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Life and Death of Planet Earth - 2826677532

94,09 zł

Life and Death of Planet Earth Owl Books,U.S.

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Draws on current findings in astrobiology to chart the story of the second half of the planet Earth's life, predicting that the process of planetary evolution will effectively reverse itself until life discontinues and the world becomes engulfed by an expanding sun. Reprint. 17,500 first printing.


The Earth, Its Life and Death; - 2843076406

180,36 zł

The Earth, Its Life and Death;



Death On Earth - 2840414214

84,99 zł

Death On Earth

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Mathematics & science>Biology, life sciences>Life sciences: general issues>EvolutionKsiążki Obcojęzyczn...


Life and Death in the Templo Mayor - 2826928104

96,33 zł

Life and Death in the Templo Mayor University of Colorado,Department of Fine Arts

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In 1978, workmen in downtown Mexico City accidentally discovered a beautifully preserved monolithic sculpture at the foot of the main temple of the Aztecs. This important find led to a massive excavation that continues today under the direction of archaeologist Eduardo Matos Moctezuma. The great temple, now known as the Templo Mayor of Tenochtitlan symbolized the axis mundi, the Aztec center of the world, where the sky, the earth, and underworld met. In Life and Death in the Templo Mayor, Matos Moctezuma uses his unmatched familiarity with the archaeological details to present a concise and well-supported development of this theme.


Life & Death on Mars - 2835875666

93,93 zł

Life & Death on Mars Adventures Unlimited Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Mass Extinction and Nuclear Catastrophe on Mars! Chapters include: Oasis Earth; The School of Mars; The Dream of Mars; The Red Star; The Vikings of Mars; The Oxygen of Mars; The Paleo-Ocean of Mars; The Crystal Palace of Mars; The Chixulube of Mars; The New Mars Synthesis; The Twilight of Mars; Endgame of Mars; The Moons of Mars; The Epilogue of Mars; more. Everything you have been taught about Mars is wrong. The terrible truth: Mars was actually Earthlike for most of its geologic history. Mars held a massive and evolving biosphere. Mars was the wracked by a mysterious and astonishing nuclear catastrophe. We are, biologically and culturally, the Children of Mars. Life and Death on Mars: The New Mars Synthesis going boldly where no human has gone before


Death as Metamorphosis of Life - 2826939374

74,21 zł

Death as Metamorphosis of Life Anthroposophic Press Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Several lectures deal primarily with aspects of life after death. The first describes the three realms after earthly life: that of intense, surging sensation (sympathy and antipathy); that of the ebb and flow of will impulses that stream into the human sphere, affecting in increasingly wider circles human life on earth (karmic relationships, animal existence); and that of the spiritual hierarchies. The following lectures amplify this mission in different ways, explicitly and implicitly.


The Death And Life Of Monterey Bay - 2843691071

92,49 zł

The Death And Life Of Monterey Bay

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Earth sciences, geography, environment, planning>The environment>Conservation of the environment

Tells A Story Of Life, Death, And Revival. This Book Begins In The Eighteenth Century When Spanish And French Explorers Encountered A Rocky Shoreline Brimming With Life - Raucous Sea Birds, Abundant Sea Otters, Barking Sea Lions, Halibut The Size Of Wagon Wheels, Waters Thick With Whales.


Doctor Who: City of Death - 2826708585

89,28 zł

Doctor Who: City of Death BBC

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The Doctor takes Romana for a holiday in Paris - a city which, like a fine wine, has a bouquet all its own. Especially if you visit during one of the vintage years. But the Tardis takes them to 1979, a table-wine year, a year whose vintage is soured by cracks - not in their wine glasses but in the very fabric of time itself. Soon the Time Lords are embroiled in an audacious alien scheme which encompasses home-made time machines, the theft of the Mona Lisa, the resurrection of the much-feared Jagaroth race, and the beginning (and quite possibly the end) of all life on Earth. Aided by British private detective Duggan, whose speciality is thumping people, the Doctor and Romana must thwart the machinations of the suave, mysterious Count Scarlioni - all twelve of him - if the human race has any chance of survival. But then, the Doctor's holidays tend to turn out a bit like this. Featuring the Fourth Doctor as played by Tom Baker, City of Death is a novel by Gareth Roberts based on the 1979 Doctor Who story written by Douglas Adams under the pen-name David Agnew. City of Death is one of the best-loved serials in the show's 50-year history and was watched by over 16 million viewers when first broadcast.


Three Survived / Planet of Death (Wildside Double #13) - 2826926378

73,25 zł

Three Survived / Planet of Death (Wildside Double #13) Wildside Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

THREE SURVIVED: Tom Rand, a practical engineer, and two other men are the only survivors of a spaceship explosion. Marooned on a hostile planet, they are being held captive by a group of "aliens." Their one slim chance of survival is to reach a rescue beacon placed on the planet years before by men from Earth. Can the three survivors escape what seems like certain, immediate death? And if they do, can they make their way through a jungle filled with untold dangers and reach the beacon in time? PLANET OF DEATH: Earthman Roy Crawford is framed for murder on the planet Velliran. He has two choices. He must escape from the planet within three days or go to prison for life. But the only spaceship leaving the planet within three days belongs to the Exploration Corps. This is a group of scientists which investigates new planets. They are about to leave for World Seven on the Star System Z-16. With help from his friends, the dazed Crawford finds himself in the ship. The scientists, of course, think he is one of them. But World Seven is no escape for Roy. It is a planet of death. The team of scientists find themselves in a world where even the trees are killers. And one more killer is on the spaceship - the real murderer who framed Crawford!


Death - 2840061949

89,99 zł


Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Fiction & related items>FantasyKsiążki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Fiction & related items>Graphic novel...

One Day In Every Century, Death Walks The Earth To Better Understand Those To Whom She Will Be The Final Visitor. Today Is That Day. As A Young Mortal Girl Named Didi, Death Befriends A Teenager And Helps A 250-year Old Homeless Woman Find Her Missing Heart. What Follows Is A Sincere Musing On Love, Life, And (of Course) Death.


Oh Death - 2839451667

56,99 zł


Muzyka>Rock>Heavy / Hard

1. Fuck Art, Let's Kill 2. Hell Hath No Fury 3. The Seams Of Life 4. The Carnal Rage 5. Red Eye 6. Climb Through Fire 7. Kill Your Self 8. Diggin' A Hole, Waiting To Die 9. Death Comes To The Sleeping 10. And His Name Is Death 11. Scorch The Earth


Death In Athens - 2839409695

62,12 zł

Death In Athens CARGO MUSIC


1. As The World Turns 2. Hallelujah New World 3. Obvious 4. Unique 5. Thinkin' About You 6. You Can't Hear Me 7. Flat Earth 8. Quiet World 9. One Life 10. Ready Or Not 11. Poisonous Kiss 12. Silver & Gold


Covenant with Death - 2840800961

53,21 zł

Covenant with Death Sphere

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

They joined for their country. They fought for each other. When war breaks out in 1914, Mark Fenner and his Sheffield friends immediately flock to Kitchener's call. Amid waving flags and boozy celebration, the three men - Fen, his best friend Locky and self-assured Frank, rival for the woman Fen loves - enlist as volunteers to take on the Germans and win glory. Through ramshackle training in sodden England and a stint in arid Egypt, rebellious but brave Fen proves himself to be a natural leader, only undermined by on-going friction with Frank. Headed by terse, tough Sergeant Major Bold, this group of young men form steel-strong bonds, and yearn to face the great adventure of the Western Front. Then, on one summer's day in 1916, Fen and his band of brothers are sent to the Somme, and this very ordinary hero discovers what it means to fight for your life. Stirringly told from the down-to-earth view of everyday soldiers, Covenant with Death is acclaimed as one of the greatest novels about war ever written.


Death In Athens - 2839409694

82,49 zł

Death In Athens CARGO MUSIC


1. As The World Turns 2. Hallelujah New World 3. Obvious 4. Unique 5. Thinkin' About You 6. You Can't Hear Me 7. Flat Earth 8. Quiet World 9. One Life 10. Ready Or Not 11. Poisonous Kiss 12. Silver & Gold


Heaven and Earth - 2826742750

41,99 zł

Heaven and Earth RIDER

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

James Van Praagh teaches that death is not the end, nor is it something to be feared, and that there is indeed life after death. He believes that everyone has psychic awareness but only a few have the knowledge and self-awareness to develop it. In Heaven and Earth he describes a variety of proven practical techniques to expand one's psychic awareness and intuition. He includes inspirational stories from those who have been touched by angels or visited by spirit guides. He explains how, with the help of spirits, we can learn to solve our problems with less strain, lead healthier lives and experience more contentment and creativity.


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