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Hitler's Bastard - 2850997816

95,10 zł


Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Of all the extraordinary individual accounts that have come out of the Second World War and its aftermath, few can compare with that of Eric Pleasants, a member of the 'bastard' British wing of Hitler's SS - the British Free Corps. In this compelling autobiography, Pleasants writes of the bizarre and traumatic years he spent as a prisoner of the twentieth century's most notorious dictators. A life-long pacifist, Pleasants spent the early years of the war on occupied Jersey. He was imprisoned by the Nazis for petty crimes and the years that followed held a whirlwind of unexpected turns. He lived life on the run in occupied Paris, was captured and recruited into the British Free Corps of the Waffen SS, found love with a young German woman, witnessed the bombing of Dresden and attempted to escape from Soviet troops along the sewers of Berlin. When the war ended, Pleasants found himself on the Communist side of the Iron Curtain. By now a strong man in a travelling circus, he was arrested by the KGB on charges of espionage and sentenced to 25 years' slave labour in the notorious camps of Artic Russia. Only with Stalin's death in 1953 was Pleasants finally released from his unique kind of purgatory, after nearly half a lifetime of peripatetic nightmare. He died in 1998 at the age of 87. Hitler's Bastard remains a remarkable testimony to his imperishable will to survive.


From The Knees Of My Heart, Chrysalis Years 1979 - 1981 - 2839295447

54,99 zł

From The Knees Of My Heart, Chrysalis Years 1979 - 1981 Warner Music


1. Just Another Night (2009 - Remaster) 2. Wild East (2009 - Remaster) 3. Cleveland Rocks (2009 - Remaster) 4. Ships (2009 - Remaster) 5. When The Daylight Comes (2009 - Remaster) 6. Life After Death (2009 - Remaster) 7. Standin' In My Light (2009 - Remaster) 8. Bastard (2009 - Remaster) 9. The Outsider (2009 - Remaster) 10. Don't Let Go (Demo) 11. The Other Side Of Life (Outtake) 12. Ships (Early Version) 13. When The Daylight Comes (Early Version) 14. Just Another Night (Ronsonesque Version) 15. The Outsider (Early Version) 16. Alibi 101. F.b.i. (Live) 102. Once Bitten Twice Shy (Live) 103. Angeline (Live) 104. Laugh At Me (Live) 105. All The Way From Memphis (Live) 106. I Wish I Was Your Mother (Live) 107. Irene Wilde (Live) 108. Just Another Night (Live) 109. Cleveland Rocks (Live) 110. Standin' In My Light (Live) 111. Bastard (Live) 112. Walking With A Mountain/rock 'N' Roll Queen (Live) 113. All The Young Dudes (Live) 114. Slaughter On Tenth Avenue (Live) 115. One Of The Boys (Live) 116. The Golden Age Of Rock & Roll (Live) 201. Central Park 'N' West (2000 - Remaster) 202. Lisa Likes Rock 'N' Roll (2000 - Remaster) 203. I Need Your Love (2000 - Remaster) 204. Old Records Never Die (2000 - Remaster) 205. Noises (2000 - Remaster) 206. Rain (2000 - Remaster) 207. Gun Control (2000 - Remaster) 208. Theatre Of The Absurd (2000 - Remaster) 209. Leave Me Alone (2000 - Remaster) 210. Keep On Burning (2000 - Remaster) 211. Na Na Na 212. I Believe In You 213. Listen To The Eight Track 214. You Stepped Into My Dreams 215. Venus In The Bathtub 216. Detroit (Take 1) 217. China (Rough Mix With Ronson Vocal) 301. Once Bitten Twice Shy (Live At The Dr Pepper Festi 302. Gun Control (Live At The Dr Pepper Festival, New Y 303. Central Park N' West (Live At The Dr Pepper Festiv 304. All The Way From Memphis/honky Tonk Women (Live At 305. I Need Your Love (Live At The Dr Pepper Festival 306. Noises (Live At The Dr Pepper Festival, New York C 307. Just Another Night (Live At The Dr Pepper Festival 308. Cleveland Rocks (Live At The Dr Pepper Festival, N 309. Irene Wilde (Live At The Dr Pepper Festival, New Y 310. Medley: All The Young Dudes (Live At The Dr Pepper 311. Sons & Daughters (Live) (Alternate Version) 312. We Gotta Get Out Of Here (Alternate Version) 313. Silver Needles (Live) 314. Man O' War (Live)


Natasha's Dance - 2212836413

54,10 zł

Natasha's Dance Penguin

Powieści i opowiadania

Orlando Figes


Box Set (Box) - 2843979065

144,99 zł

Box Set (Box)


1. Carousel 2. M+m's 3. Fentoozler 4. Touchdown Boy 5. Strings 6. Peggy Sue 7. Sometimes 8. Does My Breath Smell? 9. Cacophony 10. Tv 11. Toast & Bananas 12. Wasting Time 13. Romeo & Rebecca 14. Ben Wah Balls 15. Just About Done 16. Depends 101. Pathetic 102. Voyeur 103. Dammit 104. Boring 105. Dick Lips 106. Waggy 107. Enthused 108. Untitled 109. Apple Shampoo 110. Emo 111. Josie 112. A New Hope 113. Degenerate 114. Lemmings 115. I'm Sorry/ Dog Lapping 201. Dumpweed 202. Don't Leave Me 203. Aliens Exist 204. Going Away To College 205. What's My Age Again? 206. Dysentery Gary 207. Adam's Song 208. All The Small Things 209. The Party Song 210. Mutt 211. Wendy Clear 212. Anthem 301. Dumpweed (Live/1999) 302. Don't Leave Me (Live/1999) 303. Aliens Exist (Live/1999) 304. Family Reunion (Live/1999) 305. Going Away To College (Live/1999) 306. What's My Age Again? (Live/1999) 307. Dick Lips (Live/1999) 308. Blow Job (Live/1999) 309. Untitled (Live/1999) 310. Voyeur (Live/1999) 311. Pathetic (Live/1999) 312. Adam's Song (Live/1999) 313. Peggy Sue (Live/1999) 314. Wendy Clear (Live/1999) 315. Carousel (Live/1999) 316. All The Small Things (Live/1999) 317. Mutt (Live/1999) 318. The Country Song (Live/1999) 319. Dammit (Live/1999) 320. Man Overboard 321. Skit 1 (Live/1999/the Mark, Tom & Travis Show (T 322. Skit 2 (Live/1999/the Mark, Tom & Travis Show (T 323. Skit 3 (Live/1999/the Mark, Tom & Travis Show (T 324. Skit 4 (Live/1999/the Mark, Tom & Travis Show (T 325. Skit 5 (Live/1999/the Mark, Tom & Travis Show (T 326. Skit 6 (Live/1999/the Mark, Tom & Travis Show (T 327. Skit 7 (Live/1999/the Mark, Tom & Travis Show (T 328. Skit 8 (Live/1999/the Mark, Tom & Travis Show (T 329. Skit 9 (Live/1999/the Mark, Tom & Travis Show (T 330. Skit 10 (Live/1999/the Mark, Tom & Travis Show ( 331. Skit 11 (Live/1999/the Mark, Tom & Travis Show ( 332. Skit 12 (Live/1999/the Mark, Tom & Travis Show ( 333. Skit 13 (Live/1999/the Mark, Tom & Travis Show ( 334. Skit 14 (Live/1999/the Mark, Tom & Travis Show ( 335. Skit 15 (Live/1999/the Mark, Tom & Travis Show ( 336. Skit 16 (Live/1999/the Mark, Tom & Travis Show ( 337. Skit 17 (Live/1999/the Mark, Tom & Travis Show ( 338. Skit 18 (Live/1999/the Mark, Tom & Travis Show ( 339. Skit 19 (Live/1999/the Mark, Tom & Travis Show ( 340. Skit 20 (Live/1999/the Mark, Tom & Travis Show ( 341. Skit 21 (Live/1999/the Mark, Tom & Travis Show ( 342. Skit 22 (Live/1999/the Mark, Tom & Travis Show ( 343. Skit 23 (Live/1999/the Mark, Tom & Travis Show ( 344. Skit 24 (Live/1999/the Mark, Tom & Travis Show ( 345. Skit 25 (Live/1999/the Mark, Tom & Travis Show ( 346. Skit 26 (Live/1999/the Mark, Tom & Travis Show ( 347. Skit 27 (Live/1999/the Mark, Tom & Travis Show ( 348. Skit 28 (Live/1999/the Mark, Tom & Travis Show ( 349. Words Of Wisdom (Live/1999/the Mark, Tom & Travi 401. Anthem Part Two 402. Online Songs 403. First Date 404. Happy Holidays, You Bastard 405. Story Of A Lonely Guy 406. The Rock Show 407. Stay Together For The Kids 408. Roller Coaster 409. Reckless Abandon 410. Every Time I Look For You 411. Give Me One Good Reason 412. Shut Up 413. Please Take Me Home 501. Feeling This 502. Obvious 503. I Miss You 504. Violence 505. Stockholm Syndrome Interlude 506. Stockholm Syndrome 507. Down 508. The Fallen Interlude 509. Go 510. Asthenia 511. Always 512. Easy Target 513. All Of This 514. Here's Your Letter 515. I'm Lost Without You 601. Ghost On The Dance Floor 602. Natives 603. Up All Night 604. After Midnight 605. Heart's All Gone 606. Wishing Well 607. Kaleidoscope 608. This Is Home 609. Mh 4.18.2011 610. Love Is Dangerous


Marriage Game - 2826703924

39,57 zł

Marriage Game Arrow Books Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Bestselling historian Alison Weir brings all her knowledge of Elizabeth I to vivid life in a novel of intrigue, sex, plots, mysteries and tragedies, amid all the colour and pageantry of the Tudor court. Their affair is the scandal of Europe. Queen Elizabeth presents herself as the Virgin Queen but cannot resist her dashing but married Master of Horse, Lord Robert Dudley. Many believe them to be lovers, and there are scurrilous rumours that Elizabeth is no virgin at all. The formidable young Queen is regarded by most of Christendom as a bastard, a heretic and a usurper, yet many princes covet Tudor England and seek her hand in marriage. Under mounting pressure to take a husband, Elizabeth encourages their advances without ever committing; a delicate, politically-fraught balancing act which becomes known as 'The Marriage Game'. But treading this dangerous line with Robert Dudley, the son and grandson of traitors, could cost her the throne...Played out amidst the splendour of the Tudor court and the most famous events of a great age, The Marriage Game is a dramatic, complex and deeply poignant tale of intrigue, love and loss. At its heart is our greatest Queen and the emotional truth of one of history's most extraordinary love affairs.


Legacy of Honour - 2826998673

64,81 zł

Legacy of Honour ORBIT

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In a future age, Gird will be known as the patron saint of warriors. And although he inspired legend, he was once just a man with a cause. Poverty, fear and anger shaped Gird, as he struggled to survive under an oppressive aristocracy of mageborn magic-wielders. His innate hunger for justice and love for 'his' people have taken him from humble beginnings to leadership of a peasant army. Where reason has failed, it seems the only way to end tyranny is rebellion, with perhaps some help from the gods. But Gird's fondness for drink threatens his mission and his life, as his strengths are tempered with weakness. In his passion to achieve his goals, Gird has also overlooked a great danger in his own camp. He knows his follower Luap is the bastard son of a king. But in spite of Luap's oath to seek no throne and to renounce his mage heritage, he cannot forget his past. And this will shape the Fellowship of Gird in a way no one wanted or predicted.


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