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Dance Me to the End of Love - 2836773058

149,06 zł

Dance Me to the End of Love AuthorHouse

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna


Dance Me to the End of Love - 2826774574

84,95 zł

Dance Me to the End of Love Random House

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

An art and poetry book in one.


Universal Music 0634479320767 LET ME INTRODUCE YOU TO THE END - A LOVE OF THE SEA - 1960888022

28,98 zł

Universal Music 0634479320767 LET ME INTRODUCE YOU TO THE END - A LOVE OF THE SEA Universal Music



Dance Me To The End Of Lo - 2839643615

109,99 zł

Dance Me To The End Of Lo Rounder

Muzyka>Muzyka świata>Folk / Ludowa / Etno

1. Bukharester Bulgar 2. Di Mekhutonim Geyen / Tants A Freylekhs 3. Dance Me To The End Of Love 4. Taxim 5. Skotshne No.60 A La Merlin 6. Zol Nokh Zayn Shabes 7. Hora / Moscowith Medley 8. Freylekh Zayn 9. Bublitchki 10. Schlof In Zisn Ru 11. Dem Rebn's Nign 12. Der Terk In America 13. Baresh Katz Bulgar 14. Yism'khu 15. Nokh Eyn Tantz 16. Der Gasn Nign 17. Biz In Vaysn Tag Arayn 18. Khaikele 19. Dobranotsh


Expelled/The Calmative/the End with First Love - 2826731700

52,57 zł

Expelled/The Calmative/the End with First Love FABER & FABER

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

These four stories or 'nouvelles' date from 1945, though all were published much later, in French and subsequently in English. All make use of a first-person narrator, and relish its vagaries - the inability to remember facts, the uncertainty as to why he is speaking in the first place, the loss of heart when explanations seem called for...Above all, the stories crisply plot the narrator's plotless descent into vagrancy, the steeper as it approaches "The End". Out of these short works and their patient procedures grew the large canvases of "Molloy" and "Malone Dies". My bench was still there. It was shaped to fit the curves of the seated body. It stood beside a watering trough, gift of a Mrs Maxwell to the city horses, according to the inscription. During the short time I rested there, several horses took advantage of the monument. The iron shoes approached and the jingle of the harness. Then silence. That was the horse looking at me. Then the noise of pebbles and mud that horses make when drinking. Then the silence again. That was the horse looking at me again. Then the pebbles again. Then the silence again. Till the horse had finished drinking or the driver deemed it had drunk its fill. This title is edited by Christopher Ricks.


Love Me or Leave Me - 2826934448

42,47 zł

Love Me or Leave Me AVON, a division of HarperCollins Publishers Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A captivating romantic comedy that will tug on your heart-strings. The characters feel like friends and you won't want it to end! 'Welcome to the Hope Street Hotel - where you check in married, and check out single.' Two years ago Chloe Townsend was dumped at the altar and had to leave behind everything that mattered to her. Even now she's finding it hard to move forward. That is until she lands an incredible job, running a brand new boutique hotel. Suddenly she's starting to put her life back together, and, apart from the fact that her hard-to-please new boss is breathing down her neck, things are looking good. But what goes on in the Hope Street Hotel is a far cry from anything she's ever dealt with before. This is a pioneering 'divorce hotel' designed to make every aspect of breaking up efficient and pain-free. In one single weekend, Chloe's team promises to take care of everything - legal, technical, emotional - and guests check out carefree and single. No one is better qualified than Chloe to understand what couples need when their relationship is at breaking point, but she soon finds herself having to tackle the heartbreak she's tried to bury. In particular three couples need her help - Jo and Dave, Lucy and Andrew, and Kirk and Dawn - and the opening weekend is full of revelation, trouble, memories happy and sad, facts that need facing, and some very big surprises. It's time to move on. And it soon becomes clear that some endings are, in fact, very exciting new beginnings ...


Love Me Or Leave Me - 2841702811

43,99 zł

Love Me Or Leave Me

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Fiction & related items>Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)

A Captivating Romantic Comedy That Will Tug On Your Heart-strings. The Characters Feel Like Friends And You Won't Want It To End!


Kashif / Send Me Your Love - 2839335102

68,99 zł

Kashif / Send Me Your Love Cherry Red

Muzyka>Rhythm & Blues / Soul

1. Don't Stop My Love 2. Stone Love 3. I Just Gotta Have You 4. Help Yourself To My Love 5. Rumors 6. Say Somethin' Love 7. The Mood 8. All 9. Help Yourself To My Love (Live Vesion) 101. Baby Don't Break Your Baby's Heart 102. Ooh Love 103. Are You The Woman 104. Love Has No End 105. Call Me Tonight (Instrumental) 106. Send Me Your Love 107. I've Been Missin' You 108. Edgartown Groove 109. That's How It Goes 110. Baby Don't Break Your Baby's Heart


Send Me Your Love - 2841690083

74,99 zł


Muzyka>Rhythm & Blues / Soul

1. Baby Don't Break Your Baby's Heart 2. Ooh Love 3. Are You The Woman - Featuring Whitney Houston 4. Love Has No End 5. Call Me Tonight (Instrumental) 6. Send Me Your Love 7. I've Been Missing You 8. Edgartown Groove 9. That's How It Goes 10. Baby Don't Break Your Baby's Heart (Instrumental) 11. Baby Don't Break Your Baby's Heart (Single Version) 12. Ooh Love (Single Version) 13. Ooh Love (12 Inch Edit) 14. Ooh Love (Instrumental Version) 15. Are You The Woman - Featuring Whitney Houston (Single Versio


Love You Found Me - 2839437388

94,99 zł

Love You Found Me Shanachie


1. Sugar Fishno.00000 2. Toast & Jamno.00000 3. Strollin'no.00000 4. Love You Found Meno.00000 5. In The Shadowsno.00000 6. Let Me Love Youno.00000 7. The One You Lean Onno.00000 8. Right Back At Yano.00000 9. Midnight Kissno.00000 10. End Of The Dayno.00000 11. Shine Shoesno.00000


No End Or Time - 2839406359

56,99 zł

No End Or Time JASMINE

Muzyka>Rhythm & Blues / Soul

1. September Song 2. For Your Precious Love - The Impressions 3. Don't Take Your Love From Me 4. Come Back My Love - The Impressions 5. If You Let Me 6. The Challenge 7. Chi Town 8. Rainbow Valley 9. I Was Wrong 10. Lost 11. No End Or Time 12. You Go Right Through Me 13. He Will Break Your Heart 14. The Gift Of Love - The Impressions 15. Teardrops From My Eyes 16. Give Me Your Love - The Impressions 17. Have A Good Time 18. A Lonely Soldier 19. Thanks To You 20. Sweet Was The Wine - The Impressions 21. Butterfly 22. After The Laughter 23. The Lights Went Out 24. I Found A Love 25. Don't Drive Me Away - The Impressions 26. Love Me - The Impressions 27. Wthout Your Love 28. Couldn't Go To Sleep 29. I See A Fool


End Of Innocence - 2839395404

68,99 zł

End Of Innocence JASMINE


1. Starry Eyed - Michael Holiday 2. What Do You Want - Adam Faith 3. Why? - Anthony Newley 4. A Voice In The Wilderness - Cliff Richard 5. Poor Me - Adam Faith 6. Running Bear - Johnny Preston 7. My Old Man's A Dustman - Lonnie Donegan 8. Fall In Love With You - Cliff Richard 9. Stuck On You - Elvis Presley 10. Do You Mind - Anthony Newley 11. Cathy's Clown - The Everly Brothers 12. Someone Else's Baby - Adam Faith 13. Cradle Of Love - Johnny Preston 14. Three Steps To Heaven - Eddie Cochran 15. Good Timin' - Jimmy Jones 16. Ain't Misbehavin' - Tommy Bruce & The Bruisers 17. Please Don't Tease - Cliff Richard 18. Apache - The Shadows 19. My Heart Has A Mind Of Its Own - Connie Francis 20. Because They're Young - Duane Eddy 21. Only The Lonely - Roy Orbison 22. I'm Sorry - Brenda Lee 23. Tell Laura I Love Her - Ricky Valance 24. Nine Times Out Of Ten - Cliff Richard 25. Its Now Or Never - Elvis Presley 26. How About That - Adam Faith 101. Poetry In Motion - Johnny Tillotson 102. Save The Last Dance For Me - The Drifters 103. I Love You - Cliff Richard 104. Are You Lonesome Tonight - Elvis Presley 105. Sailor - Petula Clark 106. Are You Sure - The Allisons 107. Walk Right Back - The Everly Brothers 108. Theme For A Dream - Cliff Richard 109. Wooden Heart - Elvis Presley 110. You're Driving Me Crazy - The Temperance Seven 111. Blue Moon - The Marcels 112. Runaway - Del Shannon 113. Surrender - Elvis Presley 114. Temptation - The Everly Brothers 115. Well I Ask You - Eden Kane 116. You Don't Know - Helen Shapiro 117. Johnny Remember Me - John Leyton 118. Wild In The Country - Elvis Presley 119. Michael (Row The Boat Ashore) - The Highwaymen 120. Walkin' Back To Happiness - Helen Shapiro 121. Wild Wind - John Leyton 122. His Latest Flame - Elvis Presley 123. Take Good Care Of My Baby - Bobby Vee 124. Tower Of Strength - Frankie Vaughan 125. Moon River - Danny Williams 126. Stranger On The Shore - Mr Acker Bilk


End Records Story / Różni Wykonawcy (Uk) - 2839730366

19,99 zł

End Records Story / Różni Wykonawcy (Uk) IMPORTS


1. The Toledos - This Is The Night 2. Lewis Lymon & The Teenchords - I Found Out Why 3. The Flamingos - I Only Have Eyes For You 4. The Harmony Grits - Gee 5. Little Anthony & The Imperials - Tears On My Pil 6. Rockin' Ronald & The Rebels - Kansas City 7. Nicky & The Nobles - School Day Crush 8. The Delvets - Repeat After Me 9. The Starlighters - A Story Of Love 10. The Miracles - Money 11. The Bobbettes - Teach Me Tonight 12. Malcolm Dodds & The Tunedrops - It Took A Long T 13. The Shell Brothers - Shoma Dom Dom 14. The Dubs - Now That We Broke Up 15. The Chantels - I Love You So 16. The Dreamlovers - If I Should Lose You 17. The Flamingos - Yours 18. The Miracles - Got A Job 19. The Del Satins - I'll Pray For You 20. The Uniques - Hey Little Cupid 21. The Starlighters - I Cried 22. Little Richard - Troubles Of The World 23. Ronnie Jones & The Classmates - Lonely Boy 24. The Sweeties - After You 25. Vince Maloy - Hubba Hubba Ding Ding 101. Little Anthony - Shimmy, Shimmy, Ko-ko-bop 102. Lewis Lymon & The Teenchords - Too Young 103. The Chantels - Maybe 104. The Starlighters - You're The One To Blame 105. The Five Stars - Baby Baby 106. The Velours - My Love Come Back 107. The Shell Brothers - Whispering Winds 108. The Teenagers - Crying 109. Birdie Green - How Come 110. The Uniques - Tell The Angels 111. The Miracles - My Mama Done Told Me 112. Joe Shepard - What's The Matter Baby 113. Malcolm Dodds & The Tunedrops - Fools Rush In 114. The Flamingos - Ko Ko Mo 115. Little Richard - Milky White Way 116. The Four Cheers - Fatal Charms Of Love 117. Ronnie Jones & The Classmates - Teenage Rock 118. The Clusters - Pardon My Heart 119. The Starlighters - Birdland 120. Willie Wilson & The Tunemasters - I've Lied 121. Nicky & The Nobles - Schoolhouse Rock 122. Pete Morris - Walkin' Together 123. The Miracles - I Cry 124. Vince Maloy - Crazy About You 125. The Flamingos - Goodnight Sweetheart


West End Blues - The - 2839534473

129,99 zł

West End Blues - The FREMEAUX


1. You Made Me Love You 2. Irish Black Bottom 3. Pleadin' For The Blues 4. Pratt City Blues 5. Mess Katie Mess 6. Lovesick Blues 7. Lonesome Weary Blues 8. Easy Come Easy Go Blues 9. The Blues Stampede 10. I'm Goin Huntin' 11. If You Want To Be My Sugar Papa 12. Weary Blues 13. New Orleans Stomp 14. Wild Man Blues Take 1 15. Wild Man Blues Take 2 16. Melancholy Take 1 17. Melancholy Take 2 18. Dead Drunk Blues 19. Have You Ever Been Done 20. Lazy Man Blues 21. The Flood Blues 22. Chicago Breakdown 23. Sunshine Baby 101. Willie The Weeper 102. Wild Man Blues 103. Alligator Crawl 104. Potato Head Blues 105. Melancholy Blues 106. Weary Blues 107. Twelfth Street Rag 108. Keyhole Blues 109. S.o.l Blues 110. Gully Mow Blues 111. That's When I'll Come Back To You 112. Put'em Down Blues 113. Ory's Creole Trombone 114. The Last Time 115. Struttin' With Some Barbecue 116. Got No Blues 117. Once In A While 118. I'm Not Rough 119. Hotter Than That 120. Savoy Blues 121. You're A Real Sweetheart 122. Was It A Dream 201. Too Busy 202. Last Night I Dreamed You Kissed Me 203. Fireworks 204. Skip The Gutter 205. A Monday Date 206. Don't Jive Me 207. West End Blues 208. Sugar Foot Strut 209. Two Deuces 210. Squeeze Me 211. Knee Drops 212. Symphonic Raps 213. Savoyager Stomp 214. No 215. Basin Street Blues 216. No One Else But You 217. Beau Koo Jack 218. Save It Pretty Mama 219. Muggles 220. I Can't Give You Anything But Love 221. Baby 222. Sweethearts On Parade 223. I Must Have That Man


Till The End Of Time - 2839311469

52,99 zł

Till The End Of Time Warner Music / ZYX


1. Catch A Falling Star 2. No Other Love 3. Round And Round 4. A' -you're Adoreable 5. Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo (The Magic Song) 6. If 7. It's A Lovely Day Today 8. Papa Loves Mambo 9. More 10. Hot Diggity (Dog Ziggity Boom) 11. They Say It's Wonderful 12. Wanted 13. All At Once You Love Her 14. Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes 15. Hoop-dee-doo 16. Pa-paya Mama 17. Ko-ko-mo (I Love You So) 18. Kewpie Doll 101. Magic Moments 102. If I Loved You 103. Prisoner Of Love 104. Chi-baba, Chi Baba (My Bambino Go To Sleep) 105. Moon Talk 106. Just Born (To Be Your Baby) 107. Love Makes The World Go Round 108. Fooled 109. Jukebox Baby 110. Till The End Of Time 111. I'm Always Chasing Rainbows 112. Surrender 113. Ivy Rose 114. Mi Casa, Su Casa (My House Is Your House) 115. There Never Was A Night So Beautiful 116. Tina Marie 117. Somebody Up There Likes Me


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