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Shakespeare and Material Culture - 2826898380

170,38 zł

Shakespeare and Material Culture Oxford University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

OXFORD SHAKESPEARE TOPICS General Editors: Peter Holland and Stanley Wells Oxford Shakespeare Topics provide students and teachers with short books on important aspects of Shakespeare criticism and scholarship. Each book is written by an authority in its field, and combines accessible style with original discussion of its subject. What is the significance of Shylock's ring in The Merchant of Venice? How does Shakespeare create Gertrude's closet in Hamlet? How and why does Ariel prepare a banquet in The Tempest? In order to answer these and other questions, Shakespeare and Material Culture explores performance from the perspective of the material conditions of staging. In a period just starting to be touched by the allure of consumer culture, in which objects were central to the way gender and social status were experienced but also the subject of a palpable moral outrage, this book argues that material culture has a particularly complex and resonant role to play in Shakespeare's employment of his audience's imagination. Chapters address how props and costumes work within the drama's dense webs of language - how objects are invested with importance and how their worth is constructed through the narratives which surround them. They analyse how Shakespeare constructs rooms on the stage from the interrelation of props, the description of interior spaces and the dynamics between characters, and investigate the different kinds of early modern practices which could be staged - how the materiality of celebration, for instance, brings into play notions of hospitality and reciprocity. Shakespeare and Material Culture ends with a discussion of the way characters create unique languages by talking about things - languages of faerie, of madness, or of comedy - bringing into play objects and spaces which cannot be staged. Exploring things both seen and unseen, this book shows how the sheer variety of material cultures which Shakespeare brings onto the stage can shed fresh light on the relationship between the dynamics of drama and its reception and comprehension.


Manga: Medium, Kunst und Material / Manga: Medium, Art and Material - 2826654628

137,20 zł

Manga: Medium, Kunst und Material / Manga: Medium, Art and Material Leipziger Universitätsverlag

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Manga sind Vieles: Kulturindustrie und "Media-Mix"-Komponente, Instrument für "Cool-Japan"-Kampagnen seitens des japanischen Staates, Bildsprache einer globalen Fankultur und Quelle niedlicher Figuren. Aber sie sind auch Comics, serielle Bilderzählungen zumeist, deren Medienspezifik ebenjene Darstellungsleistungen beeinflusst, die aus geschichts- und geschlechtswissenschaftlicher Sicht vorrangig interessieren. Dieser Band versammelt deutsch- und englischsprachige Texte aus zehn Jahren Manga-Studien, die als Buch- oder Konferenzbeitrag für nicht comicspezifische Kontexte entstanden. Manga wird hier nicht einfach als kulturwissenschaftliches oder japanologisches Material benutzt, sondern vielmehr daraufhin befragt, welche ästhetisch-kulturellen Gegebenheiten und Diskurse für eine solche Indienststellung zu berücksichtigen sind. Hier steht der Manga selbst im Zentrum.§§Manga are many things: culture industry and 'media mix' component, instrument of 'Cool Japan' campaigns by the Japanese state, visual language of a global fan culture, and source of cute characters. But manga are also comics, serial graphic narratives for the most part; the related media specificity affects those representational capacities which primarily attract the interest of historians and gender-studies scholars. This volume assembles German and English-language essays in manga studies, that hark back to book chapters and conference papers for not comics-specific contexts. These essays do not employ manga as mere material for the study of culture or Japan, but rather query what aesthetic and cultural conditions as well as discourses call for consideration with respect to such employment. Manga itself takes center stage here.


Culture In Second Language Teaching And Learning - 2840059550

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Culture In Second Language Teaching And Learning

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>English language teaching (ELT)>Learning material & courseworkKsiążki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>English l...

This Book Identifies The Many Facets Of Culture That Influence Second Language Learners And Teachers.


AP Italian Language and Culture - 2826949852

127,91 zł

AP Italian Language and Culture BARRONS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A brand new manual focused to reflect the most often asked questions on Advanced Placement Italian exams. With an audio CD presenting oral material for the Listening and Speaking sections.


Language and Culture in Medieval Britain - 2826915888

440,78 zł

Language and Culture in Medieval Britain York Medieval Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

With co-editors: CAROLYN COLLETTE, MARYANNE KOWALESKI, LINNE MOONEY, AD PUTTER, and DAVID TROTTER England was more widely and enduringly francophone in the middle ages than many standard accounts of its history, culture and language allow. The development of French in England, whether known as 'Anglo-Norman' or 'Anglo-French', is deeply interwoven both with medieval English and with the spectrum of Frenches, insular and continental, used within and outside the realm. As the language of nearly a thousand literary texts, of much administration, and of many professions and occupations, the French of England needs more attention than it has so far received. The essays in this volume form a new cultural history focussed round, but not confined to, the presence and interactions of French speakers, writers, readers, texts and documents in England from the eleventh to the later fifteenth century. Taking the French of England into account does not simply add new material to our existing narratives of medieval English culture, but changes them, restoring a multi-vocal, multi-cultural medieval England in all its complexity, and opening up fresh agendas for study and exploration. Contributors: HENRY BAINTON, MICHAEL BENNETT, JULIA BOFFEY, RICHARD BRITNELL, CAROLYN COLLETTE, GODFRIED CROENEN, HELEN DEEMING, STEPHANIE DOWNES, MARTHA DRIVER, MONICA H. GREEN, RICHARD INGHAM, REBECCA JUNE, MARYANNE KOWALESKI, PIERRE KUNSTMANN, FRANCOISE H. M. LE SAUX, SERGE LUSIGNAN, TIM WILLIAM MACHAN, JULIA MARVIN, BRIAN MERRILEES, RUTH NISSE, MARILYN OLIVA, W. MARK ORMROD, HEATHER PAGAN, LAURIE POSTLEWATE, JEAN-PASCAL POUZET, AD PUTTER, GEOFF RECTOR, DELBERT RUSSELL, THEA SUMMERFIELD, ANDREW TAYLOR, DAVID TROTTER, ELIZABETH M. TYLER, NICHOLAS WATSON, JOCELYN WOGAN-BROWNE, ROBERT F. YEAGER


Culture In Language Learning - 2840064835

87,49 zł

Culture In Language Learning

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Language>Language teaching & learning (other than ELT)>Teaching & learning material & coursework

Classical And Modern Foreign Language Studies No Longer Have A Subject Area, And Language And Culture Can No Longer Be Defined According To Nations And National Identities. This Book Discusses The Relation Between Language And Culture. It Aims To Examine How Culture Comes Into Language Code; And Into Use Of Language.


Indo - European Language And Culture - 2844917210

229,99 zł

Indo - European Language And Culture

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Language>linguistics

This Revised And Expanded Edition Provides A Comprehensive Overview Of Comparative Indo-European Linguistics And The Branches Of The Indo-European Language Family, Covering Both Linguistic And Cultural Material. Now Offering Even Greater Coverage Than Th


Language And Culture - 2842811685

139,99 zł

Language And Culture

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Language>linguistics>SociolinguisticsKsiążki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>English language teaching (ELT)...

Several Social And Political Changes Have Focused Attention On The Debate About The Relationship Between Language And Culture. This Book Offers A Survey Of Key Concepts, Such As Social Context And Cultural Authenticity, Using Insights From Fields That Inc


Indo-European Language and Culture - 2842080580

190,25 zł

Indo-European Language and Culture BLACKWELL PUBLISHERS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This revised and expanded edition provides a comprehensive overview of comparative Indo-European linguistics and the branches of the Indo-European language family, covering both linguistic and cultural material. Now offering even greater coverage than the first edition, it is the definitive introduction to the field. Updated, corrected, and expanded edition, containing new illustrations of selected texts and inscriptions, and text samples with translations and etymological commentary Extensively covers individual histories of both ancient and modern languages of the Indo-European family Provides an overview of Proto-Indo-European culture, society, and language Designed for use in courses, with exercises and suggestions for further reading included in each chapter Includes maps, a glossary, a bibliography, and comprehensive word and subject indexes


Language to Language - 2826843440

118,13 zł

Language to Language Cambridge University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Language to Language is for students of English/Italian translation and practising translators. Part One provides a theoretical background, examining the relevance of the study of lexis, semantics, pragmatics, culture, stylistics and genre to translation. This section includes numerous practical examples of how the translator's thought processes are brought to bear to solve translation problems in specific texts. Part Two contains a wide selection of texts prepared for pre-translation analysis and translation proper. The method adopted is designed to illustrate the translation process rather than the translation product. Texts are taken from a variety of sources including: literature, technical and scientific material, tourist information, promotion and advertising, legal contracts, business letters, film dubbing, newspapers. Further texts are then provided for translation practice.


Second Culture Teaching And Learning - 2840401114

459,99 zł

Second Culture Teaching And Learning

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Society & social sciences>Education>Study & learning skills: generalKsiążki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>...

How Can The Cultural Dimension Be Taken Into Account, Among The Many Choices Of Instructional Material And Language Assessment Tools? How Can The Degree Of Cultural Proximity Between The Source Language And The Target Language Influence The Acquisition Process? This Title Deals With These Questions.


Ukrainian Through Its Living Culture - 2841703933

279,99 zł

Ukrainian Through Its Living Culture

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Language>Language teaching & learning (other than ELT)>Teaching & learning material & coursework

Helps Students In Building Proficiency In The Language And Knowledge Of Ukrainian Culture And Society. This Book Contains Discussions Of Advanced Grammar Points, Reading Material, Assignments For Practising And Mastering Vocabulary And Grammar, Illustrations And Cultural Information, And A Summary Of Sentences For Building Conversational Skills.


Business Japanese. 3 CD, booklet and culture book - 2829796671

147,60 zł

Business Japanese. 3 CD, booklet and culture book Teach Yourself

Pozostałe kraje / japoński

Business Japanese is a three-hour, all-audio, straightforward course that will help you to acquire essential up-to-date business language. Tou can use the course at any time – to dip into in the office or as refresher before travelling to a meeting. Through realistic conversations ans authentic material, the ten Business Zones will give you all the specjalist terms you need for your role or your project. The three Cds come with a booklet contacting the transcript of the recorded material as well as a glossary listing all the vocabulary from the course. The accompanying culture book containc tips on etiquette and business culture so you will never be stuck for something to talk amout or worry about committing blunders.

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Music in Welsh Culture Before 1650 - 2826748782

611,48 zł

Music in Welsh Culture Before 1650 Ashgate Publishing Limited

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Music in Wales has long been a neglected area. Scholars have been deterred both by the need for a knowledge of the Welsh language, and by the fact that an oral tradition in Wales persisted far later than in other parts of Britain, resulting in a limited number of sources with conventional notation. Sally Harper provides the first serious study of Welsh music before 1650 and draws on a wide range of sources in Welsh, Latin and English to illuminate early musical practice. The book challenges two prevailing assumptions, both of them false: namely that music in Wales before 1650 is impoverished and elusive; and that the extant sources are too obscure to warrant serious study. Harper demonstrates that there is a far wider body of source material than is generally realised, comprising liturgical manuscripts, archival materials, chronicles and retrospective histories, inventories of pieces and players, vernacular poetry, and treatises. The book is structured around three distinct musical categories: the uniquely Welsh practice of cerdd dant ('the music of the string', for harp and crwth); the Latin liturgy in Wales and its embellishment, and 'Anglicised' sacred and secular materials from c. 1580, which show Welsh music mirroring English practice. Taken together, the primary material presented in this book bears witness to a flourishing and unique musical tradition of considerable cultural significance, aspects of which have an important bearing on wider musical practice beyond Wales.


Culture Customs and Lifestyle in the UK and Ireland - 2826791376

136,88 zł

Culture Customs and Lifestyle in the UK and Ireland Scholastic

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Teachers running private language school classes in the UK are conscious of the fact that students are interested in British lifestyle and customs, as well as learning the language itself. This title provides the busy teacher with a wealth of magazine-style material which will help students' integration and confidence.


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