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The Realm Of Napalm Records Vol. II - 2846719149

82,49 zł

The Realm Of Napalm Records Vol. II Napalm

Muzyka>Rock>Heavy / Hard

1. Ahab - Yet Another Raft Of The Medusa (Edit) 2. Alestorm - Keelhauled 3. Arkona - Yarilo 4. Crimfall - Wildfire Season 5. Fairyland - Master Of The Waves 6. Fejd - Offerok 7. Glittertind - Longships & Mead 8. Hatesphere - Cloaked In Shit 9. Leaves' Eyes - My Destiny 10. Saltatio Mortis - Ebenbild 11. Schelmish - Ueberladen 12. Sons Of Seasons - A Blind Man's Resolution 13. Stream Of Passion - When You Hurt Me The Most 14. Bulletmonks, The - No Gain Just Pain 15. Iith Hour, The - Atonement (Edit) 16. Trail Of Tears - The Feverish Alliance 17. Tyr - Hold The Heathen Hammer High 101. Alestorm - Keelhauled 102. Arkona - Goi, Rode, Goi! 103. Arkona - Pkrovi Nebesnogo Startsa 104. Arkona - Slavsia, Rus' 105. Atrocity - The Sun Always Shines On Tv 106. Battlelore - House Of Heroes 107. Battlelore - Third Immortal 108. Grave Digger - Ballad Of A Hangman 109. Hatesphere - To The Nines 110. Hollenthon - Song Of Perdition 111. Katra - Beast Within 112. Lacrimas Profundere - A Pearl 113. Lacrimas Profundere - & God's Ocean 114. Leaves' Eyes - My Destiny 115. Saltato - Ebenbild 116. Serenity - Velatum 117. Modern Age Slavery, The - Vile Mother Earth 118. Tyr - Hold The Heathen Hammer High 119. Tyr - Sinklars Visa 120. Ganto, Van - Speed Of Light 121. Alestorm - Nancy The Tavern Wench 122. Arkona - Rus' 123. Atrocity - Fade To Grey 124. Leaves' Eyes - New Found Land 125. Leaves' Eyes - Norwegian Lovesong


Full Speed Ahead - 2847848372

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Full Speed Ahead Scholastic

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This work features high-interest non-fiction titles that will add depth to your project work and ensure engaging cross-curricular creative topic-led lessons. It contains 20 titles covering four reading levels - two levels for Year 5 and two levels for Year 6. It includes discussion starters to get the whole class talking. Develop children's comprehension skills and vocabulary with the glossary and index provided. This work features superb photography to engage your pupils. This book discusses the science of speed, including the history of land, sea, air and space travel, records and who achieved them.


Incredible Blitzen Benz - 2826807617

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Incredible Blitzen Benz Dalton Watson Fine Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Titanic motorcars that blazed a trail of speed before and after the Great War, the Blitzen Benzes were the fastest man-carrying machines of their era. Officially certified as the fastest cars in the world from 1909 to 1919, the 200-horsepower Benzes were winners in races and hillclimbs throughout Europe and America. For the first time the storied feats of the six Type RE Benzes and their colorful owners and drivers are brought vividly to life in this lavishly illustrated book. One of the most evocative names ever bestowed on an automobile, "Blitzen Benz" came to express the ultimate in power and speed. The car itself, with its sharp-tailed body, aggressively beaked radiator and colossal exhaust pipes, still stands as an unrivaled icon of velocity on land. Karl Ludvigsen weaves an engrossing saga of the men and machines of the era covering: founder Karl Benz and why he was not keen on racing; a talented Belgian who designed a great German engine; how a choleric and driven French racer inspired the first 200 PS Benz; stunning new world records set in 1909 and 1910; marrying the Benz with American racing hero Barney Oldfield; and, why the four-passenger model was fastest of all the Benzes at Brooklands; rare period images bring the Blitzen's exploits to life; shattering records with "Wild Bob" Burman; and, record-breaking at Brooklands with a stove-pipe exhaust. In his work, Ludvigsen clarifies for the first time the tangled careers of these great cars. He concludes his narrative with the exciting revival of several of the Type RE Benzes, alive again to give a hint of the immortal achievements that made these the most daunting and respected racing cars of their time.


Bluebird Cn7 - 2842841357

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Bluebird Cn7

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Lifestyle, sport & leisure>Transport: general interest>Road & motor vehicles: general interest>Motor ca...

Records The Development, Construction And Operation Of The Last Wheel-driven Land Speed Record Breaking Car That The UK Produced, And Tells How The Tragic Demise Of Donald Campbell Prevented It From Reaching Its Full Potential. A Unique Account Of A Legendary Feat Of Engineering.


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