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Love in Small Letters - 2826627072

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Love in Small Letters Bloomsbury Trade

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

When Samuel wakes up on 1st January, he is convinced that the year ahead will bring nothing exciting or unusual - until a strange visitor bursts into his flat, determined not to leave. The appearance of Mishima, a young stray cat, leads Samuel to a strange encounter with Valdemar and his neighbour Titus, with whom he had previously never exchanged a word, and is the beginning of the incredible transformation that is about to occur in the secluded world he has built around himself. As a tender friendship develops out of these encounters, Samuel discovers, for the first time in his life, how small everyday acts can have the power to unleash a hurricane of feeling and awaken the heart from its slumber.


Cat and Mouse - 2826837132

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Cat and Mouse CONTINUUM

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

For many years, Gunter Grass (born 1927) has been one of the world's most vital literary figures. From the publication of The Tin Drum through his latest pleas for sane government and civil treatment of Germany's "foreign citizens" in the 1990s, Grass has been at the forefront of both literary and political worlds. This representative volume features two important works: Cat and Mouse and The Meeting at Telgte. Both speak to our time, but under very different settings. It also includes a selection of other works to give a well-rounded view of a writer whom John Irving characterizes in his foreword as "the greatest living novelist today". The German Library is a new series of the major works of German literature and thought from medieval times to the present. The volumes have forewords by internationally known writers and introductions by prominent scholars. Here the English-speaking reader can find the broadest possible collection of poetic and intellectual achievements in new as well as great classic translations. Convenient and accessible in format, the volumes of The German Library will form the core of any growing library of European literature for years to come.Select list of volumes now published: -- German Medieval Tales -- German Humanism and Reformation -- Immanuel Kant: Philosophical Writings -- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: The Sufferings of Young Werther and Elective Affinities -- Friedrich Schiller: Plays -- "Intrigue and Love" and "Don Carlos" -- Friedrich Schiller: "Wallenstein" and "Mary Stuart" -- German Fairy Tales -- German Literary Fairy Tales -- German Romantic Novellas -- German Romantic Stories -- German Novellas of Realism -- German Poetry from 1750 to 1900 -- Georg Buchner: Complete Works and Letters -- Rainer Maria Rilke: Prose and Poetry -- Gottfried Benn: Prose, Essays, Poems -- German Essays on Art History -- Essays on German Theater -- Hans Magnus Enzensberger: Critical Essays


More From The 30's Plus. . - 2839348855

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More From The 30's Plus. . JSP


1. I Got The Kansas City Blues 2. Keep The Camp Fires Burning 3. Alabama Lullaby 4. 'Cause I Don't Mean To Cry When You're Gone 5. Git Along 6. I Wonder Where My Darling Is Tonight 7. My Heart Will Be Crying 8. Someday You'll Pay 9. Take It To The Captain 10. Boogie Woogie Baby 11. Born To Be Blue 12. Weary Day 13. Darby's Ram 14. Take It Out On The Door 15. Gotta Have Some Lovin' 16. Pan American Boogie 17. Sand Mountain Blues 18. I Swear By The Stars 19. Life's Too Short 20. Blues You Never Lose 21. Field Hand Man 22. I'll Be There 23. Heartbreak Ridge 24. How You Gonna Get Your Lovin' Done 25. I Said Goodnight To My Darling 101. Mocking Bird 102. Smith's Waltz 103. Doin' The Goofus 104. There's More Pretty Girls Than One 105. Bonaparte's Retreat 106. Little Darling They Have Taken You From Me 107. Never Alone 108. Little Darling 109. Cheatham County Breakdown No. 2 110. It's Hard To Please Your Mind 111. Love Letters 112. Walking In My Sleep 113. Lonesome For You 114. Sweet Heaven 115. Beautiful Mabel Clare 116. Beautiful Memories 117. Beautiful Brown Eyes 118. Nellie's Blue Eyes 119. Across The Blue Ridge Mountains 120. Lonesome Ramblers Blues 121. More Like His Dad Everyday 122. Henpecked Husband Blues 123. Her Little Brown Hand 124. Lost Love 125. Paris Waltz 201. Rockin' On The Waves 202. If We Never Meet Again 203. I'll Fly Away 204. The Lord Is Watching Over Me 205. Everybody Will Be Happy (Over There) 206. Hallelujah Morning 207. Old Camp Meeting 208. There's A Light Guiding Me 209. Salvation Has Been Brought Down 210. When The Good Lord Cares 211. Over In Glory Land 212. On The Jericho Road 213. His Boundless Love 214. I've Got The Old Time Religion In My Heart 215. Rock Of Ages Hide Through Me 216. When He Blessed My Soul 217. When The Redeemed Are Gathering In 218. Show Me The Way 219. God Will Guide You 220. The Atomic Telephone 221. Ten Commandments 222. John Three Sixteen 223. My Father's Mansion 224. Start To Praying 225. I Cried Holy 301. Fox Chase 302. Green Valley Waltz 303. Under The Double Eagle 304. Fast Train Through Arkansas 305. Jack And Jill Boogie 306. Lonesome Wind Blues 307. Lost John Boogie 308. Jole Blon's Ghost 309. Why Don't You Haul Off And Love Me 310. Del Rio Boogie 311. Red Ball To Natchez 312. Don't Know Why 313. I've Done And Old My Soul 314. I Love My Little Yo Yo 315. Pardon My Whiskers 316. If You've Got The Money 317. Real Hot Boogie 318. My Annabelle Lee 319. The Family Tree Musta Fell On Me 320. I Ain't Nothin' But A Tom Cat's Kitten 321. I Had My Fingers Crossed 322. Catfish Baby 323. Blues At My Door 324. When They Let Me Hammer Down 325. Steamboat Bill Boogie


Big Life of a Little Man - 2838786564

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Big Life of a Little Man Tate Publishing & Enterprises

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

With the help of a treasure trove of letters, magazine articles, newspaper clippings, and personal journal entries from his mother, author Sherry Kelly has compiled a touching and comprehensive account of the life of Michael Dunn, the famous little person actor of the sixties and seventies. Michael was well known as Dr. Loveless in The Wild Wild West TV series and was nominated for an Academy Award for his role in the movie Ship of Fools. Dunn lived an amazing life from childhood until his mysterious death in London while filming a movie. The Big Life of a Little Man is a story of courage, determination, triumph, and one family's abounding love. ...A person with dwarfism, Dunn sends a message to make all of us proud - that difference is not something on which we or anyone around us should dwell. Rather, it is one unique aspect of our lives contributing to the story of who we are. Gary Arnold, Vice President of Public Relations, Little People of America ...Mr. Dunn's life is a lesson that I hope all aspiring performers take to heart. Stephen Di Benedetto, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Theatre History & Theory, The University of Miami A well-written biography about a man who lead an exciting life. It takes you through the many ups and downs...of his life through funny stories and adventures as seen through the eyes and heart of his family. Truly an amazing man! Bailey Cheatham, High School Senior, Mustang High School, Mustang, Oklahoma Sherry Kelly's other works include A Cat Named Zooby and Your New Baby's Instruction Book.


Best of Dr.Seuss - 2826884189

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Best of Dr.Seuss Collins

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

To accompany the release of the live action movie of The Cat in the Hat, starring Mike Myers, HarperCollins are proud to present this bumper bind-up of three of Dr. Suess's most popular books: The Cat in the Hat, The Cat in the Hat Comes Back and Dr. Seuss's ABC. The Cat in the Hat When the Cat in the Hat steps in on the mat, Sally and her brother are in for a roller-coaster ride of havoc and mayhem! The Cat can rescue them from a dull rainy day, but it'll mean lots of spills along the way. The Cat in the Hat Comes Back When the Cat in the Hat once more steps into the lives of Sally and her brother, he's soon up to his old tricks. He turns the house upside down, and the snow pink, ably assisted by a team of tiny helpers that he keeps in his hat! Dr. Seuss's ABC Big B, little B, what begins with B? Baby, barber, bubbles and a bumblebee! Children can have lots of fun that is funny learning about big and little letters.


Leonard - 2839413293

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Leonard Bear Family Records


1. Campus Boogie 2. Too Beautiful To Cry 3. Smooth Sailin' 4. Fool's Gold 5. You Gotta Have A License 6. Let Me Love You 7. There'll Be No Other 8. I Love You More & More Each Day 9. Boob-i-lak 10. You Better Not Do That 11. I Always Get A Souvenir 12. High On A Hilltop 13. Untied 14. Whatcha Gonna Do Now 15. Love-a-me, S'il Vous Plait 16. You're For Me 17. I'll Be Gone 18. Wait A Little Longer 19. Let Down (& Wanda Collins) 20. It Tickles (& Wanda Collins) 21. It's Nobody's Fault But Yours 22. I Guess I'm Crazy 23. You Oughta See Pickles Now 24. Those Old Love Letters From You 25. I Wish I Had Died In My Cradle 26. I'll Never, Never Let You Go 27. I'll Always Speak Well Of You 101. What Kind Of Sweetheart Are You 102. No Love Have I 103. All Of The Monkeys Ain't In The Zoo 104. That's The Way Love Is 105. Smooth Sailin' 106. How Do I Say Goodbye 107. A Man We All Ought To Know 108. Are You Ready To Go 109. Think It Over Boys 110. I Think Of You Yet 111. Upon This Rock (& Wanda Collins) 112. The Feet Of The Traveller (& Wanda Collins) 113. Don't You Love Me Anymore 114. Retirement In Heaven (& Wanda Collins) 115. All Of The Monkeys Ain't In The Zoo 116. What Have You Done (& Wanda Collins) 117. A Love Is Born 118. I'm Nobody's Fool But Yours 119. O Mary Don't You Weep (& Wanda Collins) 120. Did You Let Your Light Shine(& Wanda Collins) 121. In The Shadow Of The Cross 122. When I Survey The Wondrous Cross (& Collins) 123. Who At My Door Is Standing 124. My Saviour's Love 125. Where Could I Go But To The Lord 126. What A Friend We Have In Jesus 127. Each Step Of The Way 128. Softly & Tenderly 129. That's Why I Love Him 130. Jesus Keep Me Near The Cross 201. Amazing Graze 202. The Old Rugged Cross 203. Heart's Don't Break 204. You Belong In My Arms 205. A Hundred Years From Now 206. Little June 207. My Last Chance With You 208. Sidewalks Of New York 209. The Last Letter 210. Oklahoma Hills 211. The Great Speckled Bird 212. Broken Engagement 213. Wreck Of The Old 97 214. I'm Just Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail 215. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You 216. It Makes No Difference Now 217. Let's Live A Little 218. I'll Keep On Loving You 219. I Overlooked An Orchid 220. I Wonder If You Feel The Way I Do 221. Juicy Fruit 222. Black Cat (Mono With Overdubs) 223. We Kissed Again With Tears 224. Keep Dreaming 225. Don't Let Me Stand In His Footsteps 226. Summer's Almost Gone 227. Take Me Back Tom The Good Old Days 228. Oh What A Dream 229. Let Her Go 230. When Did Right Become Wrong 301. If I Could Just Go Back 302. I Got Mine 303. You'd Better Be Nice 304. I Can Do That (& Wanda Collins) 305. I Got Mine (Live) 306. Shindig In The Barn 307. A Million Miles 308. Goody Goody Gumdrop (Klippa Kloppa) 309. The Clock On The Wall 310. The Bee That Gets The Honey 311. It's A Big Jump 312. It's A Pretty Good Ol' World After All 313. Don't Let Me Stand In His Footsteps 314. All Of The Monkeys Ain't In The Zoo 315. Black Cat (Stereo Re-mix) 316. Take Me Back Tom The Good Old Days 317. Oh What A Dream 318. Klippa Kloppa (Goody Goody Gumdrop) 319. If You Can't Bite, Don't Growl 320. A Man Gotta Do What A Man Gotta Do 321. Man Machine 322. The Girl On Sugar Pie Lane 323. Poor, Broke, Mixed Up Mess Of A Heart 324. Be Serious Ann 325. The Fool's Castle 326. A Little Time For A Little Love 327. I'm Not Gettin' Anywhere With You 328. The Two Sides Of Life 329. You're Everything To Me 330. A Million Miles 401. Big Dummy 402. Shindig In The Barn 403. There's No Girl In My Life Anymore 404. Skinny 405. I'm Not Looking For An Angel 406. Don't Wipe The Tears That You Cry 407. Birmingham 408. Put Me In Irons, Lock Me Up ... 409. You Better Not Do That 410. Sam Hill 411. I Got Mine 412. It's Too Much Like Lonesome 413. Watcha Gonna Do Now 414. No Love Have I 415. Wine Take Me Away 416. High On A Hilltop 417. When Did Right Become Wrong 418. General Delivery U.s.a. 419. Roll Truck, Roll 420. If That's The Fashion 421. Piedras Negras 422. Laura (What's He Got That I Ain't Got) 423. Branded Man 424. Cincinnati, Ohio 425. Break My Mind 426. I Made A Prison Band 427. The Best Thing I've Done In My Life 428. Woman You Have Been Told 429. Sunny Side Of Life 430. He's Gonna Have To Catch Me First


Animals - 2826919122

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Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Christopher Isherwood was a celebrated English writer when he met the Californian teenager Don Bachardy on a Santa Monica beach in 1952. They spent their first night together on Valentine's Day 1953. Defying the conventions, the two men began living as an openly gay couple in an otherwise closeted Hollywood. The Animals provides a loving testimony of an extraordinary relationship that lasted until Chris' death in 1986 - and survived affairs (on both sides) and a thirty-year-age-gap. In romantic letters to one another, the couple created the private world of the Animals. Chris was Dobbin, a stubborn old workhorse; Don was the playful young white cat, Kitty. But Don needed to carve out his own identity - some of their longest sequences of letters were exchanged during his trips to London and New York, to pursue his career as an artist and to widen his emotional and sexual horizons. Amidst the intimate domestic dramas, we learn of Isherwood's continuing literary success -the royalty cheques from Cabaret, the acclaim for his pioneering novel A Single Man - and the bohemian whirl of Californian film suppers and beach life. Don, whose portraits of London theatreland were making his name, attends the world premiere of The Innocents with Truman Capote and afterwards dines with Deborah Kerr and the rest of the cast, spends weekends with Tennessee Williams, Cecil Beton, or the Earl and Countess of Harewood, and tours Egypt and Greece with a new love interest. But whatever happens in the outside world, Dobbin and Kitty always return to their 'Basket' and to each other. Candid, gossipy, exceptionally affectionate, The Animals is a unique interplay between two creative spirits, confident in their mutual devotion.


Book of Air and Shadows - 2826877532

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Book of Air and Shadows Harper Collins

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A clever, pacey thriller set around the search for a lost Shakespearean play. Tap-tapping the keys and out come the words on this little screen, and who will read them I hardly know. I could be dead by the time anyone actually gets to read them, as dead as, say, Tolstoy. Or Shakespeare. Does it matter, when you read, if the person who wrote still lives? These are the words of Jake Mishkin, whose seemingly innocent job as an intellectual property lawyer has put him at the centre of a deadly conspiracy and hunt to find a priceless treasure connected to William Shakespeare. As he awaits a killer-or killers-unknown, Jake writes an account of the events that led to this deadly endgame, a frantic chase that began when a fire in an antiquarian bookstore revealed the hiding place of letters containing a shocking secret, concealed for four hundred years. In a frantic race from New York to England and Switzerland, Jake finds himself matching wits with a shadowy figure who seems to anticipate his every move. What at first seems like a thrilling puzzle waiting to be deciphered soon turns into a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse, where no one -- not family, not friends, not lovers -- is to be trusted. Moving between twenty-first-century America and seventeenth-century England, 'The Book of Air and Shadows'is a modern thriller that brilliantly re-creates William Shakespeare's life at the turn of the seventeenth century and combines an ingenious and intricately layered plot with a devastating portrait of a contemporary man on the brink of self-discovery ...or self-destruction.


Cash Collection - 2839332961

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Cash Collection Mercury Records


1. A Backstage Pass 2. Cat's In The Cradle 3. I Walk The Line 4. Folsom Prison Blues 5. Sunday Morning Coming Down 6. Five Feet High & Rising 7. Sixteen Tons 8. Call Me The Breeze 9. I'd Rather Have You 10. Blue Train 11. Ballad Of A Teenage Queen 12. Supper Time 101. Ring Of Fire 102. I'm An Easy Rider 103. The Greatest Cowboy Of Them All 104. Don't Take Your Guns To Town 105. Angel & The Badman 106. A Croft In Clachan (The Ballad Of Rob Macdunn) 107. I Still Miss Someone 108. Cry, Cry, Cry 109. Wanted Man 110. I Got Stripes 111. Get Rhythm 112. Monteagle Mountain 201. That Old Wheel 202. Guess Things Happen That Way 203. Home Of The Blues 204. A Thing Called Love 205. Goin' By The Book 206. I'll Go Somewhere & Sing My Songs Again 207. The Hobo Song 208. Letters From Home 209. The Mystery Of Life 210. Long Black Veil 211. Water From The Wells Of Home 212. Peace In The Valley


I Will Bear Witness 1933-1941 - 2827005519

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I Will Bear Witness 1933-1941 Modern Library Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The publication of Victor Klemperer's secret diaries brings to light one of the most extraordinary documents of the Nazi period. "In its cool, lucid style and power of observation," said The New York Times, "it is the best written, most evocative, most observant record of daily life in the Third Reich." I Will Bear Witness is a work of literature as well as a revelation of the day-by-day horror of the Nazi years. A Dresden Jew, a veteran of World War I, a man of letters and historian of great sophistication, Klemperer recognized the danger of Hitler as early as 1933. His diaries, written in secrecy, provide a vivid account of everyday life in Hitler's Germany. What makes this book so remarkable, aside from its literary distinction, is Klemperer's preoccupation with the thoughts and actions of ordinary Germans: Berger the greengrocer, who was given Klemperer's house ("anti-Hitlerist, but of course pleased at the good exchange"), the fishmonger, the baker, the much-visited dentist. All offer their thoughts and theories on the progress of the war: Will England hold out? Who listens to Goebbels? How much longer will it last? This symphony of voices is ordered by the brilliant, grumbling Klemperer, struggling to complete his work on eighteenth-century France while documenting the ever- tightening Nazi grip. He loses first his professorship and then his car, his phone, his house, even his typewriter, and is forced to move into a Jews' House (the last step before the camps), put his cat to death (Jews may not own pets), and suffer countless other indignities. Despite the danger his diaries would pose if discovered, Klemperer sees it as his duty to recordevents. "I continue to write," he notes in 1941 after a terrifying run-in with the police. "This is my heroics. I want to bear witness, precise witness, until the very end." When a neighbor remarks that, in his isolation, Klemperer will not be able to cover the main events of the war, he writes:


Bruno Munari's ABC - 2826899134

64,63 zł


Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In this imaginative ABC, acclaimed artist, designer and children's author, Bruno Munari shows how fun letters can be. From an Ant on an Apple to a Blue Butterfly to a Cat in a Cage, Munari pairs words in whimsical ways until Fly frees itself from its page, lands on the Hat, buzzes near the Ice Cream and provides the final sound for Zzzzz.


Don Marquis: Archy and Mehabitel - 2826751231

49,67 zł

Don Marquis: Archy and Mehabitel EVERYMAN

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A poet in a former life, Archy has been reincarnated as a cockroach who types by diving headfirst onto a typewriter (and is famously unable to operate the shift key to produce capital letters); his side-kick Mehitabel is an alley cat who claims to have once been Cleopatra. Archy's poems irresistibly evoke 'Jazz Age New York' - as seen from the alley; funny, wise, tender and tough, they represent the very best of American humour. Including George Herriman's whimsical illustrations and a classic introduction by novelist E.B. White, this pocket poet selection will make a beautiful volume, perfectly sized for its tiny hero.


Nat King Cole:.. -cd+dvd- - 2840241287

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Nat King Cole:.. -cd+dvd-


1. There's No Anesthetic For Love 2. Riffin' At The Bar-b-q 3. Harlem Swing 4. Dancing In The Street 5. I Like To Riff 6. By The River Sainte Marie 7. Sweet Lorraine (Do Not Use) 8. This Side Up 9. Honeysuckle Rose 10. Gone With The Draft 11. Early Morning Blues 12. Scotchin' With The Soda 13. Hit The Ramp 14. Stop! The Red Light's On 15. Call The Police 16. Are You Fer It? 17. That Ain't Right (Remastered 2003) 18. Hit That Jive, Jack 19. All For You (Remastered 2003) 20. Vom, Vim, Veedle 21. Pitchin' Up A Boogie (Remastered 1993) 22. Let's Spring One (Remastered 1993) 23. F.s.t. (Fine, Sweet & Tasty) (Remastered 1993) 24. Got A Penny (Remastered 1993) 25. Let's Pretend (Remastered 1993) 101. Straighten Up & Fly Right (Remastered 2003) 102. I Just Can't See For Lookin' (Remastered 2003) 103. Jumpin' At Capitol (Remastered 1991) 104. If You Can't Smile & Say Yes (Please Don't Cry A 105. Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You 106. Sweet Lorraine (Remastered 2003) 107. Embraceable You (Remastered 1995) 108. It's Only A Paper Moon (Remastered 2003) 109. The Man I Love 110. Body & Soul (Remastered 1999) 111. Prelude In C Sharp Minor 112. What Is This Thing Called Love? (Instrumental) 113. Easy Listenin' Blues 114. I Realize Now (Remastered 2003) 115. Bring Another Drink (Remastered 1997) 116. I'm A Shy Guy (Remastered 2003) 117. You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You (Remastered 118. Sweet Georgia Brown (Remastered 1991) 119. It Is Better To Be By Yourself (Remastered 1993) 120. The Frim Fram Sauce (Remastered 2003) 121. Come To Baby, Do! (Remastered 2003) 122. Homeward Bound 123. This Way Out (1945 Version) 124. But She's My Buddy's Chick (Remastered 2001) 125. How Does It Feel 201. (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66 (Remastered 1995) 202. Everyone Is Sayin' Hello Again (Why Must We Say Go 203. I'm In The Mood For Love 204. I've Only Myself To Blame (Remastered 1993) 205. To A Wild Rose 206. You Call It Madness (But I Call It Love) (Remaster 207. The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas To You) (Remas 208. The Best Man (Remastered 1993) 209. (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons (Remastered 1 210. In The Cool Of Evening (Remastered 1993) 211. You're The Cream In My Coffee (Remastered 1993) 212. Come In Out Of The Rain (Remastered 1993) 213. Meet Me At No Special Place (And I'll Be There At 214. Save The Bones For Henry Jones ('cause Henry Don't 215. Nature Boy (Remastered 2003) 216. It's The Sentimental Thing To Do (Remastered 1993) 217. The Geek (Instrumental/remastered 1993) 218. Little Girl (Remastered 1993) 219. Lost April (Remastered 2003) 220. Put 'Em In A Box, Tie 'Em With A Ribbon (And Throw 221. Lush Life (Remastered 1992) 222. Land Of Love (Come My Love & Live With Me) (Rema 223. Yes Sir, That's My Baby (Remastered 1996) 224. Calypso Blues (Remastered 1993) 225. My Baby Just Cares For Me (Remastered 2000) 301. For You My Love (Remastered 1992) 302. I Almost Lost My Mind (Remastered 2003) 303. Baby Won't You Say You Love Me (Remastered 1993) 304. Mona Lisa (Remastered 2003) 305. The Greatest Inventor (Of Them All) (Remastered 19 306. Home (When Shadows Fall) 307. The Tunnel Of Love 308. Orange Colored Sky (Remastered 2005) 309. Jam-bo (Remastered 1993) 310. Frosty The Snowman (Remastered 1990) 311. Jet (Remastered 2003) 312. The Magic Tree 313. Always You (Remastered 2003) 314. Destination Moon (Remastered 2001) 315. Too Young (Remastered 2003) 316. That's My Girl 317. Red Sails In The Sunset (Remastered 2003) 318. Because Of Rain (Remastered 2003) 319. Song Of Delilah 320. Unforgettable (Remastered 2003) 321. My First & My Last Love 322. Miss Me (Single Version) 323. Walkin' My Baby Back Home (Remastered 2003) 324. The Ruby & The Pearl (Remastered 2003) 401. Somewhere Along The Way (Remastered 2003) 402. Funny (Not Much) (Remastered 2003) 403. Penthouse Serenade (When We're Alone) (Remastered 404. Laura (Remastered 1998) 405. I'm Never Satisfied (Remastered 2003) 406. Faith Can Move Mountains (Remastered 2003) 407. Strange (Remastered 2003) 408. Pretend (Remastered 2003) 409. Can't I? (Remastered 2003) 410. That's All (Remastered 1995) 411. I Am In Love (Remastered 2003) 412. Return To Paradise (Remastered 2003) 413. A Fool Was I (Remastered 2003) 414. Tenderly (Remastered 2003) 415. Let's Fall In Love (Remastered 2000) 416. Lover, Come Back To Me! (Remastered 2003) 417. Darling, Je Vous Aime Beaucoup 418. Answer Me, My Love (Remastered 2005) 419. It Happens To Be Me (Remastered 2003) 420. Make Her Mine (Remastered 2003) 421. Smile (Remastered 2004) 422. Hajji Baba (Persian Lament) (Remastered 2003) 423. My One Sin (In Life) (Remastered 2003) 424. The Sand & The Sea (Remastered 2003) 425. A Blossom Fell (Remastered 2003) 426. If I May (Remastered 2003) 427. Forgive My Heart (Remastered 2003) 501. I Want To Be Happy (Remastered 1993) 502. Someone You Love (Remastered 2003) 503. Take Me Back To Toyland (Remastered 1990) 504. Dreams Can Tell A Lie (Remastered 2003) 505. I'm Gonna Laugh You Right Out Of My Life 506. Nothing Ever Changes My Love For You 507. Ask Me (Remastered 2003) 508. Too Young To Go Steady (Remastered 2003) 509. Never Let Me Go (Remastered 2001) 510. That's All There Is To That (Remastered 2003) 511. My Dream Sonata 512. Night Lights (Remastered 2003) 513. To The Ends Of The Earth (Remastered 2003) 514. Sweet Lorraine (Remastered 2001) 515. Ballerina (Remastered 2003) 516. Blame It On My Youth (Remastered 1999) 517. You Are My First Love 518. When Rock & Roll Come To Trinidad 519. Love Letters (Remastered 2005) 520. Stardust (Remastered 2005) 521. Send For Me (Remastered 2005) 522. When I Fall In Love (Remastered 2004) 523. My Personal Possession (Remastered 2003) 524. With You On My Mind (Remastered 2003) 525. The Song Of Raintree County 526. The Party's Over (Remastered 2001) 527. Angel Smile (Remastered 2003) 601. St. Louis Blues (Remastered 1992) 602. Looking Back (Remastered 2003) 603. Do I Like It? 604. Come Closer To Me (Acercate Mas) (Remastered 2003) 605. Come To The Mardi Gras 606. This Is All I Ask 607. The Very Thought Of You (Remastered 2004) 608. Mood Indigo (Remastered 1999) 609. Nothing In The World 610. Non Dimenticar (Don't Forget) (Remastered 2005) 611. Crazy She Calls Me (Remastered 2001) 612. Give Me Your Love 613. Madrid 614. You Made Me Love You (I Didn't Want To Do It) (Rem 615. I Must Be Dreaming (Remastered 1999) 616. The Sweet Bird Of Youth (Remastered 1999) 617. In A Mellow Tone (Remastered 2002) 618. Midnight Flyer (Remastered 2003) 619. Time & The River 620. Whatcha' Gonna Do (Remastered 2002) 621. That's You (Remastered 2003) 622. Hundreds & Thousands Of Girls (Remastered 1994) 623. My Love (Remastered 2003) 624. Wild Is Love (Remastered 1992) 625. If I Knew 626. Poinciana (Song Of The Tree) (Remastered 1992) 627. When It's Summer 628. Illusion 701. Take A Fool's Advice 702. When My Sugar Walks Down The Street 703. Let True Love Begin (Remastered 2003) 704. Cappuccina 705. Step Right Up (And Say You Love Me) 706. Everything Happens To Me (Remastered 2000) 707. The Right Thing To Say 708. September Song (Remastered 2000) 709. Ramblin' Rose (Remastered 2005) 710. Your Cheatin' Heart 711. Dear Lonely Hearts (Remastered 2003) 712. I Could Have Danced All Night (24-bit Remastered 0 713. All Over The World (Remastered 1990) 714. Nothing Goes Up (Without Coming Down) 715. Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days Of Summer (Remastered 716. My True Carrie, Love 717. That Sunday, That Summer (Remastered 2005) 718. Mr. Wishing Well (Remastered 2002) 719. I Don't Want To Be Hurt Anymore (Remastered 2003) 720. People (Remastered 2002) 721. More & More Of Your Amor 722. Kareha (Autumn Leaves) (Japanese Version / Remaste 723. I Don't Want To See Tomorrow (Remastered 1992) 724. L-o-v-e (Remastered 2004) 725. Let Me Tell You, Babe (Remastered 1996) 726. The Ballad Of Cat Ballou (Remastered 2000) 727. The Girl From Ipanema (Remastered 1992) 728. Three Little Words 729. No Other Heart (Remastered 1992) 801. Lester Leaps In (Live At Philharmonic Auditorium 802. Tea For Two (Live At Philharmonic Auditorium, Los 803. Blues (1st B-flat Blues) (Live At Philharmonic Aud 804. Body & Soul (Live At Philharmonic Auditorium, Lo 805. Sweet Lorraine (Live At Philharmonic Auditorium, L 806. The Man I Love (Live At Philharmonic Auditorium, L 807. I've Found A New Baby (Live At Philharmonic Audito 808. Rosetta (Live At Philharmonic Auditorium, Los Ange 809. Bugle Call Rag (Live At Philharmonic Auditorium, L 810. One O'clock Jump (Live At Philharmonic Auditorium 811. Oh, Lady Be Good! (Live At Philharmonic Auditorium 901. Just You, Just Me (Take 1 / Breakdown 1929) 902. Just You, Just Me (Take 2 / 1929) 903. Just You, Just Me (Take 3 / Breakdown 1929) 904. Just You, Just Me (Take 4 / 1929) 905. Just You, Just Me (Take 5 / 1929) 906. Just You, Just Me (Take 6 / Breakdown 1929) 907. Little Child 908. The Day Isn't Long Enough 909. Sweet William (And Lily At The Valley) 910. Sleeping Beauty 911. The Magic Window 912. Why Can't We Try Again? (Take 1 / Breakdown) 913. Why Can't We Try Again? (Take 2) 914. Why Can't We Try Again? (Take 3 / Breakdown) 915. Why Can't We Try Again? (Take 4 / Breakdown) 916. Why Can't We Try Again? (Take 5) 917. Why Can't We Try Again? (Take 6 / Breakdown) 918. Why Can't We Try Again? (Take 7 / Breakdown) 919. Why Can't We Try Again? (Take 8) 920. Why Can't We Try Again? (Take 9) 921. You're Wrong All Wrong 922. Little Fingers 923. United (Take 1) 924. United (Take 2) 925. United (Take 3) 926. Unfair (Take 8 / 1956) 927. One Sun (Remastered 2002) 928. Coo Coo Roo Coo Coo Paloma 929. Thank You Pretty Baby (Take 1) 930. Thank You Pretty Baby (Take 2) 931. Thank You Pretty Baby (Take 3) 932. Thank You Pretty Baby (Take 4) 933. Thank You Pretty Baby (Take 5) 934. Thank You Pretty Baby (Take 6) 935. Thank You Pretty Baby (Take 7) 936. Thank You Pretty Baby (Take 8) 937. Thank You Pretty Baby (Take 9) 938. Thank You Pretty Baby (Take 10) 939. Thank You Pretty Baby (Take 11) 940. Thank You Pretty Baby (Take 12) 941. Thank You Pretty Baby (Take 13) 1001. Mobil Limb Show Television Special 1101. Nat King Cole: Afraid Of The Dark (Chapter 1) 1102. Nat King Cole: Afraid Of The Dark (Chapter 2) 1103. Nat King Cole: Afraid Of The Dark (Chapter 3) 1104. Nat King Cole: Afraid Of The Dark (Chapter 4) 1105. Nat King Cole: Afraid Of The Dark (Chapter 5) 1106. Nat King Cole: Afraid Of The Dark (Chapter 6) 1107. Nat King Cole: Afraid Of The Dark (Chapter 7) 1108. Nat King Cole: Afraid Of The Dark (Chapter 8) 1109. Nat King Cole: Afraid Of The Dark (Chapter 9) 1110. Nat King Cole: Afraid Of The Dark (Chapter 10) 1111. Nat King Cole: Afraid Of The Dark (Chapter 11) 1112. Nat King Cole: Afraid Of The Dark (Chapter 12) 1113. 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Behind the Lines - 2836092418

81,82 zł

Behind the Lines Martin Secker & Warburg Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Compiled from interviews, diaries, letters and contemporaneous first-person accounts - many never before published - this oral history follows the adventures of the courageous men and women who volunteered for service with Britain's Special Operations Executives and the United States' Office of Strategic Services. They parachuted behind enemy lines, often alone, with orders to cause mayhem. Arrest almost always resulted in torture and emprisonment; sometimes in execution. In occupied France, equipped with false identities, they played a deadly game of cat and mouse with the Gestapo; in the Balkans they discovered that the fiery politics of the region were as dangerous as the enemy; in the Burmese jungle they led native marauders in surprise attacks against the Japanese. Supported by a team of back-room boffins who dreamed up ingenious devices like exploding rats and invisible ink, the special agents of World War Two really were a breed apart. This is their extraordinary story, in their own words.


Eye Spy - 2212847826

39,20 zł

Eye Spy Hodder

Powieści i opowiadania

DID YOU KNOW THAT? There are 3 Freemason secret handshakes Putting a question mark in a movie title is considered bad luck The Sudanese city of Khartoum is laid out in the shape of the Union Jack Every Victoria Cross is made from bronze Chinese cannon The light on top of the Rock of Gibraltar flashes out the letters G-B The wearer of a teardrop tattoo will claim to have killed someone in prison Barbers once offered bloodletting services using leeches - advertised by the now common red and white pole The MI5 codename for the Prime Minister's cat is 'Pegasus' In the English football league only clubs that have won the FA Cup can have triangular corner flags YOU DIDN'T!? BUY THIS BOOK


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