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The Vocation of Theology Today - 2862406138

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The Vocation of Theology Today Cascade Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Description: What is the task of theology in a complex religious and secular world? What are theologians called to contribute to society, the churches, and the academy? Can theology be both fully faithful to Christian tradition and Scripture, and fully open to the challenges of the twenty-first century? In this book, an international team of contributors, including some of the best-known names in the field, respond to these questions in programmatic essays that set the direction for future debates about the vocation of theology. David Ford, in whose honor the collection is produced, has been for many years a key figure in articulating and shaping the role of contemporary theology. The contributors are his colleagues, collaborators, and former students, and their essays engage in dialogue with his work. The main unifying feature of this exciting collection is not Ford's work per se, however, but a shared engagement with the pressing question of theology's vocation today. Endorsements: "This lively and intellectually rich book offers a serious and affectionate tribute to perhaps the most important Christian theologian of our time: David Ford. With careful academic attention to his teaching and writing, it allows the reader to understand the luminous theory and praxis of a living theologian, showing how a life of intellectual and religious reasoning about the call of Scripture can truly change the world." --Laurie Zoloth, Northwestern University "A rich and diverse collection of essays, this book is a fine testimony to the capacity of David Ford as a Christian theologian. It not only connects church and the university, worship and theology, the academic study of religion and the Abrahamic faiths, but it also encourages others to share that vocation and fulfill its vision." --David Fergusson, University of Edinburgh "This sparkling set of essays is a fitting testimony to the limitless insight that emerges from the unique kind of conversation David has embodied for us and fostered among so many of his friends. The gratitude the reader will feel toward the authors will properly turn into gratitude for the man himself, and for the God whose 'face' David has been inviting us to behold for so many years." --Jeremy Begbie, Duke University "David Ford's creativity, passion, inclusiveness, and generosity of spirit have enabled him to engage with a broad perspective in the landscape of faith; through encouragement, vision, and joy, he has mentored students and co-created with colleagues, modeling a collegial way of praising God. This excellent volume reflects those discussions leading them to a new level of maturity. I commend it wholeheartedly." Iain R. Torrance, Princeton Theological Seminary "This is a sparkling collection--a fitting tribute to David's great capacity to encourage and support a new generation of exciting thinkers in the magnificent new Divinity School for which he has been the chief inspiration." George Newlands, President of Society for the Study of Theology. About the Contributor(s): Tom Greggs is Professor of Historical and Doctrinal Theology at the University of Aberdeen. Rachel Muers is Senior Lecturer in Christian Studies at the University of Leeds. Simeon Zahl is Junior Research Fellow in Theology at St John's College, Oxford University


Peter Y Paik - Debt - 2862087368

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Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

From personal finance and consumer spending to ballooning national expenditures on warfare and social welfare, debt is fundamental to the dynamics of global capitalism. The contributors to this volume explore the concept of indebtedness in its various senses and from a wide range of perspectives. They observe that many views of ethics, citizenship, and governance are based on a conception of debts owed by one individual to others; that artistic and literary creativity involves the artist's dialogue with the works of the past; and that the spectre of catastrophic climate change has underscored the debt those living in the present owe to future generations.


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