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Lessons From World War I For The Rise Of Asia - 2846083255

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Lessons From World War I For The Rise Of Asia

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Lessons from World War I for the Rise of Asia - 2854421604

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Lessons from World War I for the Rise of Asia ibidem

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This groundbreaking volume offers a historical comparison between the events leading up to World War I and current global tensions related to the economical and political rise of Asia. What are the risks that the desire of the new super power China and great powers like India to be recognized by the West could set off a chain of events resulting in the nightmare of a great power war?§§Assessing the similarities as well as differences between the build-up of World War I and today, it is argued that we need to understand the driving forces behind the scene of global politics: The conflict between rising, established, and disintegrating powers and the desire of recognition on all sides. Carefully dissecting the current power dynamics in play, the authors hope to contribute to a better understanding of world events in order to ensure that history will not repeat itself.


Rise and Fall of Great Powers - 2854223156

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Rise and Fall of Great Powers SCEPTRE

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

High-quality intellectual! Yes, I mean you! You are thinking: What is Rise & Fall of Great Powers? Is history book? No! Is book for give big muscles? No, no! (After read this book, you still contain only small muscles. Sorry.) It is NOVEL about entire of world in last quarter-century, from end of Cold War, to up and down of America power, to tech revolution of today. But mostly, is novel about my favourite person, Tooly Zylberberg, and secrets of her life. I am careful now - danger I say too much. I give only bit more: Tooly is bookseller in countryside of Wales. Always, she is reading. But one story she never understand: story of her past. When she is girl, strange items happen. She is taken away, around Asia, Europe, America, for many years with mystery persons. Why for? I cannot say on back of book! One of mystery persons is me, Humphrey, old man from Russia who cheats in Ping-Pong and eats avocados. There is Sarah, who drives us crazy, and not in good way. Also, there is Duncan and Fogg and potbelly pig. And there is Venn, who is most mystery person of all. The boy who write this book, his name is Tom Rachman. Maybe you hear of his first novel, The Imperfectionists? Bestseller book, publish in many language. Rise & Fall is very beauty follow-up. When you read it, you visit late Eighties, also Year 2000, also today; you see Bangkok, you see Brooklyn, you see bordertowns - also many places that are not begin with letter 'B'. What novel this is! Not for trivial beings, but I don't worry: just to look at you, I can tell you have very large brain. So, what you wait? Spanning three decades and criss-crossing the globe, THE RISE AND FALL OF GREAT POWERS is the story of Tooly Zylberberg and how she got to a second-hand bookshop in Wales via the streets of Manhattan and downtown Bangkok. This novel, dazzling in its scope and inventiveness, is peopled by an extraordinary array of unforgettable characters, from Humphrey the chess-playing Russian emigre to Venn, Tooly's shadowy protector.


Battling Terrorism in the Horn of Africa - 2854323599

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Battling Terrorism in the Horn of Africa Brookings Institution

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With so much attention paid to America's war on terror in Afghanistan and Iraq, the world has all but forgotten the spread of terrorism in other regions. From South Asia to South America, terrorist groups are on the rise. One of the most dangerous regions is the greater Horn of Africa along with Yemen, its volatile neighbor. This book offers authoritative insight into the struggle against terrorism in the Horn --what has been done and what work remains. Robert Rotberg and his colleagues analyze the situation in Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen. The esteemed contributors are prominent scholars and practitioners, including several former U.S. ambassadors. Their contributions reveal how each country's government --with or without U.S. help --is (or is not) working to combat terrorism within its own borders and to prevent its spread. Rotberg provides an overview of the entire region, drawing lessons particularly for U.S. policy. Ba ttling Terror in the Horn of Africa is a handbook on what needs to be done at the tension-filled crossroads of Arabia and Africa. It is important reading for all those with an interest in African or Middle Eastern affairs or the need to learn more about international terrorism. Contributors include Robert D. Burrowes (University of Washington), Timothy Carney (former U.S. ambassador to Sudan), Johnnie Carson (former ambassador to Kenya), Dan Connell (Grassroots International), Kenneth J. Menkhaus (Davidson College), Robert I. Rotberg (Harvard University), and Lange Schemerhorn (former ambassador to Djibouti).


Suicides by poison - 2844569189

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Suicides by poison Books LLC, Reference Series

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 156. Chapters: Alan Turing, Heinrich Himmler, Hermann Göring, Erwin Rommel, Martin Bormann, John William Polidori, Demosthenes, Fumimaro Konoe, Karl Haushofer, Vachel Lindsay, Charlotte Mew, Adolf Hitler, Florence Lawrence, Eva Braun, Horacio Quiroga, Wallace Carothers, Madalina Manole, Thomas Chatterton, Robert Ritter von Greim, Isabella Blow, Odilo Globocnik, Patty Cannon, Günther von Kluge, Paul Lafargue, Marshall Applewhite, Maria Czaplicka, Eleanor Marx, Marian Hooper Adams, Margaret Laurence, Viktor Meyer, George Sterling, John Suckling, Charles de Choiseul-Praslin, George Periolat, Phan Thanh Giżn, Francis Ellingwood Abbot, Calel Perechodnik, Leonard Lake, Hursid Pasha, Meng Fangli, Rikichi Ando, Francisco Urondo, Saeed Emami, Noel Mewton-Wood, Jeanette Loff, Adam Czerniaków, Alexandru Papana, Chaim Widawski, Masahiko Amakasu, Rudolph Schoenheimer, Bernie Elsey, Veronica Micle, George Black, Marvel Rea, James Price, Leopoldo Lugones, Chick Stahl, Nadezhda Sigida, Dave Clement, Kathleen Newton, Thomas Lovell Beddoes, Miles Sindercombe, Hazel Farris, Edward FitzGerald, 7th Duke of Leinster, Tezozomoctli, Richard Realf, Louis Fles, Jean Joseph Rabearivelo, James Smith, Hans von Pechmann, Jason Altom, Ramón Sampedro, Bernhard Förster, Tiffany Simelane, Alma Vetsera Hayne, Glyndwr Michael, Chizuko Mifune, Gustav Wied, Bernhard Hirzel, Antoine Trial, Kim Won-bong, Terry Long, Arno Assmann, George Westmore, Kunihiko Hashida, Peter Vogel, Arthur Woodcock, Ellen West, Delphine Delamare. Excerpt: Adolf Hitler (German pronunciation: ; 20 April 1889 - 30 April 1945) was an Austrian-born German politician and the leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party (German: , abbreviated NSDAP), commonly known as the Nazi Party. He was Chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945, and served as head of state as Führer und Reichskanzler from 1934 to 1945. Hitler is most remembered for his central leadership role in the rise of fascism in Europe, World War II and the Holocaust. A decorated veteran of World War I, Hitler joined the precursor of the Nazi Party (DAP) in 1919, and became leader of NSDAP in 1921. He attempted a coup d'état known as the Beer Hall Putsch, which occurred at the Bürgerbräukeller beer hall in Munich on 8-9 November 1923. Hitler was imprisoned for one year due to the failed coup, and wrote his memoir, Mein Kampf (in English "My Struggle"), while imprisoned. After his release on 20 December 1924, he gained support by promoting Pan-Germanism, antisemitism and anti-communism with charismatic oratory and propaganda. He was appointed chancellor on 30 January 1933, and transformed the Weimar Republic into the Third Reich, a single-party dictatorship based on the totalitarian and autocratic ideology of Nazism. Hitler ultimately wanted to establish a New Order of absolute Nazi German hegemony in continental Europe. To achieve this, he pursued a foreign policy with the declared goal of seizing Lebensraum ("living space") for the Aryan people; directing the resources of the state towards this goal. This included the rearmament of Germany, which culminated in 1939 when the Wehrmacht invaded Poland. In response, the United Kingdom and France declared war against Germany, leading to the outbreak of World War II in Europe. Within three years, German forces and their European allies had occupied most of Europe, and most of North Africa, and the Japanese forces had occupied parts of East and Southeast Asia and the P...


Leadership Secrets of Hillary Clinton PB POD - 2854580717

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Leadership Secrets of Hillary Clinton PB POD MCGRAW-HILL Professional

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Resilience: It's How You Can Succeed Like Hillary.§Leadership Secrets of Hillary Clinton§Hillary Clinton is the very model of a successful leader, gifted at prospering even in the face of turbulent times. The real question is: Could the same be said about you?§Ask yourself: §Do I bounce back from challenging situations?§Do I know how to learn from my mistakes?§Do I make my words count?§Do I embrace change and take advantage of new opportunities?§In Leadership Secrets of Hillary Clinton , leadership expert Rebecca Shambaugh reveals the unique formula of open-mindedness, intense focus, authenticity, and resilience that allows Hillary to answer "yes" to all of these questions and that has led to her historic rise onto the world stage.§"In today's uncertain and demanding markets or in a theater of war, where chaos reigns the value of resiliency cannot be underestimated. Rebecca Shambaugh's timely, powerful examination of Hillary Clinton's leadership success provides concrete strategies and techniques that individuals and organizations of any size can use to lead decisively and effectively, no matter the climate." -- David L. Grange, U.S. Army Major General (ret.) and CEO of PPD Inc.§She has survived personal and professional crises and moved forward to authoritatively step into one of the most important political positions on the planet and at one of her country's toughest times. What are the secrets to Hillary Rodham Clinton's success?§U .S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton knows how to prosper despite and even because of challenges. Confident and self-realized, she is inspiring and effective in good times and bad, and this has led to an unprecedented life of "firsts." Among them:§First First Lady to run for (and win) a U.S. Senate seat§First female senator of New York§First female major-party candidate to mount a serious challenge for the U.S. presidency§And, as Secretary of State, she is the first former First Lady to serve in a president's cabinet §Hillary may have "come in second" in the race for the Democratic Party presidential nomination, but Clinton has earned worldwide respect as a first-rate leader. LeadershipSecrets of Hillary Clinton dissects her powerful leadership style, making each of its aspects easy to put into practice. You'll learn:§how to stay optimistic and on message in tough times§how to create a "personal brand" that people will want to get behind§how to adapt to change and disappointment while never losing sight of your purpose and authenticity§how to effectively communicate, re-engage, and inspire others in difficult times§how to win the partnership of others (even detractors!) and to grow your network of supporters§how to instill a sense of hope, commitment, and resilience for those around you as a leader §Written by leadership expert and bestselling author Rebecca Shambaugh, Leadership Secrets of Hillary Clinton offers proven lessons for success from one of our finest modern exemplars.§Rebecca Shambaugh is the founder and CEO of SHAMBAUGH Leadership and author of It's Not a Glass Ceiling, It's a Sticky Floor . She lives in Washington, D.C.


Shocken Book of Modern Sephardic Literature - 2212828812

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Shocken Book of Modern Sephardic Literature Random House

Powieści i opowiadania

The expulsion of the Jews from Spain in 1492 gave rise to a series of rich, diverse diasporas that were interconnected through a common vision and joie de vivre. The exodus took these Sephardim to other European countries; to North Africa, Asia Minor, and South America; and, eventually, to the American colonies. In each community new literary and artistic forms grew out of the melding of their Judeo-Spanish legacy with the cultures of their host countries, and that process has continued to the present day. This multilingual tradition brought with it both opportunities and challenges that will resonate within any contemporary culture: the status of minorities within the larger society; the tension between a civil, democratic tradition and the anti-Semitism ready to undermine it; and the opposing forces of religion and secularism. Ilan Stavans has been described by The Washington Post as


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