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My Apple TV - 2826721710

99,82 zł


Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Apple's widely anticipated new set-top box will revolutionize the way we enjoy television, music, and digital content -- just as Apple's iPod has already transformed the way we listen to music, iPhone transformed the way we use cellphones, and iPad transformed the way we work, play, and consume portable media of all kinds. Millions of early adopters will need a friendly, quick, and 100% practical guide to help them get the most out of this remarkable new product. My Apple TV will be that guide: the must-have, full-color portable companion for every Apple TV user. Authored by Sam Costello,'s long-time iPhone/iPod expert, My Apple TV isn't written for tech heads: it's written for Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Grandma... for everyone, with or without technical experience. Every task is presented step-by-step, using carefully annotated, full-color screenshots, all numbered so there's no chance of getting lost or confused. Everything's clearly organized in modular, self-contained chapters designed to help readers get up-and-running in no time, solve the problems they're most likely to encounter, and get absolutely outstanding results. Costello helps readers set up their Apple TV, get started fast, and take total control over their entertainment... rent, buy, or stream the content they love... get new apps that unlock more entertainment options and make Apple TV do even more... use iOS devices to control, or stream content to, their TVs... enjoy radio, photo slideshows, and podcasts ...and a whole lot more!


These Dreams - 2852818148

19,99 zł

These Dreams UMTV


1. These Dreams 2. We Built This City 3. Bette Davis Eyes 4. If I Could Turn Back Time 5. Heaven Is A Place On Earth 6. Bitch 7. Rush Hour 8. Chains 9. Kiss Me 10. All I Wanna Do 11. Crucify 12. Constant Craving 13. I Touch Myself 14. Kiss The Rain 15. Sunny Came Home 16. Total Control 17. Come To My Window 18. I'm Like A Bird 19. Chuck E's In Love 101. Crush 102. Baby, Baby 103. Don't Stop 104. Black Velvet 105. True Colors 106. Eternal Flame 107. A Thousand Miles 108. One Of Us 109. Love Is A Battlefield 110. Hold On 111. Because The Night 112. Sunday Girl 113. Luka 114. Magic Smile 115. What's Up? 116. These Are Days 117. Fallen 118. Don't Walk Away 119. You're No Good 201. Toy Soldiers 202. Torn 203. Cool 204. What I Am 205. Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover 206. Show Me Heaven 207. First Time 208. Voices Carry 209. Nick Of Time 210. Listen To Your Heart 211. Our Lips Are Sealed 212. Where Have All The Cowboys Gone? 213. Self Control 214. You Were Meant For Me 215. You'll Be Mine 216. When I'm Alone 217. Video Games 218. The Warrior 219. Harden My Heart


The Best Of 1980-1990 Vol. 2 - 3CD - 2827230092

35,00 zł

The Best Of 1980-1990 Vol. 2 - 3CD

Składanki > Pop

Wykonawca:  Różni wykonawcy Tytuł: The Best Of 1980-1990 Vol. 2. Wydanie 3-płytowe. Wydawnictwo:  EMI Electrola GmbH Rok wydania: 1990 Nr katalogowy: 652 7949232 Stan: Bardzo dobry Lista utworów: CD1: Don't Worry, Be Happy - Bobby McFerrin Jealous Guy - Roxy Music I Get Weak - Belinda Carlisle I Got You Babe - UB40 & Chrissie Hynde Self Control - Laura Branigan Girl I'm Gonna Miss You - Milli Vanilli Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now - Samantha Fox Temptation - Heaven 17 I Come Undone - Jennifer Rush You Got It - Roy Orbison Karma Chameleon - Culture Club Private Dancer - Tina Turner Maid Of Orleans - Orchestral Manouvres In The Dark Golden Brown - The Stranglers People Are People - Depeche Mode Hear And Soul - T'Pau Shadow On The Wall - Mike Oldfield Walking On Sunshine - Katrina And The Waves CD2: Freedom - Wham Call Me - Blondie Dancing With Tears In My Eyes - Ultravox Caribbean Queen - Billy Ocean Solid - Ashford & Simpson Maneater - Hall & Oates The Promise You Made - Cock Robin Words - FR David Sign Your Name - Terence Trent D'Arby Josephine - Chris Rea We Belong - Pat Benatar Unchain My Heart - Joe Cocker More Than I Can Say - Leo Sayer Una Notte Speciale - Alice Missing You - John Waite (I've Had) The Time Of My Life - Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes CD3: In Private - Dusty Springfield Don't Answer Me - The Alan Parsons Project Total Eclipse Of The Heart - Bonnie Tyler Sexual Healing - Marvin Gaye Mary's Prayer - Danny Wilson The Sweetest Taboo - Sade Wired For Sound - Cliff Richard Chequered Love - Kim Wilde A View To A Kill - Duran Duran It's My Life - Talk Talk Yeh Yeh - Matt Bianco Sit And Wait - Sydney Youngblood Listen To Your Heart - Roxette C'est La Vie - Robbie Nevil Eye Of The Tiger - Survivor Twist In My Sobriety - Tanita Tikaram


Big Book Of Health And Fitness - 2826700732

106,50 zł

Big Book Of Health And Fitness Allworth Press,U.S.

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Taking control of your health and well-being is a necessary and personal journey. From teens and parents fighting obesity in America, to aging baby boomers refusing to go quietly into the dark night - everyone can stay fit, healthy, and active for many years to come! This book lays out a sensible and holistic road map that makes health and fitness an ingrained part of your lifestyle, and an easy-to-achieve goal for both men and women at any age. For more than three decades, Dr. Maffetone has been treating and advising patients, coaching athletes, lecturing worldwide, and writing books about the importance of self-health care. Topics covered in his latest book include how to make healthy dietary choices, obtain the best nutrition from real food, avoid illness and disease, and learn to listen to your body. Also learn the dangers of common dietary supplements, fat-burning exercise for weight loss, reducing stress, controlling inflammation, having a healthy and fulfilling sex life, and much more. Maffetone expertly guides the reader step by step through each topic and provides simple health surveys to help you better understand how the body works and what to safely do if a problem or symptom arises during your fitness or dietary regimen.


Methamphetamine - 2835029138

60,90 zł

Methamphetamine Books on Demand

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 23. Chapters: Montana Meth Project, Legal status of methamphetamine, Faces of Meth, Crystal Meth Anonymous, Rolling meth lab, Return to Oz, Crystal Darkness, Levomethamphetamine, Para-Methoxymethamphetamine, Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act of 2005, Meth mouth, Strawberry Quik meth, The City Addicted to Crystal Meth, 4-Fluoromethamphetamine, Isopropylbenzylamine, Methamphetamine and Native Americans, Illinois Methamphetamine Precursor Control Act, 3-Methoxymethamphetamine, Methland: The Death and Life of an American Small Town, D-IX. Excerpt: Methamphetamine (pronounced listen) (USAN) or methamfetamine (INN) , methylamphetamine, N-methylamphetamine, or desoxyephedrine, colloquially known as "(crystal) meth" or "ice", is a psychostimulant of the phenethylamine and amphetamine class of psychoactive drugs. It increases alertness, concentration, energy, and in high doses, can induce euphoria, enhance self-esteem, and increase libido. Methamphetamine has high potential for abuse and addiction by activating the psychological reward system via triggering a cascading release of dopamine in the brain. In the United States, methamphetamine is FDA approved for the treatment of ADHD and exogenous obesity, dispensed in the USA under the trademark name Desoxyn. As a result of methamphetamine-induced neurotoxicity to dopaminergic neurons, chronic abuse may also lead to symptoms which persist beyond the withdrawal period for months, and even up to a year. Research has found that 20% of methamphetamine addicts experience a psychosis resembling schizophrenia which persists for longer than six months post-methamphetamine use; this amphetamine psychosis can be resistant to traditional treatment. In addition to psychological harm, physical harm, primarily consisting of cardiovascular damage, may occur with chronic misuse or acute overdose. Desoxyn 10 mg tablets (US)Methamphetamine is indicated for use in both children and adults for the treatment of ADHD. It has been used for exogenous obesity but this use is no longer recommended due to limited effectiveness and the potential for addiction. It was also used to treat narcolepsy however is much less so currently. It is not a first line treatment and is typically only used after other stimulants have been found ineffective. Physical effects can include anorexia, hyperactivity, dilated pupils, flushing, restlessness, dry mouth, headache, tachycardia, bradycardia, tachypnea, hypertension, hypotension, hyperthermia, diaphoresis, diarrhea, constipation, blurred vision, dizziness,


Dr. Judith Orloff's Guide to Intuitive Healing - 2826708868

78,98 zł

Dr. Judith Orloff's Guide to Intuitive Healing INGRAM INTERNATIONAL

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"We are the keepers of an intuitive intelligence so powerful it can tell us how to heal." In her groundbreaking new book, Dr. Judith Orloff leads readers to the heart of a radical revolution in health care: the union of medicine and intuition, of body, mind, and soul. We're all born with the gift of intuition; many of us have long ago blocked that "indisputable sense of rightness" which is our truest inner compass. Dr. Orloff's guide will show you how to recapture, nurture, and affirm your intuitive ability, so that you can utilize it to help heal yourself. Intuition plays an indispensable role in self-diagnosis, pain control, immune response, and recovery from acute and chronic illness; it can lead you to breakthroughs in anxiety, panic, depression, and other emotional blockages, even when traditional psychotherapy has failed. Intuition also offers insights into the use of medications and the selection of the right healer for your needs. Further, it is integral for sexual healing, since sexuality is a potent connector and energy source for clarifying spirituality and improving vitality. Dr. Orloff introduces five practical steps she uses in her own life and teaches to patients which illustrate how to harness the power of intuition to heal. You'll learn to clarify your beliefs, listen to your body's messages, access inner guidance, sense subtle energy, and interpret your dreams. Practicing these steps you'll recognize early warning signals and act on them to help prevent illness. You'll have skills to uncover important information from meditation and remote viewing (a way of intuitively tuning in) to make sense of confusing signals. The insights you'll gain from these tools willlend reason, compassion, and meaning to events such as illness, loss, or despair. Following Dr. Orloff's simple, clear instructions, illustrated with examples from her own experience and psychiatric practice, you'll recapture a sense of vision that will bring vibrance to a


Globalization and Its Discontents - 2826853837

49,50 zł

Globalization and Its Discontents Penguin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

From Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz, "Globalization and its Discontents" is the bestselling expose of the all-powerful organizations that control our lives. Our world is changing. Globalization is not working. It is hurting those it was meant to help. And now, the tide is turning...As chief economist at the world bank, Nobel Prize-winner Joseph Stiglitz had a unique insider's view into the management of globalization. Now he speaks out against it: how the IMF and WTO preach fair trade yet impose crippling economic policies on deveopling nations; how free market 'shock therapy' made millions in East Asia and Russia worse off than they were before; and how the West has driven the global agenda to further its own financial interests. Globalization can still be a force for good, Stiglitz argues. But the balance of power has to change. Here he offers real, tough solutions for the future. "A massively important political as well as economic document ...we should listen to him urgently". (Will Hutton, "Guardian"). "Stiglitz is a rare breed, an heretical economist who has ruffled the self-satisfied global establishment that once fed him. Globalization and its Discontents declares war on the entire Washington financial and economic establishment". (Ian Fraser, "Sunday Herald"). "Gripping ...this landmark book shows him to be a worthy successor to Keynes". (Robin Blackburn, "Independent"). Joseph Stiglitz is one of the world's best-known economists. He was Chief Economist at the World Bank until January 2000. Before that he was Chairman of President Clinton's Council of Economic Advisers. He is currently Professor of Finance and Economics at Columbia University. He won the Nobel Prize for Economics in 2001 and is the author of the bestselling "Making Globalization Work", "The Price of Inequality" and "The Roaring Nineties", all published by Penguin.


Globalization & its Discontents - 2212824606

36,60 zł

Globalization & its Discontents Penguin


Our world is changing. Globalization is not working. It is hurting those it was meant to help. And now, the tide is turning


Veejay's Top 100 Vol. 1 - 2852813606

89,99 zł

Veejay's Top 100 Vol. 1 QUADROPHON


1. Booty Babes,the Real - I Kissed A Girl(ph Electro 2. Brisby&jingles Feat.miloud - Sheaes Like The Wind( 3. Paffendorf - Self Control 4. De-grees - I Believe(radio Edit) 5. Varela,manuel - Summer Night 6. Manian - Turn The Tide(r.i.o.remix Edit) 7. Baker,shaun Feat Maloy - Hey Hi Hello(alex C Club 8. Shothead,dj Pres.sterlingstati - Gates Of Infinity 9. Wayne,jan Vs.raindropz! - Numb 10. Somy,dj Feat.nightwish - Amaranth 11. Da House,chris Vs.hammer,dj Sl - Believe(dda Remix 12. K.,guenta - Das Boot(electro Remix Edit) 13. 89ers - Jump With Me 14. T.h.d. - Saturday Night 15. Van Dutch,chris Meets Massman - When You're Gone(c 16. Kato Feat.dawn,ian - Are You Gonna Go My Way(ti-mo 17. Discotronic - Shooting Star(empyre One Remix Edit) 18. Bandits,groove - Sing Hallelujah 19. Picco - Back To Hawaii(elektro Remix Edit) 20. Varela,manuel - Calling Your Name 21. Angello,steve&ingrosso,sebasti - Partouze(jean Ela 22. R.i.o. - Shine On(spencer&hill Remix Edit) 23. Teachers,the - Is It Love(2-4 Grooves Remix Edit) 24. Sanchez,roger - Bang That Box 25. Sentenela Feat.sheben - Listen To The Music(altar 26. Hightower - Tonight(royal Gigolos Remix Edit) 27. Spencer,andrew&lazard - Here Without You(2-4 Groov 28. Tunes,swanky - No More Fear(klaas Remix Edit) 29. Jackson,josh - Givin The World To You 30. Darell,dave - Freeloader(spencer&hill Remix Edit) 31. B.,alex - Never Let This Records Stop 32. Payami,ali Vs.aquagen&brothers - Blade(ali Payami 33. Prada,stefano&rockstroh - To The Moon 34. Scotty - The Black Pearl(dave Darell Remix Edit) 35. Moor,micha - Close Your Eyes(club Edit) 36. D.o.n.s Presents Morley,john F - Oh La La La(short 37. Doray,norman&garner,tristan Fe - Last Forever 38. Stfu - Dirty Disco 39. Avantgarde - Get Down(again In 2008) 40. Selda - 100% Pure Love(spencer&hill Remix Edit) 41. Ves,mark - Fantasy Girl 42. W.,kristine - Feel What You Want 43. Conga,da - Tirana 44. Fentura - Live It(klaas Remix Edit) 45. Montanas,the&clark,dj Roland - Music Talking 46. Moore,bart B Vs.twizt,oliver - Finally 47. Fumetti,di Feat.youngblood,syd - Aerobic Disco(ult 48. Capilari&salvavida - Oye Como Va(micha Moor&deniz 49. Rizardo,franky - Flutetest 50. Pimps,boogie - Fresh 101. Mind,michael - Baker Street 102. G&g - Personal Jesus(tv Rock Remix Edit) 103. Darius&finlay - Do It All Night(michael Mind Remix 104. Sunrider - The Bomb(these Sounds Fall Into My Mind 105. Klaas - Make You Feel(stomp Mix Edit) 106. Ajay Feat.davis,anita - Finally(club Mix Edit) 107. Bekay - F K The Dj(radio Mix) 108. Remady P&r - No Superstar(radio Mix) 109. Hollywood,captain Vs Miller,fr - More&more 2009 110. Mark,mad - Can U Feel It 111. Disciple,dj Feat.tallman,dawn - Work It Out(klaas 112. Chainside - I Would Die For You 113. Elize - Hot Stuff 114. Doman,james - Everything's Gonna Be Alright 115. De France,armand - I Say Ride On 116. Lundberg,arvid - Meditate 117. Antoine,dj - Underneath(daddy's Groove Radio Rewor 118. Thoneick,eddie - Whatcha Want(dj Antoine Vs Yoko R 119. Roby Robb,mc - Where Is The Party? 120. Bendj Feat Sushy - Me&myself(wolgang Gardner Radio 121. Kaeser,chris&kat,nic - Scream(burnett&cooper Remix 122. Moor,micha&royko,tim - I Like That(patric La Funk 123. Meck Feat.dino - So Strong(inpetto Remix Edit) 124. Jansen Feat.duke,percy - Staring At The Sun(dbm Re 125. Nushock Feat.williams,melinda - Hot Shot(dj Sphynx 126. World,big Vs The Menace,denis - Liftin' Me Up 127. In:tune - I Want Your Sax! 128. Kohlbecker&eilmes - Tabasco(moguai Remix) 129. Vintarra,jason - Select 130. Kyau&albert - Hide&seek(club Radio) 131. United,horny - Time(orange Bud Radio Mix) 132. Pulse,tom - Cuando(floresa El Chuno) 133. Project,recover - Sweet Dreams 134. Boyscouts,the - Living Next Door To Alice 135. Bailey,ben Vs Drebin,frank - Keep On 136. Delight,deejay - I Promised Myself(phunkless Remix 137. Rogers,ian - The Reason(elektro Edit Club) 138. Jordan - Funky Beatz(club Edit Mix) 139. Hitmen,the - Young&free(club Mix Edit) 140. Samuraj - My Heart Is Beating(radio) 141. Korn,marc - Le Pardon(verano Remix) 142. Megastylez - 7 Days(screen Mix Edit) 143. Phil,dj - Nie Wieder 144. Picar,andre - You'll Remember Me 145. Petersen,thomas Vs Gainworx - On Y Va 146. Fox,tracy - Dark Water(radio Mix) 147. Varela,manuel Ft.lundberg,arvi - Polar Light 148. Nation,dance Vs.baker,shaun - Sunshine 2009 149. Megane,alex - Hurricane 2009


Lynda Hudson - Tics - 2826842392

64,65 zł

Lynda Hudson - Tics Firstwayforward Audio Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Relax & daydream; Breathe in relaxing happy colour; Breathe out and worries or sad feelings; See your brain's control room; Learn how to quieten unwanted sounds; Learn how to still unwanted movements; Build confidence and self-esteem; Listen regularly for success!


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