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Ansupa a Wetland Paradise - 2834696183

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Ansupa a Wetland Paradise LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Ansupa, the largest freshwater lake of Odisha lies in the Banki subdivision of Cuttack district. It is the so called sister lake of Chilika once was looking like a heavenly picture gallery with small fishing boat on the blue waters and hills on the banks, birds of different colours and above all lotus and lilies. The lake is bounded by Saranda hills on its western side, Bishnupur hills on its north east side and surrounded by villages like Subarnapur, Kadalibadi, etc. The lake is connected with river Mahanadi on its south-east side by channel known as Kabuli Nallah. The water depth is 5-10ft. Owing to peculiar geographic location as well as microclimatic conditions several type of life forms are met with. Out of which the aquatic species deserves special mention being one of the most valuable and productive ecosystems of the world. This lake has its own reputation among the wetlands of the state.The scenic beauty accomplished with colourful flowers and birds have attracted the nature lovers in the recent past.Out of the 149 species,75 species are dicotyledons and 74 are monocotyledons. With the interference of human, species became rare and some are on the verge of extinction.


WILDBORN Wet Wetland Duck - kaczka puszka 800g - 2845413090

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WILDBORN Wet Wetland Duck - kaczka puszka 800g Wildborn


Wildborn Wetland Duck to karma w puszce dla psów w każdym wieku wszystkich ras.          Zawiera:           94,5% mięsa   5,5% owoce, warzywa i zioła   bez ziaren zbóż W naturze, wilki i dzikie psy jedzą nie tylko mięso, ale także zawartość żołądka zdobyczy. W taki sposób ich organizm pozyskuje owoce, warzywa i zioła. Uzyskują tym samym istotne dla ich rozwoju węglowodany, minerały i pierwiastki śladowe. Wszystkie rodzaje karm WILDBORN    to właśnie tego rodzaj karmy w połączeniu z dzisiejszą wiedzą.       Głównym składnikiem naszej karmy jest mięso dzikiej kaczki. Dzika kaczka jest bardzo chuda i ma bardzo smakowite mięso. W mięsie występują znaczne ilości magnezu, który jest niezwykle ważny dla prawidłowego rozwoju mięśni i układu nerwowego. Zawiera też, unikalne dla innych gatunków mięs, ilości witaminy B1. Witamina zwany także tiaminą korzystne działa na nerwy i wspomaga metabolizm.       Badania dowodzą, że mięso kaczki ma niezwykle wysoką wartość odżywczą i jego spożywanie jest bardzo korzystne dla zdrowia psa. Spożywane mięso kaczki zmniejsza ryzyko wystąpienia chorób sercowo-naczyniowych i zapobiega wysokiemu poziomowi cholesterolu. Wysoka zawartość mięsa w naszej karmie zapewnia utrzymanie optymalnej masy mięśniowej i wspiera utrzymanie dobrego poziomu cukru we krwi. Prowadzi do doskonałego zdrowia psy wszystkich ras.       Do produkcji karmy wykorzystywane jest mięso kaczek, które żyją na wolnym wybiegu. Mięso nie jest obciążone przez naturę, ponieważ zwierzęta odżywiają się w swoich obszarach naturalnych. Mieso jest całkowicie wolne od narkotyków, antybiotyków i hormonów.       Moringa Olifera "The Tree of Life" (drzewo życia) robi różnicę. Moringa oleifera jest w swojej ojczyźnie, w rejonie Himalajów, nazywana drzewem życia. Liście rośliny mają najwyższe stężenie składników odżywczych. Szczególną cechą jest bardzo wysoki poziom składników odżywczych, witamin i minerałów. Poza podstawowymi aminokwasami, takimi jak leucyna i arginina, liść drzewa zawiera, między innymi, witaminy A, B1, B2, niacynę, B6, biotynę, C, D, E, K i minerały, wapń, miedź, żelazo, potas, magnez, mangan i cynku. Moringa oleifera ma wyjątkowo wysoką zdolność wiązania wolnych rodników dzięki temu ma działanie ochronne i redukuje ryzyko nowotworów.       Moringa oleifera zawiera      

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Here is the Wetland - 2835032670

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Here is the Wetland Web of Life Children's Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The wetland is a murky, moist, and mysterious world. Atop its glittering surface and beneath its shadowy depths, birds, bass, minks, and muskrats struggle to survive and flourish. Madeleine Dunphy's lyrical prose shows the relationships between the wetland's plants and animals, giving young readers a clear picture of how each living creature depends on the others for survival. Illustrator Wayne McLoughlin adds stunning visuals, with luminous, detailed paintings that convey the fragile beauty and complexity of this critically important ecological community.


Ecology and Floristics of Aquatic Macrophytes from Urban Wetlands - 2834696834

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Ecology and Floristics of Aquatic Macrophytes from Urban Wetlands LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The present study emphasizes impacts of habitat modification of urban wetland on plant species composition in rapidly developed Pune suburban area. Earlier Pune urban wetlands were rich ecosystems providing a habitat for a wide variety of aquatic life. Recently it has been influenced by many factors like habitat loss, overgrazing, high human population pressure and new trend in urban development around the lake. 173 aquatic macrophytes were reported from selected wetlands i.e. Pashan Lake (121) followed by Bhosari Lake (93), Akurdi Lake (86) and Katraj Lake (67). When compared with previous literature it shows net 100% loss of wetland area in case of Bhosari Lake. The phytosociological parameters shows relationships between plant communities and species composition. There was a positive correlation between water quality and composition of macrophyte species and direct correlation between anthropogenic activities and number and composition of macrophytes. The existing and potential effects of wetland activities on adjacent and other ecosystems were considered while preparing the management plan for the eco-restoration of Pashan Lake.


DON'T RUN, Whatever You Do - 2826815508

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Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In Africa "only food runs...and there's nothing you can outrun!" In the tradition of Bill Bryson, a new writer brings us the lively adventures and wit of an African safari guide. Despite that fact that "I had none of the qualities you would expect of a rugged bush man...I'm markedly uncoordinated, can't repair vehicles or understand how they work, I don't like guns, and sweat profusely when nervous or excited..which is exactly how watching animals makes me feel", Peter Allison works as a top safari guide in the Okavango Delta. In this oasis of wetland in the middle of the Kalahari desert, rich with wildlife, he caters to the whims of his wealthy clients, he often has to overcome the impulse to run as far away from them as he can, as these tourists are sometimes more dangerous than a pride of lions! Full of outrageous-but-true tales of the people and animals he has encountered - the half-naked missing member of the British royal family; the squirrel that overdosed on malaria pills; the monkeys with an underwear fetish; and last, but by no means least, "Spielberg" the video-obsessed Japanese tourist - Allison's hilarious stories reveal his good-natured scorn for himself, as well as others. Allison's humour is exceeded only by his love and respect for the animals, and his goal is to limit any negative exposure by planning trips that are minimally invasive - unfortunately it doesn't always work out that way, as he and his clients discover to their cost when they find themselves up to their necks in a hippo-infested watering hole! Full of essential wisdom like "Don't run,whatever you do" and "never stand behind a frightened zebra" (they are prone to explosive flatulence when scared!), this is a wonderful and vivid portrait of what the life of a safari guide is really like.


Advances in Fish and Wildlife Ecology and Biology - 2835029127

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Advances in Fish and Wildlife Ecology and Biology Daya Publishing House

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The current volume is an addition to "Advances in Fish and Wildlife Ecology and Biology". As in the previous volumes, this volume 5 contains two sections-the first dealing with fish and limnology and the second with wildlife. The first section includes some recent additions to our knowledge in reproductive biology, histopathological changes in inter-renal and chromafin cells exposed to sublethal concentrations of carbaryl and cartap in fish, some studies on neuroendocrinology regulation of egg maturation, culture of giant fresh water prawn, art of freshwater prawn culture in saline water, anomalies in freshwater major Indian carps, population growth and demography of Moinodaphnia in relation to algal food density, bloom events of cyanobacteria associated with fish kills, freshwater diversity of Tunga and Bhadra rivers and a review of Bhoj wetland. The section on wildlife includes five chapters on different aspects of advances made in our knowledge of bird life, another chapter deals with study of responses of thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal cortex to sublethal administration of heroin in Rattus; there is also a chapter on biodiversity resources of Bhitarkanika mangrove system. A chapter dealing with oocyte interactions during folliculogenesis in mammals has also been added. There are two chapters on studies in insects. One deals with the alterations in enzyme activities in Cockroach induced by sublethal concentrations of chemicals; the other deals with the damage caused to medicinal plants by insect pests in the Jammu Shivaliks. A chapter on new systematics in parasitological taxonomy has also been included.


Field Guide to Birds of the Northern California Coast - 2826648442

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Field Guide to Birds of the Northern California Coast University of California Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The northern California coast, from Monterey County to the Oregon border, is home to some of the richest avian habitats on the North America continent. Field Guide to Birds of the Northern California Coast provides a comprehensive ecological overview of this extensive and diverse region, and detailed discussions of the most common waterbirds, raptors and landbirds found there. Accessibly written and user-friendly, this guide contains nearly 250 species accounts, including seasonal rhythms and behavioral characteristics of each species, and is illustrated with 120 color photographs. Also featured are site guides to the most productive and accessible birding locales, with each coastal county represented. Rich Stallcup (1944-2012) was a preeminent California field ornithologist, naturalist, and conservationist. He was founder of the Point Reyes Bird Observatory, former president of Western Field Ornithologists, and author of many articles and books on bird identification, biogeography, and conservation. Jules Evens is a wildlife biologist with four decades of experience observing Northern California's coastal bird life. He founded Avocet Research Associates, a biological consulting firm specializing in wetland ecology with a focus on rare, threatened, and endangered species. Previous books include The Natural History of the Point Reyes Peninsula (UC Press, 2008) and An Introduction to California Birdlife (UC Press, 2005).


Weed Science - 2836099076

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Weed Science John Wiley & Sons Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The updated edition of the classic, fundamental book on weed science Weed Science provides a detailed examination of the principles of integrated weed management with important details on how chemical herbicides work and should be used. This revised Fourth Edition addresses recent developments affecting weed science. These include the increased use of conservation-tillage systems, environmental concerns about the runoff of agrochemicals, soil conservation, crop biotechnology, resistance of weeds and crops to herbicides, weed control in nonagricultural settings and concerns regarding invasive plants, wetland restoration, and the need for a vastly improved understanding of weed ecology. Current management practices are covered along with guidance for selecting herbicides and using them effectively. To serve as a more efficient reference, herbicides are cross-listed by chemical and brand name and grouped by mechanism of action and physiological effect rather than chemical structure. In addition, an introduction to organic chemistry has been added to familiarize readers with organic herbicides. Also included are guidelines on weed-control practices for specific crops or situations, such as small grains, row crops, horticultural crops, lawns and turf, range land, brush, and aquatic plant life. Generously supplemented with 300 drawings, photographs, and tables, Weed Science is an essential book for students taking an introductory course in weed science, as well as a reference for agricultural advisors, county agents, extension specialists, and professionals throughout the agrochemical industry.


Making Tracks - 2826900449

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Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The girls are off to spend a day at the local wetland centre. Things begin to get interesting when Rachel finds strange prints in the mud. What made the prints? It looks as if dinosaurs are still alive. The girls are on the track of something strange. Kelly is not impressed when they find the answer. Making Tracks is part of the Siti's Sisters Series, in a set of six light-hearted fiction books designed to have particular appeal to girls. Siti and her friends are four girls who experience all sorts of life issues in this engrossing series. They are ideal for touching the hearts of young girls and always a great read. Each fast moving story is around 1200 - 1500 words in length, with tightly controlled vocabulary and contemporary black and white illustrations throughout to help readers engage and follow the narrative. Published by Ransom Publishing, the books are designed to appeal to reluctant readers ages 9 to 10 with a reading age of 7. There are a further 18 books in the series which build up reading skills and stamina. In the other sets in the series Siti and her sisters gradually grow up and the storylines develop into those suitable for young teenage girls.


Pantanal of Mato Grosso (Brazil) - 2843502762

484,69 zł

Pantanal of Mato Grosso (Brazil) Springer

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

For a naturalist and limnologist, the Pantanal has the extreme fascination of an "ultima Thule" ofundisturbed and little known wilderness. The scientific world at large is almost unaware of its richness. In an age when scientific research is overstretched because of lack of funds and the hands are full of urgentconservationtasks, it is the amateurtourist who unveils the beauty and the interestof this largest wetland ofthe world. I had the privilege of an outsider, well enough familiarized with Brazil, its language and scientific life, but independent enough of the daily chores of a local academic career. For nearly 20 years I have been a faithful sci entific tourist to this subcontinent. My academic liberty gave me the unique opportunity to try to synthesize in English the knowledge about Brazilian environments little known abroad. My first suchendeavourhas been"Soore tama - the Atlantic Rain Forest of Brazil". Dealing now with the Pantanal, I wish to pay tribute to the many Brazilian colleagues who under dire and often precarious conditions have advanced the knowledge related to the Pan tanal. By reviewing their many reports and papers written in Portuguese and bringing them to the knowledge of the international scientific community, I believe that I am doing a useful service. First of all, I have to thank Prof. Vera Lucia Imperatriz Fonseca, the Head of the Department of General Ecology at the University of Sao Paulo, for providingme during the years, the academic basefrom which I couldoperate.


Aquatic ecology - 2841668159

228,56 zł

Aquatic ecology Books LLC, Reference Series

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 261. Chapters: List of freshwater aquarium fish species, Photic zone, Halophyte, Plankton, Brackish water, Algal bloom, Mangrove, Salinity, Red tide, Aphotic zone, Limnology, Wetland, Upwelling, Bioassay, River delta, Hydrosphere, Phytoplankton, Abyssal plain, Swarm behaviour, Cold seep, Sewage treatment, Ecology of the San Francisco Estuary, Ocean acidification, Water resources, Iron fertilization, Lake retention time, Demersal fish, Water pollution, Kelp forest, Lotic ecosystem, Anoxic event, Sea surface temperature, Lentic ecosystem, Living machines, Marine debris, Surface runoff, Changes in global mangrove distributions, Australian bass, Water quality, Dead zone, Intertidal ecology, Measurement of sea ice, Photosynthetic picoplankton, Orange clownfish, Coral bleaching, Iron Hypothesis, Wastewater, Aerobic granulation, Fresh water, Seawater, Australian mangroves, Filter feeder, Aquatic ecosystem, Algae scrubber, Spring bloom, Water aeration, Blackwater river, F-ratio, Blast fishing, Bay mud, Carbonaceous biochemical oxygen demand, Detritus, Ocean nourishment, Marine snow, Diel vertical migration, Iron bacteria, Ecology of sponges, Trophic state index, Fish migration, Ecohydrology, Continental shelf, Coral Triangle, Saltwater intrusion, Hypoxia, Kahayan River, Ekman transport, Bacteriological water analysis, List of brackish aquarium fish species, Thermal pollution, Whale fall, List of freshwater fishes of Greece, Intertidal zone, Solubility pump, Littoral zone, Continental shelf pump, Bioturbation, Mixed layer, Thermocline, Picoeukaryote, Fish ladder, Mound system, Biological pump, Oceania ecozone, Paleolimnology, Winkler test for dissolved oxygen, Landscape limnology, Hydrobiology, Aquascape, Inc., Index of biological integrity, Oligotroph, Fish counter, Paleosalinity, List of eukaryotic picoplankton species, Fish screen, Benthic zone, Sea foam, Zooplankton, Environmental flow, World Ocean Atlas, Biological monitoring working party, Hydroacoustics, List of British Isles rockpool life, Picobiliphyte, Nursery habitats, Marine ecosystem, Sabangau National Park, Sandwatch, Anoxic waters, Biotic index, Oxygenation, Microphyte, Water balance, Productivity, Halocline, Abyssal zone, Oxygen minimum zone, Mega Rice Project, Central African mangroves, Daniel A. Livingstone, Artificial seawater, Madagascar mangroves, Sardine run, Hay Swamp, Water stagnation, Pitlochry fish ladder, Biosurvey, Bottom feeder, Hawaii Ocean Time-series, Sediment trap, Nekton, Guinean mangroves, Water quality modelling, Aquatic biomonitoring, Sea snot, Milky seas effect, Colored dissolved organic matter, Oasification, Scyphiphora hydrophyllacea, Bermuda Atlantic Time-series Study, Cultural eutrophication, Log jam, Bacterioplankton, Periphyton, Oxygen saturation, Southern Africa mangroves, Neuston, Chemocline, Sympagic ecology, Region of freshwater influence, Piezophile, Neritic zone, Dissolved silica, Aquatic toxicology, Macrophyte, Aufwuchs, Freshwater ecosystem, HNLC, Ice algae, Euryhaline, Heterotrophic picoplankton, Rheotaxis, Algal mat, Thin layers, Fouling community, Stenohaline, Destratification, Benthic lander, Epilimnion, Hypolimnion, Dystrophic lake, Manta trawl, Substrate, Limnetic zone, Freshwater biology, Profundal zone, Bjerrum plot, Palustrine, Meroplankton, Antarctic Benthic Deep-Sea Biodiversity Project, Urchin barren, Holoplankton, Interflow, Pipeflow, Polyhaline. Excerpt: A vast number of species of fish have been successf...


Brazil the Land - 2837515336

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Brazil the Land CRABTREE PUB

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Sandy beaches and dense Amazon jungle, the Amazon river and its people, cities and towns in the Amazon, hydroelectric potential of Brazil's many rivers, diversity of life in a rainforest and its destruction, the Pantanal--the world's largest wetland, the incredible "planned" city of Brazilia


Diversity and Ecology of Parthenium weeds at Head Khanki, Pakistan - 2834696635

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Diversity and Ecology of Parthenium weeds at Head Khanki, Pakistan LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Biodiversity has traditionally emphasized on the distribution and variation of all species on earth. Biodiversity is both essential for our existence and intrinsically valuable in its own right. When species are moved to new locations that offers conditions for life similar to their native habitats, they may exploit vacant ecological niches and grow quickly, especially if they have no natural predators in their new settings. We also want to promote a sense of urgency for the need to protect wetland diversity.


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