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Trees of Florida - 2842366375

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Trees of Florida Books LLC, Reference Series

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 78. Chapters: Ulmus americana, Kalmia latifolia, Ficus aurea, Acer rubrum, Roystonea regia, Liriodendron tulipifera, Banyan, Pinus palustris, Gordonia lasianthus, Liquidambar styraciflua, Cornus florida, Acer negundo, Diospyros virginiana, Nyssa sylvatica, Sassafras albidum, Solanum erianthum, Acer floridanum, Leucothrinax, Sabal palmetto, Manchineel, Quercus virginiana, Aralia spinosa, Florida mangroves, Bursera simaruba, Catalpa bignonioides, Dodonaea viscosa, Ilex opaca, Conocarpus erectus, Acer saccharinum, Hoptree, Asimina triloba, Fraxinus pennsylvanica, Ficus citrifolia, Erythrina herbacea, Avicennia germinans, Pagoda dogwood, Ulmus alata, Oxydendrum, Ilex decidua, Florida scrub, Magnolia acuminata, Quercus laurifolia, Amyris elemifera, Acoelorrhaphe, Quercus nigra, Annona glabra, Pinus elliottii, Zanthoxylum fagara, Swietenia mahagoni, Aesculus pavia, Cyrilla, Pinus serotina, Cordia sebestena, Acer leucoderme, Simarouba glauca, Guaiacum sanctum, Coccoloba diversifolia, Coccothrinax argentata, Pinus clausa, Pseudophoenix sargentii, Quercus chapmanii, Capparis cynophallophora, Quercus stellata, Taxodium ascendens, Dipholis salicifolia, Sideroxylon celastrinum, Citharexylum spinosum, Sideroxylon foetidissimum, Krugiodendron ferreum, Metopium toxiferum, Nyssa aquatica, Zanthoxylum flavum, Lysiloma latisiliquum, Gymnanthes lucida, Carya floridana, Fraxinus caroliniana, Persea palustris, Sideroxylon lycioides, Cliftonia monophylla. Excerpt: Ficus aurea, commonly known as the Florida strangler fig (or simply strangler fig), golden fig, or higuerón, is a tree in the family Moraceae that is native to the U.S. state of Florida, the northern and western Caribbean, southern Mexico and Central America south to Panama. The specific epithet aurea was applied by English botanist Thomas Nuttall who described the species in 1846. Older names applied to this species were later ruled invalid. Ficus aurea is a strangler fig. In figs of this type, seed germination usually takes place in the canopy of a host tree with the seedling living as an epiphyte until its roots establish contact with the ground, after which it enlarges and strangles its host, eventually becoming a freestanding tree in its own right. Individuals may reach 30 m (100 ft) in height. Like all figs, it has an obligate mutualism with fig wasps: figs are only pollinated by fig wasps, and fig wasps can only reproduce in fig flowers. The tree provides habitat, food and shelter for a host of tropical lifeforms including epiphytes in cloud forests and birds, mammals, reptiles and invertebrates. F. aurea is used in traditional medicine, for live fencing, as an ornamental and as a bonsai. Ficus aurea sapling showing elliptic leaf shape at Long Key, FloridaFicus aurea is a tree which may reach heights of 30 m (98 ft). It is monoecious: each tree bears functional male and female flowers. Figs are generally evergreen, but F. aurea is briefly leafless in winter at the northern end of its range in Florida. The size and shape of the leaves is variable. Some plants have leaves that are usually less than 10 cm (4 in) long while others have leaves that are larger. The shape of the leaves and of the leaf base also varies-some plants have leaves that are oblong or elliptic with a wedge-shaped to rounded base, while others have heart-shaped or ovate leaves with cordate to rounded bases. F. aurea has paired figs which are green when unripe, turning yellow as the...


Cider Apples - 2843902712

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Cider Apples Quillpen Pty Ltd T/A Leaves of Gold Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

CIDER APPLES (Rare and Heritage Fruit Cultivars #2) Cider is a traditional alcoholic beverage made by the fermentation of juice from specific apples. It can be brewed at home. This pleasant - and reputedly health-giving - drink has a long history. It is reported that when the Romans arrived in England in 55 BC, they found the local Kentish villagers drinking a delicious cider-like beverage made from apples. It is unknown how long the English locals had been making this apple drink prior to the arrival of the Romans. Cider apples are cultivars selected for characteristics that make high quality cider. Early settlers sailed to new lands bringing these special fruits, thus distributing them across the globe. Some of these unique, historic cultivars have survived through the years and been rediscovered by enthusiastic brewers. We list some of them here, along with what is known of their history, description, flavour characteristics and a few sources for trees. This book is one of a series written for 'backyard farmers' of the 21st century. The series focuses on rare and heritage fruit in Australia, although it includes much information of interest to fruit enthusiasts around the world. 'Heritage' or 'heirloom' fruits such as old-fashioned varieties of apple, quince, fig, plum, peach and pear are increasingly popular due to their diverse flavours, excellent nutritional qualities and other desirable characteristics. They are part of our horticultural, vintage and culinary inheritance. To pick a tree-ripened heritage fruit from your own back yard and bite into it is to experience the taste of fresh food as our forefathers knew it. During the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries fruit diversity was huge, but in modern supermarkets only a limited range of commercial fruit varieties is now available to consumers. Heritage, heirloom and rare fruit enthusiasts across the world are currently reviving our horticultural legacy by renovating old orchards and identifying 'lost', unusual and historic fruit varieties. The goal is to make a much wider range of fruit trees available again to the home gardener. This series of handbooks aims to help.


Original Hits - Chillout - 2839270769

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Original Hits - Chillout Warner Music Poland

Muzyka>Składanki / KompilacjeMuzyka>Electronica>Chillout / Lounge

1. Adiemus - Adiemus 2. Ryuichi Sakamoto - The Last Emperor: Theme Variati 3. Sacred Spirit - Tor-cheney-nahana (Winter Ceremony 4. Nikolaj Bloch/sally Herbert - Any Other Name (Amer 5. Penguin Cafe Orchestra - Air A Danser 6. Tangerine Dream - The Dream Is Always The Same (20 7. Brian Eno - By This River 8. Craig Armstrong Featuring Wendy Stubbs - Sea Song 9. Sinead O'connor - On Raglan Road 10. Micheal No. Suilleabhain - Ah, Sweet Dancer 11. David Sylvian - Silver Moon (2003 Digital Remaster 12. Gomez - Tijuana Lady 13. Ben Harper - I'll Rise 14. Turin Brakes - Nowhere 15. Mazzy Star - Fade Into You 16. Japan - Ghosts (Edit) 101. Us3 Featuring Rahsaan & Gerard Presencer - Cantalo 102. Bentley Rhythm Ace - Bentley's Gonna Sort You Out 103. Bran Van 3000 - Drinking In L.a. 104. Dirty Vegas - Days Go By (Acoustic) 105. D Note - Lost & Found 106. Adam F Featuring Mc Conrad - F-jam (Album Edit) (S 107. The Grid - Crystal Clear (The Orb Remix: Clear Lik 108. Dubstar - Polestar 109. Everything But The Girl - Walking Wounded (Edit) 110. Future Sound Of London - Cascade 111. Rain Tree Crow - Red Earth (As Summertime Ends) 112. Definition Of Sound - Rise Like The Sun (Edit) 113. Prince Far I - No More War (Dub) (1991 Digital Rem 114. Sacred Spirit - Heya-hee (Intertribal Song To Stop 115. Matt Molloy - Chinese Lake Reflections 116. David Sylvian - The Healing Place 201. Roxy Music - Avalon 202. Talk Talk - Eden (Edit) 203. Thomas Dolby - I Scare Myself 204. Dubstar - Stars (Mother Dub Mix) 205. Cabaret Voltaire - Easy Life (Edit) 206. Spandau Ballet - Innocence & Science 207. David Sylvian - I Surrender 208. Craig Armstrong - My Father 209. Sinead O'connor - Three Babies 210. The Edge - Rowena's Theme 211. Feargal Sharkey - She Moved Through The Fair 212. Penguin Cafe Orchestra - Wildlife 213. Telepopmusik - Breathe 214. Tangerine Dream - Love On A Real Train 215. Japan - Nightporter 216. Robbie Robertson - The Vanishing Breed 301. Saint Germain - Sure Thing (Radio Edit) 302. Adam F - Aromatherapy (Edit) (Short Version) 303. Future Sound Of London - Smokin' Japanese Babe (Ed 304. The Amorphous Androdgynous - Mountain Goat 305. Talk Talk - I Believe In You (1997 Digital Remaste 306. Sacred Spirit - Yeha-noha (Wishes Of Happiness & P 307. Fiona Kennedy - Riverdance (Edit) 308. Altan - Island Girl 309. Craig Armstrong - Weather Storm 310. The Don Carmel Celtic Band - The View From Here 311. Adiemus - Salm O 'Dewi Sant' 312. Jocelyn Pook - La Blanche Traversee 313. The Mediaeval Baebes - Alba 314. Michael Nyman - The Scent Of Love 315. David Sylvian - Where The Railroad Meets The Sea ( 316. Paul Schuetze - Sleep 2 401. Michael Nyman - The Heart Asks Pleasure First/the 402. Jocelyn Pook & Melanie Pappenhein - Blow The Wind/ 403. Tasmin Little/new World Philharmonic/iain Suthe - 404. Barrington Pheloung - Inspector Morse Theme 405. Angela Brownridge - 3 Gymnopedies: 1. Lent Et Doul 406. Dame Moura Lympany - Piano Sonata No. 14 In C Shar 407. Monks & Choir Boys Of Downside Abbey - Sanctus (Fr 408. St Dominic's Priory Choir - Alleluia: Pascha Nostr 409. The Mediaeval Baebes - Salva Nos 410. Adiemus - Hymn 411. Altan - Blackwaterside 412. Fiona Kennedy - This Land 413. Micheal No. Suilleabhain - Woodbrook 414. Carter Burwell - Overture: Rob Roy/the Rieving Par 415. The Don Carmel Celtic Band - The Spirit Of The Mis 416. Sacred Spirit - Dawa (The Cradlesong) 417. Klaus Schulze - Floating 501. Brian Eno - Under Stars 502. Adam F Featuring Ronny Jordan - Colours 503. D Note - Coming Up 504. Fluke - Kitten Moon (Edit) 505. Bob Mould - Sunspots 506. Matt Molloy - A Fig For A Kiss/ Poll/ha'penny/merr 507. Alexia Wilson & Paul Brennan - The Crossing 508. Talk Talk - Tomorrow Started (1997 Digital Remaste 509. Japan - Voices Raised In Welcome, Hands Held In Pr 510. David Arkenstone - Jewels Of The Night 511. Craig Armstrong - After The Storm 512. Edwina Lawrie - The Enchanted Way 513. Fiona Kennedy/the Don Carmel Celtic Band - Far Fro 514. Michael Nyman - Big My Secret 515. The Mediaeval Baebes - Beatrice


Wind Of Change / Frampton's - 2844418299

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Wind Of Change / Frampton's BGO - Beat Goes On


1. Fig Tree Bay 2. Wind Of Change 3. Lady Lieright 4. Jumping Jack Flash 5. It's A Plain Shame 6. Oh For Another Day 7. All I Want To Be (Is By Your Side) 8. The Lodger 9. Hard 10. Alright 101. I Got My Eyes On You 102. All Night Long 103. Lines On My Face 104. Which Way The Wind Blows 105. I Believe (When I Fall In Love With You It Will 106. White Sugar 107. Don't Fade Away 108. Just The Time Of Year 109. Do You Feel Like We Do


Raptured Alive - 2843501487

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Raptured Alive Outskirts Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Top Secret Tips Unveiled Within! Does God call up prophets? What did Jesus mean when He said in Matthew 24, that His coming would be like in the days of Noah and what is the Parable of the Fig Tree about? What comings are Jesus talking about? What is a live Rapture? Will there be a Live Rapture of the Church before the start of the Tribulation. Is there more than one rapture? Will a reminent of the Jewish people be saved? Why is it important to be Born-Again? Why as Christians must we be supportive of the Jews? What happens to the people left behind after the raptures?


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