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Theories of Democracy in Comparison: The Russian Case. Output-oriented Legitimacy, Defect Democracy, Political Culture, Path Dependence and Public Opi - 2827043125

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Theories of Democracy in Comparison: The Russian Case. Output-oriented Legitimacy, Defect Democracy, Political Culture, Path Dependence and Public Opi GRIN Verlag

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Bachelor Thesis from the year 2013 in the subject Politics - International Politics - Region: Russia, grade: 1,3, Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg (Institute for Political Sciences), course: Theories of Democracy, language: English, abstract: Russia is an enigma. In the western hemisphere, respectively the countries of the European Union and USA, it produces a lot of suspicion and resentments. Its vast spatial dimensions, in terms of size; its controversial history and its stubborn focus on sovereignty, when it comes to foreign policy and the international community, are the most prominent sources for difficulties of understanding. In addition, the Russian people liketo sustain a hint of mystery themselves, in claiming that no other nationality can understand them. Apart from stereotypes and prejudices about typical Russian people and characteristics, there are a handful of assumptions one encounters that cling to public opinion about Russia s political landscape:§§(1) Political opposition does not exist, civic opposition is marginalised.§(2) The independence of the judiciary system is a façade and de facto does not effectively monitor the executive.§(3) The Soviet imprint on Russian people led to a mentality of subordination, inflexibility and obedience to any kind of authority.§(4) The Russian media are corrupted and controlled by the Kremlin.§(5) Putin only won the election due to massive vote manipulation.§§In line with the mentioned assumptions, Western media coverage tends to be polemic and jaundiced. As Russia is perceived as a watchdog of Sovereignty in the international community and in that sense with a tendency to veto humanitarian missions , criticism is very easily formulated.§§This work will treat the Russian political system as a contemporary phenomenon. Let us assume all of those assumptions are held true; why does the Russian population still accept those deficits? The fact that the circumstances can be that unpromising, and not many people try tochange something, leaves many spectators speechless. Where does the popular support of society for President Putin come from? Which is the source of stability? Why were the civil opposition movements in 2012/2013 mostly ignored by the majority? What are the reasons for the lack of proneness to protest? Do Russians perceive the political system differently; do they maybe put another focus? Or do they simply fear oppression?§§The central question, which will be answered, consequently reads "Why does the Russian population supports Putin s political system and regime?"


'New Governance' in employment policy - 2826721339

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'New Governance' in employment policy GRIN Verlag

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Seminar paper from the year 2005 in the subject Politics - International Politics - Region: Western Europe, grade: 1,7, University of Regensburg (Institut für Politikwissenschaften), course: "New Governance" in der Beschäftigungspolitik, 15 entries in the bibliography, language: English, abstract: The Barcelona Council in March 2002 confirmed that full employment was the overarching goal of the EU and called for a reinforced Employment Strategy to fortify the Lisbon Strategy. The European Employment Strategy (EES) was to be aligned more closely to the Lisbon goal of sustained economic growth, more and better jobs and greater social cohesion by 2010.The EES initiated a new working method at EU level, which was to become known as the Open Method of Coordination (OMC). In contrast to binding legal norms, this method is based on the voluntary cooperation of the MS and the principles of mutual learning and subsidiarity. Unlike the requirements of the Stability and Growth Pact (SGP) with elements of hard governance , the EES relies on soft governance . The competences of the MS in the range of employment and social affairs remain untouched. Following the theory of Fritz Scharpf, the effectiveness of policy measures on EU- level depends on the willingness and the ability of national governments to bring in their own resources of legitimacy for the implementation of decisions on European level. The EES itself depends largely on the readiness of the MS to implement the policy measures proposed, as there are not envisioned any financial penalties when not reaching the targets. Subsequent, I try to adumbrate the implementation of the EES in Spain and Portugal starting from a short survey of the economic background on the basis of the Council s recommendations and the NAPs of 2004. I aim to expose the reaction of the national governments on the recommendations. Furthermore, I allude to the linkage between the ESF and the EES and the involvement of the social partners in Spain and Portugal. Closing, I compare the development on regional level in terms of three structural indicators, which are important regarding the targets defined by the Employment Guidelines: the gender gap of employment rate, the age gap of employment rate and the long- term unemployment. Basis is Eurostat- data for regions on NUTS- level 2 of the year 2003.


Foreign Policy of the GDR in Africa - 2826920624

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Foreign Policy of the GDR in Africa BERTRAMS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In this 1990 book Gareth Winrow provides a comprehensive account in English of East German foreign policy towards Africa since the early 1950s. He challenges the view of the GDR's role in Africa as solely that of a proxy for the Soviet Union. Instead, as he convincingly argues, East German foreign policy in general, and in Africa in particular, should be understood as a strategy both for closer ties with the Soviet Union and for international recognition and legitimacy. The author explores the development of GDR relations with Africa and shows how they remain of particular significance as a means of discrediting the West German presence and supporting Soviet interests. The Foreign Policy of the GDR in Africa is based on an extensive use of official East German texts and statistics. It will be of interest to specialists and students of Soviet and East European studies, with special reference to the GDR, North


Handbook of the International Law of Military Operations - 2826951775

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Handbook of the International Law of Military Operations Oxford University Press

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The second edition of this well received handbook provides a comprehensive overview and annotated commentary of those areas of international law most relevant to the planning and conduct of military operations. It covers a wide scope of military operations, ranging from operations conducted under UN Security Council mandate to (collective) self-defence and consensual and humanitarian operations and identifies the relevant legal bases and applicable legal regimes governing the application of force and treatment of persons during such operations. It also devotes attention to the law governing the status of forces, military use of the sea and airspace and questions of international (criminal) responsibility for breaches of international law. New developments such as cyber warfare and controversial aspects of law in relation to contemporary operations, such as targeted killing of specific individuals are discussed and analysed, alongside recent developments in more traditional types of operations, such as peacekeeping and naval operations. The book is aimed at policy officials, commanders and their (military) legal advisors who are involved with the planning and conduct of any type of military operation and is intended to complement national and international policy and legal guidelines and assist in identifying and applying the law to ensure legitimacy and contribute to mission accomplishment. It likewise fulfils a need in pertinent international organizations, such as the UN, NATO, Regional Organizations, and NGOs. It also serves as a comprehensive work of reference to academics and is suitable for courses at military staff colleges, academies and universities, which devote attention to one or more aspects of international law treated in the book. This mix of intended users is reflected in the contributors who include senior (former) policy officials and (military) legal advisors, alongside academics engaged in teaching and research in these areas of international law.


Privatizing Pensions - 2837507796

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Privatizing Pensions UNIVERSITY PRESSES

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

To what extent do international organizations, global policy networks, and transnational policy entrepreneurs influence domestic policy makers? Have we entered a new phase of globalization that, unbeknownst to most citizens, shapes policies that used to be the sole domain of domestic politics? "Privatizing Pensions" reveals how international institutions - such as the World Bank, USAID, and other transnational policy actors - have played a seminal role in the development, diffusion, and implementation of new pension reforms that are transforming the postwar social contract in more than thirty countries worldwide, including the United States.Mitchell Orenstein shows how transnational actors have driven change in a policy area once thought to be beyond reform in many countries, and how they have done so by deploying their unique resources and legitimacy to promote new ideas, recruit disciples worldwide, and provide a broad range of technical assistance to government reformers over the long term. He demonstrates that while domestic decision makers may retain veto power over these reforms - which replace traditional social security with individual pension savings accounts - transnational policy makers play the role of "proposal actors," shaping the information, preferences, and resources of their domestic clients. "Privatizing Pensions" argues that even the most quintessentially domestic areas of policy have been thoroughly globalized, and that these international influences must be better understood.


War on Terrorism & American Empire - 2212825208

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War on Terrorism & American Empire Routledge

Inne 1

This new study shows how the American-led 'war on terror' has brought about the most significant shift in the contours of the international system since the end of the Cold War. A new 'imperial moment' is now discernible in US foreign policy in the wake of the neo-conservative rise to power in the USA, marked by the development of a fresh strategic doctrine based on the legitimacy of preventative military strikes on hostile forces across any part of the globe. Key features of this new volume include: an alternative, critical take on contemporary US foreign policy; a timely, accessible overview of critical thinking on US foreign policy, imperialism and war on terror; the full spectrum of critical view sin a single volume; and many of these essays are now 'contemporary classics'. The essays collected in this volume analyse the historical, socio-economic and political dimensions of the current international conjuncture, and assess the degree to which the war on terror has transformed the nature and projection of US global power. Drawing on a range of critical social theories, this collection seeks to ground historically the analysis of global developments since the inception of the new Bush Presidency and weigh up the political consequences of this imperial turn. This book will be of great interest for all students of US foreign policy, contemporary international affairs, international relations and politics.


Canadian Federalism - 2826662095

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Canadian Federalism Oxford University Press, Canada

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The third edition of Canadian Federalism: Performance, Effectiveness, and Legitimacy offers 18 original essays that cast a critical eye on the institutions, processes, and policy outcomes of Canadian federalism. This text documents how Canadian intergovernmental relations have evolved in response to such issues as fiscal deficits; the chronic questioning of the Canadian federal system's legitimacy by many Quebec voters and Aboriginal groups, among others; health care; environmental policies; and international trade. Contributed by prominent Canadian political scientists, this collection evaluates the ability of the federal system to meet these and other challenges, and also highlights the factors that will likely shape future paths of federalism in Canada. This edition includes new chapters on Quebec, regionalism, and immigration. It also offers enhanced pedagogical features, making the text more comprehensive and accessible to students.


Introduction to the Theories and Varieties of Modern Crime i - 2826914139

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Introduction to the Theories and Varieties of Modern Crime i ACADEMIC PRESS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Polarization between political religionists and militant secularists on both sides of the Atlantic is on the rise. Critically engaging with traditional secularism and religious accommodationism, this collection introduces a constitutional secularism that robustly meets contemporary challenges. It identifies which connections between religion and the state are compatible with the liberal, republican, and democratic principles of constitutional democracy and assesses the success of their implementation in the birthplace of political secularism: the United States and Western Europe. Approaching this issue from philosophical, legal, historical, political, and sociological perspectives, the contributors wage a thorough defense of their project's theoretical and institutional legitimacy. Their work brings fresh insight to debates over the balance of human rights and religious freedom, the proper definition of a nonestablishment norm, and the relationship between sovereignty and legal pluralism. They discuss the genealogy of and tensions involving international legal rights to religious freedom, religious symbols in public spaces, religious arguments in public debates, the jurisdiction of religious authorities in personal law, and the dilemmas of religious accommodation in national constitutions and public policy when it violates international human rights agreements or liberal-democratic principles. If we profoundly rethink the concepts of religion and secularism, these thinkers argue, a principled adjudication of competing claims becomes possible.


Compliant Rebels - 2836344892

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Compliant Rebels Cambridge University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Seventeen million people have died in civil wars and rebel violence has disrupted the lives of millions more. In a fascinating contribution to the active literature on civil wars, this book finds that some contemporary rebel groups actually comply with international law amid the brutality of civil conflicts around the world. Rather than celebrating the existence of compliant rebels, the author traces the cause of this phenomenon and argues that compliant rebels emerge when rebel groups seek legitimacy in the eyes of domestic and international audiences that care about humanitarian consequences and human rights. By examining rebel groups' different behaviors such as civilian killing, child soldiering, and allowing access to detention centers, Compliant Rebels offers key messages and policy lessons about engaging rebel groups with an eye toward reducing civilian suffering in war zones.


Umma and the Dawla - 2826996497

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Umma and the Dawla PLUTO PRESS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book argues that the Arab states in the Middle East have failed to provide security for their citizens or define themselves along the lines of traditional nation states. Due to continuous war, they have been unable to foster development and prosperity. The author argues that these failures have led to the development of an Islamic political theory which is based around the non-territorial concepts of the Umma and Dawla. Each concept is explored in detail and the author explains how crucial they are in explaining the difference between Western policy and the priorities and the identity of the Arab world. This unique book should be required reading for students of Middle East international relations and Islamic political theory. This book argues that nationalisms in the Arab Middle East were colonial constructs to legitimize the colonially created nation states. Such states were structured in a manner that guaranteed their behavior as colonies after their independence. There dependence was in fact the condition for their formal independence. The book contrasts these colonially introduced national identities to the pre colonial Islamic identity the revolved around the concepts of Umma and Dawla. Both concepts have not yet been adequately dealt with in English and have usually been mistranslated into "nation%o and "state%o respectively. The Book provides a thorough explanation of these concepts by studying canonical Sunni and Shiite Islamic texts of political theory and jurisprudence. The Book also shows that understanding such concepts might explain how public opinion is formed in the Middle East and how Arab governments gain and loose legitimacy. Finally the book traces the local elites' failed attempts to reconcile the colonially introduced identity that revolves around the colonially created nation state and the native culture that sets political allegiance in the whole Muslim community. Such a failure allowed the Dawla, a non-territorial, non-sovereign form of organization whose allegiance lies with the whole Muslim Umma, to reemerge as a means of social, political in sometimes military, form of organization, thus the variety of non state Islamic actors throughout the region. This unique book should be required reading for students of Middle East international relations and Islamic political theory.


Dilemmas of Transition in Post-Soviet Countries - 2827044450

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Dilemmas of Transition in Post-Soviet Countries INGRAM INTERNATIONAL

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Exploring the tensions inherent in transition, this perceptive book offers a wide-ranging overview of the impact of democracy and capitalism on the former Soviet republics. Leading scholars assess the region's daunting problems in the key realms of privatization, democratization, foreign investment, agrarian reform, local governance, and market economics. Their analysis is enriched with a wealth of original data based on field research in Russia, Lithuania, and Kyrgystan. The contributors argue that the central dilemma facing all these fledgling countries is the inherent contradiction between the immediate pursuit of privatization and foreign investment and the long-term policy goal of democratization. The book focuses especially on how the Communist past and its authoritarian legacy still powerfully hinder economic transformation in ways that build public support for and legitimacy of democratic processes and institutions. Offering both theoretical and comparative perspectives on the far-reaching implications of nation-building and democratic transition, this valuable study will enable both students and scholars to comprehend the unique difficulties of transition.


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