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MediterrAsian Way - 2826716643

101,76 zł

MediterrAsian Way Wiley

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Indulge yourself with tasty and satisfying foods like pasta dishes, stir-fries, curries, risottos, noodle dishes, and sushi, all washed down with a glass of wine or beer. Stay active but don't bother with a formal exercise regimen, and set aside time every day to relax and unwind. You may find it hard to believe, but eating and living this way can help you stay lean and healthy, substantially reduce your risk of heart disease and cancer, and increase your chances of living longer. People from Mediterranean and Asian cultures have been living like this-and reaping the rewards-for more than 5,000 years. Now, in this unique cookbook and guide, Ric Watson and his wife, Trudy Thelander, demonstrate just how easy it is to realize the benefits of the MediterrAsian way-benefits that numerous scientific studies have documented over the last half century. They explain the common features of Mediterranean and Asian lifestyles-abundant amounts of plant foods and fish, small amounts of red meat, moderate alcohol consumption, physical activity, and time set aside to relax-and show you step by step how to make them part of your life. When you eat the MediterrAsian way, there's no skimping on taste-or satisfaction. You'll feast on more than 150 delicious recipes, including favorites like Pasta Primavera, Thai Chicken Stir-Fry, and Ham, Mushroom, and Tomato Pizza. You'll savor the intriguing flavors of Vietnamese Shrimp and Vegetable Rice Paper Rolls, Moroccan Stew with Couscous, and Teriyaki Chicken Noodles. And if you're in the mood for a burger or hot dog, Watson and Thelander offer several deliciously healthy versions. The book walks you through MediterrAsian food basics, shows you how to substitute daily activities for time at the gym, and explains how to take time out to enjoy life and relax. To help you plan your meals, it provides an easy-to-follow five-step MediterrAsian Balanced Meal System. There's even a fourteen-day MediterrAsian plan as well as example lifestyle scenarios to help you get into the swing of things. Complete with 50 tempting color food photographs, The MediterrAsian Way is all you need to enjoy the benefits of MediterrAsian living-starting today!


Ballermann Top 100 2015 - 2840165433

119,99 zł

Ballermann Top 100 2015


1. Fischer,axel - Cha La La I Need You 2. Lavos,frank - Neues Spiel Neues Glueck (Fox Mix) 3. Steirerbluat - Helden Und Sieger (Party Mix) 4. Robert Haag&markus Becker - Pommes Mit Senf (I Pro 5. Vroni - Scheissegal 6. Schick,dennis - Ein Verrueckter Tag 7. Dolliger,alex - Ciao, Ciao Italia (Der Party Mix) 8. Ps Alex - Das Ist Meine Welt 9. Fabio Gandolfo (Der Singende P - Du Bist 'Ne Pizza 10. Luxx,andy - Wir Sind Eine Grosse Familie 11. Schuerze - Es Trinkt Der Mensch, Es Saeuft Das Pfe 12. Lapalomalui Feat. Ikke Hueftgol - Liebficken 13. Mucke,mike - Du Und Ich (Heute Nacht Helene) (Part 14. Buddy - Wahnsinn 15. Mueller,melanie - Das Leben Ist Ein Krankenhaus 16. Kranz,dennis - Ich Hor Schlager! 17. Chaos Team - 1000 Liter Bier (Oh Wie Ist Das Schon 18. Die 3 Colonias - Muh Muh Muh Ich Bin Ne Kuh 19. Schaefer Heinrich - Alle Schafe Sind Schon Da 20. Henning,olaf - Cowboy Und Indianer (Komm Hol Das L 21. Mallorca Cowboys - Eskalation 22. Becker,markus - Are You Ready For Confetti 23. Zwei Wie Wir - Die Lokomotive 24. Wedel,willi - Guten Morgen (Liebe Sorgen) 25. Wackel,peter - Bussi Bussi (Bitte, Bitte) 26. Jorg&dragan (Die Autohaendler) - Schreib Mir Deine 27. Paradise,janosch - Tony Die Schildkrote 28. Gelee,jack - Zicke Zacke, Prost Ihr Saecke 29. Milski,juergen - Oh Helene 30. Festus - Solang Der Bauch Noch In Das Tshirt Passt 31. Die Thekentouris - Auf Mallorca Ist Es Wunderbar 32. Sabbotage&dj Biene - Glueck Auf (Wir Muessen Aufho 33. Gelee,jack - Goldener Reiter 34. Malle,danny - Wir Sind Hardcore 35. Killermichel - Ja Wenn Das So Ist Dann Prost 36. Maett Igel - Meine Katze Hat Ne Glatze 37. Tobee - Jetzt Ist Der Teufel Los 38. Robert Haag Und Kim Konig - Liebeslied 39. Rocci,rosanna - La Vorrei (Ich Will) 40. Willi Herren Feat. Rebecca Sim - Wir Sind Immer No 41. Elli - Heimathafen (Strandkorb Version) 42. Dj Duese - Dessau Style 43. Skutnik,sven - Da Sitzt Der Mueller 44. Luc - Nur Mit Dir 45. Luigi - Bunga Bunga Bungalow (Djmix) 46. Remmi Demmi Boys - Gib Mir Den Schluessel Deiner W 47. Nightlive 13 - Magdalena (Party Mix) 48. Beer,johnny - Keine Eier 49. Porthers,the - Blau Machen 50. Lollies - Endlich Wieder Nuechtern ( Das Muessen W 101. Finn,sean - Show Me Love 2015 (Bodybangers Remix E 102. Spencer,andrew - What A Feeling (Cassey Doreen Rem 103. Dbn Vs Jordan Ferrer Feat. Oni - Gotta Get Thru Th 104. Doreen,cassey - Like A Prayer (Club Edit) 105. Rockstroh - Ozean (Original Mix) 106. Kramer,arjan - Bright Light (Original Mix) 107. Aquagen Meets Freddy Fader - Yeah! (Radio Edit) 108. Klaas - Calavera (Original Mix) 109. Sunny Marleen Feat. Alisa Fede - Leave You Tonight 110. Sunloverz - Now That We Found Love 2014 (Hoxtones 111. Berg,chris - My Passion (Club Mix) 112. Topmodelz - Your Love 2015 (Cj Stone Edit) 113. Brooklyn Bounce&fazzer Feat Mc - The Original Boun 114. Picco - Nobody (Original Mix) 115. Laidback Luke&tujamo - S.a.x. (Radio Edit) 116. Steve Cypress Feat. Anr Carswe - Think About U (N. 117. Froidz - Bring Tha Dirt Back (Original Mix) 118. Xyloo - Spark In The Night (Original Mix) 119. Van Biets,hans - We Don't Sleep (Original Mix) 120. Bryce - Alegria (Original Mix) 121. Young,dave - We Belong To (Radio Edit) 122. Dimitri Vegas, Moguai&like Mik - Body Talk (Mammot 123. Lopes,daniel - La Morena (Original Mix) 124. Crecy,sean - Pushin (Club Edit) 125. Nicky Romero&vicetone Feat. Wh - Let Me Feel (Radi 126. Punkrockerz Feat Carmen&camill - Without You (Radi 127. Laserkraft 3d Feat. Max Mostle - Blacklight Distri 128. In Stereo Feat. M!ss Me - Castles In The Sky (In T 129. Arno Cost&norman Doray - Strong (Radio Edit) 130. Duke&robin - Into You (Club Mix) 131. Chocolate Puma Feat. Kris Kiss - Step Back (Get Do 132. Toupet,tim - Tote Enten 133. Dj Hossa - Zu Nah Am Feuer (Discofox Mix) 134. Frank,oliver - Italienische Sehnsucht 135. Glasherz - Ich Will Dich 1x 2x 3x (Discofox Mix) 136. Schlagerprinzessin - Atemlos 137. Peter,juergen - Janine (Fox Mix) 138. Miriam Von Oz - Schmetterling 139. Jordan,peter - Dj Der Nacht (Radio Version) 140. Wagner,sandy - Das Allerbeste Kommt Noch 141. Die Wolkenstuermer - Du Bist Mein Herz (Clubmix) 142. Ina Colada - Ola Ole 143. Nic - Verrueckt 144. Gemba,nico - Denkst Du Wie Ich 145. Powerziach Feat. Steffi - Kopfkino In Der Nacht 146. Timm,florian - Mein Herz Schlaegt Schneller 147. Marin,frank - In Bin Hier 148. Hot Banditoz - Por Favor, Mi Amor 149. Luux Feat. Shila Mariposa Tha - Bomba (Radio Edit) 150. Engel,hanna - Maerchenprinz


Man 2.0 - 2826826684

65,44 zł


Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

What would you say if you knew there was ONE solution to every man's most vexing problems? - Bigger muscles? Easy. - Less fat? Check. - More intelligence? No problem. - Eating pizza, burgers, drinking beer and being strong, fit and lean? Of course. - A wild sex life? Yes, there's drugs-free fix for that too. The solution is in this book. Written by health pioneers and advisors to key influencers, including Tim Ferriss and Gary Vaynerchuk, Man 2.0 presents a unique 4-week diet and fitness plan to make you look and feel like the man you want to be. Clear and simple, the authors' game-changing plan is the culmination of 10 years of work and research into the science of natural hormone optimisation. It involves a combination of intermittent fasting, carbs and calorie cycling, macronutrient manipulation, a targeted fitness regime (no more endless exercising) and a weekly overeating day. Within the first week you will feel better in terms of brain functioning, energy and sex drive; within two you will start to notice fat loss; and by the end of four weeks you can expect to have lost an average of 8-11lbs (3-5kg) of fat and gained about 1-3lbs ( -1 kg) of muscle. Man 2.0 is not just about getting quick results: it presents a whole new way of life. It offers a cutting-edge look at the future of health and the key to how every man can become the person he (and the people he loves) wants to be.


Chicken Night - 2826945921

94,56 zł

Chicken Night Weldon Owen, Incorporated

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

An engaging, solution-oriented approach to cooking tempting everyday meals for family and friends. This collectible series of cookbooks focuses on simple, yet delicious dinners for any day of the week, with a selection of recipes that are easy to please all ages and palates. Chicken is a favorite for any meal - family dinners, Sunday suppers, even casual parties. This book shows you how to make enticing homemade chicken dinners that everyone will love from classics like chicken and dumplings and Coq au Vin to more adventurous fare such as chilaquiles and curries. With full color photos showing completed dishes and techniques, the book is divided into sections for cooking whole chickens or chicken parts and offers expert advice on methods and flavoring. Part of a collectible series that focus on simple, yet delicious dinners for any day of the week, with a selection of recipes that are easy to please for all ages and palates. Also available: "Taco Night, Pasta Night," and "Pizza Night." Sample recipes include: Beer Can Chicken on the Grill Coq au Vin Chicken in Lettuce Cups Chicken Cheesesteak with Peppers and Onions Chicken and Sweet Potato Curry Grilled Chicken with Feta, Currants, Lemon and Pine Nut Topping Chicken, Broccoli and Cashew Stir Fry Spicy Jerk Drummettes


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