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Water Like a Stone - 2837504699

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Water Like a Stone PAN BOOKS

Kryminał. Literatura detektywistycznaPowieść zagraniczna

When Superintendent Duncan Kincaid takes his partner, Inspector Gemma James, and their sons Kit and Toby to his childhood home in Cheshire for Christmas, he hopes that they`ll be able to spend time together - as a family.


Crossing the Water - 2837899079

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Crossing the Water Harper Collins

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Wuthering Heights The horizons ring me like fag-gots, Tilted and disparate, and always unstable. Touched by a match, they might warm me, And their fine lines singe The air to orange Before the distances they pin evaporate, Weighting the pale sky with a solider color. But they only dissolve and dissolve Like a series of promises, as I step forward. There is no life higher than the grasstops Or the hearts of sheep, and the wind Pours by like destiny, bending Everything in one direction. I can feel it trying To funnel my heat away. If I pay the roots of the heather Too close attention, they will invite me To whiten my bones among them. The sheep know where they are, Browsing in their dirty wool-clouds, Grey as the weather. The black slots of their pupils take me in. It is like being mailed into space, A thin, silly message. They stand about in grandmotherly disguise, All wig curls and yellow teeth And hard, marbly baas. I come to wheel ruts, and water Limpid as the solitudes That flee through my fingers. Hollow doorsteps go from grass to grass; Lintel and sill have unhinged themselves. Of people the air only Remembers a few odd syllables. It rehearses them moaningly: Black stone, black stone. The sky leans on me, me, the one upright Among all horizontals. The grass is beating its bead distractedly. It is too delicate For a life in such company; Darkness terrifies it. Now, in valleys narrow And black as purses, the house lights Gleam like smallchange.


Story of the Stone - 2842738621

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Story of the Stone Penguin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"The Story of the Stone" (c. 1760), also known as "The Dream of the Red Chamber", is one of the greatest novels of Chinese literature. The fifth part of Cao Xueqin's magnificent saga, "The Dreamer Awakes", was carefully edited and completed by Gao E some decades later. It continues the story of the changing fortunes of the Jia dynasty, focussing on Bao-yu, now married to Bao-chai, after the tragic death of his beloved Dai-yu. Against such worldly elements as death, financial ruin, marriage, decadence and corruption, his karmic journey unfolds. Like a sleepwalker through life, Bao-yu is finally awakened by a vision, which reveals to him that life itself is merely a dream, 'as moonlight mirrored in the water'.


Story of the Stone - 2842738623

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Story of the Stone Penguin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"The Story of the Stone" (c. 1760), also known as "The Dream of the Red Chamber", is one of the greatest novels of Chinese literature. The fifth part of Cao Xueqin's magnificent saga, "The Dreamer Awakes", was carefully edited and completed by Gao E some decades later. It continues the story of the changing fortunes of the Jia dynasty, focussing on Bao-yu, now married to Bao-chai, after the tragic death of his beloved Dai-yu. Against such worldly elements as death, financial ruin, marriage, decadence and corruption, his karmic journey unfolds. Like a sleepwalker through life, Bao-yu is finally awakened by a vision, which reveals to him that life itself is merely a dream, 'as moonlight mirrored in the water'.


The Water Cycle - 2840245142

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The Water Cycle

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Children

Over 25,000 Years Ago, People Left Handprints On The Wall Of A Cave. Discover The Clues Stone-Age People Left Behind, And Find Out What Life Was Like Thousands Of Years Ago.


Natasha's Dance - 2212836413

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Natasha's Dance Penguin

Powieści i opowiadania

Orlando Figes


The Complete Album Collection Vol. One - 2839379417

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The Complete Album Collection Vol. One Sony Music Entertainment


1. You're No Good 2. Talkin' New York 3. In My Time Of Dyin' 4. Man Of Constant Sorrow 5. Fixin' To Die 6. Pretty Peggy-o 7. Highway 51 Blues 8. Gospel Plow 9. Baby, Let Me Follow You Down 10. House Of The Risin' Sun 11. Freight Train Blues 12. Song To Woody 13. See That My Grave Is Kept Clean 101. Blowin' In The Wind 102. Girl From The North Country 103. Masters Of War 104. Down The Highway 105. Bob Dylan's Blues 106. A Hard Rain's A-gonna Fall 107. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right 108. Bob Dylan's Dream 109. Oxford Town 110. Talkin' World War III Blues 111. Corrina, Corrina 112. Honey, Just Allow Me One More Chance 113. I Shall Be Free 201. The Times They Are A-changin' 202. Ballad Of Hollis Brown 203. With God On Our Side 204. One Too Many Mornings 205. North Country Blues 206. Only A Pawn In Their Game 207. Boots Of Spanish Leather 208. When The Ship Comes In 209. The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll 210. Restless Farewell 301. All I Really Want To Do 302. Black Crow Blues 303. Spanish Harlem Incident 304. Chimes Of Freedom 305. I Shall Be Free No. 10 306. To Ramona 307. Motorpsycho Nightmare 308. My Back Pages 309. I Don't Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have M 310. Ballad In Plain D 311. It Ain't Me Babe 401. Subterranean Homesick Blues 402. She Belongs To Me 403. Maggie's Farm 404. Love Minus Zero 405. Outlaw Blues 406. On The Road Again 407. Bob Dylan's 115th Dream 408. Mr. Tambourine Man 409. Gates Of Eden 410. It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) 411. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue 501. Like A Rolling Stone 502. Tombstone Blues 503. It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry 504. From A Buick 6 505. Ballad Of A Thin Man 506. Queen Jane Approximately 507. Highway 61 Revisited 508. Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues 509. Desolation Row 601. Rainy Day Women No.12 & 35 602. Pledging My Time 603. Visions Of Johanna 604. One Of Us Must Know (Sooner Or Later) 605. I Want You 606. Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Agai 607. Leopard-skin Pill-box Hat 608. Just Like A Woman 701. Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine) 702. Temporary Like Achilles 703. Absolutely Sweet Marie 704. Fourth Time Around 705. Obviously Five Believers 706. Sad-eyed Lady Of The Lowlands 801. John Wesley Harding 802. As I Went Out One Morning 803. I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine 804. All Along The Watchtower 805. The Ballad Of Frankie Lee & Judas Priest 806. Drifter's Escape 807. Dear Landlord 808. I Am A Lonesome Hobo 809. I Pity The Poor Immigrant 810. The Wicked Messenger 811. Down Along The Cove 812. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight 901. Girl From The North Country 902. Nashville Skyline Rag 903. To Be Alone With You 904. I Threw It All Away 905. Peggy Day 906. Lay, Lady, Lay 907. One More Night 908. Tell Me That It Isn't True 909. Country Pie 910. Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You 1001. All The Tired Horses - Remastered 1002. Alberta No.1 - Remastered 1003. I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know - Remastered 1004. Days Of '49 - Remastered 1005. Early Mornin' Rain - Remastered 1006. In Search Of Little Sadie - Remastered 1007. Let It Be Me - Remastered 1008. Little Sadie - Remastered 1009. Woogie Boogie - Remastered 1010. Belle Isle - Remastered 1011. Living The Blues - Remastered 1012. Like A Rolling Stone - Remastered 1013. Copper Kettle - Remastered 1014. Gotta Travel On - Remastered 1015. Blue Moon - Remastered 1016. The Boxer - Remastered 1017. (Quinn The Eskimo) The Mighty Quinn - Remastered 1018. Take Me As I Am (Or Let Me Go) - Remastered 1019. Take A Message To Mary - Remastered 1020. It Hurts Me Too - Remastered 1021. Minstrel Boy - Remastered 1022. She Belongs To Me - Remastered 1023. Wigwam - Remastered 1024. Alberta No.2 - Remastered 1101. If Not For You 1102. Day Of The Locusts 1103. Time Passes Slowly 1104. Went To See The Gypsy 1105. Winterlude 1106. If Dogs Run Free 1107. New Morning 1108. Sign On The Window 1109. One More Weekend 1110. The Man In Me 1111. Three Angels 1112. Father Of Night 1201. Main Title Theme (Billy) - Remastered 1202. Cantina Theme (Workin' For The Law) - Remastered 1203. Billy 1 - Remastered 1204. Bunkhouse Theme - Remastered 1205. River Theme - Remastered 1206. Turkey Chase - Remastered 1207. Knockin' On Heaven's Door - Remastered 1208. Final Theme - Remastered 1209. Billy 4 - Remastered 1210. Billy 7 - Remastered 1301. Lily Of The West - Remastered 1302. Can't Help Falling In Love - Remastered 1303. Sarah Jane - Remastered 1304. The Ballad Of Ira Hayes - Remastered 1305. Mr. Bojangles - Remastered 1306. Mary Ann - Remastered 1307. Big Yellow Taxi - Remastered 1308. A Fool Such As I - Remastered 1309. Spanish Is The Loving Tongue - Remastered 1401. On A Night Like This 1402. Going, Going, Gone 1403. Tough Mama 1404. Hazel 1405. Something There Is About You 1406. Forever Young 1407. Forever Young 1408. Dirge 1409. You Angel You 1410. Never Say Goodbye 1411. Wedding Song 1501. Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine) - 1502. Lady, Lady, Lay - Remastered 1503. Rainy Day Women No.12 & 35 - Remastered 1504. Knockin' On Heaven's Door - Remastered 1505. It Ain't Me, Babe - Remastered 1506. Ballad Of A Thin Man - Remastered 1507. Up On Cripple Creek - Remastered 1508. I Shall Be Released - Remastered 1509. Endless Highway - Remastered 1510. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down - Remastered 1511. Stage Fright - Remastered 1601. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right - Remastered 1602. Just Like A Woman - Remastered 1603. It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) - Remastered 1604. The Shape I'm In - Remastered 1605. When You Awake - Remastered 1606. The Weight - Remastered 1607. All Along The Watchtower - Remastered 1608. Highway 61 Revisited - Remastered 1609. Like A Rolling Stone - Remastered 1610. Blowin' In The Wind - Remastered 1701. Tangled Up In Blue 1702. Simple Twist Of Fate 1703. You're A Big Girl Now 1704. Idiot Wind 1705. You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go 1706. Meet Me In The Morning 1707. Lily, Rosemary & The Jack Of Hearts 1708. If You See Her, Say Hello 1709. Shelter From The Storm 1710. Buckets Of Rain 1801. Odds & Ends 1802. Orange Juice Blues 1803. Million Dollar Bash 1804. Yazoo Street Scandal 1805. Goin' To Acapulco 1806. Katie' Been Gone 1807. Lo & Behold! 1808. Bessie Smith 1809. Clothes Line Saga 1810. Apple Suckling Tree 1811. Please, Mrs. Henry 1812. Tears Of Rage 1901. Too Much Of Nothing 1902. Yea! Heavy & A Bottle Of Bread 1903. Ain't No More Cane 1904. Crash On The Levee 1905. Ruben Remus 1906. Tiny Montgomery 1907. You Ain't Goin' Nowhere 1908. Don't Ya Tell Henry 1909. Nothing Was Delivered 1910. Open The Door, Homer 1911. Long Distance Oprater 1912. This Wheel's On Fire 2001. Hurricane 2002. Isis 2003. Mozambique 2004. One More Cup Of Coffee 2005. Oh, Sister 2006. Joey 2007. Romance In Durango 2008. Black Diamond Bay 2009. Sara 2101. Maggie's Farm - Remastered 2102. One Too Many Mornings - Remastered 2103. Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Agai 2104. Oh, Sister - Remastered 2105. Lay, Lady, Lay - Remastered 2106. Shelter From The Storm - Remastered 2107. You're A Big Girl Now - Remastered 2108. I Threw It All Away - Remastered 2109. Idiot Wind - Remastered 2201. Changing Of The Guards - Remastered 2202. New Pony - Remastered 2203. No Time To Think - Remastered 2204. Baby, Stop Crying - Remastered 2205. Is Your Love In Vain? - Remastered 2206. Senor (Tales Of Yankee Power) - Remastered 2207. True Love Tends To Forget - Remastered 2208. We Better Talk This Over - Remastered 2209. Where Are You Tonight? (Journey Through Dark Heat) 2301. Mr. Tambourine Man - Live, Remastered 2302. Shelter From The Storm - Live, Remastered 2303. Love Minus Zero, No Limit - Live, Remastered 2304. Ballad Of A Thin Man - Live, Remastered 2305. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right - Live, Remaster 2306. Maggie's Farm - Live, Remastered 2307. One More Cup Of Coffee (Valley Below) - Live, Rema 2308. Like A Rolling Stone - Live, Remastered 2309. I Shall Be Released - Live, Remastered 2310. Is Your Love In Vain? - Live, Remastered 2311. Going, Going, Gone - Live, Remastered 2401. Blowin' In The Wind - Live, Remastered 2402. Just Like A Woman - Live, Remastered 2403. Oh, Sister - Live, Remastered 2404. Simple Twist Of Fate - Live, Remastered 2405. All Along The Watchtower - Live, Remastered 2406. I Want You - Live, Remastered 2407. All I Really Want To Do - Live, Remastered 2408. Knockin' On Heavens Door - Live, Remastered 2409. It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) - Live, Remas 2410. Forever Young - Live, Remastered 2411. The Times They Are Changin' - Live, Remastered 2501. Gotta Serve Somebody 2502. Precious Angel 2503. I Believe In You 2504. Slow Train 2505. Gonna Change My Way Of Thinking 2506. Do Right To Me Baby (Do Unto Others) 2507. When You Gonna Wake Up 2508. Man Gave Names To All The Animals 2509. When He Returns 2601. A Satisfied Mind - Remastered 2602. Saved - Remastered 2603. Covenant Woman - Remastered 2604. What Can I Do For You? - Remastered 2605. Solid Rock - Remastered 2606. Pressing On - Remastered 2607. In The Garden - Remastered 2608. Saving Grace - Remastered 2609. Are You Ready - Remastered 2701. Shot Of Love 2702. Heart Of Mine 2703. Property Of Jesus 2704. Lenny Bruce 2705. Watered-down Love 2706. The Groom's Still Waiting At The Altar 2707. Dead Man, Dead Man 2708. In The Summertime 2709. Trouble 2710. Every Grain Of Sand 2801. Jokerman 2802. Sweetheart Like You 2803. Neighborhood Bully 2804. License To Kill 2805. Man Of Peace 2806. Union Sundown 2807. I & I 2808. Don't Fall Apart On Me Tonight 2901. Highway 61 Revisited - Live, Remastered 2902. Maggie's Farm - Live, Remastered 2903. I & I - Live, Remastered 2904. License To Kill - Live, Remastered 2905. It Ain't Me, Babe - Live, Remastered 2906. Tangled Up In Blue - Live, Remastered 2907. Masters Of War - Live, Remastered 2908. Ballad Of A Thin Man - Live, Remastered 2909. Girl Of The North Country - Live, Remastered 2910. Tombstone Blues - Live, Remastered 3001. Tight Connection To My Heart (Has Anyone Seen My L 3002. Seeing The Real You At Last - Remastered 3003. I'll Remember You - Remastered 3004. Clean Cut Kid - Remastered 3005. Never Gonna The Same Again - Remastered 3006. Trust Yourself - Remastered 3007. Emotionally Yours - Remastered 3008. When The Night Comes Falling From The Sky - Remast 3009. Something's Burning, Baby - Remastered 3010. Dark Eyes - Remastered 3101. You Wanna Ramble - Remastered 3102. They Killed Him - Remastered 3103. Driftin' Too Far From Shore - Remastered 3104. Precious Memories - Remastered 3105. Maybe Someday - Remastered 3106. Brownsville Girl - Remastered 3107. Got My Mind Made Up - Remastered 3108. Under Your Spell - Remastered 3201. Let's Stick Together - Remastered 3202. When Did You Leave Heaven? - Remastered 3203. Sally Sue Brown - Remastered 3204. Death Is Not The End - Remastered 3205. Had A Dream About You, Baby - Remastered 3206. Ugliest Girl In The World - Remastered 3207. Silvio - Remastered 3208. Ninety Miles An Hour (Down A Dead End Street) - Re 3209. Shenandoah - Remastered 3210. Rank Strangers To Me - Remastered 3301. Slow Train - Live 3302. I Want You - Live 3303. Gotta Serve Somebody - Live 3304. Queen Jane Approximately - Live 3305. Joey - Live 3306. All Along The Watchtower - Live 3307. Knockin' On Heaven's Door - Live 3401. Political World 3402. Where Teardrops Fall 3403. Everything Is Broken 3404. Ring Them Bells 3405. Man In The Long Black Coat 3406. Most Of The Time 3407. What Good Am I? 3408. Disease Of Conceit 3409. What Was It You Wanted 3410. Shooting Star 3501. Wiggle Wiggle - Remastered 3502. Under The Red Sky - Remastered 3503. Unbelievable - Remastered 3504. Born In Time - Remastered 3505. T.v. Talkin' Song - Remastered 3506. 10,000 Men - Remastered 3507. 2 X 2 - Remastered 3508. God Knows - Remastered 3509. Handy Dandy - Remastered 3510. Cat's In The Well - Remastered 3601. Frankie & Albert - Remastered 3602. Jim Jones - Remastered 3603. Blackjack Davey - Remastered 3604. Canadee-i-o - Remastered 3605. Sittin' On Top Of The World - Remastered 3606. Little Maggie - Remastered 3607. Hard Times - Remastered 3608. Step It Up & Go - Remastered 3609. Tomorrow Night - Remastered 3610. Arthur Mcbride - Remastered 3611. You're Gonna Quit Me - Remastered 3612. Diamond Joe - Remastered 3613. Froggie Went A Courtin' - Remastered 3701. World Gone Wrong - Remastered 3702. Love Henry - Remastered 3703. Ragged & Dirty - Remastered 3704. Blood In My Eyes - Remastered 3705. Broke Down Engine - Remastered 3706. Delia - Remastered 3707. Stack A Lee - Remastered 3708. Two Soldiers - Remastered 3709. Jack-a-roe - Remastered 3710. Lone Pilgrim - Remastered 3801. Tombstone Blues - Live 3802. Shooting Star - Live 3803. All Along The Watchtower - Live 3804. The Times They Are A-changin' - Live 3805. John Brown - Live 3806. Rainy Day Women No.12 & 35 - Live 3807. Desolation Row - Live 3808. Dignity - Live 3809. Knockin' On Heaven's Door - Live 3810. Like A Rolling Stone - Live 3811. With God On Our Side - Live 3901. Love Sick 3902. Dirt Road Blues 3903. Standing In The Doorway 3904. Million Miles 3905. Trying To Get To Heaven 3906. Til I Fell In Love With You 3907. Not Dark Yet 3908. Cold Irons Bound 3909. Make You Feel My Love 3910. Can't Wait 3911. Highlands 4001. Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum 4002. Mississippi 4003. Summer Days 4004. Bye & Bye 4005. Lonesome Day Blues 4006. Floater (Too Much To Ask) 4007. High Water (For Charley Patton) 4008. Moonlight 4009. Honest With Me 4010. Po' Boy 4011. Cry A While 4012. Sugar Baby 4101. Thunder On The Mountain 4102. Spirit On The Water 4103. Rollin' & Tumblin' 4104. When The Deal Goes Down 4105. Someday Baby 4106. Workingman's Blues No.2 4107. Beyond The Horizon 4108. Nettie Moore 4109. The Levee's Gonna Break 4110. Ain't Talkin' 4201. Beyond Here Lies Nothin' 4202. Life Is Hard 4203. My Wife's Home Town 4204. If You Ever Go To Houston 4205. Forgetful Heart 4206. Jolene 4207. This Dream Of You 4208. Shake Shake Mama 4209. I Feel A Change Comin' On 4210. It's All Good 4301. Here Comes Santa Claus 4302. Do You Hear What I Hear? 4303. Winter Wonderland 4304. Hark The Herald Angels Sing 4305. I'll Be Home For Christmas 4306. Little Drummer Boy 4307. The Christmas Blues 4308. O' Come All Ye Faithful (Adeste Fideles) 4309. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas 4310. It Must Be Santa 4311. Silver Bells 4312. The First Noel 4313. Christmas Island 4314. The Christmas Song 4315. O' Little Town Of Bethlehem 4401. Duquesne Whistle 4402. Soon After Midnight 4403. Narrow Way 4404. Long & Wasted Years 4405. Pay In Blood 4406. Scarlet Town 4407. Early Roman Kings 4408. Tin Angel 4409. Tempest 4410. Roll On John 4501. Baby, I'm In The Mood For You 4502. Mixed-up Confusion - Single Version 4503. Tomorrow Is A Long Time 4504. Lay Down Your Weary Tune 4505. Percy's Song 4506. I'll Keep It With Mine 4507. Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window? - Single Ver 4508. Positively 4th Street 4509. Jet Pilot 4510. I Wanna Be Your Lover 4511. I Don't Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have M 4512. Visions Of Johanna - Live 4513. Quinn The Eskimo (The Mighty Quinn) 4514. Watching The River Flow 4515. When I Paint My Masterpiece 4601. Down In The Flood - Live 4602. I Shall Be Released 4603. You Ain't Goin' Nowhere 4604. George Jackson - Acoustic Version 4605. Forever Young 4606. You're A Big Girl Now 4607. Up To Me 4608. Abandoned Love 4609. Isis - Live 4610. Romance In Durango - Live 4611. Caribbean Wind 4612. Heart Of Mine - Live 4613. Series Of Dreams 4614. Dignity - Alternate Version 4615. Things Have Changed


Lonely planet Borneo - Albiston Isabel, Bell Loren, Waters Richard - 2838395278

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Lonely planet Borneo - Albiston Isabel, Bell Loren, Waters Richard

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Opis - Just a stone"s throw from Borneo"s multi-ethnic cities are jungles teeming with life. From the early morning whoops of gibbons to the choir-like chorus of frogs at dusk, the soundtrack alone is enchanting. Lonely Planet Borneo is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Dive with sea turtles on the Semporna Archipelago, visit the water village of Kampung Ayer, or hang with the orangutans at Tanjung Puting National Park; all with your trusted travel companion. Get to the heart of Borneo and begin your journey now! Inside Lonely Planet Borneo Travel Guide: Colour maps and images throughout Highlights and itineraries help you tailor your trip to your personal needs and interests Insider tips to save time and money and get around like a local, avoiding crowds and trouble spots Essential info at your fingertips - hours of operation, phone numbers, websites, transit tips, prices Honest reviews for all budgets - eating, sleeping, sight-seeing, going out, shopping, hidden gems that most guidebooks miss Cultural insights give you a richer, more rewarding travel experience - history, customs, culture, the cuisines of Borneo, environment, responsible travel Over 35 maps Nazwa - Lonely planet Borneo Autor - Albiston Isabel, Bell Loren, Waters Richard Oprawa - Miękka Wydawca - Lonely Planet Kod ISBN - 9781743213940 Kod EAN - 9781743213940 Rok wydania - 2016 Język - angielski Format - 12.5x19.5cm Ilość stron - 336 Podatek VAT - 5%


Technique - 2836096426

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Technique Dover Publications

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

PREFATORY NOTE TABLE OF CONTENTS LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS INTRODUCTORY ESSAY OF ARCHITECTURE CHAPTER I. 1. The Author's object in the Discussion of Architecture 2. "Of the working of hard stones, and first of Porphyry" 3. Of Serpentine 4. Of Cipollaccio 5. "Of Breccia ('Mischio,' Conglomerate)" 6. Of Granite 7. Of Paragon (Touchstone) 8. Of Transparent Marbles for filling window openings 9. Of Statuary Marbles 10. Of Cipollino Marble 11. Of White Pisan Marble 12. Of Travertine 13. Of Slates 14. Of Peperino 15. Of the Stone from Istria 16. Of Pietra Serena 17. Of Pietra Forte 18. Conclusion of Chapter CHAPTER II. The Description of squared Ashlar-work (lavoro di quadro) and of carved Ashlar-work (lavoro di quadro intagliato) 19. The work of the Mason CHAPTER III. "Concerning the five Orders of Architecture, Rustic, Doric, Ionic, Corinthian, Composite, and also German Work" 20. Rusticated masonry and the Tuscan Order 21. The Doric Order 22. A constructive device to avoid charging architraves 23. The proportions and parts of the Doric Order 24. The Ionic Order 25. The Corinthian Order 26. The Composite Order 27. Of Terminal figures 28. German Work (the Gothic Style) CHAPTER IV. "On forming Vaults in Concrete, to be impressed with Enrichment: when the Centerings are to be removed, and how to mix the Plaster" 29. The Construction of enriched Stucco Vaults 30. Stucco made with Marble Dust CHAPTER V. "How Rustic Fountains are made with Stalactites and Incrustations from water, and how Cockle Shells and Conglomerations of vitrified stone are built into the Stucco" 31. Grottoes and Fountains of 'Rocaille' work CHAPTER VI. On the manner of making Pavements of Tesselated Work 32. Mosaic pavements 33. "Pictorial Mosaics for Walls, etc." CHAPTER VII. "How one is to recognize if a Building have good Proportions, and of what Members it should generally be composed" 34. The Principles of Planning and Design 35. An Ideal Palace NOTES ON 'INTRODUCTION' TO ARCHITECTURE PORPHYRY AND PROPHYRY QUARRIES "THE SASSI, DELLA VALLE, AND OTHER COLLECTIONS OF ANTIQUES OF THE EARLY PART OF THE SIXTEENTH CENTURY" THE 'PORPHYRY TAZZA OF THE SALA ROTONDA OF THE VATICAN "FRANCESCO DEL TADDA, AND THE REVIVAL OF SCULPTURE IN PORPHYRY" "THE CORTILE OF THE BELVEDERE IN THE VATICAN, IN THE SIXTEENTH CENTURY" PARAGON (TOUCHSTONE) AND OTHER STONES ASSOCIATED WITH IT BY VASARI TUSCAN MARBLE QUARRIES "THE ROUND TEMPLE ON THE PIAZZA S. LUIGI DEI FRANCESI, AND 'MAESTRO GIAN'" RUSTICATED MASONRY VASARI'S OPINION ON MEDIAEVAL ARCHITECTURE EGG-SHELL MOSAIC IDEAL ARCHITECTURE; AN IDEAL PALACE OF SCULPTURE CHAPTER I. (VIII.) "What Sculpture is; how good works of Sculpture are made, and what qualities they must possess to be esteemed perfect" 36. The Nature of Sculpture 37. Qualities necessary for Work in the Round 38. Works of Sculpture should be treated with a view to their destined position 39. The Proportions of the Human Figure 40. Artists must depend on their Judgement rather than on the Measuring Rule CHAPTER II. (IX.) ############################################################################################################################################################################################################################################################### 41. The small Sketch-Model in Wax of Clay 42. The Preparation of Wax 43. Polychrome Wax Effigies 44. The Manipulation of Wax over an Armature 45. The Small Model in Clay 46. The Full-sized Model in Clay 47. Drapery on the Clay Model 48. Transference of the Full-sized Model to the Marble Black 49. Danger of dispensing with the Full-sized Model 50. The Tools and Materials used in Marble Carving CHAPTER III. (X.) "Of Low and Half Reliefs, the difficulty of making them an how to bring them to perfection" 51. The Origin of Reliefs 52. Pictorial or Perspective Reliefs 53. Low Reliefs (Bassi Rilievi) 54. Flat Reliefs (Stiacciati Rilievi) CHAPTER IV. (XI.) ############################################################################################################################################################################################################################################################### 55. The Full-sized Model for Bronze 56. The Piece-Mould in Plaster 57. The Construction of the Core 58. The Piece-Mould lined with a Skin of Wax 59. This Skin of Wax applied over the Core 60. The fire-resisting Envelope applied over the Wax 61. The External Armature 62. The Vents 63. The Wax melted out 64. The Mould in the Casting-pit 65. The Composition of the Bronze 66. Making up Imperfections 67. A simpler Method of Casting small Figures and Reliefs 68. Chasing the Cast and Colouring the Bronze 69. Modern Tours de Force in small Castings CHAPTER V. (XII.) Concerning Steel Dies for making Medals of bronze or other metals and how the latter are formed from these metals ############################################################################################################################################################################################################################################################### 80. On Colouring CHAPTER V. (XIX.) 81. The Fresco process CHAPTER VI. (XX.) "Of Painting in Tempera, or with egg, on Panel or Canvas, and how it is employed on the wall which is dry" 82. Painting in Tempera CHAPTER VII. (XXI.) Of Painting in Oil on Panel or Canvas 83. "Oil Painting, its Discovery and Early History" 84. How to Prime the Panel or Canvas 85. "Drawing, by transfer or directly" CHAPTER VIII. (XXII.) Of Painting in Oil on a Wall which is dry 86. Mural Painting in Oil 87. Vasari's own Method CHAPTER IX. (XXIII.) 88. Painting on Canvas CHAPTER X. (XXIV.) "Of painting in Oil on Stone, and what stones are good for the purpose" 89. Oil painting on Stone CHAPTER XI. (XXV.) "Of Painting on the wall in Monochrome with various earths: how objects in bronze are imitated: and of groups for Triumphal Arches or festal structures, done with powdered earths mixed with size, which process is called Gouache and Tempera" 90. Imitative Paintings for Decorations CHAPTER XII. (XXVI.) Of the Sgraffiti for house decoration which withstand water; that which is used in their production; and how Grotesques are worked on the wall 91. Sgraffito-work 92. "Grotesque, or Fanciful Devices, painted or modelled on Walls" CHAPTER XIII. (XXVII.) How Grotesques are worked on the Stucco CHAPTER XIV. (XVIII.) "Of the manner of applying Gold on a Bolus, or with a Mordant, and other methods" 93. Methods of Gilding CHAPTER XV. (XXIX.) Of Glass Mosaic and how it is recognized as good and praise-worthy 94. Glass Mosaics 95. The Preparation of the Mosaic Cubes 96. The Fixing of the Mosaic Cubes CHAPTER XVI. (XXX.) Concerning the Compositions and Figures made in Inlaid Work on Pavements in imitation of objects in Monochrome 97. Pavements in Marble Mosaic and Monochrome 98. Pavements in Variegated Tiles 99. Pavements in Breccia Marble CHAPTER XVII. (XXXI.) "Of Mosaic in Wood, that is, of Tarsia; and of the Compositions that are made in Tinted Woods, fitted together after the manner of a picture" 100. Inlays in Wood CHAPTER XVIII. (XXXII.) On Painting Glass Windows and how they are put together with Leads and supported with Irons so as not to interfere with the view of the figures 101. "Stained Glass Windows, their Origin and History" 102. The Technique of the Stained Glass Window CHAPTER XIX. (XXXIII.) "Of Niello, and how by this process we have Copper Prints; and how Silver is engraved to make Enamels over Bas-relief, and in like manner how Gold and Silver Plate is chased" 103. Niello Work 104. The Origin of Engraving 105. Enamels over Reliefs CHAPTER XX. (XXXIV.) "Of Tausia, that is, work called Damascening" 106. Metal Inlays CHAPTER XXI. (XXXV.) "Of Wood Engraving and the method of executing it and concerning its first Inventor: how Sheets which appear to be drawn by hand and exhibit Lights and Half-tones and Shades, are produced with three Blocks of Wood" 107. Chiaroscuro Wood Engravings 108. Dependence on Design of the Decorative Arts NOTES ON 'INTRODUCTION' TO PAINTING FRESCO PAINTING TEMPERA PAINTING OIL PAINTING ENRICHED FAÇADES STUCCO 'GROTESQUES' "TARSIA WORK, OR WOOD INLAYS" THE STAINED GLASS WINDOW VASARI'S DESCRIPTION OF ENAMEL WORK INDEX


Craftsman's Handbook - 2826737420

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Craftsman's Handbook DOVER PUBLICATIONS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Preface I I The first chapter of the first section of this book II "How some enter the profession through loftiness of spirit, and some, for profit" III Fundamental provisions for anyone who enters this profession IIII How the schedule shows you into how many sections and branches the occupations are divided V How you begin drawing on a little panel; and the system for it VI How to draw on several kinds of panels VII What kind of bone is good for treating the panels VIII "How you should start drawing with a style, and by what light" VIIII "How you should give the system of lighting, light or shade, to your figures, endowing them with a system of relief" X "The method and system for drawing on sheep parchment and on paper, and shading with washes" XI How you may draw with a leaden style XII "How, if you have made a slip in drawing with leaden style, you my erase it, and by what means" XIII How you should practice drawing with a pen XIIII How to learn to cut the quill for drawing XV How you should advance to drawing on tinted paper XVI How the green tint is made on paper for drawing; and the way to temper it XVII "How you should tint kid parchment, and by which method you burnish it" XVIII How you should tint paper turnsole color XVIIII How you should tint paper with an indigo tint XX "How you should tint papers with reddish color, or almost peach color" XXI How you should tint papers with flesh color XXII "How you should tint papers greenish gray, or drab" XXIII How you may obtain the essence of a good figure or drawing with tracing paper XXIIII The first way to learn how to make a clear tracing paper XXV A second way to make tracing paper: with glue XXVI How to make tracing paper out of paper XXVII How you should endeavor to copy and draw after as few masters as possible XXVIII How you should regulate your life in the interests of decorum and the condition of your hand; and in what company; and what method you should first adopt for copying a figure from high up XXX "How you should first start drawing on paper with charcoal, and take the measurement of the figure, and fix it with a silver style" XXXI "How you should draw and shade with washes on tinted paper, and then put lights on with white lead" XXXII How you may put on lights with washes of white lead just as you shade with washes of ink XXXIII How to make good and perfect and slender coals for drawing XXXIIII About a stone which has the character of charcoal for drawing. This ends the first section of this book II XXXV The second section of this book: bringing you to the working up of the colors XXXVI "This shows you the natural colors, and how you should grind black" XXXVII How to make various sorts of black XXXVIII On the character of the red color called sinoper XXXVIIII "How to make the red called cinabrese, for doing flesh on the wall; and about its character" XL On the character of the red called vermilion; and how it should be worked up XLI On the character of a red called red lead XLII On the character of a red called hematite XLIII On the character of a red called dragonsblood XLIIII On the character of a red called lac XLV On the character of a yellow color called ocher XLVI On the character of a yellow color called giallorino XLVII On the character of a yellow called orpiment XLVIII On the character of a yellow called realgar XLVIIII On the character of a yellow called saffron L On the character of a yellow called arzica LI On the character of a green called terre-verte LII On the character of a green called malachite LIII How you make a green with orpiment and indigo LIIII How you make a green with blue and giallorino LV How you make a green with ultramarine blue LVI On the character of a green called verdigris LVII How you make a green with white lead and terre-verte; or lime white LVIII On the character of lime white LVIIII On the character of white lead LX On the character of azurite LXI To make an imitation of azurite with other colors LXII "On the character of ultramarine blue, and how to make it" LXIII The importance of knowing how to make brushes LXIIII How to make minever brushes LXV "How you should make bristle brushes, and in what manner" LXVI How to keep minever tails from getting moth-eaten. This ends the second section of this book; begins the third III LXVII "The method and system for working on a wall, that is, in fresco; and on painting and doing flesh for a youthful face" LXVIII The method for painting an aged face in fresco LXVIIII The method for painting various kinds of beards and hair in fresco LXX The proportions which a perfectly formed man's body should possess LXXI The way to paint a drapery in fresco LXXII The way to paint on a wall in secco; and the temperas for it LXXIII How to make a violet color LXXIIII To execute a violet color in fresco LXXV To try to imitate an ultramarine blue for use in fresco LXXVII To paint a shot green drapery in fresco LXXVIII To paint in fresco a drapery shot with ash gray LXXVIIII To paint one in secco shot with lac LXXX To paint one in fresco or in secco shot with each other LXXXI To paint a greenish-gray costume in fresco or in secco LXXXII "To paint a costume, in fresco and in secco, of a greenish-gray color like the color of wood" LXXXIII "To make a drapery, or a mantle for Our Lady, with azurite or ultramarine blue" LXXXIIII "To make a black drapery for a monk's or friar's robe, in fresco and in secco" LXXXV "On the way to paint a mountain, in fresco or in secco" LXXXVI "The way to paint trees and plants and foliage, in fresco and in secco" LXXXVII "How buildings are to be painted, in fresco and in secco" LXXXVIII The way to copy a mountain from nature. This ends the third section of this book IV LXXXVIIII "How to paint in oil on a wall, on panel, on iron, and where you please" LXXXX How you should start for working in oil on a wall LXXXXI "How you are to make oil, good for a tempera, and also for mordants, by boiling with fire" LXXXXII How good and perfect oil is made by cooking in the sun LXXXXIII "How you should work up the colors with oil, and employ them on the wall" LXXXXIIII "How you should work in oil on iron, on panel, on stone" LXXXXV The way to embellish with gold or with tin on a wall LXXXXVI How you should always make a practice of working with fine gold and with good colors LXXXXVII "How you should cut the golden tin, and embellish" LXXXXVIII How to make green tin for embellishing LXXXXVIIII "How to make the golden tin, and how to lay fine gold with this vermeil" C "How to fashion or cut out the stars, and put them on the wall" CI How you can make the diadems of the saints on the wall with this tin gilded with fine goldCII How you should model up a diadem in lime mortar on a wall CIII How from the wall you enter upon panel-painting. This ends the fourth section of the book V CIIII The system by which you should prepare to acquire the skill to work on panel CV How you make batter or flour paste CVI How you should make cement from mending stones CVII How to make cement for mending dishes of glass CVIII "How fish glue is used, and how it is tempered" CVIIII "How goat glue is made, and how it is tempered; and how many purposes it will serve" CX A perfect size for tempering gessos for anconas or panels CXI A size which is good for tempering blues and other colors CXII To make a glue out of lime and cheese. This ends the fifth section of this book VI CXIII How you should start to work on a panel or anconas CXIIII How you should put cloth on a panel CXV How the flat of a panel should be gessoed with the slice with gesso grosso CXVI How to gesso sottile for gessoing panels CXVII How to gesso an ancona with gesso sottile; and how to temper it CXVIII How you may gesso with gesso sottile without having gessoes with gesso grosso first CXVIIII How you should temper and grind gesso sottile for modeling CXX How you should start to scrape down an ancona flat gessoed with gesso sottile CXXI "How the gesso sottile on the flats should be scraped down, and what these scrapings are good for" CXXII "How to draw on panel with charcoal, to begin with, and to fix it with ink" CXXIII How you should mark out the outlines of the figures for gilding the grounds CXXIIII "How to model on a panel with gesso sottile, and how to mount precious stones" CXXV How you should cast a relief for embellishing areas of anconas CXXVI How to plaster reliefs on a wall CXXVII How to model with mortar on a wall the say you model with gesso on panel CXXVIII "How to take reliefs from a stone mold, and how they are good on wall and on panel" CXXVIIII How you may model on a wall with varnish CXXX How you may model on a wall with wax CXXXI "How to lay bole on panel, and how to temper it" CXXXII "Another way to temper bole on panel, for gilding" CXXXIII How you may gild on panel with terre-verte CXXXIIII How to gild on panel CXXXV What stones are good for burnishing this gilding CXXXVI How to prepare the stone for burnishing gold CXXXVII "How you should burnish the gold, or mend matters in case it could not get burnished" CXXXVIII "Now I will show you how to burnish, and in what direction, especially a flat" CXXXVIIII "What gold is good for burnish and mordant gilding, and what thickness" CXL "How you should begin swinging the diadems and do stamping on the gold, and mark out the outlines of the figures" CXLI How to design gold brocades in various colors CXLII How to execute gold or silver brocades CXLIII Several rules for cloths of gold and silver CXLIV "How to do velvet, wool, and silk" CXLV How to paint on panel CXLVI How to make draperies in blue and purple CXLVII How to paint faces CXLVIII How to paint a dead man CXLVIX How to paint wounds CL How to paint water VII CLI "A short section on mordant gilding. How to make a standard mordant, and how to gild with it" CLII How to control the drying of the mordant CLIII How to make a mordant out of garlic VIII CLIV Introduction to a short section on varnishing CLV When to varnish CLVI How to make a painting look as if it were varnished IX CLVII "A short section on illuminating: first, how to gild on parchment" CLVIII Another kind of size: for grounds only CLIX How to make and use mosaic gold CLX How to grind gold and silver for use as colors CLXI Colors for use on parchment X CLXII "A section dealing with work on cloth: first, painting and gilding" CLXIII Various ways to do hangings CLXIV How to draw for embroiderers CLXV "How to work on silk, on both sides" CLXVI How to paint and gild on velvet CLXVII How to lay gold and silver on woolen cloth CLXVIII How to make devices out of gilded paper CLXIX How to model crests or helmets CLXX How to do caskets or chests XI CLXXI "A short section on operations with glass: first, for windows" CLXXII How to gild for reliquary ornaments CLXXII Arrangements for drawing on this glass CLXXII How to draw on the gilded glass CLXXII How to scrape the gold off the backgrounds CLXXII How to back up the drawing with colors XII CLXXII "Part of a section dealing with mosaic: first, a fragment from the end of a chapter otherwise lost" CLXXII Mosaic of quill cuttings CLXXII "Mosaic of crushed eggshells, painted" CLXXII Mosaic of paper or foil CLXXII "Mosaic of eggshells, gilded" XIII CLXXIII "A section dealing with miscellaneous incidental operations: first, block printing on cloth" CLXXIV How to gild a stone figure CLXXV The dangers of a wet wall for fresco CLXXV Preliminary precautions against moisture CLXXV Waterproofing with boiled oil CLXXVI Waterproofing with pitch CLXXVI Waterproofing with liquid varnish CLXXVII How to distemper inside walls with green CLXXVIII How to varnish terre-verte CLXXIX How to clean off the paint after you have made up a face CLXXX The perils of indulgence in cosmetics CLXXXI "The final section, devoted to methods of casting, begins here" CLXXXII How to take a life mask CLXXXIII The breathing tubes CLXXXIV The operations of casting the matrix CLXXXIV How to cast this waste mold CLXXXV How to cast whole figures CLXXXVI How to make a cast of your own person CLXXXVII Castings in gesso for use on panel CLXXXVIII How to cast medals CLXXXIX How to make a mold from a seal or coin Index


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Legendarne przeboje rocka G+J Gruner+Jahr Polska


Każde pokolenie myśli, że urodziło się, żeby prowadzić szalone życie i każde może uznać Born to be Wild za swój hymn.John Kay wokalista zespołu Steppenwolf Rockowy singiel to szczyt ewolucji gatunku. Nie ma nic trudniejszego i zawiera się w nim esencja rock and rolla: jest żywiołowy, krótki i wpada w ucho, czy mówimy o Sex Pistols, Nirvanie, Pixies, Beatlesach, The Who, czy Stonesach. BonoOsiemdziesiąt opisanych w tej książce utworów dowodzi niewątpliwej potęgi singla. Ta kolekcja jest hołdem złożonym rewolucyjnemu potencjałowi rock and rolla i utalentowanym kompozytorom. Są tu wspomnienia największych osiągnięć muzyki popularnej. Wiele z wymienionych przez autora utworów zapoczątkowało długie kariery, sukcesu innych nie udało się już nigdy powtórzyć, a niektóre ocierają się wręcz o banał. Nie sposób znaleźć motywu tekstowego, który łączyłby te wszystkie utwory. Chodzi tu raczej o emocje, o wywołanie reakcji, o coś, z czym słuchacze mogą się identyfikować, o genialną opowieść, której nie da się zpomnieć. Te osiemdziesiąt piosenek to najlepsze z najlepszych.Rock Around the Clock * Hound Dog * Jailhouse Rock * Whole Lotta Shakin


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Legendarne przeboje rocka g+j gruner+jahr polska

Kultura. Sztuka. >Muzyka Taniec Śpiew

Każde pokolenie myśli, że urodziło się, żeby prowadzić szalone życie i każde może uznać Born to be Wild za swój hymn.John Kay wokalista zespołu Steppenwolf Rockowy singiel to szczyt ewolucji gatunku. Nie ma nic trudniejszego i zawiera się w nim esencja rock and rolla: jest żywiołowy, krótki i wpada w ucho, czy mówimy o Sex Pistols, Nirvanie, Pixies, Beatlesach, The Who, czy Stonesach. BonoOsiemdziesiąt opisanych w tej książce utworów dowodzi niewątpliwej potęgi singla. Ta kolekcja jest hołdem złożonym rewolucyjnemu potencjałowi rock and rolla i utalentowanym kompozytorom. Są tu wspomnienia największych osiągnięć muzyki popularnej. Wiele z wymienionych przez autora utworów zapoczątkowało długie kariery, sukcesu innych nie udało się już nigdy powtórzyć, a niektóre ocierają się wręcz o banał. Nie sposób znaleźć motywu tekstowego, który łączyłby te wszystkie utwory. Chodzi tu raczej o emocje, o wywołanie reakcji, o coś, z czym słuchacze mogą się identyfikować, o genialną opowieść, której nie da się zpomnieć. Te osiemdziesiąt piosenek to najlepsze z najlepszych.Rock Around the Clock * Hound Dog * Jailhouse Rock * Whole Lotta Shakin


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Legendarne przeboje rocka G+j Gruner + Jahr Polska

Wydawnictwa naukowe i popularno-naukoweMuzyka rozrywkowa

Każde pokolenie myśli, że urodziło się, żeby prowadzić szalone życie i każde może uznać Born to be Wild za swój hymn.John Kay wokalista zespołu Steppenwolf Rockowy singiel to szczyt ewolucji gatunku. Nie ma nic trudniejszego i zawiera się w nim esencja rock and rolla: jest żywiołowy, krótki i wpada w ucho, czy mówimy o Sex Pistols, Nirvanie, Pixies, Beatlesach, The Who, czy Stonesach. BonoOsiemdziesiąt opisanych w tej książce utworów dowodzi niewątpliwej potęgi singla. Ta kolekcja jest hołdem złożonym rewolucyjnemu potencjałowi rock and rolla i utalentowanym kompozytorom. Są tu wspomnienia największych osiągnięć muzyki popularnej. Wiele z wymienionych przez autora utworów zapoczątkowało długie kariery, sukcesu innych nie udało się już nigdy powtórzyć, a niektóre ocierają się wręcz o banał. Nie sposób znaleźć motywu tekstowego, który łączyłby te wszystkie utwory. Chodzi tu raczej o emocje, o wywołanie reakcji, o coś, z czym słuchacze mogą się identyfikować, o genialną opowieść, której nie da się zpomnieć. Te osiemdziesiąt piosenek to najlepsze z najlepszych.Rock Around the Clock * Hound Dog * Jailhouse Rock * Whole Lotta Shakin? Goin? On * Johnny B. Goode * Summertime Blues * What?d I Say * Surfin? USA * You Really Got Me * The House of the Rising Sun * My Generation * Yesterday * Like a Rolling Stone * I Got You (I Feel Good) * (I Can?t Get No) Satisfaction * The Sound of Silence * Respect * Mr. Tambourine Man * California Dreamin? * Wild Thing * Hey Joe * Light my Fire * Somebody to Love * I?m Waiting for the Man * Purple Haze * Hey Jude * Sunshine of Your Love * Born to be Wild * Sympathy for the Devil * I Heard it Through the Grapevine * Proud Mary * Whole Lotta Love * Black Magic Woman * Paranoid * Me & Bobby McGee * Stairway to Heaven * Imagine * Tiny Dancer * Maggie May * Changes * Heart of Gold * School?s Out * Smoke on the Water * Knockin? on Heaven?s Door * Living for the City * La Grange * Get Up, Stand Up * Search and Destroy * Born to Run * Sweet Emotion * Bohemian Rhapsody * Blitzkrieg Bop * Anarchy in the U.K. * We Will Rock You * Dancing Barefoot * Catholic Girls * Highway to Hell * Sultans of Swing * London Calling * Heart of Glass * Comfortably Numb * Radio Free Europe * Every Breath You Take * Billie Jean * Pride and Joy * Holiday * Jump * When Doves Cry * Sweet Child O? Mine * Like a Prayer * Enter Sandman * Smells Like Teen Spirit * Under the Bridge * One * Wonderwall * Paranoid Android * Maps * 7 Nation Army * American Idiot * Fix YouNathan Brackett jest zastępcą redaktora naczelnego ?Rolling Stone?. W latach 2007-2009 był redaktorem i redagował wydaną przez ?Rolling Stone? książkę 500 Greatest Songs of All Time (2010). Jako dziennikarz muzyczny pojawiał się w ABC?s Good Morning America, CNN, MSNBC, Inside Edition, VH1, MTV i wielu innych stacjach. Mieszka na Brooklynie z żoną i dwójką dzieci.


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Legendarne Przeboje Rocka G+J

Książki>Sztuka>Muzyka. Śpiew. Taniec>Muzyka rozrywkowaKsiążki>Wydawnictwa naukowe i popularno-naukowe>Wydawnictwa popularno-naukoweKsią...

Każde Pokolenie Myśli, że Urodziło Się, żeby Prowadzić Szalone życie I Każde Może Uznać Born To Be Wild Za Swój Hymn. John Kay wokalista Zespołu Steppenwolf Rockowy Singiel To Szczyt Ewolucji Gatunku. Nie Ma Nic Trudniejszego I Zawiera Się W Nim Esencja Rock And Rolla: Jest żywiołowy, Krótki I Wpada W Ucho, Czy Mówimy O Sex Pistols, Nirvanie, Pixies, Beatlesach, The Who, Czy Stonesach. Bono Osiemdziesiąt Opisanych W Tej Książce Utworów Dowodzi Niewątpliwej Potęgi Singla. Ta Kolekcja Jest Hołdem Złożonym Rewolucyjnemu Potencjałowi Rock And Rolla I Utalentowanym Kompozytorom. Są Tu Wspomnienia Największych Osiągnięć Muzyki Popularnej. Wiele Z Wymienionych Przez Autora Utworów Zapoczątkowało Długie Kariery, Sukcesu Innych Nie Udało Się Już Nigdy Powtórzyć, A Niektóre Ocierają Się Wręcz O Banał. Nie Sposób Znaleźć Motywu Tekstowego, Który łączyłby Te Wszystkie Utwory. Chodzi Tu Raczej O Emocje, O Wywołanie Reakcji, O Coś, Z Czym Słuchacze Mogą Się Identyfikować, O Genialną Opowieść, Której Nie Da Się Zpomnieć. Te Osiemdziesiąt Piosenek To Najlepsze Z Najlepszych. Rock Around The Clock, Hound Dog, Jailhouse Rock, Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On, Johnny B. Goode, Summertime Blues, What'd I Say, Surfin' USA, You Really Got Me, The House Of The Rising Sun, My Generation, Yesterday, Like A Rolling Stone, I Got You (I Feel Good), (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction, The Sound Of Silence, Respect, Mr. Tambourine Man, California Dreamin', Wild Thing, Hey Joe, Light My Fire, Somebody To Love, I'm Waiting For The Man, Purple Haze, Hey Jude, Sunshine Of Your Love, Born To Be Wild, Sympathy For The Devil, I Heard It Through The Grapevine, Proud Mary, Whole Lotta Love, Black Magic Woman, Paranoid, Me & Bobby McGee, Stairway To Heaven, Imagine, Tiny Dancer, Maggie May, Changes, Heart Of Gold, School's Out, Smoke On The Water, Knockin' On Heaven's Door, Living For The City, La Grange, Get Up, Stand Up, Search And Destroy, Born To Run, Sweet Emotion, Bohemian Rhapsody, Blitzkrieg Bop, Anarchy In The U.K., We Will Rock You, Dancing Barefoot, Catholic Girls, Highway To Hell, Sultans Of Swing, London Calling, Heart Of Glass, Comfortably Numb, Radio Free Europe, Every Breath You Take, Billie Jean, Pride And Joy, Holiday, Jump, When Doves Cry, Sweet Child O' Mine, Like A Prayer, Enter Sandman, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Under The Bridge, One, Wonderwall, Paranoid Android, Maps, 7 Nation Army, American Idiot, Fix You Nathan Brackett Jest Zastępcą Redaktora Naczelnego "Rolling Stone". W Latach 2007-2009 Był Redaktorem I Redagował Wydaną Przez "Rolling Stone" Książkę 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time (2010). Jako Dziennikarz Muzyczny Pojawiał Się W ABC's Good Morning America, CNN, MSNBC, Inside Edition, VH1, MTV I Wielu Innych Stacjach. Mieszka Na Brooklynie Z żoną I Dwójką Dzieci.


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The Complete Works For St Decca


1. The Beggar's Opera (Realised By Benjamin Britten) 2. John Gay - If Poverty Be A Title To Poetry (Prolog 3. John Gay - Overture (Prologue) 4. John Gay - Through All The Employments Of Life (Ac 5. John Gay - 'Tis Woman Seduces All Mankind (Act 1) 6. John Gay - Women Are Bitter Bad Judges...if Any We 7. John Gay - If Love The Virgin's Heart Invade (Act 8. John Gay - A Maid Is Like The Golden Ore (Act 1) 9. John Gay - I Know As Well...virgins Are Like The F 10. John Gay - Our Polly Is A Sad Slut (Act 1) 11. John Gay - Can Love Be Controll'd By Advice (Act 1 12. John Gay - The Girl Shows...o Polly, You Might Hav 13. John Gay - I, Like A Ship In Storms, Was Tossed (A 14. John Gay - A Fox May Steal Your Hens, Sir (Act 1) 15. John Gay - O Ponder Well...the Turtle Thus With Pl 16. John Gay - Now I Am A Wretch Indeed...pretty Polly 17. John Gay - My Heart Was So Free (Act 1) 18. John Gay - Were I Laid On Greenland's Coast (Act 1 19. John Gay - O! What Pain It Is To Part! (Act 1) 20. John Gay - The Miser Thus A Shilling Sees (Act 1) 21. John Gay - And Now Our Scene Changes...fill Ev'ry 22. John Gay - Success Attend You...let Us Take The Ro 23. John Gay - If The Heart Of A Man Is Depressed With 24. John Gay - Dear Mrs Coaxer, You're Welcome...youth 25. John Gay - It Is Your Own Choice...before The Barn 26. John Gay - But To Be Sure...the The 101. The Beggar's Opera (Realised By Benjamin Britten) 102. John Gay - Noble May Escape From Rop 103. John Gay - Thus When A Good Housewife Sees A Rat ( 104. John Gay - It Is The Cruel Are The 105. John Gay - The First Time At The Looking-glass (Ac 106. John Gay - Fortune Be With You, Lucy (Act 2) 107. John Gay - When You Censure The Age (Act 2) 108. John Gay - Is Then His Fate Decreed, Sir? (Act 2) 109. John Gay - O Macheath!...thus When The Swallow (Ac 110. John Gay - Shall I Not Claim My Own? Happy C 111. John Gay - Really, Miss Peachum, You Expose Yourse 112. John Gay - Why How Now, Madam Flirt? (Act 2) 113. John Gay - No Pow'r On Earth Can E'er Divide (Act 114. John Gay - But All Scores Have A Reckoning (Act 3) 115. John Gay - Dear, Sir, Mention Not My Education...w 116. John Gay - Ungrateful Macheath! (Act 3) 117. John Gay - Thus Gamesters United In Friendship (Ac 118. John Gay - & Macheath, At Liberty & At Large...the 119. John Gay - & Those Two Good Old Friends (Act 3) 120. John Gay - Bring Us Then More Liquor!...what Gudge 121. John Gay - In The Days Of My Youth (Act 3) 122. John Gay - Jealousy, Rage, Love & Fear...i'm Like 123. John Gay - A Curse Attends A Woman's Love (Act 3) 124. John Gay - But Perhaps He Hath A Heart...among The 125. John Gay - Come, Sweet Lass, Let's Banish Sorrow ( 126. John Gay - What Do I See! Oh! Macheath...hither, D 127. John Gay - Which Way Shall I Turn Me (Act 3) 128. John Gay - Dear, Dear Father...when My Hero In Cou 129. John Gay - Oh Sir, If Peachum's Heart...when He Ho 130. John Gay - Ourselves, Like The Great (Act 3) 131. John Gay - We Are Ready, Sir...the Charge Is Prepa 132. John Gay - O Cruel, Cruel Case (Act 3) 133. John Gay - Would I Might Be Hanged! (Act 3) 134. John Gay - Thus I Stand Like The Turk (Act 3) 201. Noye's Fludde Op. 59 202. Britten, Benjamin - Lord Jesus, Think On Me 203. Britten, Benjamin - I God, That All This Worlde Ha 204. Britten, Benjamin - Have Done, You Men & Wemen All 205. Britten, Benjamin - Now In The Name Of God I Will 206. Britten, Benjamin - Noye, Noye, Take Thou Thy Comp 207. Britten, Benjamin - Wiffe, Come In! Why Standes Th 208. Britten, Benjamin - Ha! Children, Me Thinkes My Bo 209. Britten, Benjamin - Now Forty Dayes Are Fullie Gon 210. Britten, Benjamin - Noye, Take Thy Wife Anone 211. Britten, Benjamin - Noye, Heare I Behette Thee A H 212. Britten, Benjamin - The Spacious Firmament On High 213. The Golden Vanity Op. 78 214. Britten, Benjamin - There Was A Ship Came From The 215. Britten, Benjamin - Then Up Spake The Cabin-boy 216. Britten, Benjamin - Casting His Clothes Off, He Di 217. Britten, Benjamin - They Laid Him On The Deck 301. Curlew River 302. Britten, Benjamin - Te Lucis Ante Terminum 303. Britten, Benjamin - I Am The Ferryman 304. Britten, Benjamin - I Come From The Westland 305. Britten, Benjamin - But First May I Ask You 306. William Plomer - Clear As A Sky Without A Cloud 307. Britten, Benjamin - Near The Black Mountains Ther 308. William Plomer - A Thousand Leagues May Sunder 309. Britten, Benjamin - Ignorant Man! 310. William Plomer - I Beg Your Pardon, Living In Thi 311. Britten, Benjamin - Curlew River, Smoothly Flowin 312. William Plomer - Today Is An Important Day 313. William Plomer - Look! While You Were Listening T 314. Britten, Benjamin - Ferryman, Tell Me, When Did I 315. Britten, Benjamin - Hoping, I Wander'd On 316. William Plomer - He Whose Life Was Full Of Promis 317. Britten, Benjamin - The Moon Has Risen 318. William Plomer - Go Your Way In Peace, Mother 319. William Plomer - Good Souls, We Have Shown You He 401. The Burning Fiery Furnace, Op.77 402. William Plomer - Salus Aeterna (Original Version) 403. William Plomer - Good People, In His Holy Name (Or 404. William Plomer - By The Royal Command (Original Ve 405. William Plomer - Adept In Magic (Original Version) 406. William Plomer - The Waters Of Babylon (Original V 407. William Plomer - Sirs, What Is This? (Original Ver 408. William Plomer - We Do Not Lack Enemies (Original 409. William Plomer - By The Royal Decree (Original Ver 410. William Plomer - Procession (Original Version) 411. William Plomer - Merodak! Lord Of Creation (Origin 412. William Plomer - Bring Them Here Before My Majesty 413. William Plomer - O King, Nebuchadnezzar (Original 414. William Plomer - O All Ye Works Of The Lord (Origi 415. William Plomer - Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego (Orig 416. William Plomer - O Ye Winter & Summer (Original Ve 417. William Plomer - Good People, We Have Shown You He 501. The Prodigal Son - Third Parable For Church Perfor 502. Britten, Benjamin - Jam Lucis Orto Sidere (Origina 503. Britten, Benjamin - Ah You People (Original Versio 504. Britten, Benjamin - The Ceremony (Original Version 505. Britten, Benjamin - I Am Father To You All (Origin 506. Britten, Benjamin - Forgive My Asking You (Origina 507. Britten, Benjamin - Father, May I Speak To You? (O 508. Britten, Benjamin - Take Your Due Portion (Origina 509. Britten, Benjamin - Go, If You Must Go (Original V 510. Britten, Benjamin - Welcome, Welcome Stranger! (Or 511. Britten, Benjamin - You Are Tired From A Long Jour 512. Britten, Benjamin - Nights Are Days (Original Vers 513. Britten, Benjamin - You Have Gambled & Lost (Origi 514. Britten, Benjamin - Now - I Have Done What I Said 515. Britten, Benjamin - With Joy I Sowed (Original Ver 516. Britten, Benjamin - My Son (Original Version) 517. Britten, Benjamin - O Sing Unto The Lord (Original 518. Britten, Benjamin - My Children, You Have Seen (Or 601. The Little Sweep Op. 45 602. Britten, Benjamin - Sweep! Sweep! 603. Britten, Benjamin - Sweep This Chimney 604. Britten, Benjamin - Now, Little White Boy! 605. Britten, Benjamin - Pull The Rope Gently Until He 606. Britten, Benjamin - Is He Wounded? 607. Britten, Benjamin - Sooty Tracks 608. Britten, Benjamin - Run, Poor Sweep-boy 609. Britten, Benjamin - The Kettles Are Singing 610. Britten, Benjamin - O Why Do You Weep 611. Britten, Benjamin - Ah!...blackguards! 612. Britten, Benjamin - Help! Help! She's Collapsed! 613. Britten, Benjamin - The Owl, Wide-winging Through 614. Britten, Benjamin - Soon The Coach Will Carry You 615. Britten, Benjamin - Morning, Sammy! Lovely Weather 616. Britten, Benjamin - Ready, Alfred? 617. Britten, Benjamin - Coaching Song: The Horses Are 618. Britten, Benjamin - The Children's Crusade, Op.82 701. The Prince Of The Pagodas, Op.57 (Original Version 702. Britten, Benjamin - Prelude (Act 1) 703. Britten, Benjamin - The Fool & The Dwarf (Act 1) 704. Britten, Benjamin - The Emperor - March (Act 1) 705. Britten, Benjamin - Gavotte (Act 1) 706. Britten, Benjamin - The Four Kings (Act 1) 707. Britten, Benjamin - The King Of The North (Act 1) 708. Britten, Benjamin - The King Of The East (Act 1) 709. Britten, Benjamin - The King Of The West (Act 1) 710. Britten, Benjamin - The King Of The South (Act 1) 711. Britten, Benjamin - Belle Epine (Act 1) 712. Britten, Benjamin - Belle Rose (Act 1) 713. Britten, Benjamin - The Kings & Belle Rose (Act 1) 714. Britten, Benjamin - Triumph Of Belle Epine (Act 1) 715. Britten, Benjamin - Rage Of The Kings (Act 1) 716. Britten, Benjamin - The Four Frogs (Act 1) 717. Britten, Benjamin - Air (Act 2 Scene 1) 718. Britten, Benjamin - Water (Act 2 Scene 1) 719. Britten, Benjamin - Fire (Act 2 Scene 1) 720. Britten, Benjamin - Belle Rose In Pagoda-land (Act 721. Britten, Benjamin - The Pagodas (Act 2 Scene 2) 722. Britten, Benjamin - The Salamander (Act 2 Scene 2) 723. Britten, Benjamin - The Prince & Belle Rose (Act 2 801. The Prince Of The Pagodas, Op.57 (Original Version 802. Britten, Benjamin - Belle Epine As Empress (Act 3 803. Britten, Benjamin - The Old Emperor (Act 3 Scene 1 804. Britten, Benjamin - Belle Rose & The Salamander (A 805. Britten, Benjamin - Transition (Act 3 Scene 1) 806. Britten, Benjamin - The Pagoda Ballet (Act 3 Scene 807. Britten, Benjamin - Pas De Six (Act 3 Scene 2) 808. Britten, Benjamin - Variation 1 (Act 3 Scene 2) 809. Britten, Benjamin - Variation 2 (Act 3 Scene 2) 810. Britten, Benjamin - Variation 3 (Act 3 Scene 2) 811. Britten, Benjamin - Pas De Trois (Act 3 Scene 2) 812. Britten, Benjamin - Pas De Deux (Act 3 Scene 2) 813. Britten, Benjamin - Variation 4 (Act 3 Scene 2) 814. Britten, Benjamin - Variation 5 (Act 3 Scene 2) 815. Britten, Benjamin - Finale (Act 3 Scene 2) 816. Britten, Benjamin - Plymouth Town 901. Night Mail 902. Britten, Benjamin - Title Music (Night Mail) 903. Britten, Benjamin - Percussion Sequence (Night Mai 904. Britten, Benjamin - End Sequence (Night Mail) 905. The Tocher Rossini Suite 906. Britten, Benjamin - 1. Allegro Brillante (The Toch 907. Britten, Benjamin - 2. Allegretto (The Tocher Ross 908. Britten, Benjamin - 3. Allegretto (The Tocher Ross 909. Britten, Benjamin - 4. Bolero: Allegro Moderato (T 910. Britten, Benjamin - 5. Allegro Con Brio (The Toche 911. The King's Stamp (The King's Stamp) 912. Britten, Benjamin - Allegro Molto Alla Marcia (Par 913. Britten, Benjamin - Allegro: Opening Door (Part 1) 914. Britten, Benjamin - Allegretto: Messenger Boy (Par 915. Britten, Benjamin - Lento Ma Non Troppo: Entry To 916. Britten, Benjamin - Allegro Moderato: Stamp Factor 917. Britten, Benjamin - Minuet: Andante Lento (Part 2) 918. Britten, Benjamin - Allegretto: Train Sequence (Pa 919. Britten, Benjamin - Allegretto: Parliament - The S 920. Britten, Benjamin - Allegro (Part 2) 921. Britten, Benjamin - Allegro Moderato Alla Marcia ( 922. Negroes - Music From Gpo Film 923. Britten, Benjamin - Allegro Appassionato - Title M 924. Britten, Benjamin - 2. Allegro - Then The Portugu 925. Britten, Benjamin - 3. Allegro Ritmico - At The M 926. Britten, Benjamin - 4. Andante Con Moto - To Sail 927. Britten, Benjamin - The Slaves Were The Absolute 928. Britten, Benjamin - 5. Andante Lento -the More Ad 929. Britten, Benjamin - 6. Andante Con Molto Moto - S 930. Britten, Benjamin - 7. Allegro Ritmico - Coffee F 931. The Way To The Sea 932. Britten, Benjamin - Introduction (The Way To The S 933. Britten, Benjamin - Romans (The Way To The Sea) 934. Britten, Benjamin - Alfred (The Way To The Sea) 935. Britten, Benjamin - There Is, At This Point Of Th 936. Britten, Benjamin - The Eighteenth Century (The 937. Britten, Benjamin - Nelson Has Gone (The Way To 938. Britten, Benjamin - 169 Trains A Week (The Way T 939. Britten, Benjamin - The Line Waits (The Way To T 940. Britten, Benjamin - Here Is A Harbour (The Way T 941. Britten, Benjamin - We Seek A Spectacle (The Way 942. Britten, Benjamin - Allegro Molto - Alla Marcia (T 943. Britten, Benjamin - Telegrams 944. Britten, Benjamin - Peace Of Britain 945. Men Behind The Meters 946. Britten, Benjamin - Title Music (Men Behind The Me 947. Britten, Benjamin - Andantino: I Dreamt That I Dw 948. Britten, Benjamin - Allegro Moderato: 1935 Sequenc 949. Coal Face 950. Britten, Benjamin - 1. Andante: A Sterile Landsca 951. Britten, Benjamin - 2. Coal Mining Is The Basic I 952. Britten, Benjamin - 3. Andante: The Chief Coal-pr 953. Britten, Benjamin - 4. Yorkshire & Lancashire (C 954. Britten, Benjamin - 5. Moderato: The Temp'rature 955. Britten, Benjamin - 6. Andante: The Seven & A Hal 956. Britten, Benjamin - 7. Ad Libitum Sempre: One Thi 957. Britten, Benjamin - 8. Allegro Ma Non Troppo: In 958. Britten, Benjamin - 9. Allegro Molto: The Shift I 959. Britten, Benjamin - 10. Making Up Coal Trains (C 960. Britten, Benjamin - 11. Allegro: Coal Mining Is T 961. Britten, Benjamin - 12. Andante: There Are The Mi 962. Britten, Benjamin - When You're Feeling Like Expre 1001. Love From A Stranger 1002. Britten, Benjamin - 1. Title Music (Love From A Tr 1003. Britten, Benjamin - 2. Traffic Music (Love From A 1004. Britten, Benjamin - 3. Brighton (Love From A Trang 1005. Britten, Benjamin - 4. Love Music (Love From A Tra 1006. Britten, Benjamin - 5. Channel Crossing (Love From 1007. Britten, Benjamin - 6. End Titles (Love From A Tra 1008. Johnson Over Jordan Suite 1009. Britten, Benjamin - Overture (Johnson Over Jordan 1010. Britten, Benjamin - Introduction (Johnson Over Jor 1011. Britten, Benjamin - Incinerators' Ballet (Johnson 1012. Britten, Benjamin - The Spider & The Fly (Johnson 1013. Britten, Benjamin - Approach Of Death (Johnson Ove 1014. Britten, Benjamin - End Music (Johnson Over Jordan 1015. The Rescue Of Penelope (The Rescue Of Penelope) 1016. Britten, Benjamin - Eight Years Have Passed (Part 1017. Britten, Benjamin - Yet Not All Reached Their Home 1018. Britten, Benjamin - Worse Still, The Island (Part 1019. Britten, Benjamin - Children Have Died Of Want (Pa 1020. Britten, Benjamin - Yet Some Trust In An End (Part 1021. Britten, Benjamin - Your Prayer Is Answered, Penel 1022. Britten, Benjamin - Long Suffering Odysseus (Part 1023. Britten, Benjamin - Listen. The Voices Of The Gods 1024. Britten, Benjamin - I, Athene, Rise To The Edge Of 1025. Britten, Benjamin - When I See The Sorrow Of Morta 1026. Britten, Benjamin - How Loud The Spring Sounds All 1027. Britten, Benjamin - Bold - Telemachus, Watch The S 1028. Britten, Benjamin - There It Is Before You (Part 2 1029. Britten, Benjamin - Listen, Lords Of Ithaca (Part 1030. Britten, Benjamin - Telemachus, Be Swift! (Part 2) 1031. Britten, Benjamin - Now There Is Silence (Part 2) 1101. The Company Of Heaven 1102. Britten, Benjamin - 1. Chaos (The Company Of Heave 1103. Britten, Benjamin - 2. The Morning Stars (The Comp 1104. Britten, Benjamin - 3. Angels Appear To Jacob, Eli 1105. Britten, Benjamin - 4. Christ, The Fair Glory (The 1106. Britten, Benjamin - 5. War In Heaven (The Company 1107. Britten, Benjamin - 6. Heaven Is Here (The Company 1108. Britten, Benjamin - 7. A Thousand, Thousand Gleami 1109. Britten, Benjamin - 8. Funeral March For A Boy (Th 1110. Britten, Benjamin - 9. Whoso Dwelleth Under The De 1111. Britten, Benjamin - 10. There Came Out Also At Thi 1112. Britten, Benjamin - 11. Ye Watchers & Ye Holy Ones 1113. Terence Hanbury White - The Sword In The Stone 1114. Britten, Benjamin - Russian Funeral - March For Br 1115. Britten, Benjamin - Fanfare: 'The Eagle Has Two He 1116. On The Frontier 1117. Britten, Benjamin - The Clock On The Wall (Instrum 1118. This Way To The Tomb 1119. Britten, Benjamin - Boogie-woogie (Instrumental Ar


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