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Leading Strategic Change in an Era of Healthcare Transformation - 2854444079

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Leading Strategic Change in an Era of Healthcare Transformation Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book focuses on how to lead transformative and strategic change in the healthcare industry in times of great uncertainty. Written for senior healthcare leaders, it will provide new tools, processes, examples and case studies offering an effective framework in which to transform healthcare systems. Specifically, leaders will be able to answer the following questions:§§- Why change? What has led us to today, and what is the current situation in healthcare?§§- What to change? What areas for change are most promising-areas with the greatest potential to yield significant benefits?§- How to change? Will incremental changes meet the need, or are true transformations required?§§- When to change? Should changes start now, or should change wait for the stars to come into some special alignment?§§Healthcare is personal. Healthcare is local. And at the same time, healthcare is one of the greatest challenges faced by countries around the world. All major economies confront similar issues: "demand-side" growth in the care of aging populations in the face of "supply-side" resource constraints driven by ever-increasing costs of providing such care. While cultural, historical, and political differences among nations will yield different solutions, healthcare leaders across the globe must deal with ever-increasing uncertainty as to the scope and speed of their healthcare systems' evolution. The magnitude of these challenges calls for fundamental change to address inherent problems in the healthcare system and ensure sustainable access to healthcare for generations to come. The problem is understanding where and how to change. Failures of strategy are often failures to anticipate a reality different than what organizations are prepared or willing to see.§§Both system-wide and organizational transformation means doing current activities more efficiently while layering on change. This book aims to provide leaders with the tools to help organizations and health care systems adapt and evolve to meet the new challenges of healthcare as it continues to evolve.§§§§


Leading Strategic Change In An Era Of Healthcare Transformation - 2856625472

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Leading Strategic Change In An Era Of Healthcare Transformation

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Leading Strategic Change - 2857078426

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Leading Strategic Change

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Economics, finance, business & management>Business & management>Management & management techniques



Strategic Intelligence: Conceptual Tools for Leading Change - 2851324977

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Strategic Intelligence: Conceptual Tools for Leading Change



Leading Strategic Change - 2854299632

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Leading Strategic Change Cambridge University Press

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Why do some companies continue to be successful while others experience difficulties and even failure? In Leading Strategic Change, Eric Flamholtz and Yvonne Randle demonstrate that the key to long-term organizational success is the ability to adapt to and manage different types of change. Drawing on over 30 years' consultancy experience within major firms, they combine theoretical and practical models of organizational change, together with a new theory of leadership, to build a framework for understanding, planning, and leading change. The scope and value of this framework is then shown in relation to nine real-world case studies, ranging from relatively small companies (IndyMac Bank, Infogix) to large multinationals (Starbucks, Westfield). The focus throughout is to provide practical guidance to those concerned with managing and leading change in organizations. This book is an excellent guide to the many lessons to be learned about successful organizational change.


Leading Culture Change in Global Organizations - 2852636724

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Leading Culture Change in Global Organizations Jossey Bass Wiley

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Filled with case studies from firms such as GT Automotive, GE Healthcare China, Vale, Dominos, Swiss Re Americas Division, and Polar Bank, among others, this book (written by Dan Denison and his co-authors) combines twenty years of research and survey results to illustrate a critical set of cultural dynamics that firms need to manage in order to remain competitive. Each chapter uses a case as a means to illustrate an important aspect of culture change focusing on seven common culture-change dilemmas including creating a strategic alignment, keeping strategy simple, and more.


Leading Through Leaders - 2854250570

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Leading Through Leaders KOGAN PAGE

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"Leading Through Leaders: Driving Strategy, Execution and Change" will help you improve your business results by overcoming the challenges of uncertainty, complexity, imperfect decision-making and communication, and staff disengagement. Whilst focused on building collective leadership as a strategic capability, the author provides the means for effective individual leadership: a coherent framework of principles, process and behaviour to create the conditions for success, and the systemic and dynamic integration and alignment of leaders and engaged teams at all levels. Based on the author's 27 years of leadership and consulting experience, and illustrated with case studies and learning from clients such as Cisco, Best Western, ABN AMRO, Pfizer and the NHS, this book provides unique insights into 'effective leadership' in some of the world's best known enterprises. "Leading Through Leaders" presents an integrated suite of proven and durable principles and tools, and the leadership psychology, that may be adapted and used by any leader. It provides businesses with the intellectual firepower to rise above the fog and clutter of operational issues and focus on strategic priorities, with the confidence that junior leaders and their teams are fully engaged and aligned at the tactical level.


Lean CEO: Leading the Way to World-Class Excellence - 2854376747

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Lean CEO: Leading the Way to World-Class Excellence MCGRAW-HILL Professional

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

As organizations strive to do more with less, many are turning to Lean methodology, which is based on the same techniques that propelled the legendary turnaround of Japan's industrial sector after World War II. Few leaders, however, understand that the real secret behind Lean is a comprehensive approach to management that differs significantly from what is taught in business school. Lean initiatives, consequently, are rarely led by senior management, and seldom lead to significant change. The Lean CEO reveals the true power of Lean through in-depth interviews with CEOs who have gone beyond tool adoption and established Lean as a corporate-wide management system. The all-star cast of twenty-eight leaders represents a wide variety of organizations, including global manufacturers Ingersoll-Rand and Barry-Wehmiller, healthcare icons Thedacare and Virginia Mason, the states of Connecticut and Washington, historical icons such as Wiremold, and many more. In a series of provocative chapters, the CEOs tell in their own words how they applied Lean management to deliver sustainable financial results, empower and motivate employees, break down internal silos, and build solid partnerships with customers and suppliers. Their testimony provides a goldmine of practical advice for managers in Lean and non-Lean organizations alike as they share their unique personal insights on topics such as:Leading and empowering people.Building transparency and trust.Tuning into the customer experience.Aligning strategic direction with day-to-day operations.Instilling a corporate-wide culture that promotes safety and quality.Creating a learning organizationThoughtful, sometimes brutally frank, these leaders challenge many of the sacred cows of traditional business, such as standard cost accounting, hierarchical management, emphasis on large batches, and our obsession with data and computers. Citing numerous examples from their experience, they provide a fresh view of today's business challenges and a positive roadmap for any organization that is striving for excellence.


DNA of New Growth: Finding and Seizing New Growth Opportunities Through Strategic Innovation - 2854442514

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DNA of New Growth: Finding and Seizing New Growth Opportunities Through Strategic Innovation John Wiley & Sons Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Innovate your way toward growth using practical, research-backed frameworks§§The Art of Opportunity offers a path toward new growth, providing the perspective and methods you need to make innovation happen. Written by a team of experts with both academic and industry experience--and a client roster composed of some of the world's leading companies--this book provides you with the necessary tools to help you capture growth instead of chasing it.§§The visual frameworks and research-based methodology presented in The Art of Opportunity merge business design thinking and strategic innovation to help you change your growth paradigm. You'll learn creative and practical methods for exploring growth opportunities and employ a new approach for identifying what "opportunity" looks like in the first place. Put aside the old school way of focusing on new products and new markets, to instead applying value creation to find your new opportunity, craft your offering, design your strategy and build new growth ventures.§§The changing business ecosystem is increasingly pushing traditional thinking out to pasture. New consumers and the new marketplace are demanding a profound adjustment to the way companies plan and execute growth strategies. This book gives you the tools to create your roadmap toward the new state of growth, and gain invaluable insight into a new way of thinking.§§The Art of Opportunity will help you to:§Start looking at business growth from a new perspective§Create value for the customers, company and ecosystem§Innovate strategically and design new business models§Develop a new active business design thinking approach to innovation§§Your company's goal is to grow, and to turn non-customers into customers. The old ways are becoming less tenable and less cost-effective. The Art of Opportunity outlines the new growth paradigm and gives you a solid framework for putting new ideas into practice.


Implementing and Sustaining Your Strategic Plan - 2853790062

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Implementing and Sustaining Your Strategic Plan JOSSEY BASS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Based on Bryson's comprehensive approach to strategic planning, this workbook provides tools, techniques, worksheets, and step-by-step processes to help successfully implement, manage, and troubleshoot an organization's strategy over the long haul. This updated workbook helps organizations work through the typical challenges of leading implementation for sustained change, picking up where the current workbook leaves the reader to focus on effective long-term implementation and leadership of a strategic plan. Implementation tools are provided for goal and objective-setting, budgeting, stakeholder analysis, priority reconciliation, strategies in practice, special leadership roles, cultural changes, and more.


Oxford Handbook of Strategic Sales and Sales Management - 2854283304

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Oxford Handbook of Strategic Sales and Sales Management Oxford University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The Oxford Handbook of Strategic Sales and Sales Management is an unrivalled overview by leading academics in the field of sales and marketing management. Sales theory is experiencing a renaissance driven by a number of factors, including building profitable relationships, creating/delivering brand value, strategic customer management, sales and marketing relationships, global selling, and the change from transactional to customer relationship marketing. Escalating sales and selling costs require organizations to be more focused on results and highlight the shifting of resources from marketing to sales. Further the growth in customer power now requires a strategic sales response, and not just a tactical one. The positioning of sales within the organization, the sales function, and sales management are all discussed. The Handbook fills a gap in the existing literature through consolidating the current academic research in the sales area. The Handbook is structured around four key topics. The first section explores the strategic positioning of the sales function within the modern organization. The second considers sales management and recent developments. The third section examines the sales relationship with the customer and highlights how sales is responding to the modern environment. Finally, the fourth section reviews the internal composition of sales within the organization. The Handbook will provide a comprehensive introduction to the latest research in sales management, and is suitable for academics, professionals, and those taking professional qualifications in sales and marketing.


Strategic Conversations - 2854306353

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Strategic Conversations Cambridge University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Most organizations fail to take full advantage of their employees' knowledge, initiative, and imagination. In this accessible and practical book, J.-C. Spender and Bruce Strong provide a guide for building entrepreneurial workforces through carefully designed conversations between management and employees. These 'strategic conversations' make employees partners in the strategy development process, engaging them to help shape the organization's future. The result is transformational: instead of strategy being a dry, periodic planning exercise for the few, it becomes a dynamic and continuous act of co-creation enriched by the many. Case studies illustrate how leading organizations have used strategic conversations to build sustained competitive advantage, create innovative business models, make better decisions under uncertainty, reduce the need for change management, and enhance employee engagement. The book will appeal to managers, entrepreneurs of all stripes, and teachers and students in schools of business and public administration.


Security Strategy & Military Change In T - 2848187816

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Security Strategy & Military Change In T

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Society & social sciences>Politics & government>Political activism>Armed conflictKsiążki Obcojęzyczne&g...

CrossRegional Perspectives. Written By Leading Scholars From The Three Regions, This Edited Volume Explores And Analyses Strategic Thinking, Military Reforms And Adaptation In An Era Of Asian Growth, European Austerity And US Rebalancing.


Making Climate Change Work for Us - 2854254525

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Making Climate Change Work for Us Cambridge University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Introducing the main challenges and opportunities of developing local, regional and global strategies for addressing climate change, this book explains the dilemmas faced when converting strategies into policies. Providing a synthesis of the findings of the three-year European Commission ADAM (Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies) research project and written by many leading interdisciplinary climate change research teams, European strategies for tackling climate change are placed within a global context. The book illustrates the differences between adaptation and mitigation, offers regional and global case studies of how adaptation and mitigation are inter-linked, and suggests six different metaphors for the strategic options to make climate change work for us, rather than against us. Offering practical solutions to climate change


Security, Strategy and Military Change in the 21st Century - 2854418286

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Security, Strategy and Military Change in the 21st Century Taylor & Francis

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

CrossRegional Perspectives. Written by leading scholars from the three regions, this edited volume explores and analyses strategic thinking, military reforms and adaptation in an era of Asian growth, European austerity and US rebalancing.


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