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Building Outstanding Leadership Teams - 2869484792

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Building Outstanding Leadership Teams DIRECTORY OF SOCIAL CHANGE

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Remarkably little is known about effective leadership teams are in UK charities. This publication answers these questions by investigating, for the first time in detail by interviewing 100 of the top charities.


Effective Leadership for Nonprofit Organizations - 2869500115

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Effective Leadership for Nonprofit Organizations Allworth Press,U.S.

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Managing a nonprofit organization has many challenges. One key to success is building a strong relationship between the executive director and the board of trustees. This book is a treasure trove of information for navigating the personal, political, and legal minefields that cause so many nonprofits to fail. Dozens of case studies illuminate the key issues that often impede the progress of nonprofit organizations. Each chapter also contains a set of questions that enable leaders to reflect on the health of their own organization and also evaluate other nonprofits, as well as to create sustainable, effective business practices and productive working relationships. Topics discussed here include: * Communication between managerial parties * Sharing powers and responsibilities * Fund-raising * Financial oversight and boundaries * Planning programs * Hiring and firing * Developing partnerships *Assessing business practices * Building productive working relationships * And much more Whether you are an executive director, a board member, or someone contemplating either important role, Effective Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations is an excellent resource for understanding the dynamics of nonprofits and creating a strong organization.


When Teams Work Best - 2862382032

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When Teams Work Best SAGE Publications Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

'[A] tour de force on what makes teams successful. Building on sound theory and relying on extensive research, they offer specific, practical tools that will deliver team value. Team members, business leaders, and organization consultants should not only read, but use this work' - Professor Ulrich, University of Michigan 'This book makes collaboration a vivid and workable concept' - Allan R Cohen, Professor of Global Leadership, Babson College When Teams Work Best helps us understand what makes teams succeed, why teams fail, and what can be done to improve the ability of a team to work together productively. Sometimes teams work effectively, but often they don't. No one knows this better than team members themselves. This book is based on twenty years of research in which the authors asked more than 6,000 team members across a variety of businesses and industries, in both public and private sectors, to assess their teams, their team leaders, and each other. In the safety of confidentiality, team members identified what encourages teams to succeed and what discourages teams into failure.Building on this analysis and the authors own extensive observations of hundreds of teams in scores of organizations the authors offer specific advice for improving team leadership, becoming a more effective team member, developing positive team relationships, creating a more supportive organizational environment, and enhancing team problem solving abilities. The emphasis throughout the book is on practical, portable insight. At the start of each chapter, is a one-page "Snapshot" that provides a concise overview of the chapter contents. Then, each chapter's discussion opens with a real-life scenario that introduces the issues discussed in that chapter in concrete, familiar terms. Throughout the book you hear the voices of actual team members in the form of a number of quotations that speak candidly and in down-to-earth ways about the difficulties and triumphs they experience in working in teams. Finally, to help you put the chapter's lessons into practice, each chapter concludes with a "Putting It to Work" section that includes specific suggestions and helpful instruments that you can use directly or adapt to suit your circumstances.You'll find that you come away from this book with much more than a theoretical idea of what should make teams work best. You'll come away with the collective insights of thousands of team members and leaders on what really does work to bring out the best in teams. And you'll have in hand the tools that can help you put these insights to work. Who Needs This Book? * Executives and managers who are responsible for the overall functioning of teams can use this book to ensure that teams throughout the organization understand what it takes to make collaboration work. They can learn what to look for in exemplary and less-than-exemplary teams, from the qualities of team members, to the processes that successful teams use, to the attributes of effective team leaders (Chapters 1-4). Senior managers may also want to pay particular attention to Chapter 5, which discusses organizational factors that foster or impede the work of collaborative teams. * Team leaders will find specific practical guidance in every chapter that can improve their leadership of teams. The book can be an excellent training vehicle for team leaders, whether they are seasoned veterans or new to the job.In addition to learning valuable strategies and techniques for themselves, they can use much of the material in the book in managing team members to collaborate more effectively. Finally, team leaders can use the ideas in Chapter 5 on the organizational culture to assess organizational obstacles to their work and advocate constructive change. * Team members can use this book to improve their own participation in teams, help their team function more effectively, and prepare to become leaders themselves.


Managing Successful Teams - 2826830623

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Managing Successful Teams KOGAN PAGE

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

With the shift of emphasis from the West to emerging economies such as China, Brazil and India, organisations need to restructure to adapt to the new global economy. Teams and projects are increasingly being scattered all over the world, and a manager operating in this environment can't connect face to face with people in their team. Not only will managers need to adapt to develop their skills for new environments, they will have to work better, quicker and faster. "Managing Successful Teams" prepares you to meet the challenges of building and leading teams, showing you how to improve performance and achieve the best results. Offering valuable advice and instant strategies, it covers each aspect of managing teams in new cultural shifts, including developing team creativity and innovation, realigning the team's identity with your leadership style and effective team leadership. The only book on the market to incorporate emerging trends and shifts in business practice, "Managing Successful Teams" addresses the practical and realistic issues you face in your everyday working life.


Leadership by Engineers and Scientists - 2862825945

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Leadership by Engineers and Scientists John Wiley & Sons Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Teaches scientists and engineers leadership skills and problem solving to facilitate management of team members, faculty, and staff This textbook introduces readers to open-ended problems focused on interactions between technical and nontechnical colleagues, bosses, and subordinates. It does this through mini case studies that illustrate scenarios where simple, clear, or exact solutions are not evident. By offering examples of dilemmas in technical leadership along with selected analyses of possible ways to address or consider such issues, aspiring or current leaders are made aware of the types of problems they may encounter. This situational approach also allows the development of methodologies to address these issues as well as future variations or new issues that may arise. Leadership by Engineers and Scientists guides and facilitates approaches to solving leadership/people problems encountered by technically trained individuals. Students and practicing engineers will learn leadership by being asked to consider specific situations, debate how to deal with these issues, and then make decisions based on what they have learned. Readers will learn technical leadership fundamentals; ethics and professionalism; time management; building trust and credibility; risk taking; leadership through questions; creating a vision; team building and teamwork; running an effective meeting; conflict management and resolution; communication; and presenting difficult messages. Describes positive traits and characteristics that technically-trained individuals bring to leadership positions, indicates how to use these skills, and describes attitudes and approaches necessary for effectively serving as leaders Covers negative traits and characteristics that can be detrimental when applied to dealing with others in their role as leaders Discusses situations and circumstances routinely encountered by new and experienced leaders of small teams Facilitates successful transitions into leadership and management positions by individuals with technical backgrounds Indicates how decisions can be reached when constraints of different personalities, time frames, economics, and organization politics and culture inhibit consensus Augments technical training by building awareness of the criticality of people skills in effective leadership Leadership by Engineers and Scientists is an excellent text for technically trained individuals who are considering, anticipating, or have recently been promoted to formal leadership positions in industry or academia.


Building a Better Business Using the Lego Serious Play Metho - 2826960473

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Building a Better Business Using the Lego Serious Play Metho Wiley

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Unleash innovation potential with creative, serious play Building a Better Business Using the LEGO(R) SERIOUS PLAY(R) Method delivers a creative approach to enhancing innovation and improving business performance, with the focus on unleashing play. Written by the two original Master Trainers for LEGO SERIOUS PLAY (LSP), the book outlines how LSP can develop teams, people, relationships and business . Based on the merging of play with organizational development, systems thinking and strategy development, LSP can foster improved meetings, faster innovation processes, team growth, and better communication. The belief that everyone intends to "do good" and has the potential to do it is at the heart of LSP. The method nurtures the idea that everyone in an organization can contribute to discussions and outcomes. Building with LEGO bricks is a type of creative play that triggers a different kind of thought process, unleashing imagination and potential that is frequently untapped by the logical mind. The book explains this hands-on, minds-on approach, and discusses the theory as well as the practical implementation of LSP. Topics include: Observation of internal and external interaction dynamics Fostering a free and honest exchange of opinions Suspending hierarchy for better, more effective communication Facilitating change by encouraging exploration The LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method is employed by start-ups and multinational corporations alike to maximize synergy among teams and throughout organizations. For leaders looking to boost effectiveness and see better results, Building a Better Business Using the LEGO(R) SERIOUS PLAY(R) Method is a comprehensive introduction to this creative management technique.


Mapping Leadership - 2869664085

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Mapping Leadership John Wiley & Sons Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Drawing on twenty years of research in school effectiveness, this book presents a distributed model of task-based school leadership that leads to continuous school improvement. The book outlines the tasks school leadership teams must focus on to improve teaching and learning, grouped into the following five domains: Focus on Learning Monitoring Teaching and Learning Building Nested Learning Communities Acquiring and Allocating Resources Maintaining a Safe and Effective Learning Environment Recognizing that the principal is a single actor in a complex web of activity influencing student learning, the focus is not only on the principal's role but on a range of leadership and instructional practices to be shared across the leadership team (including APs, counselors, teachers, and support personnel). These tasks, organized into 21 subdomains, have been demonstrated through extensive research to contribute to improved student learning.


Projects Without Boundaries - 2869655242

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Projects Without Boundaries John Wiley & Sons Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Clear, proven solutions for virtual project management challenges Projects Without Boundaries offers project managers a clear framework for bringing both project management practices and project team leadership principles to the virtual space. Written by a team of authors with years of experience managing nationally and internationally distributed teams, this book provides a suite of best practices, checklists, and actionable strategies for managing a project and building a high-performing team in a virtual and multicultural environment. Real-world examples illustrate the application of the concepts discussed, and the Virtual Project Readiness Assessment facilitates both team evaluation and transformation planning for virtual project management improvement. Each chapter focuses on the critical challenges encountered while managing virtual projects and details proven solutions that improve a virtual organization, boost project performance, and facilitate positive outcomes. Globalization and technological advances have merged to create dynamic, productive teams that work together from around the globe; this opportunity can bring great difficulty for project managers, who must negotiate hurdles that do not exist on traditional projects. This book provides ready-made solutions specific to distributed and multicultural teams, to help you achieve the full potential of the global talent pool. Overcome common challenges of virtual projects with distributed teams Navigate complex team dynamics to ensure effective collaboration Work seamlessly across borders, time zones, and cultures Determine optimal virtual communication and collaboration tools Apply traditional project management practices in a virtual setting A team fails or thrives on the strength of its management. Fitting the group's needs, expectations, personalities, and skills into a cohesive whole is seldom simple -- and distance adds an additional layer of complexity. Projects Without Boundaries provides expert guidance on keeping it together, with proven practices, tools, and virtual team leadership strategies.


Pyramid Approach - 2869557630

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Pyramid Approach Rowman & Littlefield Education

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book explains why virtually all children can achieve proficiency or higher, gives educators the tools to help them achieve those levels of learning. The notion that schools are "waiting for Superman" or Wonder Woman to rescue them is at best a fantasy and at worst, damaging to schools and school systems that advance this type of flawed thinking. This is why in this book the reader will be encouraged to embrace the concept that only through building effective teams (collective instructional leadership) will schools begin to realize their stated goal-educate all students. It may take a village to raise children but it takes collective instructional leadership to educate them. This book takes great care to ask the questions that policymakers, educators, parents, students and the larger community want answered: *Can you handle the truth? *Why is team leadership needed? *How do campuses improve their team dynamics? *What methods do high performing nations use to excel? *What strategies really work in high poverty schools? *Where do American schools rank on the rigor scale? *What is trust and how is it developed? *What are campus learning disabilities? *How do beliefs about human capacity affect student achievement levels? *What methods motivate students to work hard? *What do we really mean when we say, "All children can learn"? The Pyramid Approach was designed by Dr. George Woodrow, Jr. for use by educators. The Pyramid is research-based; it aligns theory with professional practice. In addition, it strives to take what we know and provide a practical framework to effectively apply that same knowledge in ways that promotes student achievement. The Pyramid Approach calls attention to the need for a systematic framework that recognizes the interconnectedness among research methods.


Team-Based Fundraising Step by Step - 2859220408

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Team-Based Fundraising Step by Step Jossey-Bass Inc.,U.S.

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"Although nonprofits have adopted a team approach in program delivery and even management, many nonprofits have not used this same successful approach in fundraising. This friendly guide argues for creating a fundraising team that involves board members, executive staff, line staff, and volunteers and gives examples of how such teams can operate effectively. Along the way, the author makes fundraising seem less mysterious and intimidating, and lead the reader to feel confident and enthusiastic about creating a successful fundraising team----no small achievement."----Jan Masaoka, executive director, CompassPoint Services Many nonprofits rely on a lone staff member or volunteer to raise the money they need to sustain or grow their programs. In this insightful resource, leading fundraiser Mim Carlson presents a practical approach to involving the entire organization in fundraising. In doing so, she helps board members, executive directors, and development directors turn their staff and volunteers into a cohesive team with clearly defined goals, specific roles, joint accountability, diverse talents and skills, and strong leadership. In Team--Based Fundraising Step by Step, Carlson draws on popular team--building theory and successful techniques----as well as on her years of fundraising experience----to offer a fresh framework for helping teams become more unified in their fund development activities. She argues that individuals who act alone cannot make the most of fundraising strategies and instead advises readers to include the board of directors, the executive director, staff, and other volunteers in strategic planning and development. This practical, step--by--step guide shows readers how to develop and implement a whole--organization approach. Providing both a rationale for this novel approach and illustrations of how it has produced successful results, Carlson offers important tools for effective collaboration: Detailed implementation strategies Sample forms Checklists Worksheets Summaries of roles and responsibilities At last, nonprofit managers, board members, development professionals, and fundraisers at all levels of experience have a dynamic guide to making the most of fundraising opportunities through effective collaboration.


Working Virtually + CD - 2863957037

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Working Virtually + CD

Podręczniki / Nauka języków

Working Virtually deals with the challenges facing those who have to work remotely from their colleagues using a range of technology to keep in touch. It covers all aspects of working in a virtual environment, from communicating effectively through to solving problems and building strong teams at a distance. Eight units focus on: Understanding virtual communication Preparing for successful communication Working in virtual groups Working with technology Effective writing Building relationships Managing diversity Teams and leadership Every unit provides comprehensive training in the skills needed to operate successfully in the world of international business: relevant language skills, communicative ability, people-management skills and intercultural competence. This training is delivered through extensive speaking and listening activities, professional input, skills practice, intercultural awareness-raising and case-study discussions.


Total Quality Management (TQM) - 2869727846

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Total Quality Management (TQM) University Press of America

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Total Quality Management and Project Management have a symbiotic relationship in their planning, design, analysis, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation, as well as other related processes. This book accentuates the relationship between Total Quality Management and Project Management and other contemporary management concepts. These contemporary concepts include Six Sigma Methodology, International Organization for Standardization (ISO), Capacity Building, Business Re-engineering, Knowledge Management, Configuration Management, SWOT Analysis, and Total Quality Leadership, as well as fundamental business management concepts such as leadership dynamics, quality assurance, quality control, and continuous quality improvement. The book evaluates and analyzes the relationship between Total Quality Management and Human Resource Management, Public Relations Management, Marketing Management, Risk Management, Project Proposal Writing, and Resource Coordination and Management. Total Quality Management gives an exploratory overview of the contributions of certain national and international organizations that operate in Africa towards an effective and efficient delivery of products and services, especially on the implementation of capacity building programs in Africa, such as The World Bank, AfDB, CDC, PAID, ACBF, UNDP, AAPAM, CAFRAD, NEPAD, and others.


TSP(SM) Leading a Development Team - 2869359448

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TSP(SM) Leading a Development Team PEARSON

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Leaders of software-development projects face many challenges. First, you must produce a quality product on schedule and on budget. Second, you must foster and encourage a cohesive, motivated, and smoothly operating team. And third, you must maintain a clear and consistent focus on short- and long-term goals, while exemplifying quality standards and showing confidence and enthusiasm for your team and its efforts. Most importantly, as a leader, you need to feel and act responsible for your team and everything that it does. Accomplishing all these goals in a way that is rewarding for the leader and the team--while producing the results that management wants--is the motivation behind the Team Software Process (TSP). Developed by renowned quality expert Watts S. Humphrey, TSP is a set of new practices and team concepts that helps developers take the CMM and CMMI Capability Maturity Models to the next level. Not only does TSP help make software more secure, it results in an average production gain of 68 percent per project. Because of their quality, timeliness, and security, TSP-produced products can be ten to hundreds of times better than other hardware or software. In this essential guide to TSP, Humphrey uses his vast industry experience to show leaders precisely how to lead teams of software engineers trained in the Personal Software Process (PSP). He explores all aspects of effective leadership and teamwork, including building the right team for the job, the TSP launch process, following the process to produce a quality product, project reviews, and capitalizing on both the leader's and team's capabilities. Humphrey also illuminates the differences between an ineffective leader and a superb one with the objective of helping you understand, anticipate, and correct the most common leadership failings before they undermine the team. An extensive set of appendices provides additional detail on TSP team roles and shows you how to use an organization's communication and command networks to achieve team objectives. Whether you are a new or an experienced team leader, TSPSM: Leading a Development Team provides invaluable examples, guidelines, and suggestions on how to handle the many issues you and your team face together.


Development & Learning for Very Young Children - 2869471066

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Development & Learning for Very Young Children Sage Publications

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

'[T]his book has been well planned and provides information which is relevant for students and teachers alike in supporting teaching and learning. In particular, the practical aspects of group tasks and discussion points enable the reader to develop their reflective skills through the knowledge gained' - "ESCalate". 'This informative and thought-provoking collection of essays brings together theory, policy and practice for practitioners working with children aged from birth to three years old...It would be a great resource for students' - "Nursery World". 'This is a very well edited collection easily accessible to everyone involved in the early years, with the common thread being the holistic nature of very young children's learning. Using the contents of the different chapters for reflection and analysis, those implementing the new Early Years Foundation Stage will be able to promote and enhance children's development and learning experiences and certainly their own practices...This book powerfully reminds readers of what is at the heart of their care and learning interactions with babies and young children' - Professor Emeritus Janet Moyles, "Play Consultant". With a focus on the most critical years in a young child's development, this book brings together the essential theory, policy and practice for everyone working with young children. Concentrating on the 0 to 3 age range, the book considers all relevant legislation such as Every Child Matters and the new Early Years Foundation Stage. The content is organized into four sections: development and learning; policy to practice; leadership and management; and, establishing effective relationships. Examining the influence of policy on practice, issues covered include the stages of child development, observing young children, making partnerships with parents, building relationships within and between teams, working in a multi-agency way and creating a caring and stimulating environment. To illustrate practice and aid reflection, the chapters have: chapter objectives; case studies; group tasks; discussion points; recommendations for further reading; and, useful websites. Suitable for all early years students and practitioners, it is a must-have resource.


Art of Scalability - 2869467541

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Art of Scalability PEARSON

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A Comprehensive, Proven Approach to IT Scalability from Two Veteran Software, Technology, and Business Executives In this second edition of The Art of Scalability, AKF Partners cofounders Martin L. Abbott and Michael T. Fisher cover everything product, technology and business leaders must know to build products that can scale smoothly to meet any business requirement. Drawing on their unparalleled experience managing some of the world's highest-transaction-volume Web sites, the authors provide detailed models and best-practice approaches available in no other book. Unlike previous books on scalability, The Art of Scalability doesn't limit its coverage to technology. Writing for both technical and nontechnical decision-makers, this book covers everything that impacts scalability, including architecture, processes, people, and organizations. This second edition has been edited to improve readability and includes new and updated content, a new chapter on Agile architecture, and new case studies. Throughout, the authors address a broad spectrum of real-world challenges, from performance testing to IT governance. Using their tools and guidance, organizations can systematically overcome obstacles to scalability and achieve unprecedented levels of technical and business performance. New and Updated Coverage includes


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