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Lessons on the Life of Christ for the Little Ones at Home, by H.L.L - 2849616871

153,01 zł

Lessons on the Life of Christ for the Little Ones at Home, by H.L.L



Big Lessons from Little Places - 2826943867

74,76 zł

Big Lessons from Little Places Morehouse Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Churchwide discussions on structure and growth tend to focus on the importance of increasing "butts in the pews and bucks in the plates." Suggestions have been made on merging smaller dioceses to create larger ones and closing the doors of congregations which do not have Sunday attendance of at least 200. This is a model of scarcity without consideration of the value and abundance to be found in small churches. Discover the roles, possibilities, promise, and potential of being a small church! Travel with Kay Collier McLauglin as she takes the back roads and byways of the United States, visiting small churches that are making a difference in their community. Each chapter tells a story about an example of faithfulness in the life of a small congregation and relates that story to the essentials of faithful living and being church. The book challenges the decision-makers in the Episcopal Church to think beyond traditional measures and short term economic fixes to discover the life-giving opportunities and models presented by the smallest congregations. For diocesan leaders, lay professionals, clergy, seminarians, and small groups.


Dear Little Angels - 2844157010

32,76 zł

Dear Little Angels Our Street Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Love, joy, laughter, comfort, security, creativity, imagination, inspiration and magic are the key ingredients that make a child's world go round. The Little Angels series evokes all of these things, along with teaching children - and reminding their parents - about some very important life lessons. This is all done through the pure, loving, supportive and positive messages and guidance of the Archangels. Each book focuses on one particular Archangel, how you can meet them and which specific life issue/area they can help with (i.e. Michael brings you courage when you're scared), and includes a simple colour-based mini meditation designed to captivate the child's imagination, and help them to connect more easily to the angelic beings. The books are written in rhyme for a lullaby effect to give added comfort and reassurance, and to aid the child's own reading ability as the words flow more easily in rhyme. Many children have an imaginary friend, but these books prove to little ones that their angel pals are very real. Invite the angels in and they can make your life truly magical.


Seaside Special - 2842390214

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Seaside Special MUSIC DIGITAL


1. Me And My Shadow 2. The Young Ones 3. Count Your Blessings 4. Song And Dance Man 5. Don't Jump Off The Roof, Dad 6. Dance On 7. Love Is Like A Violin 8. Let's Talk About Love 9. My Boomerang Won't Come Back 10. I Dreamed 11. Stranger On The Shore 12. You Need Feet 13. Where Do Little Birds Go? 14. Poor Me 15. You And Me 16. Portrait Of My Love 17. Midnight In Moscow 18. Roulette 19. Little White Berry 20. A Full Time Job 21. I Remember You 22. Reach For The Stars 23. The Story Of My Life 24. London Melody 25. Kisses Sweeter Than Wine 101. You're A Pink Toothbrush 102. Bobby's Girl 103. Lessons In Love 104. Softly, Softly 105. Once In Every Lifetime 106. Bless This House 107. Let's Have A Party 108. Wimoweh 109. Roses Are Red 110. The Next Time 111. Right Said Fred 112. Walkin' Back To Happiness 113. I'm The Man Who's Deputising For The Bull 114. Summer Set 115. Samantha 116. How Much Is That Doggie In The Window? 117. Apache 118. Alone 119. Cumberland Gap 120. What Do You Want? 121. Ya Ya Twist 122. Swingin' In The Rain 123. Up On The Roof 124. Little Red Monkey 125. Cockles And Mussels 201. A Picture Of You 202. We're The Guys 203. Mad Passionate Love 204. Sisters 205. Stranger In Paradise 206. What Was That, That You Said? 207. March Of The Siamese Children 208. Hello My Darlings 209. How Come There's No Dog Day? 210. Be My Girl 211. A List Of The Bare Necessities 212. What A Mouth (What A North And South) 213. Someone Else's Baby 214. My Shining Star 215. Starry Eyed 216. Beware 217. Side Saddle 218. Transistor Radio 219. It All Belongs To Me 220. Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavour 221. Buona Sera 222. Livin' Doll 223. Three Little Fishes 224. Let's Have Another Party 225. We Go Together


Four By Four - Brit Idols - 2842851404

50,99 zł

Four By Four - Brit Idols


1. Richard, Cliff - The Young Ones 2. Richard, Cliff - Living Doll 3. Richard, Cliff - Down The Line 4. Richard, Cliff - Bachelor Boy 5. Richard, Cliff - Gee Whiz It's You 6. Richard, Cliff - Lessons In Love 7. Richard, Cliff - Nine Times Out Of Ten 8. Richard, Cliff - Please Don't Tease 9. Richard, Cliff - Blue Suede Shoes 10. Richard, Cliff - Travellin Light 11. Richard, Cliff - When The Girl In Your Arms Is The 12. Richard, Cliff - Move It 13. Richard, Cliff - High Class Baby 14. Richard, Cliff - As Time Goes By 15. Richard, Cliff - Catch Me 16. Richard, Cliff - Donna 17. Richard, Cliff - I Love You 18. Richard, Cliff - Livin Lovin Doll 19. Richard, Cliff - A Girl Like You 20. Richard, Cliff - I'll String Along Like You 21. Richard, Cliff - The Next Time 22. Richard, Cliff - I'm Walking 23. Richard, Cliff - What'd I Say 24. Richard, Cliff - It'll Be Me 25. Richard, Cliff - Outsider 26. Richard, Cliff - A Voice In The Wilderness 101. Faith, Adam - What Do You Want 102. Faith, Adam - Poor Me 103. Faith, Adam - Ah Poor Little Baby 104. Faith, Adam - Someone Else's Baby 105. Faith, Adam - Who Am I 106. Faith, Adam - As You Like It 107. Faith, Adam - When Johnny Comes Marching Home 108. Faith, Adam - The Time Has Come 109. Faith, Adam - Don't You Know It? 110. Faith, Adam - Easy Going Me 111. Faith, Adam - Baby Take A Bow 112. Faith, Adam - Lonesome 113. Faith, Adam - Made You 114. Faith, Adam - Don't That Beat All 115. Faith, Adam - A Girl Like You 116. Faith, Adam - How About That 117. Faith, Adam - Lonely Pup (In The Christmas Shop) 118. Faith, Adam - The Reason 119. Faith, Adam - Diamond Ring 120. Faith, Adam - Turn Me Loose 121. Faith, Adam - High School Confidential 122. Faith, Adam - Big Time 123. Faith, Adam - Fare Thee Well My Pretty Maid 124. Faith, Adam - From Now Until Forever 125. Faith, Adam - Country Music Holiday 126. Faith, Adam - (Got A) Heartsick Feeling 201. Fury, Billy - Halfway To Paradise 202. Fury, Billy - Jealousy 203. Fury, Billy - Because Of Love 204. Fury, Billy - Wondrous Place 205. Fury, Billy - Last Night Was Made For Love 206. Fury, Billy - My Christmas Prayer 207. Fury, Billy - Margo 208. Fury, Billy - Maybe Tomorrow 209. Fury, Billy - Collette 210. Fury, Billy - Once Upon A Dream 211. Fury, Billy - A Thousand Stars 212. Fury, Billy - Don't Worry 213. Fury, Billy - Alright Goodbye 214. Fury, Billy - Angel Face 215. Fury, Billy - Letter Full Of Tears 216. Fury, Billy - That's Love 217. Fury, Billy - Baby How I Cried 218. Fury, Billy - Cross My Heart 219. Fury, Billy - Talkin' In My Sleep 220. Fury, Billy - I'd Never Find Another You 221. Fury, Billy - My Advice 222. Fury, Billy - Since You've Been Gone 223. Fury, Billy - Turn My Back On You 224. Fury, Billy - Gonna Type A Letter 225. Fury, Billy - It's You I Need 226. Fury, Billy - Don't Knock Upon My Door 301. Wilde, Marty - Endless Sleep 302. Wilde, Marty - Donna 303. Wilde, Marty - A Teenager In Love 304. Wilde, Marty - Bad Boy 305. Wilde, Marty - Sea Of Love 306. Wilde, Marty - All American Boy 307. Wilde, Marty - Rubber Boy 308. Wilde, Marty - Are You Sincere 309. Wilde, Marty - Blue Moon Of Kentucky 310. Wilde, Marty - The Fight 311. Wilde, Marty - Johnny Rocco 312. Wilde, Marty - Little Girl 313. Wilde, Marty - Ever Since You Said Goodbye 314. Wilde, Marty - Jezebel 315. Wilde, Marty - Hide & Seek 316. Wilde, Marty - Honeycomb 317. Wilde, Marty - Love-a, Love-a, Love-a 318. Wilde, Marty - Love Bug Crowl 319. Wilde, Marty - Love Of My Life 320. Wilde, Marty - Mean Woman Blues 321. Wilde, Marty - No One Knows 322. Wilde, Marty - So Glad You're Mine 323. Wilde, Marty - Tomorrow's Clown 324. Wilde, Marty - Crazy Dreams 325. Wilde, Marty - Dream Lover 326. Wilde, Marty - Don't Pity Me


How to Talk to Hot Women - 2842080630

76,02 zł

How to Talk to Hot Women Perseus Books Group

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

You've seen those guys. The ones who have all the right lines and the kind of charm women flock to -- the guys who always seem to lead beautiful women out the door of the coffee shop or out of the club at the end of the night, time after time. The guys who know how to reel in women and keep them. Be one of those guys. You don't have to be young, attractive, or rich to get the woman of your dreams -- you just have to know how to talk to her. Mehow(R), legendary pickup artist and creator of Mehow, Inc., used to be that insecure schlub at the bar with no classic good looks or smooth moves to fall back on. Rejected repeatedly, Mehow always settled for the first woman who didn't turn him down. Sound familiar? Whether you're in need of major help or just need a little push, Mehow's lessons can improve any man's game. Trained in the seduction fundamentals by the infamous pickup artists Mystery (The Game and VH1's The Pickup Artist) and Lovedrop, Mehow surpassed the masters in the pickup game, and in How to Talk to Hot Women, he shows how you can too. Provocative and entertaining, it's the definitive system for rescuing your sex life, your relationship status, and your swagger. In these pages, Mehow distills charm into a simple, easy-to-use formula that renders "dating tips" obsolete. Learn the nine essential secrets to building immediate chemistry with attractive women, along with practical, field-tested techniques that leave you with the knowledge to transform your dating reality from nonexistent to nonstop. Mehow's one-of-a-kind system shows you exactly how to be yourself and succeed when you meet women, no matter how or where, or if you simply want the woman you already have to stay totally addicted to you. Packed with specific advice on what to do, examples of what to say, and tips on how to develop your own game, How to Talk to Hot Women will allow you to reach new levels of freedom and confidence to date the woman you really want -- whether she is the "perfect 10" for the next hour, the night, or the rest of your life.


Henry and Banjo - 2842084892

142,16 zł

Henry and Banjo Hachette Australia

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Today most of us know that Henry Lawson and Andrew 'Banjo' Paterson were famous writers. We know about Matilda, Clancy of the Overflow and the Man from Snowy River; The Drover's Wife, While the Billy Boils and Joe Wilson and his mates, but little else. Here, in a compelling and engaging work, James Knight brings Henry and Banjo's own stories to life. And there is much to tell. Both were country born, just three years and three hundred kilometres apart, Henry on the goldfields of Grenfell and Banjo on a property near Orange, but their paths to literary immortality took very different routes - indeed at times their lives were ones of savage and all too tragic contrasts. Banjo, born into a life of comparative privilege, would rise from country boy to Sydney Grammar student, solicitor, journalist, war correspondent and revered man about town. Henry's formal education only began when his feminist mother finally won her battle for a local school but illness and subsequent deafness would make continuing his lessons difficult, seeing him find work as a labourer, a coach painter and a journalist, all the while wrestling with poverty, alcoholism and mental illness. Both men would become household names during their lifetimes. Both would have regrets. HENRY AND BANJO details two incredibly fascinating lives and delves into the famous (and not so famous) writings of the two men who had the power to influence and change Australia.


Among the Healers - 2845292722

242,95 zł


Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Every day, everywhere in the world, people deal with sickness (both physical and mental), and must choose ways to address the illnesses from which they suffer. Some will go to doctors, take medicine, have surgery. Others will do nothing. Still others try a combination of prayer and medical attention. And some communities rely on religious, spiritual, and ritual healing methods that employ various techniques to heal their loved ones. Here, a renowned anthropologist takes the reader on a tour of the myriad spiritual healing traditions from around the world. Lessons from communities in rural Ireland, Mexico, Brazil, Europe, Israel, Russia, Africa, and the U.S. will provide a road map for readers as they navigate through the many traditions, rituals, and sacred mysteries of healing. Eleven degrees south of the equator in Africa, members of a small, mud-hut village gathered around a little African shrine-just a forked pole-to heal a member of their community. Holy things were being done. Music played. The old medicine men sang, and everyone joined in. The crowd was intent on singing-out a harmful spirit from the body of a sick woman. Would the ritual work? Would the woman be healed? The stories and anecdotes found here will enlighten readers about alternative, non-medical approaches to healing a variety of illnesses through spirit and ritual. The stories, told from first-hand accounts in many cases, are fascinating and will move readers to a greater understanding of the role of religion and the spirit in the life of the body. Anyone facing an illness of any sort, or caring for a loved one, will find strength in these pages, and possibly new approaches that engage the mind, the spirit, and the body in the fight against sickness.


Roaring Nineties - 2212835695

40,80 zł

Roaring Nineties Penguin


His previous book revealed the shocking truth about globalization. Now, Joseph Stiglitz blows the whistle on the devastation wrought by the free market mantra in the nineties


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