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Life in a Tropical Rain Forest - 2851697215

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Life in a Tropical Rain Forest



Here Is the Tropical Rain Forest - 2843285301

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Here Is the Tropical Rain Forest Web of Life Children's Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

From swinging monkeys and upside-down-hanging sloths to graceful caimans and stalking jaguars, "Here is the Tropical Rain Forest" will envelope readers in a sensual and stunning jungle. Madeleine Dunphy's text and Michael Rothman's deeply hued and shadowed paintings beautifully illustrate how each plant and animal of the rain forest is inextricably linked with the others in a chain of life.


"A Clutch of Snakes": A Collection of Short Stories Set in the Tropical Rain Forest of West Africa - 2850880425

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"A Clutch of Snakes": A Collection of Short Stories Set in the Tropical Rain Forest of West Africa



Tropical Rain Forest Ecology, Diversity, and Conservation - 2826703044

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Tropical Rain Forest Ecology, Diversity, and Conservation Oxford University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Rain forests represent the world's richest repository of terrestrial biodiversity, and play a major role in regulating the global climate. They support the livelihoods of a substantial proportion of the world's population and are the source of many internationally traded commodities. They remain (despite decades of conservation attention) increasingly vulnerable to degradation and clearance, with profound though often uncertain future costs to global society. Understanding the ecology of these diverse biomes, and peoples' dependencies on them, is fundamental to their future management and conservation. Tropical Rain Forest Ecology, Diversity, and Conservation introduces and explores what rain forests are, how they arose, what they contain, how they function, and how humans use and impact them. The book starts by introducing the variety of rain forest plants, fungi, microorganisms, and animals, emphasising the spectacular diversity that is the motivation for their conservation. The central chapters describe the origins of rain forest communities, the variety of rain forest formations, and their ecology and dynamics. The challenge of explaining the species richness of rain forest communities lies at the heart of ecological theory, and forms a common theme throughout. The book's final section considers historical and current interactions of humans and rain forests. It explores biodiversity conservation as well as livelihood security for the many communities that are dependent on rain forests - inextricable issues that represent urgent priorities for scientists, conservationists, and policy makers.


Tropical Rain Forest - 2853283376

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Tropical Rain Forest Institute of Economic Affairs

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Our attachment to the tropical rain forest has grown over the past hundred years from a minority colonial pursuit to mainstream environmental obsession. The tropical rain forest has variously been assumed to be the world's most important repository of biological diversity and 'the lungs of the planet'. As Philip Stott shows in this magnificent monograph, neither claim has any basis in fact. The Northern environmentalist conception of the tropical rain forest is far removed from the ecological realities of the places it purports to denote. Most of the 'million year old forest' to which environmentalists sentimentally refer turns out to have existed for less than 20,000 years. During the last ice age the tropics were colder and drier than today and probably more closely resembled the savanna grasslands of East Africa. Most of the abundant plants and insects of the so-called tropical rain forest are equally novel, having co-evolved with the trees. Claims regarding the fragility of the ecosystems in tropical areas are similarly awry. Recent research suggests that a clear-cut area will return to forest with a similar level of biological diversity to the original within twenty years. Ironically, the mythical 'climax rain forest' would be a barren place: no new species would evolve because there would be no new environmental niches to be filled. The myth of the tropical rain forest suits the purposes of Northern environmentalists, who are able to justify demands for restrictions on the conversion of 'virgin forest' to other uses. Yet the history of the world has been one of evolutionary change. If we attempt to maintain stasis, we risk limiting our ability to adapt to change when it inevitably comes. Calls for the tropical rain forest to be preserved are founded on the implied presumption that the people living in tropical regions are merely there to protect a western construct. This denigrates their rights and dehumanises them. If people in developing countries are to escape from the mire of poverty in which so many continue to live, it is essential that they have secure rights of tenure and are free to do with their land what they will. Some may make mistakes, some may fail in their attempts to manage the land, but many will be successful and those successes will be emulated. Through a process of experimentation -- trial, error and emulation -- people will come to learn how best to manage the land. The environment will then be managed in ways that are best for humanity as a whole, not according to the whims of a minority of eco-imperialists. Giving rights to people, not to the environment, is not only best for the people, but is also best for the environment. Philip Stott, Professor of Biogeography at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, provides an eloquent deconstruction of the ideas that have led to the mythical western idea of the tropical rain forest, which has constrained our ability to understand the environments of developing countries and has enabled the eco-imperialist vision to flourish.


ARTI MATA EDUKACYJNA Tropical Rain Forest New - 2713153194

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Maty Edukacyjne

Mata edukacyjna ARTI Tropical-Rain- Forest  3199 New Ta śliczna kolorowa mata edukacyjna posiada bogactwo wiszących grzechotek, pluszowych zabawek, melodyjek kolorowych światełek, oraz karuzelkę z motylkami. Rozbudzi w twoim dziecku zmysł dotyku, a także wprowadzi w świat kolorów i dźwięków. WYMIARY: wys. 50cm szer. 80cm dł. 80cm waga brutto 2,50kg Funkcje: Funkcja: Funkcja: Funkcja:


What Eats What In A Rain Forest Food Chain - 2845365516

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What Eats What In A Rain Forest Food Chain

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Nieprzypisane

A Tropical Rain Forest Teems With Life. From A Cacao Tree To A King Vulture, The Living Things In This Book Are Linked Together In A Food Chain. Each One Of Them Needs The Others In Order To Live. Find Out What Eats What In A Rain Forest!


About the Rain Forest - 2850433168

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About the Rain Forest Treasure Bay Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Explore the mystery of the tropical rainforest! Features beautiful photographs and captivating information about the diverse plant and animal life.


Biogeography and Ecology of the Rain Forests of Eastern Afri - 2853164412

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Biogeography and Ecology of the Rain Forests of Eastern Afri BERTRAMS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Eastern African rain forests are remarkable in their high level of endemism. Miocene uplift of the central African plateau separated these montane and coastal forests from the main Guineo-Congolian forest of west and central Africa. Since then, stable Indian Ocean temperatures maintained a region of high rainfall throughout Pleistocene droughts that devastated forest elsewhere on the continent. Relics of the former Pan-African rain forest survived here, the study of which provides a unique insight into tropical evolutionary processes. This book brings together research on the animals, plants and geography of this intriguing residual forest, and highlights the need for effective management practices to conserve its exceptional biodiversity in the face of increasing pressure for land for cultivation.


Tropical Chill Box - 2839387524

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Tropical Chill Box AYIA


1. Pres. By Tropical Deep - Bolero 2. Pres. By Tropical Deep - Junior S Lullaby, (Alex J 3. Pres. By Tropical Deep - Afro-cuban Groove 4. Pres. By Tropical Deep - U-r-luv 5. Pres. By Tropical Deep - The Poem Feat. Synika Lof 6. Pres. By Tropical Deep - African Chimes, (Alex J. 7. Pres. By Tropical Deep - Jungle Sounds 8. Pres. By Tropical Deep - Tribal Drums 9. Pres. By Tropical Deep - In The Mind 10. Pres. By Tropical Deep - The Chant 11. Pres. By Tropical Deep - The Return Of Tropical De 12. Pres. By Tropical Deep - The Poem Feat. Synika Lof 101. Pres. By Tropical Deep - In The Rain Forest 102. Pres. By Tropical Deep - Natural Elements 103. Pres. By Tropical Deep - Bolero, (Club Mix) 104. Pres. By Tropical Deep - Junior S Lullaby, (Club M 201. Pres. By Tropical Deep - 1st Time Feeling, (Alex J 202. Pres. By Tropical Deep - Spanish Fly 203. Pres. By Tropical Deep - Feel The African Sun 204. Pres. By Tropical Deep - Seduce Me 205. Pres. By Tropical Deep - Jazz Brazilla 206. Pres. By Tropical Deep - High Priestess (Feel Like 207. Pres. By Tropical Deep - 1st Time Feeling Dub 208. Pres. By Tropical Deep - A Sax Solo, (Spanish Jazz 209. Pres. By Tropical Deep - Deep Soul 301. Pres. By Tropical Deep - Deep Concentration Blues, 302. Pres. By Tropical Deep - Island Paradise, (Montego 303. Pres. By Tropical Deep - Give You What You Need, ( 304. Pres. By Tropical Deep - Spiritual, (Alex J. Remix 305. Pres. By Tropical Deep - Da Good Old Days 306. Pres. By Tropical Deep - 1st Time Feeling, (Classi 307. Pres. By Tropical Deep - Gruv Theory, (Live Bass M 308. Pres. By Tropical Deep - Do You Believe In Soul? 309. Pres. By Tropical Deep - The Power Of Love, (Shelt 310. Pres. By Tropical Deep - Feel The African Sun, (Al 311. Pres. By Tropical Deep - Feel Like Flying, (Live S 401. Pres. By Tropical Deep - The Warm Up, (Just Groovi 402. Pres. By Tropical Deep - Diggin On My Styles 403. Pres. By Tropical Deep - Minds Eye 404. Pres. By Tropical Deep - Transcend-the Body-the So 405. Pres. By Tropical Deep - The Organ Grinder 406. Pres. By Tropical Deep - Samba Groove 407. Pres. By Tropical Deep - Submerged 408. Pres. By Tropical Deep - Just Trippin 501. Pres. By Tropical Deep - Running From Time 502. Pres. By Tropical Deep - Bring It Back 503. Pres. By Tropical Deep - Fade 2 Black 504. Pres. By Tropical Deep - Reprise, (Just Groovin)


Forest Folklore, Mythology and Romance - 2834145314

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Forest Folklore, Mythology and Romance Read Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Originally published in 1928, this is a fascinating and extremely comprehensive guide to forest folklore. It is not only concerned with English lore and mythology, but also that of Asia and Europe. A thoroughly interesting and informative book for anyone interested in where some of our beliefs and customs originate. Contents Include: FORESTS OF ELD Archaean Forests Primeval and Tropical Forests Cosmogonic and Traditional Forests FABULOUS FORESTS Forests of Romance and Myth FORESTRY Ban Forests or Royal Forests Early Forestry The Moon's Influence Ancient Foresters Forest Customs GROVES Earliest Druids Classic Groves MYTHICAL DENIZENS OF THE FORESTS AND WOODS Spirit of the Forest Witches Fairies Demons Wood Spirits Wild Huntsman Wood Nymphs TREES Trees in General Shadow of Trees Trees as the Origin of Mankind Worship of Trees Transformations into Trees Trees Preside Over Marriages Trees Planted at Births Arboreal Tribes Burial on Trees Funereal Trees Elsbeer Tree Christmas Tree Genealogical Tree Devil Trees Guardian Trees Abode Tree Speaking Trees Life Tree Bull Oaks Mythical Trees Sacred Trees Traditional Trees Famous Trees Curious Trees Marvellous Trees FOLKLORE Fossil or Petrified Forests and Trees bark of Trees Leaves of Trees Thorns Spines Prickles Origin of Fire Divination Divining Rod Wands The Man in the Moon The Yule Log Forest and Tree Legends Keywords: Tropical Forests Shadow Of Trees Wood Nymphs Forestry Customs Spirit Of The Forest Wood Spirits Asia And Europe Informative Book Foresters Huntsman Druids Eld Fairies Witches Comprehensive Guide Folklore Lore Demons Mankind


Forest / Full Circle - 2839314400

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Forest / Full Circle BGO - Beat Goes On

Muzyka>Muzyka świata>Folk / Ludowa / Etno

1. Bad Penny 2. A Glade Somewhere 3. Lovemakers' Ways 4. While You're Gone 5. Sylvie (We'd Better Not Pretend) 6. A Fantasy You 7. Fading Light 8. Do You Want Some Smoke? 9. Don't Want To Go 10. Nothing Else Will Matter 11. Mirror Of Life 12. Rain Is On My Balcony 101. Hawk The Hawker 102. Bluebell 103. The Midnight Hanging Of A Runaway Serf 104. To Julie 105. Gypsy Girl & Rambleway 106. Do Not Walk In The Rain 107. Much Ado About Nothing 108. Graveyard 109. Famine Song 110. Autumn Childhood


Fish in the Forest - 2826957570

123,43 zł

Fish in the Forest University Press Group Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The Fish in the Forest is an elegantly written, beautifully illustrated exploration of the complex web of relationships between the salmon of the Pacific Northwest and the surrounding ecosystem. Dale Stokes shows how nearly all aspects of this fragile ecosystem--from streambeds to treetops, from sea urchins to orcas to bears, from rain forests to kelp forests--are intimately linked with the biology of the Pacific salmon. Illustrated with 70 stunning color photographs by Doc White, The Fish in the Forest demonstrates how the cycling of nutrients between the ocean and the land, mediated by the life and death of the salmon, is not only key to understanding the landscape of the north Pacific coast, but is also a powerful metaphor for all of life on earth.


Burning Season - 2850283879

157,14 zł

Burning Season Shearwater Books,US

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"In the rain forests of the western Amazon," writes author Andrew Revkin, "the threat of violent death hangs in the air like mist after a tropical rain. It is simply a part of the ecosystem, just like the scorpions and snakes living in the leafy canopy that floats over the forest floor like a seamless green circus tent." Violent death came to Chico Mendes in the Amazon rain forest on December 22, 1988. A labor and environmental activist, Mendes was targetted by powerful ranchers for organizing resistance to the wholesale burning of the forest. He was a target because he had convinced the government to take back land ranchers had stolen at gunpoint or through graft and then to transform it into "extractive reserves," set aside for the sustainable production of rubber, nuts, and other goods harvested from the living forest. This was not just a local land battle on a remote frontier. Mendes had invented a kind of reverse globalization, creating alliances between his grassroots campaign and the global environmental movement. Some 500 similar killings had gone unprosecuted, but this case would be different. Under international pressure, for the first time Brazilian officials were forced to seek, capture, and try not only an Amazon gunman but the person who ordered the killing. In this reissue of the environmental classic The Burning Season, with a new introduction by the author, Andrew Revkin artfully interweaves the moving story of Mendes's struggle with the broader natural and human history of the world's largest tropical rain forest. "It became clear," writes Revkin, acclaimed science reporter for The New York Times, "that the murder was a microcosm of the larger crime: the unbridled destruction of the last great reservoir of biological diversity on Earth." In his life and untimely death, Mendes forever altered the course of development in the Amazon, and he has since become a model for environmental campaigners everywhere.


One Wave at a Time - 2826716289

96,40 zł

One Wave at a Time Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

It has been great fun organizing our collection of letters, accounts, thoughts and memories into this tale of an incredible 20-year adventure; reliving a tropical paradise, exploring a rain forest, a high mountain. Fleeing in terror from pirates. Camping with wild animals in Africa. It began so long ago. How very little we knew of the life ahead. How our senses would be stretched and filled. We have experienced so much more than we ever envisioned. Now we find ourselves at another crossroads. What do we really want to do next- we have hardly more than scratched the surface of this wonderful planet? Shall we go on traveling and exploring? Should we make short or long trips? Visit warm climes, or cold? Establish a land base? A permanent home for Oriana? In the United States? On which coast? In which State? How about New Zealand or South Africa? We are planners and dreamers. Travelers, explorers and provisioners. Savers and innovators. Foragers, readers, relaxers . . loners. The drummer we followed: a child, unbound. Our world only limited by imagination. How could we ever be the same?


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