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The 28 Day Keto Reset Cleanse: Kickstart Your Diet with This 4 Week Program for Beginners: Lose Weight with Quick Easy Low Carb, High Fat Recipes i - 2862726225

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The 28 Day Keto Reset Cleanse: Kickstart Your Diet with This 4 Week Program for Beginners: Lose Weight with Quick Easy Low Carb, High Fat Recipes i



French Don't Diet Plan - 2862090971

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French Don't Diet Plan Random House

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Wouldn't you rather savor a buttery croissant instead of inhaling an artificially flavored diet shake? Isn't taking a relaxing stroll preferable to pounding out early morning miles on the treadmill? The French live this way, yet stay thin and healthy. Now, with "The French Don't Diet Plan," you can, too! In his groundbreaking book, "The Fat Fallacy," Dr. Will Clower was the first to present a theory of how the French maintain low obesity and heart disease rates despite their seemingly "unhealthy" lifestyle. Dr. Clower learned that the French don't worry about dieting but rather are more concerned with how they eat. That means paying attention to the taste, pacing, and enjoyment of meals, instead of counting calories, cutting fat and carbs, or taking guilt trips to the gym. With The PATH, his revolutionary weight-loss plan, Dr. Clower has helped thousands of people lose weight, lower cholesterol, and increase energy. Now, in "The French Don't Diet Plan," Dr. Clower shows how easy it is to incorporate his remarkably effective techniques and the French lifestyle into a busy American day. Dr. Clower has found that natural foods have overwhelmingly been pushed out of the American diet by what he calls "faux foods": processed, additive-filled convenience products, often marketed as healthy with buzzwords like low fat and low carb. In addition, mealtimes should be a slow, sensual break for the body and mind--not a face-stuffing frenzy while standing up in the kitchen or sitting behind the wheel. As a result of such habits, Dr. Clower says, we are not eating what our bodies need, and we're eating in a way that is not conducive to proper digestion. Science shows this precisecombination of factors causes weight gain. The French approach is about taking the time to enjoy real food without guilt or deprivation. Not only a successful path to becoming thin for life, "The French Don't Diet Plan" will help you put joie de vivre back into your relationshi


Pound a Day Diet - 2854185847

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Celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito has shown millions of Americans how to transform their favorite comfort foods into healthy and delicious low-fat versions with his bestselling Now Eat This! series, but now he reveals a cutting-edge diet plan based on the latest weight loss research that promises to help you lose a pound a day! THE POUND A DAY DIET is an accelerated program designed to help dieters lose up to five pounds every five days-without frustrating plateaus-while enjoying all their favorite foods. It rewrites every carb/fat/calorie rule in the book! This delicious, easy-to-use, plan is specifically formulated as a Mediterranean-style diet that is carb and calorie corrected to turbocharge metabolism and weight loss. Complete with menus for 28 days (four five-day plans and four weekend plans), dieters first follow the five-day plan, switch over to the weekend plan, return to the five-day plan for the second week, and continue with the weekend plan-alternating like this right down to their goal weight. To help readers, Rocco has created 50 all-new lightning-quick 5 ingredient recipes, as well as ready-made suggestions for those who simply cannot find the time to cook; a primer on healthy and fast cooking techniques; calorie-calibrated menus and shopping lists; and a lifestyle plan for maintaining a lean, healthy body for life.


Hamptons Diet - 2862148295

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Hamptons Diet Wiley

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Diet secrets of the rich, famous, and thin! Where health meets style, where the world-renowned Hamptons meet the Mediterranean - that's the Hamptons Diet, a weight-loss plan that has been a breakthrough success for some of the world's leading celebrities. In "The Hamptons Diet", Dr. Fred Pescatore, one of the world's most highly visible diet experts, offers you a prescription for losing weight quickly while looking great and staying healthy that's inspired by the healthy lifestyles and demanding palates of the rich and famous. With the Hamptons Diet, you eat healthy carbohydrates and ample protein, achieving a naturally low-glycemic balance. In this satisfying, easy-to-follow program, you get everything you need to lose weight quickly and safely, including thirty days of meal plans, a secret ingredient - macadamia nut oil, which boosts your metabolism and is the healthiest cooking oil on the planet - and almost 200 sumptuous recipes. 'Dr. Pescatore's diet is delicious and sound and represents one of the best options' - Ann Louise Gittleman, author of the "New York Times" bestselling "The Fat Flush Plan" and "The Fast Track One-Day Detox Diet". 'Dr. Pescatore's "The Hamptons Diet" takes the Diet Revolution to the next level - a healthy, sensible diet and lifestyle plan that will make us all thinner, happier, and healthier' - Fran Gare, N.D., Southampton, author of "Anti-Aging Diet Evolution".


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