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Żel UV kolor Las Vegas zlv28 Pearl Precious Gold 7g/7ml - 2822936738

9,20 zł

Żel UV kolor Las Vegas zlv28 Pearl Precious Gold 7g/7ml i-nails

PAZNOKCIE/Żele UV/I-nails kolorowe


Akryl i-nails LAS VEGAS kolorowy perłowy lv28 Pearl Precious Gold - 2822936400

5,49 zł

Akryl i-nails LAS VEGAS kolorowy perłowy lv28 Pearl Precious Gold i-nails special



Club Life - V. 1 Las Vegas - - 2839364802

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Club Life - V. 1 Las Vegas - PIAS - Play It Again Sam


1. Now & Forever (Original Mix) 2. Blessed (Original Mix) 3. Belong To You (Axel Bauer & Lanford Remix) 4. Slumber (Orginal Mix) 5. Girls With Bangs (Tiesto Remix) 6. Bullets (Club Mix) 7. Heiress Of Valentina (Alesso Exclusive Mix) 8. Don't Ditch (Original Mix) 9. Young At Heart (Angger Dimas Remix) 10. Faces (Original Mix) 11. We Want Your Soul (Thomas Gold Remix) 12. We Rock (Original Mix) 13. Zero 76 (Original Mix) 14. Fire In Your New Shoes (Sultan & Ned Shepard Elect 15. C'mon (Original Mix)


Gold - Greatest Hits - 2839254076

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Gold - Greatest Hits Sony Music Entertainment


1. Don't Be Cruel (2005 Dsd Remastered) 2. Hound Dog 3. Blue Suede Shoes (2005 Dsd Remastered) 4. Heartbreak Hotel (2005 Dsd Remastered) 5. Jailhouse Rock 6. A Big Hunk O' Love 7. Hard Headed Woman (From The Hal Wallis Production 8. I Need Your Love Tonight (New Sound Remastered) 9. Too Much (2005 Dsd Remastered) 10. All Shook Up 11. Got A Lot O' Livin' To Do! (2005 Dsd Remastered) 12. Party (2005 Dsd Remastered) 13. Mean Woman Blues (2005 Dsd Remastered) 14. Dixieland Rock (Elvis Rock Version) 101. Loving You (2003 Sony Remaster) 102. King Creole (2003 Sony Remaster) 103. G.i. Blues (Elvis Movies Version) 104. Flaming Star 105. Blue Hawaii (Elvis Movies Version) 106. Follow That Dream (2003 Sony Remaster) 107. Girls! Girls! Girls! (Elvis Movies Version) 108. Fun In Acapulco (Elvis Movies Version) 109. Viva Las Vegas (2003 Sony Remaster) 110. Kissin' Cousins (2003 Sony Remaster) 111. Girl Happy (Elvis Movies Version) 112. Frankie & Johnny (Elvis Movies Version) 113. Double Trouble (Elvis Movies Version) 114. Clambake 201. Love Me Tender (From The 20th Century-fox Cinemasc 202. It's Now Or Never 203. Are You Lonesome Tonight? 204. Don't 205. Can't Help Falling In Love 206. Love Letters 207. I Want You, I Need You, I Love You 208. That's When Your Heartaches Begin 209. True Love 210. Young & Beautiful 211. Doin' The Best I Can 212. Something Blue 213. Just Pretend 214. It's Impossible


Country Gold - 2839311765

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Country Gold Warner Music / ZYX


1. Paul Delicato - Nowhere Bound 2. Larry Butler - Honky Tonk Man 3. Crea - Walking After Midnight 4. Dallas Wayner - Tell It To The Jukebox 5. Pat O Bryan - Every Now & Then 6. Sam Neely - Midnight Train 7. John Wayne Jr. - Texas Man 8. The Dallahachie Boys - To Love Again 9. Kelly Lang - Feels Like Home 10. Kevin Henderson - Tequila, Chili & You 11. Doug Adkins&one More Ride - Man Of Honor 12. Jon Dean Foster - Find What You Ve Looking For 13. Ricky Valance - Ain T It Good To Have Somebody 14. Doug Adkins & One More Ride - Talk About Blue 15. Jackson Mackay - Way Down New Orleans 16. The Country Sisters - One Way Track 17. Hermann Lammers-meyer - Geh Nach Haus 101. Jon Dean Foster - Born Survivor 102. Paul Delicato - Is This All There Is To A Honky To 103. Katja Kaye - On My Way 104. Doug Adkins & One More Ride - Ropin The Wind 105. Charlie Boston Band - Wing & A Prayer 106. The Dallahachie Boys - Burn 107. Ricky Valance - A Million Ways To Fall 108. Country-sisters - Dare To Go Bare 109. Jon Dean Foster - Mystified 110. Laura Dodd - 10.001 Kisses 111. Charlie Boston Band - Blue Skies 112. Doug Adkins & One More Ride - Back Room Deals 113. Katja Kaye - That Makes Two Of Us 114. Ricky Valance - Amazing Love 115. The Dallahachie Boys - Doin Fine 116. Laura Dodd - Wow 117. Country-sisters - You Can Make Me Happy 118. Paul Delicato - Gone At Last 119. Tequila Sunrise - Every Once In A While 201. Larry Butler - Goodbye Come Hard For Me 202. Sam Neely - Son Of The South 203. Pat 0 Bryan - Radio Free Texas 204. Dallas Wayne - Under The Overpass 205. Jackson Mackay - Here We Are, Here We Go 206. Jon Dean Foster - Second Time Around 207. Kevin Henderson - Rebel Highway 208. Crea - I Fall To Pieces 209. Ricky Valance - Time After Time 210. Kelly Lang - Looking Down 211. Big Bull Band - Honky Tonk Heroes 212. John Wayne Jr. - The Queen Of My Soul 213. Paul Delicato - Is This All There Is To A Honky To 214. The Dallahachie Boys - There S Something Special 215. Butch Martin - Goodbye To Montana 216. Hermann Lammers Meyer - Hey Hey Trucker Lady, (Bon 301. The Dallahachie Boys - Somewhere Along The Way 302. Larry Butler - I Saw The Light 303. Ricky Valance - Mother S Other Man 304. Hermann Lammers Meyer - The Trucker 305. Paul Delicato - So Many Ways 306. John Wayne Jr. - Rockin Horse 307. Crea - Sweet Dreams 308. Dallas Wayne - It S All Over, All Over Town 309. Jackson Mackay - Money Don T Make The World Go Rou 310. Jon Dean Foster - Let My Spirit Go Down 311. Kelly Lang - Something Bout Ya 312. Sam Neely - The Note & Me 313. The Country Sisters - Let S Go To Las Vegas 314. Hermann Lammers Meyer - Neon City 315. Kevin Henderson - Franklin 316. Doug Adkins & One More Ride - Get Outta Town


Gold - 2839185540

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Gold Sony Music Entertainment / White Records


1. Is This The Way To Amarillo 2. Down In Mexico 3. Got To Be Mine 4. Sweet September 5. Knocking On Your Door 6. Solitaire 7. Avenues And Alleyways 8. Kiss In The Night 9. Hasta Manana 10. Going To Havana 11. One More Time 12. September Love 13. Las Vegas 14. Come Back Diana 15. Come With Me To Paradise 16. Don't Go Down To Reno 17. One Dance With You 18. Calypso And Rum 19. I Did What I Did For Maria 20. Moon Over Napoli


Gold Collection (Aus) - 2840223067

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Gold Collection (Aus)



Gold Fame Citrus - 2826626372

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Gold Fame Citrus Quercus

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Haunting and beautifully written first novel by the Award-winning author of Battleborn, set among a cult of survivors in a dystopian American desert.§§Desert sands have laid waste to the south-west of America. Las Vegas is buried. California - and anyone still there - is stranded. Any way out is severely restricted. But Luz and Ray are not leaving. They survive on water rations, black market fruit and each other's need. Luz needs Ray, and Ray must be needed.§§The night of the raindance, Ig explodes into their fragile family like a miniature missile. Two years old, undernourished, wild - the toddler needs Luz more than anyone. So they steal her.§§The only way to save themselves now is to escape.§§It's said there's a man on the edge of the Dune Sea. He leads a camp of believers. He can find water. Venturing into this dry heart of darkness, Luz thinks she has found their saviour. For the will to survive taps hidden powers; and the needed, and the needy, will exploit it.§§Like Margaret Atwood, Claire Vaye Watkins uses dystopia to traverse the scarred frontier of the heart. In her bare and brilliant prose, nature and human nature, conspiracy and cult, motherhood and manhood are played out across the vast, indifferent, inevitable desert.


Looney Tunes games - 2841421105

69,04 zł

Looney Tunes games Books LLC, Reference Series

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 27. Chapters: Looney Tunes: Back in Action, Bugs Bunny & Taz: Time Busters, Sheep, Dog, 'n' Wolf, Looney Tunes: Acme Arsenal, Crazy Castle series, Bugs Bunny Rabbit Rampage, Taz: Wanted, Bugs Bunny: Lost in Time, Road Runner's Death Valley Rally, Taz in Escape from Mars, List of Looney Tunes games, Sylvester and Tweety in Cagey Capers, Looney Tunes Racing, The Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout, Daffy Duck: The Marvin Missions, Loons: The Fight for Fame, Looney Tunes: Cartoon Conductor, Cheese Cat-Astrophe Starring Speedy Gonzales, List of Tiny Toon Adventures video games, Desert Demolition, Taz-Mania, Space Jam, Duck Dodgers, Looney Tunes: Duck Amuck, Looney Tunes B-Ball, Porky Pig's Haunted Holiday, Bugs Bunny in Double Trouble, Acme Animation Factory, List of Looney Tunes video games, Looney Tunes Collector: Alert!, Taz Express, Looney Tunes: Space Race, Looney Tunes: Marvin Strikes Back!, Tazmanian Devil: Munching Madness, Desert Speedtrap, Bugs Bunny & Lola Bunny: Operation Carrot Patch, Rabbit Transit. Excerpt: Looney Tunes: Back in Action is a platforming video game released in 2003 by Electronic Arts. The game is based on the film of the same name. The various elements of Looney Tunes Back in Action (GameCube version) in the Las Vegas world are shown.Gameplay involves playing as Bugs Bunny or Daffy Duck. Each character has their own unique special abilities and the game requires using both characters. Along the way, money is found all over the place, usually as coins and bills. Gold bullions are also found but rarely. Coins are worth $5, bills are worth $50, and gold is worth $100. Some items are buried in the ground. The money is used to access any of 4 other regions in the game such as Vegas or Paris. Each character can take 3 hits. Upon the third hit, they return to the last checkpoint. There is an unlimited number of lives. Bugs Bunny has the special abilities of digging and double-jumping. By digging into the ground, buried items can be bumped up and be collected. It can also be used to get under low pathways. Double-jumping is used to get to high areas that Daffy cannot reach. Daffy Duck has the special abilities of fluttering and swimming. Fluttering allows Daffy to cross large gaps (Bugs Bunny could if his double-jump is well-used). Bugs Bunny would drown upon falling in the water, but Daffy can swim in the water and collect items in it. Bugs and Daffy must accomplish 4 to 6 challenges within each of 5 regions. Each region has about 5 different rooms that, at first, are not all accessible, but as challenges are fulfilled within the area, they become accessible. There are many types of challenges: To move between regions, a varied amount of money is needed, from $2000 to $5000, depending on the area. It's a one-time fee and switching between areas is done in the map screen. Paris and the Louvre Las Vegas (Wooden Nickel) Area 52 Jungle Ruins Monkeys are the most important items in the game. There are also Michigan J. Frog statues and bird seed boxes. Monkeys are ob


Sound & Vision - Best / Live In Central Park - 2839210768

74,99 zł

Sound & Vision - Best / Live In Central Park Universal Music


1. All I Wanna Do 2. Soak Up The Sun 3. My Favorite Mistake 4. The First Cur Is The Deepest 5. Everyday Is A Winding Road 6. Leaving Las Vegas 7. Strong Enough 8. Light In Your Eyes 9. If It Makes You Happy 10. Run, Baby, Run 11. Picture (Kid Rock Duet Version) 12. C'mon C'mon (Corrs Version) 13. A Change Would Do You Good 14. Home 15. There Goes The Neighborhood 16. I Shall Believe 101. Everyday Is A Winding Road 102. My Favorite Mistake 103. Leaving Las Vegas 104. Strong Enough 105. It Don't Hurt 106. A Change Would Do You Good 107. Gold Dust Woman 108. If It Makes You Happy 109. All I Wanna Do 110. Happy 111. The Difficult Kind 112. White Room 113. There Goes The Neighborhood 114. Tombstone Blues 201. All I Wanna Do (Video) 202. Soak Up The Sun (Video) 203. My Favorite Mistake (Video) 204. The First Cut Is The Deepest (Video) 205. Everyday Is A Winding Road (Video) 206. Leaving Las Vegas (Video) 207. Strong Enough (Video) 208. If It Makes You Happy (Video) 209. Run, Baby Run (Video) 210. Steve Mcqueen (Video) 211. A Change Would Do You Good (Video) 212. Home (Video) 213. There Goes The Neighborhood (Studio Video) 214. Anything But Down (Video) 2CD+DVD: CD1 Very Best Of CD2 Live In Central Park DVD Very Best Of


Sound & Vision - The Very Best Of - 2839240847

74,99 zł

Sound & Vision - The Very Best Of Universal Music


1. All I Wanna Do 2. Soak Up The Sun 3. My Favorite Mistake 4. The First Cut Is The Deepest 5. Everyday Is A Winding Road 6. Leaving Las Vegas 7. Strong Enough 8. Light In Your Eyes 9. If It Makes You Happy 10. Run, Baby, Run 11. Picture 12. C'mon C'mon 13. A Change Would Do You Good 14. Home 15. There Goes The Neighborhood 16. I Shall Believe 101. Everyday Is A Winding Road 102. My Favorite Mistake 103. Leaving Las Vegas 104. Strong Enough 105. It Don't Hurt 106. A Change Would Do You Good 107. Gold Dust Woman 108. If It Makes You Happy 109. All I Wanna Do 110. Happy 111. The Difficult Kind 112. White Room 113. There Goes The Neighborhood 114. Tombstone Blues 201. All I Wanna Do (Dvd) 202. Soak Up The Sun (Dvd) 203. My Favorite Mistake (Dvd) 204. The First Cut Is The Deepest (Dvd) 205. Everyday Is A Winding Road (Dvd) 206. Leaving Las Vegas (Dvd) 207. Strong Enough (Dvd) 208. If It Makes You Happy (Dvd) 209. Run, Baby, Run (Dvd) 210. Steve Mcqueen (Dvd) 211. A Change Would Do You Good (Dvd) 212. Home (Dvd) 213. There Goes The Neighborhood (Dvd) 214. Anything But Down (Dvd)


Album Collection (Box) - 2840348139

979,99 zł

Album Collection (Box)


1. Blue Suede Shoes 2. I'm Counting On You 3. I Got A Woman 4. One-sided Love Affair 5. I Love You Because 6. Just Because 7. Tutti Frutti 8. Trying To Get To You 9. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (Over You) 10. I'll Never Let You Go (Little Darlin') 11. Blue Moon 12. Money Honey 101. Rip It Up 102. Love Me 103. When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again 104. Long Tall Sally 105. First In Line 106. Paralyzed 107. So Glad You're Mine 108. Old Shep 109. Ready Teddy 110. Anyplace Is Paradise 111. How's The World Treating You 112. How Do You Think I Feel 201. Mean Woman Blues 202. (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear 203. Loving You 204. Got A Lot O' Livin' To Do! 205. Lonesome Cowboy 206. Hot Dog 207. (Let's Have A) Party 208. Blueberry Hill 209. True Love 210. Don't Leave Me Now 211. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You 212. I Need You So 213. Tell Me Why 301. Santa Claus Is Back In Town 302. White Christmas 303. Here Comes Santa Claus (Right Down Santa Claus L 304. I'll Be Home For Christmas 305. Blue Christmas 306. Santa Bring My Baby Back (To Me) 307. O Little Town Of Bethlehem 308. Silent Night 309. (There'll Be) Peace In The Valley (For Me) 310. I Believe 311. Take My Hand, Precious Lord 312. It Is No Secret (What God Can Do) 401. Hound Dog 402. Loving You 403. All Shook Up 404. Heartbreak Hotel 405. Jailhouse Rock 406. Love Me 407. Too Much 408. Don't Be Cruel 409. That's When Your Heartaches Begin 410. (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear 411. Love Me Tender 412. Treat Me Nice 413. Any Way You Want Me (That's How I Will Be) 414. I Want You, I Need You, I Love You 501. King Creole 502. As Long As I Have You 503. Hard Headed Woman 504. Trouble 505. Dixieland Rock 506. Don't Ask Me Why 507. Lover Doll 508. Crawfish 509. Young Dreams 510. Steadfast, Loyal And True 511. New Orleans 512. Danny 601. That's All Right 602. Lawdy, Miss Clawdy 603. Mystery Train 604. Playing For Keeps 605. Poor Boy 606. My Baby Left Me 607. I Was The One 608. Shake, Rattle And Roll 609. I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone 610. You're A Heartbreaker 611. I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine 612. Let Me 701. Blue Moon Of Kentucky 702. Young And Beautiful 703. (You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care 704. Milk Cow Blues Boogie 705. Baby, Let's Play House 706. Good Rockin' Tonight 707. Is It So Strange 708. We're Gonna Move 709. I Want To Be Free 710. I Forgot To Remember To Forget 711. Don't Leave Me Now 712. Harbor Lights 801. I Need Your Love Tonight 802. Don't 803. Wear My Ring Around Your Neck 804. My Wish Came True 805. I Got Stung 806. One Night 807. A Big Hunk O' Love 808. I Beg Of You 809. (Now And Then There's) A Fool Such As I 810. Doncha' Think It's Time 901. Make Me Know It 902. Fever 903. The Girl Of My Best Friend 904. I Will Be Home Again 905. Dirty, Dirty Feeling 906. Thrill Of Your Love 907. Soldier Boy 908. Such A Night 909. It Feels So Right 910. The Girl Next Door Went A'walking 911. Like A Baby 912. Reconsider Baby 1001. Tonight Is So Right For Love 1002. What's She Really Like 1003. Frankfort Special 1004. Wooden Heart 1005. G.i. Blues 1006. Pocketful Of Rainbows 1007. Shoppin' Around 1008. Big Boots 1009. Didja' Ever 1010. Blue Suede Shoes 1011. Doin' The Best I Can 1012. Tonight's All Right For Love 1101. His Hand In Mine 1102. I'm Gonna Walk Dem Golden Stairs 1103. In My Father's House 1104. Milky White Way 1105. Known Only To Him 1106. I Believe In The Man In The Sky 1107. Joshua Fit The Battle 1108. He Knows Just What I Need 1109. Swing Down Sweet Chariot 1110. Mansion Over The Hilltop 1111. If We Never Meet Again 1112. Working On The Building 1201. There's Always Me 1202. Give Me The Right 1203. It's A Sin 1204. Sentimental Me 1205. Starting Today 1206. Gently 1207. I'm Coming Home 1208. In Your Arms 1209. Put The Blame On Me 1210. Judy 1211. I Want You With Me 1212. I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell 1301. Blue Hawaii 1302. Almost Always True 1303. Aloha Oe 1304. No More 1305. Can't Help Falling In Love 1306. Rock-a-hula Baby 1307. Moonlight Swim 1308. Ku-u-i-po 1309. Ito Eats 1310. Slicin' Sand 1311. Hawaiian Sunset 1312. Beach Boy Blues 1313. Island Of Love 1314. Hawaiian Wedding Song 1401. Kiss Me Quick 1402. Just For Old Time Sake 1403. Gonna Get Back Home Somehow 1404. (Such An) Easy Question 1405. Steppin' Out Of Line 1406. I'm Yours 1407. Something Blue 1408. Suspicion 1409. I Feel That I've Known You Forever 1410. Night Rider 1411. Fountain Of Love 1412. That's Someone You Never Forget 1501. Girls! Girls! Girls! 1502. I Don't Wanna Be Tied 1503. Where Do You Come From 1504. I Don't Want To 1505. We'll Be Together 1506. A Boy Like Me, A Girl Like You 1507. Earth Boy 1508. Return To Sender 1509. Because Of Love 1510. Thanks To The Rolling Sea 1511. Song Of The Shrimp 1512. The Walls Have Ears 1513. We're Coming In Loaded 1601. Beyond The Bend 1602. Relax 1603. Take Me To The Fair 1604. They Remind Me Too Much Of You 1605. One Broken Heart For Sale 1606. I'm Falling In Love Tonight 1607. Cotton Candy Land 1608. A World Of Our Own 1609. How Would You Like To Be 1610. Happy Ending 1701. It's Now Or Never 1702. Stuck On You 1703. Fame And Fortune 1704. I Gotta Know 1705. Surrender 1706. I Feel So Bad 1707. Are You Lonesome Tonight? 1708. (Marie's The Name Of) His Latest Flame 1709. Little Sister 1710. Good Luck Charm 1711. Anything That's Part Of You 1712. She's Not You 1801. Fun In Acapulco 1802. Vino, Dinero Y Amor 1803. Mexico 1804. El Toro 1805. Marguerita 1806. The Bullfighter Was A Lady 1807. (There's) No Room To Rhumba In A Sports Car 1808. I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here 1809. Bossa Nova Baby 1810. You Can't Say No In Acapulco 1811. Guadalajara 1812. Love Me Tonight 1813. Slowly But Surely 1901. Kissin' Cousins (No. 2) 1902. Smokey Mountain Boy 1903. There's Gold In The Mountains 1904. One Boy, Two Little Girls 1905. Catchin' On Fast 1906. Tender Feeling 1907. Anyone (Could Fall In Love With You) 1908. Barefoot Ballad 1909. Once Is Enough 1910. Kissin' Cousins 1911. Echoes Of Love 1912. (It's A) Long Lonely Highway 2001. Roustabout 2002. Little Egypt 2003. Poison Ivy League 2004. Hard Knocks 2005. It's A Wonderful World 2006. Big Love, Big Heartache 2007. One Track Heart 2008. It's Carnival Time 2009. Carny Town 2010. There's A Brand New Day On The Horizon 2011. Wheels On My Heels 2101. Girl Happy 2102. Spring Fever 2103. Fort Lauderdale Chamber Of Commerce 2104. Startin' Tonight 2105. Wolf Call 2106. Do Not Disturb 2107. Cross My Heart And Hope To Die 2108. The Meanest Girl In Town 2109. Do The Clam 2110. Puppet On A String 2111. I've Got To Find My Baby 2112. You'll Be Gone 2201. Your Cheatin' Heart 2202. Summer Kisses, Winter Tears 2203. Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers 2204. In My Way 2205. Tomorrow Night 2206. Memphis Tennessee 2207. For The Millionth And The Last Time 2208. Forget Me Never 2209. Sound Advice 2210. Santa Lucia (From Viva Las Vegas) 2211. I Met Her Today 2212. When It Rains, It Really Pours 2301. Harem Holiday 2302. My Desert Serenade 2303. Go East, Young Man 2304. Mirage 2305. Kismet 2306. Shake That Tambourine 2307. Hey Little Girl 2308. Golden Coins 2309. So Close, Yet So Far (From Paradise) 2310. Animal Instinct 2311. Wisdom Of The Ages 2401. Frankie And Johnny 2402. Come Along 2403. Petunia, The Gardener's Daughter 2404. Chesay 2405. What Every Woman Lives For 2406. Look Out, Broadway 2407. Beginner's Luck 2408. Down By The Riverside / When The Saints Go March 2409. Down By The Riverside 2410. When The Saints Go Marching In 2411. Shout It Out 2412. Hard Luck 2413. Please Don't Stop Loving Me 2414. Everybody Come Aboard 2501. Paradise, Hawaiian Style 2502. Queenie Wahine's Papaya 2503. Scratch My Back 2504. Drums Of The Islands 2505. Datin' 2506. A Dog's Life 2507. House Of Sand 2508. Stop Where You Are 2509. This Is My Heaven 2510. Sand Castles 2601. Stop, Look And Listen 2602. Adam And Evil 2603. All That I Am 2604. Never Say Yes 2605. Am I Ready 2606. Beach Shack 2607. Spinout 2608. Smorgasbord 2609. I'll Be Back 2610. Tomorrow Is A Long Time 2611. Down In The Alley 2612. I'll Remember You 2701. How Great Thou Art 2702. In The Garden 2703. Somebody Bigger Than You And I 2704. Farther Along 2705. Stand By Me 2706. Without Him 2707. So High 2708. Where Could I Go But To The Lord 2709. By And By 2710. If The Lord Wasn't Walking By My Side 2711. Run On 2712. Where No One Stands Alone 2713. Crying In The Chapel 2714. We Call On Him 2715. You'll Never Walk Alone 2801. Double Trouble 2802. Baby, If You'll Give Me All Of Your Love 2803. Could I Fall In Love 2804. Long Legged Girl (With The Short Dress On) 2805. City By Night 2806. Old Macdonald 2807. I Love Only One Girl 2808. There Is So Much World To See 2809. It Won't Be Long 2810. Never Ending 2811. Blue River 2812. What Now, What Next, Where To 2901. Guitar Man 2902. Clambake 2903. Who Needs Money? 2904. A House That Has Everything 2905. Confidence 2906. Hey, Hey, Hey 2907. You Don't Know Me 2908. The Girl I Never Loved 2909. How Can You Lose What You Never Had 2910. Big Boss Man 2911. Singing Tree 2912. Just Call Me Lonesome 2913. Hi-heel Sneakers 3001. Love Letters 3002. Witchcraft 3003. It Hurts Me 3004. What'd I Say 3005. Please Don't Drag That String Around 3006. Indescribably Blue 3007. (You're The) Devil In Disguise 3008. Lonely Man 3009. A Mess Of Blues 3010. Ask Me 3011. Ain't That Loving You Baby 3012. Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello 3013. Wild In The Country 3014. Viva Las Vegas 3101. Speedway 3102. There Ain't Nothing Like A Song 3103. Your Time Hasn't Come Yet, Baby 3104. Who Are You? (Who Am I?) 3105. He's Your Uncle Not Your Dad 3106. Let Yourself Go 3107. Your Groovy Self 3108. Five Sleepy Heads 3109. Western Union 3110. Mine 3111. Goin' Home 3112. Suppose 3201. Flaming Star 3202. Wonderful World 3203. Night Life 3204. All I Needed Was The Rain 3205. Too Much Monkey Business 3206. The Yellow Rose Of Texas / The Eyes Of Texas 3207. The Yellow Rose Of Texas 3208. The Eyes Of Texas 3209. She's A Machine 3210. Do The Vega 3211. Tiger Man 3212. Britches 3213. A Cane And A High Starched Collar 3301. Medley: Trouble / Guitar Man 3302. Trouble 3303. Guitar Man 3304. Medley: Lawdy, Miss Clawdy / Baby, What You Want 3305. Lawdy, Miss Clawdy 3306. Baby, What You Want Me To Do 3307. Heartbreak Hotel 3308. Hound Dog 3309. All Shook Up 3310. Can't Help Falling In Love 3311. Jailhouse Rock 3312. Love Me Tender 3313. Medley: Where Could I Go But To The Lord / Up Ab 3314. Where Could I Go But To The Lord 3315. Up Above My Head 3316. Saved 3317. Medley: Blue Christmas / One Night 3318. Blue Christmas 3319. One Night 3320. Memories 3321. Medley: Nothingville / Big Boss Man / Guitar Man 3322. Nothingville 3323. Big Boss Man 3324. Guitar Man 3325. Little Egypt 3326. Trouble 3327. Guitar Man 3328. If I Can Dream 3401. Wearin' That Loved On Look 3402. Only The Strong Survive 3403. I'll Hold You In My Heart (Till I Can Hold You I 3404. Long Black Limousine 3405. It Keeps Right On A-hurtin' 3406. I'm Movin' On 3407. Power Of My Love 3408. Gentle On My Mind 3409. After Loving You 3410. True Love Travels On A Gravel Road 3411. Any Day Now 3412. In The Ghetto 3413. Suspicious Minds 3414. Don't Cry Daddy 3415. Kentucky Rain 3416. Mama Liked The Roses 3501. Blue Suede Shoes 3502. Johnny B. Goode 3503. All Shook Up 3504. Are You Lonesome Tonight? 3505. Hound Dog 3506. I Can't Stop Loving You 3507. My Babe 3508. Medley: Mystery Train / Tiger Man 3509. Mystery Train 3510. Tiger Man 3511. Words 3512. In The Ghetto 3513. Suspicious Minds 3514. Can't Help Falling In Love 3515. Inherit The Wind 3516. This Is The Story 3517. Stranger In My Own Home Town 3518. A Little Bit Of Green 3519. And The Grass Won't Pay No Mind 3520. Do You Know Who I Am 3521. From A Jack To A King 3522. The Fair's Moving On 3523. You'll Think Of Me 3524. Without Love (There Is Nothing) 3601. Stay Away, Joe 3602. If I'm A Fool (For Loving You) 3603. Let's Be Friends 3604. Let's Forget About The Stars 3605. Mama 3606. I'll Be There 3607. Almost 3608. Change Of Habit 3609. Have A Happy 3610. Dainty Little Moonbeams 3611. Girls! Girls! Girls! Finale 3612. Plantation Rock 3613. Let Us Pray 3614. Who Am I? 3701. See See Rider 3702. Release Me 3703. Sweet Caroline 3704. Runaway 3705. The Wonder Of You 3706. Polk Salad Annie 3707. Yesterday 3708. Proud Mary 3709. Walk A Mile In My Shoes 3710. Let It Be Me 3801. Almost In Love 3802. Long Legged Girl (With The Short Dress On) 3803. Edge Of Reality 3804. My Little Friend 3805. A Little Less Conversation 3806. Rubberneckin' 3807. Clean Up Your Own Backyard 3808. U.s. Male 3809. Charro! 3810. Stay Away 3811. Dominick 3812. Signs Of The Zodiak 3813. Swing Down Sweet Chariot 3901. I Just Can't Help Believin' 3902. Twenty Days And Twenty Nights 3903. How The Web Was Woven 3904. Patch It Up 3905. Mary In The Morning 3906. You Don't Have To Say You Love Me 3907. You've Lost That Loving Feeling 3908. I've Lost You 3909. Just Pretend 3910. Stranger In The Crowd 3911. The Next Step Is Love 3912. Bridge Over Troubled Water 3913. I've Lost You 3914. Patch It Up 4001. Snowbird 4002. Tomorrow Never Comes 4003. Little Cabin On The Hill 4004. Whole Lot-ta Shakin' Goin' On 4005. Funny How Time Slips Away 4006. I Really Don't Want To Know 4007. There Goes My Everything 4008. It's Your Baby, You Rock It 4009. The Fool 4010. Faded Love 4011. I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water 4012. Make The World Go Away 4101. Love Letters 4102. When I'm Over You 4103. If I Were You 4104. Got My Mojo Working / Keep Your Hands Off Of It 4105. Got My Mojo Working 4106. Keep Your Hands Off Of It 4107. Heart Of Rome 4108. Only Believe 4109. This Is Our Dance 4110. Cindy, Cindy 4111. I'll Never Know 4112. It Ain't No Big Thing (But It's Growing) 4113. Life 4114. The Sound Of Your Cry 4115. Where Did They Go, Lord 4116. Rags To Riches 4201. C'mon Everybody 4202. Angel 4203. Easy Come, Easy Go 4204. A Whistling Tune 4205. Follow That Dream 4206. King Of The Whole Wide World 4207. I'll Take Love 4208. I'm Not The Marrying Kind 4209. This Is Living 4210. Today, Tomorrow And Forever 4211. The Lady Loves Me 4212. Sing You Children 4301. I Got Lucky 4302. What A Wonderful Life 4303. I Need Somebody To Lean On 4304. Yoga Is As Yoga Does 4305. Riding The Rainbow 4306. Fools Fall In Love 4307. The Love Machine 4308. Home Is Where The Heart Is 4309. You Gotta Stop 4310. If You Think I Don't Need You 4311. You're The Boss 4312. Come What May 4401. O Come, All Ye Faithful 4402. The First Noel 4403. On A Snowy Christmas Night 4404. Winter Wonderland 4405. The Wonderful World Of Christmas 4406. It Won't Seem Like Christmas (Without You) 4407. I'll Be Home On Christmas Day 4408. If I Get Home On Christmas Day 4409. Holly Leaves And Christmas Trees 4410. Merry Christmas Baby 4411. Silver Bells 4412. If Every Day Was Like Christmas 4501. Help Me Make It Through The Night 4502. Miracle Of The Rosary 4503. Hey Jude 4504. Put Your Hand In The Hand 4505. Until It's Time For You To Go 4506. We Can Make The Morning 4507. Early Mornin' Rain 4508. Sylvia 4509. Fools Rush In (Where Angels Fear To Tread) 4510. I Was Born About Ten Thousand Years Ago 4511. I'm Leavin' 4512. It's Only Love 4513. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face 4601. He Touched Me 4602. I've Got Confidence 4603. Amazing Grace 4604. Seeing Is Believing 4605. He Is My Everything 4606. Bosom Of Abraham 4607. An Evening Prayer 4608. Lead Me, Guide Me 4609. There Is No God But God 4610. A Thing Called Love 4611. I, John 4612. Reach Out To Jesus 4701. Introduction: Also Sprach Zarathustra (Theme Fro 4702. That's All Right 4703. Proud Mary 4704. Never Been To Spain 4705. You Don't Have To Say You Love Me 4706. You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' 4707. Polk Salad Annie 4708. Love Me 4709. All Shook Up 4710. Heartbreak Hotel 4711. Medley: (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear / Don't Be C 4712. (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear 4713. Don't Be Cruel 4714. Love Me Tender 4715. The Impossible Dream (The Quest) 4716. Introductions By Elvis 4717. Hound Dog 4718. Suspicious Minds 4719. For The Good Times 4720. American Trilogy 4721. Funny How Time Slips Away 4722. I Can't Stop Loving You 4723. Can't Help Falling In Love 4724. End Theme (Orchestra) 4801. Introduction: Also Sprach Zarathustra (Theme Fro 4802. See See Rider 4803. Burning Love 4804. Something 4805. You Gave Me A Mountain 4806. Steamroller Blues 4807. My Way 4808. Love Me 4809. Johnny B. Goode 4810. It's Over 4811. Blue Suede Shoes 4812. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry 4813. I Can't Stop Loving You 4814. Hound Dog 4815. What Now My Love 4816. Fever 4817. Welcome To My World 4818. Suspicious Minds 4819. Introductions By Elvis 4820. I'll Remember You 4821. Medley 4822. Long Tall Sally 4823. Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On 4824. An American Trilogy 4825. A Big Hunk O' Love 4826. Can't Help Falling In Love 4827. Blue Hawaii 4828. Ku-u-i-po 4829. No More 4830. Hawaiian Wedding Song 4831. Early Morning Rain 4901. Fool 4902. Where Do I Go From Here 4903. Love Me, Love The Life I Lead 4904. It's Still Here 4905. It's Impossible 4906. (That's What You Get) For Lovin' Me 4907. Padre 4908. I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen 4909. I Will Be True 4910. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right 4911. Separate Ways 4912. For The Good Times 4913. Burning Love 4914. Always On My Mind 4915. It's A Matter Of Time 4916. American Trilogy 5001. Raised On Rock 5002. Are You Sincere 5003. Find Out What's Happening 5004. I Miss You 5005. Girl Of Mine 5006. For Ol' Times Sake 5007. If You Don't Come Back 5008. Just A Little Bit 5009. Sweet Angeline 5010. Three Corn Patches 5011. Take Good Care Of Her 5012. Loving Arms 5013. I Got A Feelin' In My Body 5014. If That Isn't Love 5015. She Wears My Ring 5016. I've Got A Thing About You Baby 5017. My Boy 5018. Spanish Eyes 5019. Talk About The Good Times 5020. Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues 5101. See See Rider 5102. I Got A Woman 5103. Love Me 5104. Trying To Get To You 5105. Medley 5106. Long Tall Sally 5107. Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On 5108. Mama Don't Dance 5109. Flip, Flop And Fly 5110. Jailhouse Rock 5111. Hound Dog 5112. Why Me Lord 5113. How Great Thou Art 5114. Medley 5115. Blueberry Hill 5116. I Can't Stop Loving You 5117. Help Me 5118. An American Trilogy 5119. Let Me Be There 5120. My Baby Left Me 5121. Lawdy Miss Clawdy 5122. Can't Help Falling In Love 5123. Closing-vamp 5201. Promised Land 5202. There's A Honky Tonk Angel (Who Will Take Me Bac 5203. Help Me 5204. Mr. Songman 5205. Love Song Of The Year 5206. It's Midnight 5207. Your Love's Been A Long Time Coming 5208. If You Talk In Your Sleep 5209. Thinking About You 5210. You Asked Me To 5211. T-r-o-u-b-l-e 5212. And I Love You So 5213. Susan When She Tried 5214. Woman Without Love 5215. Shake A Hand 5216. Pieces Of My Life 5217. Fairytale 5218. I Can Help 5219. Bringin' It Back 5220. Green, Green Grass Of Home 5301. Hurt 5302. Never Again 5303. Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain 5304. Danny Boy 5305. The Last Farewell 5306. For The Heart 5307. Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall 5308. Solitaire 5309. Love Coming Down 5310. I'll Never Fall In Love Again 5401. Unchained Melody 5402. If You Love Me (Let Me Know) 5403. Little Darlin' 5404. He'll Have To Go 5405. Let Me Be There 5406. Way Down 5407. Pledging My Love 5408. Moody Blue 5409. She Thinks I Still Care 5410. It's Easy For You 5501. My Happiness 5502. That's When Your Heartaches Begin 5503. I'll Never Stand In Your Way 5504. It Wouldn't Be The Same Without You 5505. Blue Moon Of Kentucky 5506. Tomorrow Night 5507. Fool, Fool, Fool 5508. I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone 5509. Tweedlee Dee 5510. Maybellene 5511. When It Rains, It Really Pours 5512. One Night (Of Sin) 5513. Loving You 5514. Treat Me Nice 5515. King Creole 5516. Ain't That Loving You Baby 5517. I Asked The Lord 5518. Earth Angel 5519. I'm Beginning To Forget You 5520. Mona Lisa 5601. Stuck On You 5602. Fame And Fortune 5603. Witchcraft / Love Me Tender 5604. Witchcraft 5605. Love Me Tender 5606. Lonely Man 5607. Today, Tomorrow And Forever 5608. I'm A Roustabout 5609. If I Loved You 5610. Tennessee Waltz 5611. What Now My Love 5612. Show Me Thy Ways, O Lord 5613. Oh How I Love Jesus 5614. Hide Thou Me 5615. Write To Me From Naples 5616. My Heart Cries For You 5617. Dark Moon 5618. Beyond The Reef 5619. Suppose 5620. It Hurts Me 5621. Let Yourself Go 5622. This Time / I Can't Stop Loving You (Informal Re 5623. This Time 5624. I Can't Stop Loving You 5625. Are You Lonesome Tonight? 5701. A Hundred Years From Now 5702. Faded Love 5703. Ghost Riders In The Sky 5704. Alla En El Rancho Grande 5705. Froggy Went A Courtin' 5706. Little Sister / Get Back 5707. Little Sister 5708. Get Back 5709. Something 5710. Lady Madonna 5711. I Shall Be Released 5712. My Way 5713. I'll Be Home On Christmas Day 5714. Tiger Man 5715. She Thinks I Still Care 5716. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry 5717. The Twelfth Of Never 5718. You're The Reason I'm Living 5719. Softly As I Leave You 5720. America The Beautiful


Five Voices For The King - 2839651186

87,49 zł

Five Voices For The King PART REC.

Muzyka>Rock>Rock & Roll

1. Intro 2. Viva Las Vegas (Doc Pomus & Mort Shuman) 3. Jailhouse Rock (Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller) 4. Raturn To Sender (Otis Blackwell & Winfield Scott) 5. It's Now Or Never (Aaron Schroeder & Wally Gold) 6. King Creole (Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller) 7. Don't Be Cruel (Otis Blackwell & Elvis Presley) 8. C'mon Everybody (Joy Byers) 9. Can't Help Falling In Love (George Weiss, Hugo Por 10. Bossa Nova, Baby (Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller) 11. Surrender (Ernesto De Curtis, Doc Pomus & Mort Shu 12. Teddy Bear (Kal Mann & Bernie Low) 13. That's Alright Mama (Arthur Crudup) 14. Wooden Heart (Fred Wise, Ben Weismann, Kathleen Tw 15. Viva Las Vegas - Funkygamblemix (Doc Pomus & Mort 16. C'mon Everybody - Uprightswingmix(joy Byers) 17. King Creole - Jumbin'orleansmix (Jerry Leiber & Mi


Steffi Graf und Andre Agassi - 2835878106

140,31 zł

Steffi Graf und Andre Agassi FastBook Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Steffi Graf und Andre Agassi sind das Vorzeige-Ehepaar des internationalen Tennissports. Seit 2001 verheiratet, leben sie heute mit ihren beiden Kindern in Agassis Geburtsstadt Las Vegas dort ist auch die weitere Großfamilie angesiedelt, Steffis Mutter sowie ihr Bruder samt Familie und der Agassi-Clan. Sowohl Steffi Graf wie auch Andre Agassi haben eine Weltkarriere im Tennis hinter sich: Die Deutsche gewann 22 Grand-Slam-Turniere und war insgesamt 377 Wochen lang die Nr. 1 der Tennis-Weltrangliste. Als einzige Tennisspielerin gelang es ihr bisher den Golden Slam zu gewinnen (1988 siegte sie bei allen vier Grand-Slam-Turnieren sowie bei den Olympischen Spielen). Agassi gewann acht Grand-Slam-Titel, dreimal den Davis Cup, einmal olympisches Gold. Im Jahre 2006 trat er zurück. In Las Vegas hat er inzwischen eine Schule gegründet: die Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy. Informieren Sie sich mit diesem Buch über Steffi Graf und Andre Agassi, ihr Leben und ihre Karrieren!


Officers of the National Order of Quebec - 2837115532

115,59 zł

Officers of the National Order of Quebec Books LLC, Reference Series

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 96. Chapters: Jacques Chirac, Edmund Stoiber, Lionel Jospin, Jacques Villeneuve, Maurice Richard, Jean-Pierre Raffarin, Celine Dion, Michel Rocard, Alain Juppé, Vaira Vike-Freiberga, Jean Béliveau, Raymond Barre, Robert Lepage, Jean Pelletier, Richard Pound, Laurent Fabius, Pierre Mauroy, Anne Hébert, Hartland Molson, Jean-Louis Lévesque, Henry Mintzberg, René Angélil, Bruce Trigger, Yves Fortier, Mary Simon, Jordi Pujol i Soley, Maureen Forrester, Gaston Miron, Philippe Séguin, Francesco Bellini, Hubert Reeves, Mark Wainberg, Claude Castonguay, Marie-Claire Blais, Marcel Masse, Ted Moses, Michel Chrétien, Serge Joyal, Heather Munroe-Blum, Michel Brault, Gilles Tremblay, Antonine Maillet, Victor Goldbloom, Marcel Aubut, Robert Charlebois, Louis-Albert Vachon, Balfour Mount, Céline Galipeau, Yoav Talmi, Georges-Henri Lévesque, Denise Filiatrault, Robert A. Boyd, Bernard Derome, Gérald Beaudoin, Juanita Westmoreland-Traoré, Jean Dussault, François Tavenas, Marisa Ferretti Barth, Alan B. Gold, André Chagnon, Gretta Chambers, Lise Bissonnette, Ronald Melzack, Paul-André Crépeau, Phil Gold, Richard Cruess, Claire Martin, Clermont Pépin, David Culver, Maurice Lebel, Roger Landry, Roger Lemelin, Fernand Labrie, Solange Chaput-Rolland, Richard Verreau, Jean Lapointe, Arthur Tremblay, Larkin Kerwin, Pierre Péladeau, Gerald R. Tremblay, Lionel Boulet, Jean-Marie Poitras, Paule Gauthier, André Desmarais, Laurent Beaudoin, Jean Coutu, Michal Hornstein, Lise Payette, Nabil Seidah, Roger Guindon, Paul Desmarais, Jr., Assad Kotaite, Louise Bessette, Gilles Cloutier, Roger Blais, Fernand Seguin, Richard Drouin, Yves Morin, Robert Lacroix, André Bérard, Léon Dion, Huguette Oligny, Yvette Brind'Amour, Louis Laberge, Alfred Pellan, Jean-Marie Toulouse, Louis Bernard. Excerpt: Céline Marie Claudette Dion (French pronunciation: ) (CC, OQ; born March 30, 1968) is a Canadian recording artist and entrepreneur. Born to a large family from Charlemagne, Quebec, Dion emerged as a teen star in the French-speaking world after her manager and future husband René Angélil mortgaged his home to finance her first record. In 1990, she released the English-language album Unison, establishing herself as a viable pop artist in North America and other English-speaking areas of the world. Dion had first gained international recognition in the 1980s by winning both the 1982 Yamaha World Popular Song Festival and the 1988 Eurovision Song Contest. Following a series of French albums in the early 1980s, she signed on to CBS Records Canada in 1986. During the 1990s, with the help of Angélil, she achieved worldwide fame after signing with Epic Records and releasing several English albums along with additional French albums, becoming one of the most successful artists in pop music history. However, in 1999 at the height of her success, Dion announced a hiatus from entertainment in order to start a family and spend time with her husband, who had been diagnosed with cancer. She returned to the top of pop music in 2002 and signed a three-year (later extended to almost five years) contract to perform nightly in a five-star theatrical show at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. Dion's music has been influenced by genres ranging from rock and R&B to gospel and classical. While her releases have often received mixed critical reception, she is renowned for her technically skilled and powerful vocals. Dion is the best-selling Canadian artist of all time, is t...


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