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Full-Time RV Living: Live the Stress-Free Life in Your RV: (RV Parks, RV Living) - 2848686906

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Full-Time RV Living: Live the Stress-Free Life in Your RV: (RV Parks, RV Living)



Mayo Clinic Guide to Stress-free Living - 2826835105

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Mayo Clinic Guide to Stress-free Living Perseus Books Group

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Have you ever driven several miles without noticing anything on the road, or read a page in a book without registering any of it? Do the day's worries and disappointments crowd your mind as you're trying to fall asleep at night? Do you feel stressed much of the time and aren't sure how to find peace? In this book, Amit Sood, M.D., M.Sc., a Mayo Clinic specialist in stress and resiliency, reveals how the mind's instinctive restlessness and shortsightedness generate stress and anxiety and presents strategies for living a more peaceful life. The book is based on the highly popular stress management program offered at Mayo Clinic that Dr. Sood developed after two decades of work with tens of thousands of people. Drawing on groundbreaking brain research, Dr. Sood helps you understand the brain's two modes and how an imbalance between them produces unwanted stress. From this basis, you learn skills that will help you: Develop deep and sustained attention Practice gratitude, compassion and acceptance Live a meaningful life Cultivate nurturing relationships Achieve your highest potential All of these concepts are weaved into a practical and fun journey that has been tested in numerous scientific studies, with consistently positive results. Take the first step to discover greater peace and joy for you and your loved ones. "Dr. Sood has put together a simple, secular and structured program that is anchored in science, is free of rituals and dogmas, and is accessible to everyone. This book can change your life."--Dr. Andrew Weil "An important innovative approach to well-being, one we all should know about."--Dr. Daniel Goleman


365 Days For Stress-free And Peaceful Living - 2850528877

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365 Days For Stress-free And Peaceful Living

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Mindfulness: 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge: Step-By-Step Guide to Living a Stress-Free Happy Life - 2850852249

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Mindfulness: 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge: Step-By-Step Guide to Living a Stress-Free Happy Life



Blood Pressure Solution: Your Trustworthy Guide to Lowering Your Blood Pressure and Living a Happy, Healthy, and Stress Free Life - 2849969417

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Blood Pressure Solution: Your Trustworthy Guide to Lowering Your Blood Pressure and Living a Happy, Healthy, and Stress Free Life



Autism: Discover the Secrets for Successfully Living with Autism That Teach You How to Cope and Remain Free of Stress All the - 2849017316

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Autism: Discover the Secrets for Successfully Living with Autism That Teach You How to Cope and Remain Free of Stress All the



Stress Free Home  Beautiful Interiors for Serenity and H - 2212827088

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Stress Free Home Beautiful Interiors for Serenity and H Rockport Publishers

Inne 1

Have you ever wished your home acted more like a peaceful sanctuary for you to escape to at the end of the day? The Stress-Free Home can help! Open the door, take off your shoes, and unwind. You're home -- cocooned in the private space that belongs to you. Personal and professional issues cause stress in our lives that we can't always control. By making your environment comfortable and relaxing, you can optimize the hours spent at home by creating an environment that nurtures your inner soul. Placement of objects such as mirrors, artwork, and plant life have a greater purpose than just being aesthetically pleasing. Through the ages, we have learned from ancient cultures that color, pattern, and arrangement of possessions have a profound affect on our mood. Ultimately, the residual effects of a serene environment will overflow into every aspect of your life. Stress seems to be a universal by-product of modern life. But crafting a satisfying environment in your home is one of the most effective ways of minimizing its effects.The Stress-Free Home brings you contemporary philosophies to guide you through a wide range of practical and inspirational design practices that will result in a home that is truly a peaceful sanctuary. Living in a truly comfortable and harmonious environment will not only ease the tensions of the day, it will nurture your soul and overflow into every aspect of your life. nside you will find more than one hundred inspiring and colorful photographs illustrating a variety of styles, which give practical cues to inspire your creative process. From bathrooms to boudoirs, backyards to breakfast nooks, the secret to serenity is in the details and can be easily achieved. Find your personal sense of spirituality and share the resulting benefits with your loved ones. The subtle touches that enhance your place of peace are revealed within the pages of The Stress-Free Home.


Anti-oxidative stress of two Egyptian crustacean extracts in rat - 2834692904

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Anti-oxidative stress of two Egyptian crustacean extracts in rat LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

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Antioxidants or free radical scavengers are very important in protecting the living cells against any damage induced by free radicals which are produced continuously in cells either during phagocytosis or accidentally as by-product metabolites. Each biological system has certain antioxidant mechanisms against the aggregations of such free radicals. Products from freshwater and marine sources have recently become attractive as nutraceutical and functional foods as well as a source material for the development of drugs and specific health foods. Since, the red swamp crayfish, Procambarus clarkii (Girard, 1852) and Erugosquilla massavensis, (Koossmann,1880) are rich in taurine and other sulphur containing amino acid, we aim to throw the light for the first time in Egypt on their antioxidant activity and subsequently their curative effect against CCl4 induced hepatotoxicity and nephrotoxicity as well as erythrocytes toxicity in rats.


Addicted to Stress - 2845293969

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Addicted to Stress Jossey Bass Wiley

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A woman's down-to-earth guide for releasing stress and reclaiming her free-spirit Stress management expert and radio personality Debbie Mandel presents her highly original program for stress reduction. She explains that women who are constantly stressed out have forgotten the dreams of the free-spirited girl living inside them before they became somebody's wife, mother, or workplace colleague. This book, the inspiring and humorous story of successful recovery from stress addiction, outlines her seven steps that have proven to help women overcome daily stressors and reclaim a life of joy and spontaneity. Explores the habit forming pressure principle of stress addiction and how to cure it Provides step-by-step program for self-empowerment, self-care, healthy narcissism, and renewing humor in a woman's relationships Explains the powerful, researched based relationship between food, exercise, and mood Contains indispensable strategies for accepting constructive conflicts with a spouse, partner, friend or colleague to get what she wants Teaches specific techniques for reducing and eliminating stress reduction Addicted to Stress shows how as the addiction to stress is cured, women find it possible to build up an immunity to outside pressure and become their true core self.


Living without Fear - 2841423043

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Living without Fear DEEP BOOKS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A concise yet life-transforming work that will help many people move past the crippling fear that has stopped them from living their destined life. Does fear stop you from living your life to the fullest? In "Living Without Fear," Holmes brilliantly navigates the reader through and away from anxiety, despair, and stress and toward the path to a richer experience in living. Learn to think constructively and creatively and to liberate yourself, finally, from all limitations so you can lead a life of greater health, happiness, and abundance. "Living Without Fear" is your guide to a life of peaceful selfactualization, free from the fear of what you don't want in your life, as well as from the fear of not receiving what you do want. This courageous, luminary book puts the power back into the reader's hands. Here is the end of fear.


A Year Of Living Mindfully - 2846934566

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A Year Of Living Mindfully

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Health & personal development>Mind, Body, Spirit>Meditation & visualisation

Experience A Year Of Living Mindfully With Weekly Activities And Practices That Will Help You Enjoy A More Stress-free, Contented And Fulfilled Life.


Casual Living - 2826629789

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Casual Living Ryland Peters & Small

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Many of us live stressful lives, so we deserve a home that delivers no-fuss style for comfortable living. "Casual Living" puts such a goal firmly within reach. In the first section, Casual Style, Judith maps out the three facets of the look - Country Casual, City Casual and Seaside Casual - so you can identify the style that suits you best. Next, Casual Elements focuses on the different ingredients that come together to create the perfect home. In part three, Casual Rooms, Judith shows how the style translates to every room in the house, from Relaxed Kitchens to Soothing Bathrooms and Cosy Sitting Rooms to Tranquil Bedrooms, taking in Children's Spaces along the way. We can't all achieve the perfect, stress-free life, but in "Casual Living" Judith Wilson will inspire you to create a practical, welcoming and comfortable home that you'll enjoy and appreciate every day.


Gluten-free Made Simple - 2844395420

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Gluten-free Made Simple Saint Martin's Griffin,U.S.

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Most families with a member with Celiac disease struggle to get food on the table that everyone can enjoy. This easy-to-use cookbook focuses on creating simple and tasty recipes with a minimum of stress. Most of the dishes use ingredients that are easily found in supermarkets and don't require the exotic flours or expensive ingredients found in other gluten-free cookbooks. With over 100 gluten-free recipes for every meal of the day from entrees, soups, salads, and appetizers, to desserts and other baked goods, here is a book that lives up to the promise of making it so simple even first time cooks can create gluten-free meals the whole family can share. "Gluten-Free Made Simple" also includes: complete nutritional analysis for every recipe; step-by-step photos helpful to beginners; a list of naturally gluten-free foods available in supermarkets; icons to indicate high protein, low fat, high fibre, casein-free, egg-free and/or vegetarian; and, information about gluten, celiac disease and living a gluten-free lifestyle. One of the fastest growing segments in nutrition is understanding the role of gluten and its effect on the immune system. This book offers guidance to people struggling to make sense of their food options while cooking delicious food for themselves and their families.


Indigo Teen Dreams - 2846572127

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Indigo Teen Dreams Stress Free Kids Llc

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Indigo Teen Dreams allows teenagers to manage stress, anger, and anxiety while increasing self-esteem and self-awareness. Teens explore relaxation and stress-management techniques while receiving guided instructions on the techniques of breathing, visualizations, muscular relaxation, and affirmations. This straightforward, easy to follow approach encourages teens to take charge of their own feelings and stress. It provides a safe place where teens can be themselves while not worrying about peer pressure or living up to anyone's expectations. It is motivating, encouraging, and instructional at the same time! Additional uplifting music sound tracks are provided to further enhance their relaxation experience. These proven techniques provide tools for adolescents trying to make their way in today's world. Teens are encouraged to make good choices and believe in themselves while managing stress and anger. Great for young people entering middle school through high school.


Premium Massana Megawhirl Nowośc - 2832980272

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Premium Massana Megawhirl Nowośc Dystrybucja Extrahome


Okazało się jednak, że za stosunkowo przystępną cenę można posiadać aparat zmieniający własną łazienkę w prywatną klinikę balneologiczną, tlenoterapeutyczną, gabinet masażu i jaccuzi jednocześnie. Urządzenia do kąpieli perełkowej dają swym posiadaczom wszystkie rozkosze relaksu, jakiego zażywać można w wannach z hydromasażem, będąc jednocześnie od tych ostatnich co najmniej trzykrotnie tańszymi, mniej awaryjnymi, a ponadto nie wymagającymi przebudowy łazienki, ani podnoszenia ciśnienia wody. Do najczęstszych schorzeń przy których zalecane są kąpiele z hydromasażem to: bóle mięśni i kręgosłupa, artretyzm, bóle reumatyczne, stany pourazowe po złamaniach i zwichnięciach, problemy z oddychaniem, niedociśnienie i nadciśnienie tętnicze, dolegliwości ginekologiczne, bezsenność, napięcia nerwowe, stres, otyłość, problemy z cerą. Przedstawiane Państwu urządzenie do kąpieli perełkowej jest wysoce funkcjonalne. Zapewnia użytkownikom duży komfortużytkowania oraz z pewnością przyczyni się do poprawy Państwa zdrowia i samopoczucia. Mata massana jest w stanie wytwarzać 15 milionów pęcherzyków na sekundę. Tym samym powoduje sensacyjne i rewelacyjne oddziaływanie na organizm. Jest wynikiem najnowszych badań Biocomfortu oraz niezależnych partnerów. Jedyny swego rodzaju i całkiem nowo opatentowany jest filtr runowy (włóknisty) przy macie. Jest on tak elastyczny, że przy małym ciśnieniu powietrza dmuchawy powstają niezwykle gęste i delikatne perełki, a przy wysokim ciśnieniu powodują one silny masaż ciała. Runo (włókno) to filtruje w czasie pracy także cząstki zanieczyszczonego powietrza tak. że powietrze nad wodą w tym pomieszczeniu zawiera w istocie o wiele mniej cząstek kurzu niż w pozostałych pomieszczeniach. Płuca i oskrzela zyskują i korzystają tu jeszcze raz z rewelacyjnego oddziaływania maty.   Everything can be assembled effortlessly and fast, then cleared away again - in the smallest of spaces And that is unique. After all, everyone knows the space problems created by lots of individual parts. A few strokes of the hand and your private therapy spa is ready and whirling: after use it can be stored away in a minimum of space. That really is unique - but only with Massana The secret is the innovative Megawhirl mat! The new MegaWhirl aerated mat is the first of it's kind to be designed on the basis of the human body as the "measure of all things". Not only is the shape of the mat geared to the human body, but the layout of the massage jets is precisely matched to those points of the body which are frequently in pain. Areas massaged while you are lying down: Areas massaged while you are sitting: Cervical Spine: the effervescent massage durably relaxes tense muscles which are often the cause of headaches. Shoulder Area: an effective whirling massage that takes in the shoulder blades, joints and neck. The result is a targeted relaxation of tense muscular groups, reduction of strain on the tendon attachments on the back of the head. Lateral trunk muscles: these are the muscles that have to 'hold us up' day in and day out. So let's treat them to a beneficial massage in the evening, a gentle relaxation in warm water. Hips: strain occurs in this area due to frequent bending, sporting activities or even prolonged periods of sitting. The unique mixture of gentle and vigorous massage relaxes the strained muscles around the hip joint. Reflex Zones: when lying down, you can place the soles of your feet on the 4 jets at the end of the mat. The whirling massage stimulates the reflex zones, and simultaneously the function of internal organs. Cervical vertebrae: the whirling massage primarily targets the deeper tissue. The resultant relaxation improves the mobility of the hips and lower back. Sciatic nerve: a gentle massage of the lumbar region can soothe an inflamed nerve and loosen the cramp it has caused. Thigh: after prolonged periods spent on your feet or sitting with your legs tucked in, or strenuous bicycling and jogging, the muscle groups in the thigh region appreciate a refreshingly relaxing all round massage that also boosts the circulation. Knee: there are even 2 jets on either side of the mat for the overstrained and frequently painful knee joint. The aim is to loosen and flush out harmful waste products, as well as to improve the supply of blood to the joint. Calf: few people can claim they have never suffered from painful cramps in the calf. There are many reasons for such problems, but effective methods of treatment are few. Try the whirl massage, which envelops the entire peroneal muscles and kneads it through, almost like the hands of a professional masseur. Testimonials - Some Very Happy Clients I have had my Massana Megawhirl spa for nearly two years, and it is one of the best investments I have made in my health. Living with a chronic pain condition which affects my hands, arms, shoulders, neck and head, I find the spa of great help in alleviating the pain, stress and stiffness, I really noticed the difference when I was unable to use it for a few weeks. Pain and tension increased, and it was such a relief to get back to my magical spa sessions. I suffer from complex regional pain syndrome, and find that there are no drugs or quick fix treatments to help me, so the spa is a godsend. As a bonus, I have found that the texture and tone of my skin has improved, and annoying spots and pimples almost vanished. My skin is smoother, and creams and unguents are more effectively absorbed. My bathroom has become a temple of beauty and healing, and a sanctuary away from care and worry. In short, I cannot recommend the Massana Megawhirl highly enough. I would add though, that one needn't suffer from a pain condition in order to indulge and enjoy the benefits of this fabulous system! - H.Davies, Narrabundah ACT I purchased the Massana Biocomfort Spa System in Sept, 2003 and use it every 2-3 days. I am writing to let you know that I consider it to be one of the best investments I have ever made. The bath is easy to use, its many features are simple to operate and one has a feeling of total relaxation at the conclusion of the personally nominated bath time. I would have no hesitation in recommending your product to anyone seeking total bath enjoyment. May I also take this opportunity to congratulate your company and staff for the outstanding service and courtesy extended to me when ordering supplies." - M Klein, Surrey Hills, Melbourne, Victoria   Aches & Pains "As a retired Medical Reactionary, with over 40 years in active practice, it did all you claim in the matter of relieving aches and pains. It is indeed and excellent piece of apparatus and we are delighted with it." - R.M. Williams, Vic (B.Sch.M.B.B.Ch) "I no longer need Physiotherapy treatment and rarely, if ever, need to take pain killers. I was able to increase my daily walk to a regular half hour and sometimes longer. Being free of pain means I sleep better, and for a longer period of time, thus facilitating further healing." - A.S.Thompson, SA Arthritis "I was getting physio treatment for my arthritis. Since purchasing the "Massana" I have no need for physio nor do I have to take tablets." - Betty McKenzie, Vic. Back Pain "I have found relief for my back and other aching limbs. The other members of the family enjoy its soothing qualities. I thought I would be able to use the spa at any time but find I almost have to book the bathroom to use it." - David Keall, Vic. Bronchitis "My bronchitis has just about disappeared completely, and now instead of many visits to the physio for my back pain management , I find 10 minutes from the spa has provided equal relief, and I can do it in the comfort of my own home." - Michelle Dennis, Vic. General "The Massana is much better than our own spa bath into which the portable one has been placed. The built-in spa never worked properly, it often splashed all over the walls and floor of our bathroom but also, at time, its water contained black dirt which we had never been able to eradicate. No complaints with this Massana spa which receives full marks." - Mrs L Barlow, Vic. Muscular Dystrophy "Vince has muscular dystrophy and his muscle tone and power is severely affected. Vince has found the spa to be very therapeutic for relaxing his muscle tone and enabling him to move more freely and maintain the function that he has." - Sandra Dunstone, Norther Disability Linkages, Vic. Muscular Pain "Apart from feeling totally relaxed after a spa, I find that I am more alert, require less sleep, and have total relief from any muscular pain. My only regret is that I cannot stay in the Massana spa all day." - Steve O'Connor, NSW "I suffer from a very painful muscular disorder. With very little relief from prescription drugs, I started looking at the natural alternatives and found your products have brought tremendous relief to me for which I, my muscles, and (because I am easier to live with), my husband are very grateful." - Margaret Banyer, SA Poor Circulation "The massage therapy of the "Massana" is a great benefit to residents with circulatory problems, enhancing their skin conditions and promoting healing." - Director of Nursing, Mrs Blyton, Dromana Private Hospital, Vic. Rheumatism "I was suffering from muscular rheumatism for about 12 months and was on medication which helped for a period of time. After 2 to 3 weeks (of using the Massana) I was feeling very much better,my whole body free of pain and cramp." - John Sutton, Tas. Sciatica "As an 88 year old, I use it on a daily basis, and have not needed to revisit my physiotherapist over the past fourteen months. Without this sciatica problem, I am getting around like a champion." - Eric Whillans, Vic. Stress Relief "Many of our children are restless and unsettled. Putting them in the bath with the spa on relaxes and calms them. It has a very settling affect and they enjoy it immensely." - Sandra Yole, Very Special Kids, Vic.   Technical Data Massana Air Whirling Blower 800 W current input, 300W heating output, energy saving by automatic cutoff at operating temperature. Air flow rate 1250 l/min., impact pressure 140 mbar, air temperature at inlet of air whirling mat 55'C. Safety system protecting against back flowing water integrated in motor unit. Megawhirl Mat Maximum length 1390mm, maximum width 400mm, weight with injection valve and seat cushion 2.5kgs. UV treated soft PVC. Mat upper part: 42 air delivery jets. A megawhirl or cover plate can be placed on every air delivery jet instead of a fleece rosette. For technical reasons, however, no more than 5 cover plates may be used at any time. Mat bottom part: 40 suction cups to stop sliding.     Benefits And Usage Of The Massana Spa & 42 Jet Massage Softest, most comfortable and durable Spa Pad and fully adjustable jets Safest, Non-Slip Pad with extra large suctions Largest Inbuilt Heating System (300 watt heater) Approved and used in over 80 Government and Private Hospitals throughout Australia, for hospital patient treatment. Fits any size bath, fully portable stand up model. It is so portable, you can even take it on holidays with you. No installation, no tiling, building or plumbing costs. Economical to run, 8 cents per 1/2 hour on full speed. The Massana Spa produces OZONE which is instantly converted to OXYGEN in your bath. This has a sterilising influence, inhibits infection, deodorises and promotes healing and circulation. Water-saving - you only need to half fill your bath. An 8 minute shower will use 250 litres of water while a very full bath  will just top 120 litres. (Reference: Woman's Day 22/5/95). 10 speed variable control to adjust to your requirements. 5 speed variable Massage program plus drying cycle 2 year Australia wide guarantee. As powerful as a built in spa, the Massana provides 42 adjustable jets in a rotating swirling action to massage the whole body. When using the Massana spa your circulation improves and this supplies more nutrients to your body which improves skin tone, removes toxins from the body and gives you a feeling of well-being. Sleeping improves and joint swelling will be reduced. We have many happy customers that gain relief from Arthritis, Back Pain, Poor Circulation, Neck Tension, Stress, Asthma, Emphysema and Bronchitis 1. Finest micro-bubble massage Relaxes and reduces pressure Soothes and harmonizes Lifts your mood 2. The MegaWhirl bath Massages and purifies Boosts the flow of blood Stabilises the circulation 3. Optimum bathing comfort Exchangeable aerator jets The world's only cabinet appliance Clearly organised, simple and safe to use


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