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Living a Laptop Lifestyle - 2826745858

96,63 zł

Living a Laptop Lifestyle Panoma Press Limited

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Living a Laptop Lifestyle - Reclaim Your Life by Making Money Online (No Experience Required). Follow the 'Five Essential Steps To Success' as you read an intriguing and compelling guide for creating your own online business. Each chapter is carefully composed to suit the budding entrepreneur; from the very basics of getting started, right through to creating your very own website, and making money online.Greg and Fiona Scott, share their own absorbing account of their online business, while discussing the many trials and pitfalls. They take you on an engrossing journey towards the lifestyle that they have become accustomed. Their story involves other well-esteemed entrepreneurs, who have all made a valuable contribution to their lives, plus they meticulously cover a full-range of essential topics, which are designed to take the potential entrepreneur towards their ultimate goal - living a life full of choice.


Living Terraces in Ethiopia - 2826799466

456,06 zł

Living Terraces in Ethiopia JAMES CURREY PUBLISHERS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Terraced agricultural landscapes in Africa are remarkable feats of human engineering and social organization, enabling the conservation of soil and water and the cultivation of food. Indigenous terraced landscapes are all the more valuable because they have been produced by the people themselves and maintained for several hundred years, evidencing a valuable degree of sustainability. Yet until this book, there have been few accounts of how such landscapes in Africa are produced and maintained over time. Taking a period of approximately a hundred years, Living Terraces is both an ethnography and history of the terraces of Konso in southern Ethiopia. It traces the way Konso agriculture and landscape has been produced and managed in close relationship with broader changes in Konso political and cultural lives. In shedding new light on the relationships between landscapes, livelihoods, culture and development, the book demonstrates the embeddedness of social institutions in areas of social, cultural, religious and political life, showing that social institutions cannot easily be abstracted, replicated or used instrumentally for development purposes. The result is a call for an approach to social institutions, so vital to development, which centralizes a study of culture, history and power in the analysis. ELIZABETH E. WATSON is a Lecturer in the Department of Geography, University of Cambridge


Living in the Moment - 2826753374

64,63 zł

Living in the Moment CICO BOOKS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Through simple mindfulness meditation, learn to live in the moment and enjoy a life that is more vivid, awake, connected and true. Most of us operate on auto-pilot much of the time, passing through the present moment with our mind either caught up in the past or straining toward the future. Through mindfulness meditation, an ancient Buddhist practice, Anna Black shows you how to intentionally pay attention to your daily experience. When we are not being mindful, we miss out on small moments that often are the most valuable - be it a beautiful building that we pass on our journey to work, the taste and texture of lovingly prepared food, or the fact that we are needed by those we love the most. By being "mindless" we miss opportunities for personal growth by not being aware of our shortcomings or our inner strength, or by letting negative thoughts and emotions control us. In mindfulness meditation we pay attention to our ongoing experience whether it is pleasant - such as appreciating a starry night sky; unpleasant - a disagreement with a loved one; or neutral - doing chores. We become aware of our habitual thoughts and behaviours and discover which are helpful and which are not. We learn to listen to the body and pick up warning signs of stress as well as tune in to our inner wisdom.


As A Man Thinketh - 2826708009

16,40 zł

As A Man Thinketh BERTRAMS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"Mind is the Master power that moulds and makes, And Man is Mind, and evermore he takes The tool of Thought, and, shaping what he wills, Brings forth a thousand joys, a thousand ills:- He thinks in secret, and it comes to pass: Environment is but his looking-glass." -from the "Forward" Literally a blueprint on living, this little gem serves as a course of action for approaching life in a meaningful manner. His practical philosophy of successful living has awakened millions to the discovery and perception of the truth. Weaving his way through the inner dynamics the human psyche, James Allen shows us what we already intuitively know: how changing ones' mind-set can improve one's circumstances - no matter how difficult. Written in a succinct, easy-to-digest style, AS A MAN THINKETH is a valuable tool to anyone serious about achieving a purpose-filled life. JAMES ALLEN (1864-1912) was an Englishman who retired from the business world to pursue a lifestyle of writing and contemplation. His books are classics in the fields of inspiration and spirituality. Although best known for As a Man Thinketh, he authored several other books that deal with the power of thought including The Path to Prosperity, The Mastery of Destiny, The Way of Peace, and Entering the Kingdom.


After a Dead Dog - 2837504639

38,80 zł

After a Dead Dog Robinson

Powieść zagranicznaSensacja. Thiller. Kryminał

Iain Lewis is a complex man, a part time poet hacking out a living writing the occasional tv script from his small isolated cottage in Kintyre on the west coast of Scotland. One of the many complications in his life is that he still carries a torch for his one-time sweetheart, Carole, who has returned to the area with her husband to help run the family business. And it's after the funeral of Carole's mother that Iain's problems really begin. On his way back home, he interrupts what appears to be a break-in at his house. Only it's a break-in with a difference: the intruder hasn't taken anything. On the contrary, he's left something extremely valuable behind. And it's something that other people want back very badly...This is an atmospheric Scottish novel about a man caught up in mysterious criminal activities which take him from the isolation of life in remote Kintyre to the seamy streets of Glasgow and Edinburgh.


Obrus Barbie 180x120cm - 2840743891

8,45 zł

Obrus Barbie 180x120cm

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Nazwa - Obrus Barbie 180x120cm Wydawca - ARPEX Kod ISBN - 5907667245209 Kod EAN - 5907667245209 Podatek VAT - 23%


The Little Pocket Book of Happiness - Lois Blyth - 2836926426

46,88 zł

The Little Pocket Book of Happiness - Lois Blyth

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Opis - Happiness is like the answer to a riddle. The more we want it and the more we seek it, the more elusive it becomes. And yet, when we are least conscious of looking for it, it can envelop us in a warm sense of contentment and belonging, making a single moment precious and valuable beyond measure. A feeling of happiness has the power to light up our whole being. Scientists will tell us that happiness has the power to heal and to extend life. It is the ingredient we all seek to make our lives complete. Like the air we breathe, we are not conscious that we need it, until it disappears. Happiness makes us feel glad to be alive. The Little Pocket Book of Happiness offers you a more joyous approach to living and thinking; a shift in approach that may reframe your view of the world; simple things you can do to reconsider your life"consciously"so that you can decide whether now is the time when you can be happier. It includes strategies to warm the heart and open the mind to the extraordinary power of happiness. It shares the experiences of others and provides the closest we might have to a happiness "formula". The good news is, happiness is within everyone?s grasp. Nazwa - The Little Pocket Book of Happiness Autor - Lois Blyth Oprawa - Miękka Wydawca - Cico Books Kod ISBN - 9781782492603 Kod EAN - 9781782492603 Rok wydania - 2015 Język - angielski Format - 14.5x14.5cm Ilość stron - 176 Podatek VAT - 5%


Eat-clean Diet Recharged - 2826637222

103,31 zł

Eat-clean Diet Recharged NBN TRADESELECT

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Revised and fully updated with more than 50 new and easy recipes The world of weight loss changed forever when "The Eat-Clean Diet" burst on the scene in January 2007. With help from author Tosca Reno, millions of people who had given up hope for permanent weight loss cleaned up their acts and rediscovered their true, leaner selves. The best part? They did it without starving, without counting calories, and without obsessing over the scale. "The Eat-Clean Diet Recharged!" is the next generation of Eating Clean. Updated and revised, it's got all the facts from "The Eat-Clean Diet"--plus much more. Look inside for in-depth information on - how to get--and stay--motivated - living a longer, happier, more productive life - how to take the plunge into an exercise program - solutions for cellulite, saggy bits, and loose skin - using food to raise your metabolism and burn fatPlus! - 50 new recipes - more menus, including vegan and gluten-free plans - how to Eat Clean anywhere, from parties to restaurants to on the road - more FAQs than ever before - the Eat-Clean Diet at a Glance quick reference section "Getting strong and into peak health physically is essential to creating all excellence. This valuable book will help you."--Robin Sharma, author of the #1 bestsellers "The Greatness Guide" and "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari"" "At age 40, Tosca Reno found herself miserable, overweight, trapped in an unhappy marriage and living an unfulfilled life. Her self-esteem at an all-time low, she barely recognized the woman she had become. Realizing she was the architect of her own destiny, Tosca was reborn. She embraced health and accepted fitness challenges, transforming her life and her body in the process. Tosca reinvented herself--going from fat and frumpy to lean and purposeful. Her past struggles served to inspire and motivate her in her career as a writer, motivational speaker, and fitness celebrity. Her work encourages others to embrace life, find their inner passions, and live the rest of their lives in the best shape possible. Tosca writes monthly columns for "Oxygen "and" Clean Eating" magazines and has written many books, including the bestselling "Eat-Clean Diet" series.


Daily Bread - 2827109550

93,76 zł

Daily Bread Angelico Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

FOR MORE THAN THIRTY YEARS, Brian Keeble's writings have made a most rare and valuable contribution to elucidating the applications of the philosophia perennis to our understanding of art and work--to the activities, in short, that sustain everyday life and economy. Daily Bread: Art and Work in the Reign of Quantity is a selection of pieces from Keeble's prose publications, intended to bring this important oeuvre to new readers and to consolidate it in a single volume for those already familiar with Keeble's work. Inclusive of several previously uncollected essays by the author, the volume is divided into two parts: the first introduces Keeble's principal ideas about art and work, tradition, and the crisis of the modern world; the second discusses these ideas in relation to the work of specific modern artists and poets. These essays reach far deeper and have a much wider scope than most contemporary cultural critique. They offer to the engaged reader ways to confront the contemporary malaise that are viable precisely because the author's approach is based on universal and timeless metaphysical principles. "Brian Keeble has devoted many years to the study of the traditional arts and is the author of a number of valuable works on the subject. We must be grateful to him for providing a powerful reminder of that art which reflects both beauty and truth and which is of the utmost importance for a life worthy of being called truly human."--SEYYED HOSSEIN NASR, author of Man and Nature: The Spiritual Crisis in Modern Man "Keeble's [work] calls for eliminating the barriers between art, crafts, and work by infusing all activity with a sense of the sacred."--JOSCELYN GODWIN, author of Mystery Religions in the Ancient World "These essays should be of value to those who are responsible for the present state of the arts, not only in our schools, but of the wider arts of working and living to some purpose consistent with our deepest nature."--KEITH CRITCHLOW, Professor Emeritus, The Prince's School of Traditional Arts BRIAN KEEBLE was editor, designer, and publisher of Golgonooza Press in Ipswich, England, from 1974 to 2004; as well as one of the founders and editors of the journal Temenos (London, 1980-91). He is the author of Art: For Whom and for What? (1998), Conversing with Paradise (2003), God and Work (2009), and other essay collections; the editor of Every Man an Artist: Readings in the Traditional Philosophy of Art (2005) and other volumes; and the author of several collections of poetry, most recently From a Handful of Dust (2011) and Far from the Dawn (2014). Keeble is a Fellow of the Temenos Academy in London, and has served on its Council and Academic Board.


Yoga for Children - 2826796790

74,50 zł

Yoga for Children Adams Media Corporation

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"I hadn't expected to become immersed in the world of yoga for children, but Lisa Flynn's book made it impossible to not become fully engaged. This is as much a credit to Flynn's depth of experience as a teacher and trainer in the field as it is to the book's flawless presentation. Yoga for Children is a great family book in a high-quality format that provides exceptional value for parents. In my opinion, it's already a classic." - Alive Magazine "I loved this book.... This book literally combines several of my favorite children's yoga books in one place, but does so in a new and refreshing way. Truly this a well thought out, well written book aimed at parents but definitely invaluable to teachers looking to utilize yoga in the classroom or studio." - Sky Yoga Studio blog "Yoga for Children is holistic: encouraging the skills of focus, mindful reflection, and mind/body awareness, inspiring confidence, self-regulation, and self-efficacy while teaching gratitude and optimism." - Sat Bir S. Khalsa, PhD, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School; Yoga Researcher "Lisa Flynn has mastered the art of bringing yoga to children.... [This book] is absolutely packed with clear and practical guidance for any of us who want to bring the healing grace of yoga to the kids in our lives." - Stephen Cope, Director of the Kripalu Institute for Extraordinary Living; Author of Yoga and the Quest for the True Self "In this practical how-to guide, Lisa Flynn shares the secrets of empowering kids and families to connect with one another while learning positive, productive skills for managing the stresses of everyday life." - Amy McCready, Founder of Positive Parenting Solutions; Author of If I Have to Tell You One More Time... "I highly recommend Yoga for Children - Flynn presents the information in an easy-to-read and easy-to-follow format. Both of my children have enjoyed reading through the book and practicing the poses and meditations." - "Easy to follow, this beautifully illustrated book guides parents into the realm of yoga for kids. You'll learn how to teach your children simple poses that can help their minds and bodies grow." - "My favorite part of the book is the sections on partner poses and family Yoga games. I'm sure we'll also enjoy the relaxation exercises before bedtime." - Eco Chic blog "If you have a child in your care and you want to do some intelligent yoga together, this book is a real find. Songs, chants, visualization, even tips for sequencing and some innovative sequences for diverse situations - it's all here. If you interact with kids and are inspired to introduce them to yoga and guide them with wit, fun and wisdom, this book will be an invaluable resource for you." - Yoga Teacher Magazine "I have fallen in love with the book, Yoga for Children, by Lisa Flynn. The children's yoga world has needed [this] - an encyclopedia of essential kids yoga poses, games, breathing, and mindfulness techniques, that is brimming with new ideas and techniques to try. I'm going to pull this book out anytime I need some new inspiration." - "Yoga for Children...offers a vast choice of yoga explorations, including poses, breathing, meditation and creative play that can be guided by and used for practitioners of all levels. Complete with full-color photographs, instructional scripts, and modifications, Yoga for Children will help build your child's confidence, self-awareness, and focus while strengthening your connection--one yoga session at a time." - Yoga Living Magazine "I love practical, inspiring, research-based, and user-friendly books that are written by experienced, passionate authors. This will be my go-to reference book for kids yoga." - Kids' Yoga Stories "Yoga for Children has much to offer: succinct instruction on a variety of poses, songs, visualizations and games. Lisa Flynn's book will be a welcome addition to the reading library of every adult interested in sharing the joy of yoga with children. And, thanks to the book's friendly tone and colorful layout, it is sure to be a favorite on kids' bookshelves as well!" - Yoga for Depression "Yoga for Children is a valuable resource for parents of children from toddler to preteen who want to introduce their children not only to asanas, but to a whole healthy lifestyle based on yoga's principles." - Yoga Journal


Biomechanics - 2826794436

840,18 zł

Biomechanics Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Biomechanics aims to explain the mechanics oflife and living. From molecules to organisms, everything must obey the laws of mechanics. Clarification of mechanics clarifies many things. Biomechanics helps us to appreciate life. It sensitizes us to observe nature. It is a tool for design and invention of devices to improve the quality of life. It is a useful tool, a simple tool, a valuable tool, an unavoidable tool. It is a necessary part of biology and engineering. The method of biomechanics is the method of engineering, which consists of observation, experimentation, theorization, validation, and application. To understand any object, we must know its geometry and materials of construc tion, the mechanical properties of the materials involved, the governing natural laws, the mathematical formulation of specific problems and their solutions, and the results of validation. Once understood, one goes on to develop applications. In my plan to present an outline of biomechanics, I followed the engineering approach and used three volumes. In the first volume, Biomechanics: Mechanical Properties of Living Tissues, the geometrical struc ture and the rheological properties of various materials, tissues, and organs are presented. In the second volume, Biodynamics: Circulation, the physiology of blood circulation is analyzed by the engineering method.


Horst Althaus - Hegel - 2826838470

351,80 zł

Horst Althaus - Hegel Polity Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This accessible and highly readable book is the first full--length biography of Hegel to be published since the largely outdated treatments of the nineteenth century. Althaus draws on new historical material and scholarly sources about the life and times of this most enigmatic and influential of modern philosophers. He paints a living portrait of a thinker whose personality was more complex than is often imagined, and shows that Hegela s relation to his revolutionary times was also more ambiguous than is usually accepted. Althaus presents a broad chronological narrative of Hegela s development from his early theological studies in Tubingen and the associated unpublished writings, profoundly critical of the established religious orthodoxies. He traces Hegela s years of philosophical apprenticeship with Schelling in Jena as he struggled for an independent intellectual position, up to the crowning period of influence and success in Berlin where Hegel appeared as the advocate of the modern Prussian state. Althaus tells a vivid story of Hegela s life and his intellectual and personal crises, drawing generously on the philosophera s own words from his extensive correspondence. His central role in the cultural and political life of the time is illuminated by the impressions and responses of his contemporaries, such as Schelling, Schleiermacher and Goethe. This panoramic introduction to Hegela s life, work and times will be a valuable resource for scholars, students and anyone interested in this towering figure of philosophy.


Epictetus - 2826640874

149,00 zł

Epictetus Oxford University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The philosophy of Epictetus, a freed slave in the Roman Empire, has been profoundly influential on Western thought: it offers not only stimulating ideas but practical guidance in living one's life. A. A. Long, a leading scholar of later ancient philosophy, gives the definitive presentation of the thought of Epictetus for a broad readership. Long's fresh and vivid translations of a selection of the best of Epictetus' discourses show that his ideas are as valuable and striking today as they were amost two thousand years ago. The translations are organized thematically within the framework of an authoritative introduction and commentary, which offer a way into this world for those new to it, and illuminating interpretations for those who already know it. Epictetus is known as one of the great Stoic thinkers. But he took the life and conversation of Socrates as his educational model. His Socratic allegiance, scarcely examined before, is a major theme of this ground-breaking book. Long shows how Epictetus offered his students a way of life premised on the values of personal autonomy and integrity.Never a sermonizer, Epictetus engages his students in brilliantly challenging dialogue; Long offers the first accessible study of his argumentative and rhetorical methods. This is a book for anyone interested in what we can learn from ancient philosophy about how to live our lives.


The 100 Dollar Startup - 2826685724

57,78 zł

The 100 Dollar Startup Random House US

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In The $100 Startup , Chris Guillebeau shows you how to lead of life of adventure, meaning and purpose - and earn a good living.§§Still in his early thirties, Chris is on the verge of completing a tour of every country on earth - he's already visited more than 175 nations - and yet he's never held a "real job" or earned a regular paycheck. Rather, he has a special genius for turning ideas into income, and he uses what he earns both to support his life of adventure and to give back.§§There are many others like Chris - those who've found ways to opt out of traditional employment and create the time and income to pursue what they find meaningful. Sometimes, achieving that perfect blend of passion and income doesn't depend on shelving what you currently do. You can start small with your venture, committing little time or money, and wait to take the real plunge when you're sure it's successful.§§In preparing to write this book, Chris identified 1,500 individuals who have built businesses earning $50,000 or more from a modest investment (in many cases, $100 or less), and from that group he's chosen to focus on the 50 most intriguing case studies. In nearly all cases, people with no special skills discovered aspects of their personal passions that could be monetized, and were able to restructure their lives in ways that gave them greater freedom and fulfillment.§§Here, finally, distilled into one easy-to-use guide, are the most valuable lessons from those who've learned how to turn what they do into a gateway to self-fulfillment. It's all about finding the intersection between your "expertise" - even if you don't consider it such -- and what other people will pay for. You don't need an MBA, a business plan or even employees. All you need is a product or service that springs from what you love to do anyway, people willing to pay, and a way to get paid.§§Not content to talk in generalities, Chris tells you exactly how many dollars his group of unexpected entrepreneurs required to get their projects up and running; what these individuals did in the first weeks and months to generate significant cash; some of the key mistakes they made along the way, and the crucial insights that made the business stick. Among Chris's key principles: if you're good at one thing, you're probably good at something else; never teach a man to fish - sell him the fish instead; and in the battle between planning and action, action wins.§§In ancient times, people who were dissatisfied with their lives dreamed of finding magic lamps, buried treasure, or streets paved with gold. Today, we know that it's up to us to change our lives. And the best part is, if we change our own life, we can help others change theirs. This remarkable book will start you on your way.


Dog and How to Breed, Train and Keep Him - 2836773173

45,05 zł

Dog and How to Breed, Train and Keep Him Forgotten Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Excerpt from The Dog and How to Breed, Train and Keep Him: Containing Articles on the Breeding, Training and Keeping of the Dogs, as Well as the History, Description, and Peculiarities of the Different Breeds by Noted Fanciers, and Also a Chapter Upon Disease, Illustrated With Many Engraving From Life In this little work it is intended to give, for the ordinary dog owner and fancier, a short description of the more popular breeds, their peculiarities and characteristics, written by well-known fanciers, and also articles upon the breeding, training and keeping of the dog, giving such information as he would like to know, whether keeping dogs for profit or for pleasure. The articles have been purposely shorn of all technicalities, the illustrations have been taken from life, and it is sincerely hoped that the little monograph will make the keeping and breeding of a good dog as popular as it should be. The Origin and History of the Dog. The dog has been the faithful and constant companion of man from the very earliest times. He is supposed to have been the first of the animal kingdom domesticated, and when the greater proportion of the earth's population subsisted from the fruits of the chase, his instincts, as a hunter, were relied upon almost entirely to furnish food. The dog is mentioned by Homer in his poems, and is pictured upon the Egyptian monuments which have been standing for over five thousand years. Thus, for centuries, the dog has been the well-tried assistant of man, in guarding the flocks and herds, and even the master himself has relied upon the prowess of his friend. His sagacity, fidelity and usefulness are too well known to every one to be repeated, though it may be said that he surpasses, in intellectual qualities, even the semi-human elephant. A great many pages have been written upon the origin of the dog, but many facts remain so in obscurity that no definite conclusions can be drawn from them. It is supposed, however, that all breeds had a common origin which fashion and environment have so shaped that there are now, probably, over two hundred varieties of dogs. The dog is well adapted to hunting, for he has a good sight, strong powers of scent, and almost human sagacity. His courage and fierceness, in defense of his master or a charge, make him one of the most valuable adjuncts to man. The dog belongs to the division Vertebrata, class Mammalia, order Ferae, family Felidae, sub-family Canina, the species known as Canis familiaris. The sub-family, Canina, includes the dog, wolf, jackal and fox. This sub-family is distinguished by having two tubercular teeth behind its canine teeth in the upper jaw. The dog has the pupils of the eye round, while in the fox they are like those of the cat, perpendicular slits, and in the wolf oblique ones. While the dog is chiefly the inhabitant of cold and temperate climates, it is only in the temperate zone that he reaches the highest perfection. Naturally living upon meat, the dog when domesticated will live upon vegetable matter, but thrives best upon a mixed diet of vegetable and animal substances. Almost everyone has his particular fancy for a variety; each breed presents its peculiar characteristics, but whatever one is selected, there is no servant of man who does his work so cheerfully as the dog, or that has his sweet disposition and forgiving nature. How to Breed a Dog. A physician once said that to bring up a perfect child, you must begin with his great grandfather, and to breed a good dog you must commence even further back. You must make the breed you have selected a thorough and exhaustive study, learn all its characteristics, its peculiarities, and, above all, study its defects and flaws. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find mo


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