-boggling. I highly recommend it." -Tom DeMark, author of New Market Timing Techniques and The New Science of Technical Analysis "Having known Larry for 25 years, I can truly say that this is his 'magnum opus'; the culmination of a brilliant career; must reading for anyone who trades futures with success as their goal!"-Jake Bernstein, President, MBH Commodity Advisors, Northbrook, Illinois Linda Raschke, President, LBR Group, Inc., CTA "Larry is the only person I know who can mix systems and rules with confessions of his soul. This book should have universal appeal to not only the trading world but to all who apply themselves to the laws of the universe. This is a study of the self, the markets, and the interfacing of the two." Tom DeMark, author of New Market Timing Techniques and The New Science of Technical Analysis "Larry Williams' contributions to the study of technical analysis are well documented and indisputable. I have learned more from Larry than all other traders combined. His techniques are original, clever, and fresh. The depth and breadth of his knowledge is mind-boggling. I highly recommend it." Jake Bernstein, President, MBH Commodity Advisors, Northbrook, Illinois "Having known Larry for 25 years, I can truly say that this is his 'magnum opus'; the culmination of a brilliant career; must reading for anyone who trades futures with success as their goal!" Book Description Sharing his years of experience as a seasoned and successful trader, Williams offers his market wisdom on a wide range of topics, from chaos and speculation to volatility breakouts and profit patterns. With his expert guidance, you'll learn about such fundamentals as how the market moves, what are the three most dominant cycles, when to exit a trade, and how to hold on to winners until the end of your chosen time frame. Along with in-depth analysis of the most effective short-term trading strategies and details on the best theory and implementation of money management, Long-Term Secrets to Short-Term Trading features Williams's winning technical indicators, as well as his thoughts on a broad range of topics. Here is a sampling: - "A short-term trader has one objective; to catch the current trend of the market. That's it. That's all you should try to do!" - "The shorter your time frame of trading the less money you'll make." - "You will never make big money until you learn to hold on to your winners, and the longer you hold the more potential you have for profiteering. . . . It takes time to make money regardless of the activity." - "Wealth is not amassed with just good market calls. It also requires correct money management." - "I think you need to fear the market and fear yourself. . . . Without fear there is no respect, if you do not respect the markets and fear yourself you will become one more dead body on the long trail of commodity market casualties scattered across the land." Filled with invaluable insight, precise rules and formulas, and helpful advice from one of today's most respected market players, this comprehensive and practical resource will serve as the basis for, if not indeed become, your short-term trading "gospel." Book Info Provides the blueprint necessary for sound and profitable short-term trading. Highlights the advantages and disadvantages of what can be a fruitful, yet potentially dangerous venture. DLC:Commodity futures. From the Back Cover "The public thinks speculation is a game of knowing the future, of knowing that which cannot be known. They are wrong. It is a game of developing strategies with winning advantages, of getting the odds on your side, and then working those odds. Here's how I've done just that for the past 35 years.-Larry Williams. Short-term trading is how most traders and would-be traders play the markets. While it offers the greatest financial payoffs, it also presents the greatest challenge, requiring constant attention and vigilance, as well as a very strict plan. Written by Larry Williams, the most recognized and popular technical analyst for the past three decades, this groundbreaking book-his first in almost a decade-provides the blueprint necessary for sound and profitable short-term trading, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of what can be a fruitful, yet potentially dangerous venture. Sharing his years of experience as a seasoned and successful trader, Williams offers his market wisdom on a wide range of topics, from chaos and speculation to volatility breakouts and profit patterns. With his expert guidance, you'll learn about such fundamentals as how the market moves, what are the three most dominant cycles, when to exit a trade, and how to hold on to winners until the end of your chosen time frame. Along with in-depth analysis of the most effective short-term trading strategies and details on the best theory and implementation of money management, Long-Term Secrets to Short-Term Trading features Williams's winning technical indicators, as well as his thoughts on a broad range of topics. A sampling: - "A short-term trader has one objective; to catch the current trend of the market. That's it. That's all you should try to do!" - "The shorter your time frame of trading the less money you'll make." "You will never make big money until you learn to hold on to your winners, and the longer you hold the more potential you have for profiteering. . . . It takes time to make money regardless of the activity." - "Wealth is not amassed with just good market calls. It also requires correct money management." - "I think you need to fear the market and fear yourself. . . . Without fear there is no respect, if you do not respect the markets and fear yourself you will become one more dead body on the long trail of commodity market casualties scattered across the land." Filled with invaluable insight, precise rules and formulas, and helpful advice from one of today's most respected market players, this comprehensive and practical resource will serve as the basis for, if not indeed become, your short-term trading "gospel." "Having known Larry for 25 years, I can truly say that this is his 'magnum opus'; the culmination of a brilliant career; must reading for anyone who trades futures with success as their goal!-Jake Bernstein, President, MBH Commodity Advisors, Northbrook, Illinois. About the Author LARRY WILLIAMS is a well-known trader, author, newsletter editor, and money manager. He is the all-time top winner of the Robbins World Cup Championship in Futures Trading, taking $10,000 to $1,100,000 in less than twelve months. He has served on the Board of the National Futures Association and twice ran for the U.S. Senate in Montana. Featured in such publications as Barron's, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Fortune, Mr. Williams has been one of the most widely quoted and followed advisors over the past twenty-five years. "Larry is the only person I know who can mix systems and rules with confessions of his soul. This book should have universal appeal to not only the trading world but to all who apply themselves to the laws of the universe. This is a study of the self, the markets, and the interfacing of the two."-Linda Raschke, President, LBR Group, Inc., CTA "LARRY WILLIAMS'S contributions to the study of technical analysis are well documented and indisputable. I have learned more from Larry than all other traders combined. His techniques are original, clever, and fresh. The depth and breadth of his knowledge is mind-boggling. I highly recommend it."-Tom DeMark, President, Market Studies, Inc. Consultants;author, New Market Timing Techniques and The New Science of Technical Analysis.


EURO TRASH - 2852496289

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Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

EVEN THOUGH WE'RE ALL INTERNATIONALISTS, FOR NOW THE BOOK WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE IN GERMAN. With contributions from Damir Arsenijevic, Alain Badiou, Étienne Balibar, Gracie Mae Bradley, Cédric Durand, the European Space Agency (sort of), Sara Farris, Alexandre Kojčve, Maurizio Lazzarato, Sandro Mezzadra, Toni Negri, Thomas Piketty, Beatriz Preciado, Bernard Stiegler, Martin Wolf, Slavoj Zizek. And to top it all off, check out our exclusive "Europe from Detroit" mix that comes courtesy of acid legend Carlos Souffront. No, not another debate on Europe, not just the usual policy proposals, no moralising appeals. We simply want to take stock of our ignorance in order to turn it into something more productive. Call it recycling if you will. The contributions in the volume do not reflect anything like a unity of vision. Often, they agree on very little. But that doesn't mean the texts assembled here do not resonate with one another. Philosophers, economists, journalists and activists comment on past and present manifestations of Europe. Taken together, these essays are exercises in defamiliarisation. Sure, we don't fully understand what is going on. Then again, experts didn't fare too well either, as a quick glance at the pre-2008 forecasts of economists, the analyses of geopolitical pundits or the trajectories of the expert-led transitional governments in Europe's South reveals. That's why we have no desire to wallow in passivity and fatalism. On the contrary, creating a sense of distance between Europe and ourselves will perhaps enable us to relate to it in new ways. Ever since the postwar reconstruction, Europe vacillated between grand political designs and economic expediency. The introduction of the Euro in 2002 and the ongoing crisis of 2008 have accelerated a shift in the balance of power. Nation-states lost some of their prerogatives and now have to accommodate the demands of unelected supranational entities in charge of implementing the precepts of economic rationality. A sense of powerlessness has become widespread. It has given a new lease of life to nationalism and xenophobia across Europe. Young people in particular wonder what could possibly be the point of having democracy conform to markets if capitalism cannot even make good on its one spellbinding historical promise: to enable wealth creation for the masses through individual effort and hard work? As is stands in 2014, giving up democratic principles in order to purify the operations of the markets seems like the surest way to the worst of both worlds: a technocratic caesarism. Economists tentatively hail Greece's return to the capital markets, they rejoice at the first signs of positive growth rates and welcome, give or take some accounting tricks, the sound budgets in member-states that are testament to the efficacy of the austerity measures. Meanwhile, unemployment in many parts of the EU remains stubbornly high. And let's not even talk about wage levels. Far from marking the end of history and the triumph of liberal market societies, 1989 could have turned out to be a Pyrrhic victory for capitalism, a possibility for which even François Furet allowed in his very last essays. Before its long overdue collapse, 'real existing socialism' - imperialist, authoritarian, unjust, inefficient, and downright depressing as it was - nonetheless inspired a fear among the governments of the so-called Western world that tamed capitalism in ways not seen before or after. Did bureaucratic state capitalism in the East protect the liberal capitalism of the West from what it wanted? Even when the latter seemed to be on excellent form after 1989, it often turned out to be pumped up on a diet of monetary steroids: soaring private and company debt sustained the boom times. Capitalism's hold over the planet is neither uniform nor exclusively imposed by force. It emerged out of a contingent history of the "universalisation of a tendency", as Deleuze and Guattari put it. However, a European left that has yet to come to terms with the full extent of its political insignificance seeks solace in the idea of an economic matrix that structures every fold of the social fabric: it is plausible, inescapable and terrifyingly good at harnessing even the forces of resistance to its own purposes. While the therapeutic aspect of this sort of thinking cannot be dismissed, its analytical virtues are more questionable. Still, as we survey the political landscape in 2014, no serious - and politically desirable - alternative exists. And yet liberal market societies struggle with ever more intense degrees of disaffection among their supposedly blessed populations. We observe the striking comeback of inequalities of wealth reminiscent of the Belle Époque. If current trends continue we could soon live in societies so unequal one would have to go back to the pre-industrial age to find anything comparable. This is certainly not a process of differentiation that is synonymous with modernity, as some commentators, grotesquely misinterpreting Luhmann, would have us believe. To reduce the potential of social differentiation to the acceptance of economic disparities betrays a poverty of thought that speaks volumes about the state of mind of a "brute bourgeoisie", itself a symptom of a deeply dysfunctional society. In Merkel-land, it found a new party-political home in the "Alternative for Germany". But opposition to the Euro also gains currency on the left. This is unsurprising given the intransigence of monetary hawks in the central banks and the institutional set-up of the Eurozone. Another Euro was possible, one that would have attempted to pave the way for an optimal currency area, rather than simply presupposing its existence.This would have required large-scale investments and significant redistributive efforts to harmonise - and raise - living standards in all of Europe. We need to unearth these counter-histories of the single European currency. As long as genuine political and social union is but a distant possibility, the imperative of price stability and the impossibility for individual Euro states to devalue their currency reduces the available range of political responses to economic distress to just one: the downward adjustment not just of economies but of entire welfare systems in order to restore competitiveness. However, there is no economic automatism here. These are deeply political decisions. As so often, economic liberalism knows very well when to portray itself as the arch-foe of oppressive states and undemocratic post-national institutions - and when to enlist their help in order to get its doctrinal way. Some conclude from this state of affairs that, provided it can be made politically productive, a break with the Euro regime should no longer be considered a taboo. Others are wary of reductive explanations that, for the sake of conceptual and political convenience, denounce the Eurozone as a monolithic neoliberal bloc. We stand to benefit a great deal from learning how to spot and exploit political divisions. Even inside the European Commission, there is room for forms of militant bureaucracy that deftly maneuver the legal labyrinthe (ranging from the 1953 European Convention on Social and Medical Assistance to the measures towards greater coordination of social security systems passed in 2004). Recent attempts to bully Merkel's government into potentially widening access to welfare payments for European citizens living in Germany lent credence to this claim. One day, these regulatory squabbles might bring us a minuscule step closer to a Europe-wide unconditional basic income. Let the robots do the crap jobs. Given the jingoistic mood of most electorates, even many leftist parties are taking leave from demands for postnational social rights that are legally enforceable. They fear such a move would be tantamount to political suicide. Nonetheless, the track record of European institutions and the general tendency of intergovernmental decisions taken during the last two decades or so suggest that it would be insane to rely on emancipatory political action from above. Yet the question of exactly how to reclaim Europe as a battleground from below is close to intractable. What effective form could a dialectic between "institutional and insurrectional" politics take? New forms of entryism might play a role, as those who support Alexis Tsipras' candidacy for the presidency of the European Commission argue. Mass pressure from the street would open a second flank. But even though they have been theorised for many years, European social movements worthy of their name continue to be conspicuous by their absence. Or should we push for individual states to give up their sovereignty and merge with their neighbour, thus creating political forms that mark an intermediate stage between the nation-state and and a European polity? It all sounds rather far-fetched. Interestingly, the recent protests in Bosnia oppose not just corrupt local elites, but also the institutions of the international community that purports to have pacified the remnants of former Yugoslavia. The revolution in the Ukraine that has courageously overthrown a deeply corrupt regime, on the other hand, did appeal to a EU that embodied hopes for a better political and economic life even as parts of the crowd openly displayed their neo-Nazi sympathies. We need to address the underlying identity issues haunting this continent as a whole and the individuals that inhabit it. It is impossible to overlook the signs of libidinal exhaustion. Europe has a problem with desire. The economic, political and social systems no longer produce pleasure. We're all tired but we haven't done nearly enough to explore and invent new lives. The family rushes in to fill this void. We grew accustomed too quickly to the omnipresence of "family-friendly" policies, by now a staple of European political language. We could have known better. In Anti-Oedipus, Deleuze and Guattari had warned us. As capitalism marches onward, all existing social relations will cede to its pull. But that's not the same as simple disappearance. Quite the opposite. The family was first emptied of all historical functions, only to be reinvented as a bulwark against some of the more troubling and pathological aspects of contemporary capitalism. It offers respite from the constant flexibility that is expected of us, it helps pool resources as welfare states are being dismantled, it pays lip service to feminist struggles by singing the praise of the care work done by stay-at-home mums. In France, reactionaries are marching through the streets in their thousands. Their opposition to same-sex marriage forms part of a wider struggle to combat the rampant "family-phobia" in today's societies. We want none of it. The hypocrisy is plain for everyone to see. There is significant overlap between the defenders of good old family values and the milieus in which shameless hostility to migrants has once again become acceptable. But some migrants are better than others. The latest version of the mother-father-family relies on cheap non-unionised female labour, the army of nannies recruited from abroad. These are some of the migrants that made it to Europe. Many others don't even get that far. The activities of Frontex seem blissfully oblivious to the very colonial past they incessantly conjure up. The same fervour that was at work in the historical project of European expansionism is now observable in the systematic efforts to stop migrants - to ensure successful "border management", as official parlance has it. Europeans used to invade foreign lands to enrich themselves, now they keep others out to protect their privileges. Images of drowned, starved or deported refugees don't prevent European politicians for a second from invoking 'our' grand cultural tradition, preferably while lecturing other parts of the world on the West's civilisational achievements: philosophy, human rights, dignity, you name it. Perhaps the treatment to which migrants are subjected has something to do with Europe's historical self-understanding after all. These corpses float in the same Mediterranean sailed by cunning Ulysses. They're dying to reach the shore they might have otherwise called home. This much is clear to us: as long as other people are treated like garbage in our name, we betray the potential of EURO TRASH. The costly insistence on rigid borders is not just a European problem. It's a cosmic one. Space is a place where quaint attempts to divide it up according to the time-worn logic of sovereignty must fail. As Donald Kessler has pointed out as early as 1978, the debris piling up in the orbit, if unchecked, will reach a point where space travel becomes too dangerous. And little does it matter whether the out-there is littered by NASA or ESA. We might be stuck on this planet at the precise moment when we'd be well advised to leave it behind. Borders have a funny way of shutting in the people they claim to protect. There were concerns about a possible lack of German voices in this collection but acid legend Carlos Souffront came to our rescue and his exclusive "Europe from Detroit" mix dispels them in the most unexpected, poignant and concise way possible. Kraftwerk's 1977 "Trans-Europe-Express" imagined the continent as a haven of post-historical nostalgia. We asked Carlos to reimagine Europe as a province of Detroit in order to invert the usual perspective. Often, the Motor City is an object of European musical desire, filled to the brim with projections even, and especially if there is post-industrial desolation to be admired. Let's try it the other way around. The mix expertly strides between delicacy and a sense of impending dread that culminates in a brief sequence where German history unmistakably rears its ugly head. But there is life beyond that, there has to be. This is not a mind trip, this is a body journey. WE'RE THE EDITORS, WE'RE SVENJA BROMBERG, BIRTHE MÜHLHOFF, AND DANILO SCHOLZ.


House Megamix Vol. 5 - 2827229605

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House Megamix Vol. 5

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Wykonawca:  Różni wykonawcy Tytuł: House Megamix Vol. 5. Wydanie dwupłytowe. Wydawnictwo:  Dance Network Rok wydania: bd. Nr katalogowy: DNT 10123 2 Stan: Bardzo dobry Lista utworów: CD1 : Tim Deluxe - It Just Won't Do Darryl D'Bonneau - Sweet Love Who Da Funk - Shiny Disco Balls Velvet Club - She Loves You Andrea T. Mendoza - Lifestyle HANZ meets GRegor Wagner - Fuck The DJ Groovemaster K. meets Christopher S - Go Deeper Jamie Lewis & Pippi feat. Kim Cooper - Impress Me Sound Of Pink - Everybody Knows Sin Plomo - Everything I Do Zero feat. Morris - Only For You Hilary Porter - My Love Will Lift You Up James Douglas - Out Of Your Mind Martini Bros. - Boy/Girl Jon Cutler - It's Yours MS - Runnin Away Hollis P. Monroe - Dance The Night Away Orange Soul feat. Angie Brown - Tower Of Love Damien J. Carter - Climbin' Aquarian Dreams - Love And Tears Ben Bailey vs. Frank Drebin - Keep On Green Velvet - Gendefect Sugar Caine - Too Much Coffee Tooth-Paste - Enjoy It Simon Grey - One Sugar Caine - Too Hot To Handle 4 Tune Twins pres. Phil Nyl - Out House Monkey Gradiente Zero - Keep On Moving Mondo Azul - Seraia Future Funk Essentials - I Believe CD2: Timo Maas - Help Me Mark Knight - Be There For You Groovemasters K. & Daniel Garcia - Time For Music Jamie Lewis & Nick Morris - Sunshine Hotel Hifi Serious - Because 49ers - My Heart Masters - To Me Klea - Tic Toc 4 Tune Twins - Boogie Fever Esteban Garcia - Feel Free Monosurround - I Warned You Francesco Diaz feat. Karl Frierson - Say A Little Prayer Full Intention feat. Thea Austin - Soul Power Torso - Trumpet Funk Ferry Ultra feat. Roy Ayers - Dangerous Vibes T Ski Valley - Catch The Beat Masters - Time Flies Can 7 - Fruitcake Sugar Caine - Wall Of Sound Afro Saxon Project - Spread Your Love DJ Ren-D - Fire Dance Future Funk - Road Track Strikeforce Movers - Move On Groovehunter - I Get By Ridge Riderz - Get The One 4 Tune Twins - All The Music Breakfast Brothers - A Love Affair Francesco Diaz feat. Benjamin - Across The Sea Jaimy & Kenny D. - Keep On Touching Me Olav Basoski - Samplitude 12 Hustla @-Execute - Everybody


* Zestaw 100 singli CD Reggae, Ethno, Nowe Brzmienia - 2844835699

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* Zestaw 100 singli CD Reggae, Ethno, Nowe Brzmienia


Zestaw 100 singli CD. W stanie od dobrego do idealnego, większość pudełek w dobrym stanie, ok. 20 pudełek uszkodzonych.   1 Giant Leap - Braided Hair Admiral Jackson & Major Popular - Seacruise Blue States - Across The Wire Capoeira Twins - Four (4x3) Chaka Demus & Pliers - Tease Me Ciara - Goodies Corduroy - Mini Cultured Pearls - Kissing The Sheets D Note - The More I See Danny Red - Riddimwize David O. Joseph - Buttefly Deborah Cox - Nobody's Supposed To Be Here Definition Of Sound - Dream Girl Deseos - Mil Y Un Deseos Die 3 Jungen Tenore - Bella Napoli Djola - Atuma Dragon - Original Dragon Music Dub Pistols - There's Gonna Be A Riot Federation - Paradise Feel Good Productions - This Is The Sound Finley Quaye - Sunday Shining Gonzales - So Called Party Over There Guiseppe Leone - Il Viaggio Headrillaz - Return Of The Pistachio Rocker - EP Hevia - Busindre Reel Jack Radics - All I Ever Wanted To Be Jack Radics - Always Around Jhelisa - Whirl Keeps Turning Joe Public - Live And Learn John Davis - United Juggler - Do You Really Want To Hurt Me Juluka - Love Is Just A Dream Justaboo - The Rest Is Up To You Kevin Lyttle - Last Drop Kingston Club - Pride (In The Name Of Love) KWS - Please Don't Go Lavine Hudson - You're Still Loved Lemonde - Follow The Leader Len - Steal My Sunshine Levert Sweat Gill - Curious Looper - She's A Knife Looper - The Snare Magic System - Bouger Bouger Malia - I Believed In Roses Mango Kings - Under Di Mangotree Mardi Gras BB - Psychoflute! Mellow Mark - Weltweit Mother Earth - Freethinker Motorsheep - Little Dancer Motorsheep - Little Dancer - Remix Nardo Ranks - Burrup Nickel Creek - The Lighthouses Tale Oleta Adams - Never Knew Love One Inch Punch - Secrets Of The... Oui 3 - For What It's Worth Pato Banton - Bubbling Hot Patra - Pull Up To The Bumper Patrice - Music Patrice - Up In My Room Pauline Taylor - The Letter Phil Joseph - Cupid Printed At Bismarck's Death - Can Dance Roachford - Get Ready! Roachford - Only To Be With You Rob Dougan - Furious Angels Roger Milla - Sandy Roy Biki - In The Discotex Ruby - Tiny Meat Sabre feat. President Brown - Wrong Or Right Sandy Reed - This World Is Too Big For Me Sarah Brightman & Andrea Bocelli - Time To Say Goodbye Scapegoat Wax - Aisle 10 Seeed - Dickes B Seeed - Schwinger Shai - If I Ever Fall In Love Shinehead - Jamaican In New York Show Of Hands - Crazy Boy Silk - Baby It's You Silk - Girl U For Me Smooth - Undercover Lover Solo U.S. - Where Do U Want Me To Put It Solomon - We Don't Know What's Coming Somethin' For The People - My Love Is The Shhh! Soul II Soul - A Dreams A Dream Steel Pulse - Brown Eyed Girl Supa T. - My Dog Is Better Than Your Dog SWV - I'm So Into You SWV - You're The One The Brand New Heavies - Don't Let It Go To Your Head The Smallteens - Gave The Man His Freedom The Ten Tenors - Bertolli Medley Toyya - Rockin' This Toyya - Uh-Ah Virgin Souls - Personality William Fitzsimmons / Liam Finn Yael Naim & David Donatien - New Soul Yothu Yindi - Djapana Yothu Yindi - Mainstream Zapp Zapp - You Better Believe Zapp Zapp - You Better Believe


Experiencing Rush - 2843500867

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Experiencing Rush Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Few bands have proven as long-standing and experimental as the Canadian rock act Rush, which has successfully survived and adapted like few others by continuing to work in an album-oriented "progressive hard rock" style. Rush bridged its original blues-rock style with progressive rock and heavy metal in the 1970s, explored new wave and synth rock in the 1980s, and then created a new kind of alternative hard rock in the 1990s and 2000s. Throughout its career Rush has stubbornly remained musically and lyrically individualistic. The band created dozens of albums over its four decades-with 45 million sold-and embarked on major concert tours for millions of fans across the globe.The band's music appeals not just to mainstream rock fans but to those musicians who admire the structural complexity of its music. In Experiencing Rush: A Listener's Companion, music scholar Durrell Bowman guides readers through Rush's long career, explaining through the artful combination of biography, history, and musical exegesis how to listen to this unique act. From Rush's emergence as an early blues-rock power trio of guitar, bass, and drums into the godfathers of progressive hard rock, Bowman marks the band's first breakthrough with its landmark, sci-fi/individualist album 2112. From there, readers explore Rush's movement from "prog rock" extended compositions into shorter, potential-radio-play "post-prog" songs, leading to Rush's most successful album Moving Pictures in 1981. In its later career, Rush adventurously mixed progressive hard rock and music technology, generating a new power trio sound that featured further stylistic evolutions. As Bowman makes clear, it is the band's stalwart path and many influences on fans, musicians, and others that resulted in Rush's induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2013. Rush is a legendary group, and Experiencing Rush is specially written for music fans seeking a deeper look into the band's work, as well as for new listeners ready to discover the unique and diverse sound of one of rock's greatest acts.


Desert Reckoning - 2843290146

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Desert Reckoning Nation Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

North of Los Angeles - the studios, the beaches, Rodeo Drive - lies a sparsely populated region that comprises fully one half of Los Angeles County. Sprawling across 2200 miles, this shadow side of Los Angeles is in the high Mojave Desert. Known as the Antelope Valley, it's a terrain of savage dignity, a vast amphitheatre of startling wonders that put on a show as the megalopolis burrows northward into the region's last frontier. Ranchers, cowboys, dreamers, dropouts, bikers, hikers, and felons have settled here - those who have chosen solitude over the trappings of contemporary life or simply have nowhere else to go. But in recent years their lives have been encroached upon by the creeping spread of subdivisions, funded by the once easy money of subprime America. McMansions - many empty now - gradually replaced Joshua trees; the desert - America's escape hatch - began to vanish as it became home to a latter-day exodus of pilgrims. It is against the backdrop of these two competing visions of land and space that Donald Kueck - a desert hermit who loved animals and hated civilization - took his last stand, gunning down beloved deputy sheriff Steven Sorensen when he approached his trailer at high noon on a scorching summer day. As the sound of rifle fire echoed across the Mojave, Kueck took off into the desert he knew so well, kicking off the biggest manhunt in modern California history until he was finally killed in a Wagnerian firestorm under a full moon as nuns at a nearby convent watched and prayed. This manhunt was the subject of a widely praised article by Deanne Stillman, first published in Rolling Stone, a finalist for a PEN Center USA journalism award, and included in the anthology Best American Crime Writing 2006. In Desert Reckoning she continues her desert beat and uses Kueck's story as a point of departure to further explore our relationship to place and the wars that are playing out on our homeland. In addition, Stillman also delves into the hidden history of Los Angeles County, and traces the paths of two men on a collision course that could only end in the modern Wild West. Why did a brilliant, self-taught rocket scientist who just wanted to be left alone go off the rails when a cop showed up? What role did the California prison system play in this drama? What happens to people when the American dream is stripped away? And what is it like for the men who are sworn to protect and serve?


Texas Box - 1950s & 1960s Oddball Labels / Various - 2840296361

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Texas Box - 1950s & 1960s Oddball Labels / Various


1. Couch, Orville - Wild Girl 2. Davis, Link - Rice & Gravy 3. Davis, Link - Johnny B Goode 4. Boyd, Bill The Cowboy Rambler - Rockin' & Rollin' 5. Dallas, Jackie & The Tiaras - Bull Moose 6. James, Daniel - Rock, Moon, Rock 7. Watson, Johnny - Come To The Party 8. Mansel, Red - My Only One 9. Williams, Rocky - Rock Cinderella 10. Trent, Tommy - Just For Tonight 11. Trent, Tommy - A Mile To The Mailbox 12. Walker, Hank - Reckless Romance 13. Pettit, Mike & The Stags - It's A Reamer 14. Barton, Dick's Rebels - Take This Message, Darling 15. Barton, Dick's Rebels - Yes Baby, I'm Scared 16. Barton, Dick & The Rebels - I Get The Blues 17. Tune Masters, The - Down The Line 18. Wilcox, Coye - You Gotta Quit Cheatin' 19. Country Dudes, The - Have A Ball 20. Atkins, Dave & His Offbeats - Shake-um-down 21. Catalinas, The - Speechless 22. Doyle, Bobby - Hot Seat 23. Reynolds, Jo Ann - Ring A Ding Dong Dandy 24. Blackwell Twins, The / The Charles Blackwell Co - 25. Blackwell Twins, The / The Charles Blackwell Co - 26. Roland, Danny - Shockwave 27. Sheather & The Stardusters - Orbit With Me Sonny 28. Landon, Bud & The Rhythm Masters - Get Away 29. Landon, Bud & The Rhythm Masters - Six Mile Climb 30. Landon, Bud & The Rhythm Masters - Running Man 31. Landon, Bud & The Rhythm Masters - Walking 32. Brown, Johnny & The Plainsmen - Shame 101. Faulk, Roland - My Baby's Gone 102. Phillips, Don / Dorton, Bill - Milkshake Mademoise 103. Martin, Ronnie - Baby, You're Mine 104. Reynolds, Wes - Forty Days 105. Gray, Bobby - Dixie Doodle Dandy 106. Neal, Meredith - Gertrude 107. Mills, Hank - Just A Mean, Mean Mama 108. Hanson, Jerry - When I Was A Little Boy 109. Knightsmen, The / Black, Sue - Pistol Packin' Mama 110. Blake, Tommy & The Rhythm Rebels - Koolit 111. Boggs, Lucky & The Tune Toppers - You Can't Stop H 112. Boots, Don & The Western Swing Band - Big Foot Ann 113. Hadley, Jim & Drifter's Rangers - Midnight Train 114. Hadley, Jim & Drifter's Rangers - Midnight Train ( 115. Richie, Joe - Across The Bay 116. Rash, Curley & His South Texas Playboys - Bubble G 117. Don Eee - Stop At The Hop 118. Alexander, Max & The Hi-fi Combo - Little Rome 119. Smith, Bob & His Bobcats - Honky Tonkin' Baby 120. Stoney, Johnny Kilroy & La-sabers - Goodbye 121. Hall, Ben & The Country Drifters - Moo Mama 122. Wilson, Johnny - Twilight Zone 123. Turnage, Al & The Turnpikes - Hollywood Rock 124. Rose, Lee - I've Got The Downhearted Blues 125. Ray, Gene / Miller, Dusty & His Colorado Wrangl - 126. Sloan, Chuck & The Dukes Of Greenville - Too Old T 127. Lane, Ralph & The Whitey Four - You Gotta Show Me 128. Ray, Gene - Rock'n'roll Fever 129. Peppel, Harry & His Shenandoah Valley Rangers - Th 130. La Pointe, Perry & The Orange Playboys - Bo Rock 131. Canida, Carl & His Canadians - Party Date 132. Wright, Earl & Texas Oldtimers - Married Man Blues 201. Duncan, Bill - Whirlin' Twerlin' Rock 202. King, Claude - Run, Baby, Run 203. Kubiak, Dan & The Sound Waves - Finding You 204. Mendieta, Alfredo - Chicken Run 205. Fender, Freddie - Mean Woman 206. Chancellers, The - Judy 207. Feger, Don - Date On The Corner 208. Feger, Don - Don't Be Mad 209. Feger, Don & The Embers - Look Out, Baby 210. Fowler, Buck - She's Just That Kind 211. Brown, Guy / Campi, Ray & His Band - Uh-uh 212. Smith, Betty / Maxwell, Johnny & The Rhythm Mas - 213. Smith, Betty / Maxwell, Johnny & The Rhythm Mas - 214. Eddie Eay / Frankie & The Rocks - Dancin' Girl 215. Beard, Dean & The Crew Cats - Rakin' & Scrapin' 216. Morris, Gene & The Pages - Lovin Honey 217. Fox, Orville & The Harmony Masters - Honey, You Ta 218. Schurb, Duane - Rolly Polly 219. Easley, Clyde - Drive-in Baby 220. Lee, Floyd - Go Boy 221. Roberts, Cookie - Draggin' The Drive-in's 222. J Gale & The Games - Suds 223. Taylor, 'Wild' Bill & The Clefs - Little Jewel 224. Christie, Gaylon & The Downbeats - Hootchie Cootch 225. Newland, Dickie 'Bird' - Don't Be Funny, Honey 226. Morgan, Joe - What Do We Do Now 227. Mcbride, Dale & The Jimmy Heap Orchestra - Prissy 228. Newland, Dickie 'Bird' & The Jimmy Heap Orchest - 229. Taylor, Billy & The Tear Drops - Wombie Zombie 230. Crown, Bobby & The Kapers - One Way Ticket 231. Twisters, The - Countdown 1-2-3 232. Twisters, The - Speed Limit 233. Russ, Irvin - Crazy Alligator 234. Twisters, The - Bandstand Rocket 301. Long, Huey - Elvis Stole My Gal 302. Jenkins, Leroy - Why Don't You Get On The Woo Wago 303. Ferrell Brothers, The / Terry & Ann - Oh! Moon 304. Lay, Dale - Country Style Twist 305. Fleming, George - I'm Gonna Tell On You 306. Fleming, George - The Shake 307. Monte Mead - Cape Canaveral 308. Pegues, Carroll (Wild Red) - Ray & Red & The Bi-st 309. Pegues, Carroll (Wild Red) - Ray & Red & The Bi-st 310. Karber, Randell - Back To School 311. Richardson, Richie / Cuevas, Charlie & The Jagu - 312. Lara, Sammy & The Skytones - Silly Sally 313. Excels, The - Let's Dance 314. Excels, The - Walking The Dog 315. Dunn, David - Rock Me 316. Martinez, Mike 'Keys' - Sugar Baby Swinging 317. Casner, Harold - That Is Why 318. Bryan, Jerry (Houndogs) - Vampire Daddy 319. Bryan, Jerry (Houndogs) - Walking Out 320. Tolleson, Tommie - Carla Blues 321. Tolleson, Tommie - The Gulf Coast Twist 322. Tolleson, Tommie - The One Man Band /Black Lights 323. Francis, Jim & The Moderns - Travelin' 324. Williams, Skeet / Halton, Bob's Swing Kings - Mary 325. Tune Masters, The - Sonny Matta) /Mad Twistin' Fev 326. Middleton, Gary & The Excellos - Don't Be Shy 327. Dunlap, Gene & The Jokers - Made In The Shade 328. Harrington, Rick / Dunlap, Gene & The Jokers - Whi 329. Dart, Jimmy / Dunlap, Gene / Jokers, The - Please 330. Blacky Vale - If I Had Me A Woman 331. Goza, Glen & The Damangos - Goshamody Whatabody 332. Benders, The - Sharpest Little Girl 333. Wells, Gerald & The Torquays - Come On 401. Lee, Joyce & Dale & Paul The Western Cousins - Tor 402. Western Swingsters, The - Bennie Hatfield) /Forget 403. Rogers, Weldon / Wolfe, Wanda - Everybody Wants Yo 404. Gray, Bobby - There's Gonna Be A Party 405. Stadtler, Darrell & The Paddlewheels - I'll Never 406. Brown, Tommy - That Cat 407. Lynn, Jerry - Don't Want Your Money, Honey 408. Hughes, Joe & His Orchestra - Make Me Dance Little 409. Farr, Little Joey - Rock'n'roll Santa 410. Cleary, Eddie - I Don't Care 411. Cleary, Eddie - Think It Over Baby 412. Cleary, Eddie & The Customs - Meet Miss Susie 413. Burch, Woody - Aquagell Blues 414. Rel-yea's, The - Good, Good Lovin' 415. Rel-yea's, The - The Rugged Rock 416. Miley, Lonnie - Satellite Fever - Asiatic Flu 417. Osborn, Bobby & His Classic III - Wine, Wine, Wine 418. Tidwell, Billy & The Chivells - Folsom Prison Blue 419. Mitcham, Ray - Out Yonder 420. Sunny & The Sun-glows - Up Town 421. Canton, Bobby & The Citations - Beat Back Baby 422. Mods, The - Stone Henge 423. Tampellas, The - I Love Girls 424. Walton & The Silver Lake Boys - Man, What A Party 425. Channel, Bruce - Come On, Baby 426. D-y & The Motivaters - Hot Rod Ford 427. Stevens, Carl - Hillbilly Man 428. Booth, Charlie & The Blue Velvets - Gonna Find Som 429. Gray, Duane - Come Home 430. Hess, Bennie - Wild Hog Hop 431. Simpson, Donald & The Rockenettes - Save Me Your L 432. Mccullough, Cecil & The Border Boys - Pick 'Em Up 433. Lindsey,lewis - The Push 434. Davis, Al & The Gunshots - Ricky Tic 501. Davis, Al & The Blackouts - Go, Baby, Go 502. Virva, Dan & The Flying 'D' Ramblers - Duck Tail C 503. Lillie, Lonnie - Truck Driver's Special 504. Centurys, The - Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On 505. Grand, K.c. & The Shades - Lookie / Lookie / Looki 506. Starr, Sid & The Escorts - For You 507. Sanchez, Mike & The Rock-a-tones - Wicked 508. Circle C Band / Harmond, Lee - Ramshackled Shack 509. Wheeler, Larry & Band - Cry, Woman, Cry 510. Denton, Johnny / Sharp, Harold & Band - Hey, Babe 511. Moore, Turner / Moore, Charley & The Crystals - I' 512. Fabulous Wanderers, The - I'm A Road Runner 513. Epps, Earl - Be-bop Blues 514. Ross, Danny - Look At You, Go 515. Garmon, Johnny & The Shadows - You're Wrong 516. Garmon, Johnny & The Shadows - The Shadows Dance 517. Cole, Lee & The Beau Jesters - Cool Baby 518. Hess, Big Ben - Wild Hog Hop 519. Blevins, Bill - Baby, I Won't Keep Waitin' 520. Blevins, Bill - Crazy Blues 521. Harrison, Cledus - Rock & Roll In The Groove 522. Lombardie, Joe & The Cats - Let's All Rock & Roll 523. Hank The Drifter & His Drifting Hillbillies - I'm 524. Davis, Link - Grasshopper 525. Zuma, Paul - Our Love Will Last 526. Creep, The - Betty Lou's Got A New Tattoo 527. Creep, The - I'm Wise 528. Marvin, Eddy - I'm Packing My Duds & I'm Head-in S 529. Fowler, Don & The Country Timers - Oklahoma Baby 530. Chiefs - Blast Off The Star 531. Wormington, George - Hours With The Owls 532. Howell, Bill & His Guitar - Rocket Rollin' Blues 533. Stepp, Clayton Dale - Baby, Let's Think Of Love 534. Stepp, Clayton Dale - I'm Still Loving You 601. O'keefe, Larry - Rolling Stone 602. Night, Rocky & His Night Cats - Teen Age Bop 603. Doggett, Ray & The Counts - No Doubt About It 604. Canales, Johnny & His Orchestra - Johnny B Goode 605. Mack & Gwen / Country Playboys, The - Baby, I Want 606. King, Jessie Lee & His Crowns - Nervous Wreck 607. King, Jessie Lee & His Crowns - Rock & Roll Rover 608. Irby, Jerry - Forty Nine Women 609. Vic, Thomas, 'Bashful' & The Western Rhythmaire - 610. Howdy, Jay-bob / Nix, Hoyle & His West Texas Co - 611. Gatlin, Jimmy / Yellow Jackets, The - Texarkana Ba 612. Velvets, The - Wild Little Willy 613. Bobby & The Fifths - My Baby's Fine 614. Jades, The - Lost Train 615. Sikes, Bobby & The Rhythm Rebels - Rolling Stone 616. Ezba, Denny - Dirty, Dirty Feeling 617. Royal Lancers, The - Is This The Place 618. Strong, Ray - You're Gonna Reap What You Sow 619. Terry, Gene & His Kool Kats - The Woman I Love 620. Terry, Gene & His Kool Kats - Tip, Tap & Tell Me 621. Forse, Beamon - You Better Go Now 622. Starfires, The - Everywhere I Go 623. Brown, Charlie & His Lazy V-hands - Mean, Mean Mam 624. Brown, Charlie & His Cisco Kids - Don' T Put The B 625. Brown, Charlie & His Cisco Kids - Have You Heard T 626. C.l. & The Pictures - Let's Take A Ride 627. Douglas, Mel & The Nu-notes - Cadillac Boogie 628. Oliver, Dale - Long Gone Daddy 629. Glenn, Ernie & The Happy-go-lucky Cowboys - These 630. Wayne, Buddy & The Vi-dells - The Road Runner 631. Wayne, Buddy & The Vi-dells - What Made Maggie Run 632. Anderson, Bailey & The Satin Gentlemen - What Will 633. Harris, Francis L - The Rambler 701. Harris, Francis L - My Baby's Acting Kinda Strange 702. Arnold, Jerry - Blondes, Brunettes Or Redheads 703. Arnold, Jerry & The Rhythm Captains - Race For Tim 704. Arnold, Jerry & The Rhythm Captains - High Classed 705. Miller, Buddy & The Rockin' Ramblers - I Got Me A 706. Miller, Buddy & The Rockin' Ramblers - Rock & Roll 707. Miller, Buddy & His Rockin' Ramblers - Little Bo P 708. Crabtree, Riley - She Loves Me Better 709. Jac & Jay / Tom Toms, The - Monkey's Uncle 710. Passions, The - Mercy, Little Baby 711. Steffek, Bob & The Falcons - Wild Woody 712. Worley, Jim - Hard Hat 713. Star Combo, The - Mister Rock & Roll 714. Tidwell, Bobby & Kiamichi Mountain Boys - Cherokee 715. Louisiana Lannis - Tongue Twister Boogie 716. Louisiana Lannis - Walking Out 717. Norris, Joe - Rock Out Of This World 718. Simpson, Royce - Space Dance 719. Singer, Roy - Could You Loan Me Five 720. Owen, Rudy / The Ravens - Pretty Linda 721. Grisham, Jack - Big Heart 722. Embers, The - I'm Goin' Surfin' 723. Barnes, Betty & The Four Shadows - What Would You 724. Ford, Sandy - Cat Man Boogie 725. Jones, Dottie - Honey, Honey 726. Dove, Jerry & His String Busters - Pink Bow Tie 727. Blue Notes, The - I Love Her So 728. Goddard, Chuck - Living Myself To Death 729. Stone, Ray - China Doll 730. Moore, Cecil - I Got It Bad 731. Vale, Bernie - She's Gone, Gone 732. Delatones, The - Little Jeanie 733. Morrison, Bill & His Band - Set Me Free 801. Morrison, Bill & His Band - Baby, Be Good 802. Joe B / Davis, Charlie - Mississippi Central 803. Joe B / Davis, Charlie - Shut Your Big Fat Mouth 804. Pack, Charlie & The Originals - Fluffy Dog 805. Sundowners, The - Live It Up 806. Davis, Link & The Cajuns - Airliner 807. Davis, Link & The Cajuns - Permit Blues 808. Dee, Jimmy 'Frenchie' - I Ain't Givin' Up Nothin' 809. Moonlighters, The - Broken Heart 810. Moonlighters, The - Rock-a-bayou Baby 811. St Romain, Kirby - Oh, Baby Doll 812. Bernard, Rod - Recorded In England 813. Huskey, Johnny & The King Bees - Red Dress 814. Dale, Jim & The Comancheros - Vw 815. Lee, Jacky & The Jay Brinkley Combo - Misery 816. Goodgion, Garry - Blues Party 817. Faggard, Jan / Winter, Johnny's Band / Wanderer - 818. Davis, Chuck - Teaser 819. Lewis, Wink / Busby, Buzz & Band - Zzztt, Zzztt, Z 820. Avon & The Rave-ons - Honey, Honey, Honey 821. Avon & The Rave-ons - Teen Queen 822. Dodi & Dot - Little Red Rockin' Hood 823. Hall, Euel & The Rhythm Rockers - Blue Feeling 824. Hall, Euel & The Rhythm Rockers - Stand In Line 825. Doyle, Bobby & The Ideals - Chug-a-lug 826. Lee, Johnny & The Roadrunners - Town Of No Return 827. Boatman, Tooter & The Chaparrals - The Will Of Lov 828. Twisters, The - Mean, Mean Woman 829. Williams, Ron & The Customs - Sue Sue Baby 830. Hanna, Fletcher / Rayner, Red 'Joe' & His Ozark - 831. Zambon, Francis & The Naturals - Our Love Will Las 832. Flippo, Lawrence & The Futuras - Let's Do It 901. Ellis, Ronnie & The Originals - Honey Blonde 902. Paul, Marvin - None Of Your Business 903. Baker, Bob - Kitty Kat Korner 904. Baker, Bob - Turned On The Ice 905. Trent, Kenneth & The Continentals - The Way I Feel 906. Trent, Kenneth & The Continentals - I'm In Love 907. Rock 'N' Rollers, The - For You 908. Smith, Dayton & The Roving Warriors - What Will Th 909. Dean, Al & His All Stars - Fragile Heart 910. Hudson, Tommy & The Savoys - Rock-it 911. Frantic Freddie & The Pro-teens - Charmaine 912. Davis, Garland & The Spot Barnett Orchestra - I've 913. Epp, Al & The Pharaohs - Breaking My Heart 914. Arnold, Jack & The Chalecos - Hey, Jo Baby 915. Rel-yea's, The - Round Rock Boogie 916. Rel-yea's, The - Country Boy 917. Huffman, Paul & The Rebel Combo - She's Mine 918. Seals, Wayland & The Oil Patch Boys - When I'm Gon 919. Mils, Telli W The Fat Cat - Ain't Goin' Home 920. Zircons, The - Crazy, Crazy 921. Seals, Wayland - Oil Patch Blues 922. Rhodes, Darrell & The Falcons - Four O'clock Baby 923. Rhodes, Darrell - Lou Lou 924. Rhodes, Darrell - I Thought About You 925. Fletcher, Jimmy - What's Wrong With You 926. Morris, Gene - I Crawfished 927. Cruisers, The - Cruisin' 928. Moore, Jan - Play It Cool 929. Kriss, Jimmy - You've Got Me Worried 930. Rhodes, Darrell - Runnin' & Chasin' 931. Montgomery, Harold / Johnson, Ray Band - How Much 932. Brown, Walter & His Band - Alley Cat 933. Brown, Walter & His Band - Jelly Roll Rock


Lunch Poems - 2826934074

49,50 zł

Lunch Poems Perseus Books Group

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Frank O'Hara's "Lunch Poems" "Lunch Poems," first published in 1964 by City Lights Books as number nineteen in the Pocket Poets series, is widely considered to be Frank O'Hara's freshest and most accomplished collection of poetry. Edited by the poet in collaboration with Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Donald Allen, who had published O'Hara's poems in his monumental "The New American Poetry" in 1960, it contains some of the poet's best known works including "The Day Lady Died," "Ave Maria," and "Poem" [Lana Turner has collapsed!]. This new limited 50th anniversary edition contains a preface by John Ashbery and an editor's note by City Lights publisher Lawrence Ferlinghetti, along with facsimile reproductions of a selection of previously unpublished correspondence between Ferlinghetti and O'Hara that shed new light on the preparation of "Lunch." "Frank O'Hara's "Lunch Poems," the little black dress of American poetry books, redolent of cocktails and cigarettes and theater tickets and phonograph records, turns 50 this year. It seems barely to have aged . . . This is a book worth imbibing again, especially if you live in Manhattan, but really if you're awake and curious anywhere. O'Hara speaks directly across the decades to our hopes and fears and especially our delights; his lines are as intimate as a telephone call. Few books of his era show less age."--Dwight Garner, "The New York Times" "City Lights' new reissue of the slim volume includes a clutch of correspondence between O'Hara and Lawrence Ferlinghetti . . . in which the two poets hash out the details of the book's publication: which poems to consider, their order, the dedication, and even the title. 'Do you still like the title Lunch Poems?' O'Hara asks Ferlinghetti. 'I wonder if it doesn't sound too much like an echo of "Reality Sandwiches" or "Meat Science Essays."' 'What the hell, ' Ferlinghetti replies, 'so we'll have to change the name of City Lights to Lunch Counter Press.'"--Nicole Rudick, "The Paris Review" "Frank O'Hara's famed collection was first published in 1964, and, to mark the fiftieth anniversary, City Lights is printing a special edition."--"The New Yorker" "The volume has never gone out of print, in part because O'Hara expresses himself in the same way modern Americans do: Like many of us, he tries to overcome the absurdity and loneliness of modern life by addressing an audience of anonymous others."--Micah Mattix, "The Atlantic" "I hope that everyone will delight in the new edition of Frank's LUNCH POEMS. The correspondence between Lawrence and Frank is great. Frank was just 33 when he wrote to Lawrence in 1959 and 38 when LUNCH POEMS was published! The fact that City Lights kept Frank's LUNCH POEMS in print all these years has been extraordinary, wonderful and a constant comfort. Hurray for independent publishers and independent bookstores. Many thanks always to Lawrence Ferlinghetti and everyone at City Lights."--Maureen O'Hara, sister of Frank O'Hara "Frank O'Hara's "Lunch Poems"--which has just been reissued in a 50th anniversary hardcover edition--recalls a world of pop art, political and cultural upheaval and (in its own way) a surprising innocence."--David Ulin, "Los Angeles Times"


Luck or Something Like it - 2837508823

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Luck or Something Like it Harper Collins

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

For more than half a century, Kenny Rogers has been recording some of the most revered and beloved music in America and around the world. In that time, he has become a living legend by combining everything from R and B to country and gospel to folk in his unique voice to create a sound that's both wholly original and instantly recognizable. Now, in his first-ever memoir, Kenny details his lifelong journey to becoming one of American music's elder statesmen-a rare talent who's created hit records for decades while staying true to his values as a performer and a person. Exploring the struggles of his long road, his story begins simply: growing up in Depression-era Texas, living in the projects, surviving in poverty, and listening to his mother, who always had just the right piece of wisdom. Recounting his early years, first as a jazz bassist and later as a member of the pioneering folk group the New Christy Minstrels, Kenny charts how he came into his own as an artist with the First Edition, only to have the band's breakup in the 1970s raise questions about his musical future. Yet, as Kenny explains, it was precisely this soul-searching that led him to a new direction on his own in Nashville. Telling the stories that have become legends in a town that's seen many of them, he recalls the making of his career in country music and his most memorable songs, including Lucille, The Gambler, Lady, and Islands in the Stream. Along the way, he shares the friendships, both big and small, that have meant the most to him, describing the good times he's had with Dottie West, Lionel Richie, and, of course, Dolly Parton, and how through it all he continues to make music with the passion that has defined him from the start. Staring across the decades, Kenny writes a story seemingly straight from one of his songs. The end result is a rollicking ride through fifty years of music history, which offers a heartwarming testament to a time when country music wasn't just a brand but a way of life.


Naomi Godstone (Classic Reprint) - 2834139296

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Naomi Godstone (Classic Reprint) Forgotten Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Excerpt from Naomi Godstone You went down to the railway bridge just before tea, in time for the four o'clock express. You stood under the bridge and waited, your heart beating very quickly, and then - It was like the end of the world. Naomi always thought of the end of the world like that - like the noise of the afternoon express going over the bridge across Tutt's Lane... You hadn't to put your fingers to your ears. If you did that you were a "cowardy custard." Naomi and Roddy, the Hall children, stood on one side of the archway, and Peter and Vivienne, the Vicarage children, on the other... waiting ... It came quite suddenly, growing in a few seconds from a faint sound in the distance to a deafening, terrifying, world-shattering roar. There was always one point when you felt that it couldn't possibly grow any louder, and it always did. At the very loudest part you had to make your elbows stiff against your sides, so that you'ld be quite sure of not putting your fingers to your ears. Roddy held Naomi's hand, and squeezed it so hard that her fingers stuck together of their own accord for a few seconds after he let it go. (An interesting phenomenon.) Vivienne screwed up her comical little face till it was more comical than ever. Peter just blinked. Peter minded it less than the others. But even Peter didn't like it. None of them liked it, though it held an irresistible fascination for them. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find more at This book is a reproduction of an important historical work. Forgotten Books uses state-of-the-art technology to digitally reconstruct the work, preserving the original format whilst repairing imperfections present in the aged copy. In rare cases, an imperfection in the original, such as a blemish or missing page, may be replicated in our edition. We do, however, repair the vast majority of imperfections successfully; any imperfections that remain are intentionally left to preserve the state of such historical works.


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