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Let's Go Paleo Aerial Media Company

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Sandra van Schijndel has been working with food for many years. She started the search for the right food for her. The step towards different, pure food was a revelation! She recorded her experiences in a book with many recipes in an easy-to-follow programme. The Paleo principle goes back to the eating habits of our ancestors.


Let's Go Paleo - 2856140976

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Let's Go Paleo

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Paleo Slow Cooker Tuttle Publishing

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Although eating a paleo diet (no gluten, grains, dairy, or legumes) has proven to be highly effective in shedding unwanted weight and improving overall health, many find preparing and cooking real-food meals on a daily basis difficult to manage. Let's face it, prepping and cooking meals, as well as cleaning multiple pots and pans, can take a lot of time from your already hectic schedule. Not to mention the difficulties in making healthy food taste delicious. Enter the slow cooker, an easy-to-use devise that allows you to enjoy a wonderful, home-cooked meal without slaving for hours in the kitchen. In "Paleo Slow Cooking," Chrissy Gower shows you that cooking real food using a variety of vegetables, clean cuts of meat, and healthy fats does not have to be a complicated, boring, or time-consuming endeavor. In this real-food-made-easy guide, Gower teaches you how to prepare full-course paleo/primal entrees, soups, stews, breakfast dishes, and desserts. To make every meal more enjoyable, Gower also includes several quick and easy side dishes to go with your slow cooker meals. "Paleo Slow Cooking" is sure to win the hearts of every time-crunched individual or family that yearns to eat a healthier diet. Eating paleo has never been so easy or tasted so good!


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