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Love Me Today Hate Me Tomorrow - 2840830864

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Love Me Today Hate Me Tomorrow LRG ENT

Muzyka>Hip-hop / Rap


Today Tomorrow & Forever - 2839665461

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Today Tomorrow & Forever RCA

Muzyka>Rock>Rock & Roll

1. Harbor Lights 2. I Got A Woman 3. Shake, Rattle And Roll 4. I Want You, I Need You, I Love You 5. Heartbreak Hotel 6. Long Tall Sally 7. I Was The One 8. Money Honey 9. I Got A Woman 10. Blue Suede Shoes 11. Hound Dog 12. Rip It Up 13. Don't Forbid Me/you Belong To My Heart 14. I Beg Of You 15. There'll Be Peace In The Valley (For Me) 16. Is It So Strange 17. Got A Lot O' Livin' To Do (Movie Master Take) 18. Loving You 19. Treat Me Nice 20. Young And Beautiful 21. I Want To Be Free 22. Steadfast, Loyal And True (Undubbed Master) 23. Doncha' Think It's Time 24. I Need Your Love Tonight 25. I Got Stung 26. The Fool 101. Make Me Know It 102. Are You Lonesome Tonight? 103. G.i. Blues 104. Pocketful Of Rainbows 105. Flaming Star (Main And End Title Versions) 106. Swing Down Sweet Chariot 107. Lonely Man 108. There's Always Me 109. Can't Help Falling In Love 110. I'm Yours 111. Follow That Dream 112. Anything That's Part Of You 113. King Of The Whole Wide World 114. Gonna Get Back Home Somehow 115. A Boy Like Me, A Girl Like You 116. They Remind Me Too Much Of You 117. Mexico 118. Witchcraft 119. Today, Tomorrow And Forever 120. Ask Me 121. Roustabout 122. Puppet On A String 123. My Desert Serenade 124. Please Don't Stop Loving Me 125. This Is My Heaven 126. Never Say Yes 127. Hide Thou Me (Home Recording) 201. Love Letters 202. If The Lord Wasn't Walking By My Side 203. Come What May 204. Indescribably Blue 205. Long Legged Girl 206. The Love Machine 207. You Don't Know Me 208. Big Boss Man 209. We Call On Him 210. Stay Away 211. U.s. Male 212. Wonderful World 213. Guitar Man 214. Where Could I Go But To The Lord? 215. Memories (Stereo Master) 216. Almost 217. In The Ghetto 218. True Love Travels On A Gravel Road 219. Let Us Pray 220. Baby What You Want Me To Do 221. Funny How Time Slips Away 222. Runaway 223. My Babe 224. What'd I Say 301. See See Rider 302. Polk Salad Annie 303. Walk A Mile In My Shoes 304. The Next Step Is Love 305. Life 306. Snowbird 307. That's What You Get For Lovin' Me 308. Until It's Time For You To Go 309. Fools Rush In 310. A Thing Called Love 311. I'll Be Home On Christmas Day 312. Where Do I Go From Here 313. No More 314. Take Good Care Of Her 315. I Miss You 316. I Got A Feeling In My Body 317. If You Talk In Your Sleep 318. Promised Land 319. Your Love's Been A Long Time Coming 320. Pieces Of My Life 321. For The Heart 322. She Thinks I Still Care 323. Hurt


Here Today Gone Tomorrow - 2839561208

79,99 zł

Here Today Gone Tomorrow VOODOO


1. Bull Rider 2. Heavy Pieces 3. Here Today Gone Tomorrow 4. For You Mr. King 5. The Last Coke 6. Raised In The Country 7. Show Me That You Love Me 8. Someplace For Evil 9. Keep Singing The Blues 10. Champagne And Reefer 11. Funk It Up


Tomorrow's Sounds Today - 2839197299

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Tomorrow's Sounds Today Warner Music / Warner Bros. Records


1. Love Caught Up To E 2. What Do You Know About Love 3. Time Spent Missing You 4. Free To Go 5. A Promise You Can´t Keep 6. A Place To Cry 7. The Sad Side Of Town 8. Dreams Of Clay 9. For Love´s Sake 10. The Heartaches Are Free 11. A World Of Blue 12. I Want You To Want Me 13. Alright, I´m Wrong 14. I Was There



55,88 zł


Książki & Multimedia > Muzyka

Lista utworów - Płyta 1 1. I Want You, I Need You, I Love You (Steve Allen Show) 2. Love Me Tender (Sullivan Show) 3. Love Me Tender (Love Me Tender) 4. Loving You (Loving You) 5. Love Me (Sullivan Show) 6. As Long As I Have You (King Creole) 7. Witchcraft (Sinatra Show) 8. It's Now or Never 9. I'm Falling In Love Tonight (It Happened At The World's Fair) 10. Today, Tomorrow and Forever (Viva Las Vegas) 11. All That I Am (Spinout) 12. You Don't Know Me (Clambake) 13. Almost In Love (Live A Little, Love A Little) 14. Are You Lonesome Tonight (68 Special) 15. Can't Help Falling In Love (68 Special) 16. I Can't Stop Loving You (That's The Way It Is) 17. The Wonder of You (That's The Way It Is) 18. Always On My Mind 19. For The Good Times 20. What Now My Love (Aloha) 21. I'll Remember You (Aloha) 22. Love Me Tender (That's The Way It Is) Opis - Elvis Presley był niekwestionowanym Królem Rock'n'Rolla, ale jego prawdziwą ukrytą bronią był istny arsenał piosenek miłosnych. DVD "Love Me Tender - The Love Songs" to wyjątkowy film dokumentalny, którego narratorką jest nominowana do Złotego Globa aktorka Ashley Judd. "Love Me Tender - The Love Songs" jest pierwszą w historii próbą niezwykłej analizy piosenek miłosnych Elvisa Presleya. Prezentując 21 nagrań live i wywiadów "Love Me Tender …" opowiada o wspaniałej muzyce, która rozpaliła w sercach fanów na całym świecie tak fenomenalne przywiązanie do Króla Rock'n'Rolla. Produkcją "Love Me Tender - The Love Songs" zajmował się Coming Home Television Productions we współpracy z Elvis Presley Enterprises - tandem, który wyprodukował wydawnictwa "He Touched Me: The Gospel Music of Elvis Presley" oraz "ELVIS LIVES: The 25th Anniversary Concert". Bezpośrednim producentem i reżyserem dokumentu "Love Me Tender - The Love Songs" jest Michael Merriman, zaś producentami wykonawczymi - Barry Jennings i Bill Carter. Nazwa - ELVIS - LOVE ME TENDER: THE LOVE SONGS (INTERNATIO Autor - Elvis Presley Wydawca - EMI Kod EAN - 0617884601799 Rok wydania - 2009 Nośnik - Płyta DVD Ilość elementów - 1 Podatek VAT - 23% Premiera - 2009-08-24


Love Me Tender: The Love - 2839300920

94,99 zł

Love Me Tender: The Love EMI

Muzyka>Rock>Rock & Roll

1. I Want You, I Need You, I Love You 2. Love Me Tender 3. Love Me Tender 4. Loving You 5. Love Me 6. As Long As I Have You 7. Witchcraft 8. It's Now Or Never 9. I'm Falling In Love Tonight 10. Today, Tomorrow & Forever 11. All That I Am 12. You Don't Know Me 13. Almost In Love 14. Are You Lonesome Tonight 15. Can't Help Falling In Love 16. I Can't Stop Loving You 17. The Wonder Of You 18. Always On My Mind 19. For The Good Times 20. What Now My Love 21. I'll Remember You 22. Love Me Tender


Just Between You And Me - 2839626575

419,99 zł

Just Between You And Me Bear Family Records


1. Just Between You And Me 2. Before I Met You 3. Two Sides To Every Story 4. Mommie, Ain't That Daddy 5. Four O Thirty Three 6. Love Is Worth Living 7. The Last Thing On My Mind 8. Sorrow's Tearing Down The House (That Happiness 9. Home Is Where The Hurt Is 10. This Time Has Gotta Be Our Last Time 11. Put It Off Until Tomorrow 12. Because One Of Us Was Wrong 13. Slip Away Today 14. Holding On To Nothin' 15. Just The Two Of Us 16. Closer By The Hour 17. Afraid To Love Again 18. I Washed My Face In The Morning Dew 19. Jeannie's Afraid Of The Dark 20. The Party 21. I Can 22. We'll Get Ahead Someday 23. The Dark End Of The Street 24. Somewhere Between 25. Making Plans 26. Malena 27. Good As Gold 28. One By One 29. Good As Gold 30. Yours Love 101. Just Someone I Used To Know 102. No Reason To Hurry Home 103. Milwaukee, Here I Come 104. The House Where Love Lives 105. Why Don't You Haul Off And Love Me 106. Mendy Never Sleeps 107. I Don't Believe You've Met My Baby 108. Anything's Better Than Nothing 109. Always, Always 110. My Hands Are Tied 111. There Never Was A Time 112. Forty Miles From Poplar Bluff 113. Each Season Changes You 114. Daddy Was An Old Time Preacher Man 115. Tangled Vines 116. We Can't Let This Happen To Us 117. Tomorrow Is Forever 118. Silver Sandals 119. No Love Left 120. I'm Wasting Your Time And You're Wasting Mine 121. Run That By Me One More Time 122. It Might As Well Be Me 123. I Know You're Married But I Love You Still 124. Daddy Was An Old Time Preacher Man 125. Fight And Scratch 126. A Good Understanding 201. Once More 202. Ragged Angel 203. Before Our Weakness Gets Too Strong 204. Let's Live For Tonight 205. One Day At A Time 206. Thoughtfulness 207. There'll Be Love 208. Daddy Did His Best 209. Possum Holler 210. The Fighting Kind 211. All I Need Is You 212. Curse Of The Wild Weed Flower 213. Today, Tomorrow And Forever 214. The Flame 215. Her And The Car And The Mobile Home 216. Is It Real 217. Two Of A Kind 218. The Pain Of Loving You 219. Better Move It On Home 220. The Right Combination 221. Burning The Midnight Oil 222. Love's All Over 223. Take Away 224. You And Me, Her And Him 225. How Close They Must Be 226. On And On 227. More Than Words Can Tell 228. In Each Love Some Pain Must Fall 301. Anyplace You Want To Go 302. Somewhere Along The Way 303. The Fog Has Lifted 304. Looking Down 305. If You Go, I'll Follow You 306. Waldo The Weirdo 307. I've Been This Way Too Long 308. Lost Forever In Your Kiss 309. Sounds Of Nature 310. Through Thick And Thin 311. We Found It 312. Poor Folks Town 313. Together You And I 314. Christina 315. Together Always 316. Ten Four-over And Out 317. There's Singing On The Mountain 318. Say Forever You'll Be Mine 319. That's When Love Will Mean Most 320. Love Have Mercy On Us 321. Sweet Rachel Ann 322. Satan's River 323. I Am Always Waiting 324. I've Been Married (Just As Long As You Have) 325. Little David's Harp 326. Between Us 327. Love City 328. In The Presence Of You 401. How Can I (Help You Forgive Me) 402. Come To Me 403. Laugh The Years Away 404. There'll Always Be Music 405. I Have No Right To Care 406. Come To Me 407. Beneath The Sweet Magnolia Tree 408. Love Is Out Tonight 409. If Teardrops Were Pennies 410. You 411. There'll Always Be Music 412. I Get Lonesome By Myself 413. Sounds Of Night 414. Wasting Love 415. All Aboard America 416. Here Comes The Freedom Train 417. Too Far Gone 418. Again 419. Something To Reach For 420. The Fire That Keeps You Warm 421. Without You 422. Sixteen Years 423. Carolina Moonshine 424. If You Say I Can 425. The Power Of Love 426. The Beginning 427. Please Don't Stop Loving Me 501. Life Rides The Train 502. Two 503. Hide Me Away 504. We'd Have To Be Crazy 505. Love To See Us Through 506. If You Were Mine 507. Our Love 508. Is Forever Longer Than Always 509. I Learned It Well 510. Touching Memories 511. In The Morning 512. About Susanne, About Your Man 513. A Fool Like Me 514. Someone Just Like You 515. Golden Streets Of Glory 516. Twin Mounds Of Clay 517. Presentation By Don Howser 518. Run That By Me One More Time (Live) 519. Jeannie's Afraid Of The Dark (Live) 520. Tomorrow Is Forever (Live) 521. Two Sides To Every Story (Live)


Tomorrow Is Looking Good - 2839184136

72,49 zł

Tomorrow Is Looking Good Warner Music Poland


1. All Or Nothing 2. Love Me For The Moment 3. Only You 4. You Complete Me (Slow Album Version) 5. Stil Belive In Love 6. Never Let You Go 7. Can You Feel It 8. Shame 9. Living For Today 10. If Only 11. Sarah Says 12. Wango Tango 13. Breaking Of My Heart 14. You And Me (Unplugged Version)


Die Tomorrow - 2839309088

119,99 zł

Die Tomorrow OUT OF LINE


1. Live Today 2. Die Tomorrow 3. Black Lolita 4. Blood For Blood 5. Never Let You Go Ft.ulrike Goldman Of Blutengel 6. Shut Up When You're Talking To Me 7. Heart For Sale 8. From Venus To Mars 9. See You Soon 10. My Heart Is Black 11. Your Victories 12. Credo 101. Letters From Home 102. Eure Siege Ft.alex Wesselsky Of Eisbrecher 103. Marching Into Sunset Ft.erk Aicrag 104. Words Of Sadness 105. The Eyes Of Love Are Blind Pt.2 106. Do You Wanna Die Without A Scar


10th Album/from Me To.. - 2840221399

68,99 zł

10th Album/from Me To..


1. Able Bodied Man 2. Through The Years 3. Is Anybody Goin' To San Antone 4. The Thought Of Losing You 5. I Think I'll Take A Walk 6. Things Are Looking Up 7. Special 8. A Poor Boy Like Me 9. (There's) Nobody Home To Go Home To 10. This Is My Year For Mexico 11. That's The Only Way Life's Good To Me 12. I Can't Believe That You've Stopped Loving Me 13. (There's Still) Someone I Can't Forget 14. Sweet Promises 15. Was It All Worth Losing You 16. Fifteen Years Ago 17. Wonder Could I Live There Anymore 18. Piroque Joe 19. Time (You're Not A Friend Of Mine) 20. Today Is That Tomorrow 101. You'll Still Be The One 102. Anywhere (Just Inside Your Arms) 103. I'm Beginning To Believe My Own Lies 104. Kiss An Angel Good Mornin' 105. What Money Can't Buy 106. No One Could Ever Take Me From You 107. Jeanie Norman 108. Once Again 109. Miracles, Music And My Wife 110. Pretty House For Sale 111. On The Southbound 112. (In My World) You Don't Belong 113. You Never Gave Up On Me 114. I'd Rather Love You 115. Instant Loneliness 116. I'm Just Me 117. A Place For The Lonesome 118. Hello Darlin' 119. You're Still The Only One I'll Ever Love 120. That's My Way


Keep Me In Mind - 2839421539

55,99 zł

Keep Me In Mind JASMINE


1. Wedding Bells Will Soon Be Ringin' 2. Release Me 3. Lonely Wine 4. Butterflies 5. Milwaulkee Polka 6. Steam Heat 7. I Can't Tell A Waltz From A Tango 8. Mama Doll Song 9. Let Me Go Lover 10. Hocus Pocus 11. Little Crazy Quilt 12. Keep Me In Mind 13. Near To You 14. I Love To Dance With You 15. Piddilly Pitter Patter 16. Croce Di Oro 17. Search My Heart 18. Go On With The Wedding 19. The Voice Inside 20. Too Young To Go Steady 21. My First Formal Gown 22. Born To Be With You 23. Allegheny Moon 24. Strangest Romance 25. Mama From The Train 26. Every Time (I Feel His Spirit) 27. Mad About The Boy 28. You Don't Know What Love Is 29. I Wonder Where 30. Tomorrow But Not Today


You And Me - Deluxe - - 2839464416

129,99 zł

You And Me - Deluxe - Universal Music


1. Everything To Me 2. About You 3. All You Need To Know 4. Knee Deep In My Heart 5. One Of These Days 6. Everytime 7. Always Tomorrow 8. When I Met You 9. Everything's Gonna Be Alright 10. Coming Home 11. Baby Lets Dance 12. In The End 13. You And Me 101. Just The Way You Love Me 102. Once 103. Today's Not Yesterday 104. About You - Acoustic 105. All You Need To Know - Acoustic 106. Everytime - Acoustic 107. Everthing To Me - Acoustic 108. Amazed - Acoustic


Don't Kill My Groove - 2840358148

99,99 zł

Don't Kill My Groove

Muzyka>Hip-hop / Rap>R&B

1. My Mother In Law (Is In My Hair Again) 2. Looking Into The Future 3. Little Bit Of Everything 4. Someone 5. Boomerang 6. Please Don't Stop 7. Dancin' Man 8. Later For Tomorrow 9. Love Me Like I Wanna 10. Don't Kill My Groove 11. Little Marie 12. Until The Real Thing Comes Along 13. Gotta Pack My Bag 14. How Sweet You Are 15. Trying To Make Me Love You 16. I'm Sorry 17. I'll Make Everything Be Alright 18. Wishing In Vain


Nobody But Me - 2840860037

73,05 zł

Nobody But Me


1. Nobody But Me 2. My Kind Of Girl 3. Today Is Yesterday's Tomorrow 4. On An Evening In Roma (Sotter Celo De Roma) 5. I Believe In You 6. The Very Thought Of You 7. I Wanna Be Around 8. Someday (Feat. Meghan Trainor) 9. This Love Of Mine 10. My Baby Just Cares For Me


Nobody But Me (Deluxe) - 2840860615

89,99 zł

Nobody But Me (Deluxe) Warner Music


1. I Believe In You 2. My Kind Of Girl 3. Nobody But Me 4. On An Evening In Roma (Sotter Celo De Roma) 5. Today Is Yesterday's Tomorrow 6. The Very Thought Of You 7. I Wanna Be Around 8. Someday (Feat. Meghan Trainor) 9. My Baby Just Cares For Me 10. This Love Of Mine 11. Nobody But Me (Alternate W/trumpet Version) (Bonus 12. Take You Away (Bonus Track) 13. God Only Knows


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