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Consolations of Philosophy - 2212839584

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Consolations of Philosophy Penguin

Nauki humanistyczne

Alain de Botton, best-selling author of How Proust can Change Your Life, has set six of the finest minds in the history of philosophy to work on the problems of everyday life. Here then are Socrates, Epicurus, Seneca, Montaigne, Schopenhauer and Nietzsche on some of the things that bother us all; lack of money, the pain of love, inadequacy, anxiety, the fear of failure and the pressure to conform.


Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts - 2837512774

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Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts Books LLC, Reference Series

Ksi▒┐ki / Literatura obcojŕzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 163. Chapters: Oslo Accords, Proposals for a Palestinian state, United Nations Security Council Resolution 242, Palestinian views on the peace process, Peace Now, Neve Shalom - Wahat as-Salam, Land for peace, Projects working for peace among Arabs and Israelis, Arab Peace Initiative, Israel's unilateral disengagement plan, One-state solution, J Street, Peace process in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Daniel Barenboim, Valley of Peace initiative, 2000 Camp David Summit, Road map for peace, Israeli views on the peace process, International Crisis Group, Mattityahu Peled, Two-state solution, Robert Malley, Lieberman Plan, Madrid Conference of 1991, Taba Summit, Dennis Ross, Strategic Foresight Group, Palestine Papers, Aqabah, United Nations General Assembly Resolution 194, Protocol Concerning the Redeployment in Hebron, Annapolis Conference, The Parents Circle-Families Forum, Wye River Memorandum, Lausanne Conference, 1949, Geneva Accord, Uri Avnery, ╔lie Barnavi, JCall, Benjamin H. Freedman, United Nations Conciliation Commission, Temporary International Presence in Hebron, Interim Agreement on the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, The Clinton Parameters, Three-state solution, The Mountain of Israeli-Palestinian Friendship, Medbridge, The Missing Peace, Nurit Peled-Elhanan, 2002 Arab League summit, Elon Peace Plan, Breira, Hand in Hand: Center for Jewish Arab Education in Israel, Hudna, Corpus separatum, Sharm el-Sheikh Summit of 2005, Sharm el-Sheikh Memorandum, Madrid peace conference letter of invitation, Israel - Palestine Liberation Organization letters of recognition, Palestinian Prisoners' Document, Venice Declaration, Alliance for Middle East Peace, Saif Islam Qaddafi Isratin proposal, European Union Border Assistance Mission Rafah, Daniel Levy, Hanna Siniora, David Kimche, Ya'akov Arnon, Peres-Hussein London Agreement, Victim of peace, Tolerance Monument, Realignment plan, Johan J°rgen Holst, The Rebuilding Alliance, Galil Jewish-Arab School, Herzliya Conference, Trade Unions Linking Israel and Palestine, Yossi Alpher, Mona Juul, United Nations Security Council Resolution 298, Marianne Heiberg, Two Stars for Peace solution, United Nations Security Council Resolution 341, Mejdi, Protocol on Economic Relations, 2006 Franco-Italian-Spanish Middle East Peace Plan, United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, Gaza-Jericho Agreement, Haifa Declaration, Tahdiya. Excerpt: The Arab Peace Initiative (Arabic Language: ┐┐┐┐┐┐ ┐┐┐┐┐┐ ┐┐┐┐┐┐┐) is a comprehensive peace initiative first proposed in 2002 at the Beirut Summit of the Arab League by then-Crown Prince, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, and re-endorsed at the Riyadh Summit in 2007. The initiative attempts to end the Arab-Israeli conflict, which means normalizing relations between the entire Arab region and Israel, in exchange for a complete withdrawal from the occupied territories (including East Jerusalem) and a "just settlement" of the Palestinian refugee crisis based on UN Resolution 194 (which calls for a diplomatic resolution to the conflict and resolves that any refugees "wishing to return to their homes and live at peace with their neighbors" should be able to do so or if they otherwise wish to be provided with compensation). The Initiative was initially overshadowed by the Passover Massacre, a major terrorist attack that took place on March 27, 2002 (the day before the Initiative was published) and that had been claimed by the Izz ...


Medieval linguists - 2846872858

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Medieval linguists Books LLC, Reference Series

Ksi▒┐ki / Literatura obcojŕzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 24. Chapters: Medieval Hebraists, Medieval Sanskrit grammarians, Alcuin, Abraham ibn Ezra, Saadia Gaon, Ălfric of Eynsham, Geoffrey of Vinsauf, Jiva Goswami, Kumarila Bha┐┐a, Rabanus Maurus, Joseph Kimhi, Berechiah ha-Nakdan, Tatwine, Judah Messer Leon, Joseph Caspi, Papias, Menahem ben Saruq, Judah ben David Hayyuj, Profiat Duran, Ma┐┐ana Misra, Johannes de Garlandia, Elia Levita, Sibawayh, Sedulius Scottus, Mahmud al-Kashgari, Modistae, Aaron ben Moses ben Asher, Jonah ibn Janah, Notker Labeo, Al-Khalil ibn Ahmad al-Farahidi, Dunash ben Labrat, Zerahiah ben Shealtiel ┐en, David Kimhi, Vacaspati Misra, Judah ibn Kuraish, Abu al-Aswad al-Du'ali, Ben Naphtali, Abu Muhammad al-Hasan al-Hamdani, Solomon Almoli, Menahem ben Solomon, Eberhard of BÚthune, Abraham de Balmes, Yan Shigu, Fairuzabadi, Solomon ben Elijah Sharbit, Isaac Uziel, John of Genoa, Prabhakara, Moses ben Isaac ha-Nessiah, Al-Mubarrad, Radulphus Brito, Hammad ibn Salamah, Peter Helias, Yunus ibn Habib, Abu Mansur Mauhub al-Jawaliqi, Ibn Khalawayh, Sa'id ibn Aws al-Ansari, Al-Akhfash al-Akbar, Moses of London, Abu Ibrahim ibn Barun, Saadia Ibn Danan, Ibn Abi Ishaq, Abu 'Amr ibn al-'Ala', Ibn Sidah, Padama˝jari, Salikanatha. Excerpt: Alcuin of York (Latin: ) or Ealhwine, nicknamed Albinus or Flaccus (730s or 740s - 19 May 804) was an English scholar, ecclesiastic, poet and teacher from York, Northumbria. He was born around 735 and became the student of Archbishop Ecgbert at York. At the invitation of Charlemagne, he became a leading scholar and teacher at the Carolingian court, where he remained a figure in the 780s and 790s. He wrote many theological and dogmatic treatises, as well as a few grammatical works and a number of poems. He was made Abbot of Saint Martin's at Tours in 796, where he remained until his death. He is considered among the most important architects of the Carolingian Renaissance. Among his pupils were many of the dominant intellectuals of the Carolingian era. Alcuin of York had a long career as a teacher and scholar, first at the school at York founded in AD 627 (now known as St Peter's School, York) and later as Charlemagne's leading advisor on ecclesiastical and educational matters. From 796 until his death he was Abbot of the great monastery of St. Martin of Tours. The majority of details on Alcuin's life come from his letters and poems. There are also autobiographical sections in Alcuin's poem on York and in the Vita Alcuini, a Life written for him at FerriŔres in the 820s, possibly based in part on the memories of Sigwulf, one of Alcuin's pupils. Alcuin was born in Northumbria, presumably sometime in the 740s. Virtually nothing is known of his parents, family background, or origin. In common hagiographical fashion, the Vita Alcuini asserts that Alcuin was 'of noble English stock,' and this statement has usually been accepted by scholars. Alcuin's own work only mentions such collateral kinsmen as Wilgils, father of the missionary saint Willibrord; and Beornred, abbot of Echternach and bishop of Sens, who was more distantly related. In his Life of St Willibrord, Alcuin writes that Wilgils, called a paterfamilias, had founded an oratory and church at the mouth of the Humb


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